Published Monday, April 16, 2012 AT 7:04 PM / Updated at 7:04 PM
Recruiting: Wisconsin DE Natter picks Nebraska
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Nebraska has picked up the fourth commitment for the class of 2013: A.J. Natter, a defensive end from Wisconsin, our recruiting partner reports.

Natter was in Lincoln for the spring game this weekend, his fourth visit to Nebraska, and gave his verbal commitment to the coaching staff on Saturday.

“I just felt at home there, I felt comfortable and I knew Nebraska is the place for me,” Natter said. “I didn’t necessarily know I was going to commit coming down here, but I knew it was going to be a good weekend. I had a pretty good feeling in the hotel on Friday night, came in the next morning and went into coach (John) Papuchis’ office and gave him the good news. It felt great, it felt like the world came off my shoulders. I can’t wait for the future.”

Read more about Natter’s commitment on Huskers Illustrated. Also, check out his player card in our Nebraska recruiting database.


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  1. ChuckNorrisHusker says:

    Recruiting…winning B1G recruits.

    Corn is way better than cheese.

    Welcome A.J.! Best of luck to you.

    1. Sooka says:

      AS IN CORN COB…..

      1. TexasHusker says:

        24-50 since 2005.

        Uh-oh! Sucks to be a Buffawo!

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    He will be a DT by his Soph year.

    1. ChuckNorrisHusker says:

      Welcome back Devil.

      Where is the “can he throw” comment?

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I have to give Pelini credit, he sure is catching on to the big slow conference recruiting concepts very quickly……

        1. Robison4bigred says:

          He is 6-5 weighs 240 and runs the 40 in 4.7 so I would say he has good speed for his size. Not slot of defensive ends run a 4.7 or under

          1. CORNANGEL says:

            So did Grant Wistrom run a 4.6? Please let us know what his Wistrom’s time was when he played at 240 his Senior year (wet) and flashed that “SUB” 4.7 speed?

            A.J. Natter
            Wt:240 lbs
            40:4.7 secs
            Vertical:35 inches

          2. joey says:

            At Ala, LSU, Oregon, they clock the 40 time at 4.5 in DT spot. So he nedds to practice his speed alot more than just a 4.7. SUH was never that slow, and he weighed more than this guy.

          3. Bill says:

            Joey’s numbers are very incorrect.

            Suh ran the 40 in 4.98 seconds (

            4.5 seconds is what wide receivers and running backs run. Cam Newton ran a 4.59. Nobody expects a DE or DT to run that fast.

    2. CORNANGEL says:

      Schools that offered Wisconsin native A.J. Natter (3.6 GPA) a scholarship:

      Nebraska COMMITTED (04/16/2012) John Papuchis
      Boston Coll.
      Michigan St.
      W. Michigan

      1. Skers says:

        4-star rated by and 3-star rated on Rivals and 247sports.

        1. York1 says:

          I believe I read somewhere Oregon also offered.

          I can’t remember the article, so I may be mistaken.

      2. joey says:


    3. CORNANGEL says:


      Grant Wistrom ran a 4.61 @ 273 at his NU Pro Day. Came in as a Freshman at a generous 230 and played his Senior year at 255.

      Jared Tomich ran a 4.83@ 260 pounds his Senior year.

      One could only assume that Mr. Natter will only get stronger and faster after his Senior year in high school and subsequent years in the NU strength program pioneered by the first college to hire on a full time strength coach. 47 Nebraska assistant strength coaches have gone on to work @ other colleges, the NFL, & MLB.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        “I’m not a tester. Never was,” he said. “I mean, geez, I think I broke 30 inches in the vertical jump once, and I think that was at the NFL combine. I played football. I’m a football player. I’m not an athlete.” (Speaking about Suh’s 35 inch vertical).

        “That’s why I love the game of football,” Wistrom continued. “Because you don’t have to be a great athlete. But if you go out there and bust your ass, and play every snap to the finish — just go out and sell out every single play — you can make yourself be a great player.”
        -Grant Wistrom

        A.J. Natter has a 35″ vertical jump before arriving at NU.

  3. joey says:

    Wow another great prospect for recruiting. Great job recruiters. But still NADA on an OL, how typical of Bo. But then, you can’t ask for a 4 star or BLUE CHIP, when ol barney cotton is the OL coach. Sorry, his name wasn’t worth the effort of using the CAPS. Wow how nice, 8-5 record. The most exciting part of Husker football season this season is, I heard there is 5 new teams on the 1-A roster. I wish those new teams the very best. Outside of that, I heard you can save more money on your car insurance by switching to GEICO.

    1. Blackshirt Smitty says:

      I can’t believe that I’m wasting my time posting this , but then again I wasted my time reading the post from ” joey ” ( no caps needed , or brain for that matter ) Hey jojo , find a new team to follow . BIG RED doesn’t need you .

      1. TexasHusker says:


        Thanks, Blackshirt.

    2. NOLA_Sker says:

      8-5 you say? I’ll start buying my bowl tickets now and start making my fall Saturday plans as you have cleared my itinerary for the season. Who’s gonna win the Natty? I’m gonna go drop my life savings in vegas based on your expert know how.

      1. joey says:

        That’s the EASIEST question to answer. Who will win the National Title? Wow, let’s see. I’ve been 6 for 6 so far. Wow, that’s a togh one…NOT.. More than likely an SEC team. Don’t need a crystal ball for that 1. SEC is where the $$$, is at. So that’s who will be in an National Title. Last season, BEFORE the season began, I ENDLESSLY said. Wait and see, the BCS title game will be an SEC team. It wouldn’t surprise me 1 bit, to see an SEC team vs another SEC team. Once again, I was laughed at. Funny thing though… I.. WAS…RIGHT…AGAIN. But go ahead, think the way you wish. You’ll just never get a real grasp on how politics is destroying everything it touches. Here’s another piece for you all. I read the TOP 100 picks. Out of 5 or 6 TOP OL, NU, only had it’s name in 1 of them, and it was listed under LOW for interest. He was a 4 star athlete. Don’t you just hate it when I’m right?

        1. Bill says:

          You picked an SEC team in the title game? Wow, you really went out on a limb there. That’s a pretty edgy pick. It must’ve taken a lot of guts to say that the conference that produced 5 national titles in a row might win another.

  4. Robison4bigred says:

    nice pick up for the huskers and good start to recruiting season so far

  5. Mike Caramba says:

    It’s amazing how some people can turn a seemingly positive recruiting story back to a tangentially-related, worn gripe.

  6. MLK47 says:

    Corn hole & Joeeee will always hate, great catch for the Huskers

  7. MLK47 says:

    I knew Jo was a telemarketer for Geico

  8. Husker 1 says:

    For all you negative people……if Bo would win a NC, you would still come up with stupid/negative comments to say daily. Get a life……and dont post anymore. Im sick of reading it, and Im sure everyone else is too of it all. GBR

    1. TexasHusker says:






    2. CORNANGEL says:

      These are the same fan’s whose negative fathers nearly pushed Tom Osborne out of Nebraska in 1978 (to take the open coaching job in Boulder) because of the what Tom perceived as insane fan expectations.

      I wonder what these boards would have looked like during T.O.s 7 consecutive bowl drout in the late 80s/early 90s?

      I wonder how many consecutive bowl losses Cornweevil would you have “given” Dr Tom before trying to turn the boards against him to “pull the plug”.

      1. A Fan says:

        It’s a tired argument, so give it a rest. Osborne’s teams during the era you talk about were completely different than the team now. As in… the 7 years in a row Osborne lost bowl games… we were playing top 5 teams in every one of those bowls. Now… we can’t get to a bowl were we play top 5 talent.

        One more time for the Kool Aid drinkers. Nebraska is not a football powerhouse. We are a good team, but we are not where we were for most of the 80s and 90s. We may get back to winning at that level… we may not. We haven’t been to a BCS bowl since the season of 2001. That’s a hint about the direction we’re headed.

        1. Mr. Meltdown says:

          + 1,000,000

        2. York1 says:

          One of only six teams to win at least nine games the past four seasons.

          Sounds like we may be a little better than you believe.

          1. A Fan says:

            I just said I believe we’re good. Not sure how you missed that, but you did. We also have lost to crappy teams (Washington and Northwestern) and been blown out by Wisconsin, Michigan and South Carolina. When you play 13 or 14 games a year… 9 wins is hardly the measure of being great.

        3. Another Fan says:

          And this argument is even more tired. Perhaps you and your ilk should give it a rest. CornAngel is merely pointing out that the complaining about Bo resembles the ceaseless complaining about T.O. The observation is correct. I was at UNL from 76-80 and the only time I remember a break was when we beat Oklahoma.

          No team is a “football powerhouse” all the time. I for one am grateful that Bo and his staff have pulled us out of a black hole. I think if we must judge, perhaps if would be more fair to wait until the program has had some stability for a few years.

          1. A Fan says:

            When the Kool Aid yahoos give it a rest, then we’re all cool. Until that happens, the other side will be heard. You don’t like it, get in line. And yes… Pelini gets at a minimum, the same amount of time as Solich. 6 years. If we haven’t won a title by then, well… you do the math.

        4. CORNANGEL says:

          Wasn’t OU down in those years (post Barry’s departure).

          Didn’t Nebraska only have to only win the Big 8 at the time (CU was the only real powerhouse) to get to play the Top 5 team (for a National Championship) in the Orange Bowl by simply winning the Big 8?

          Didn’t Nebraska repeatedly get blown out in said games until the announcers were annoyed that they routinely thought that NU had shown up (ala Buffalo Bills) for another nationally televised drubbing?

      2. JS says:

        I think it’s a double-edged sword. Obviously, Tom leaving for Boulder would of been awful, but the insane expectations, I think, is the driving force behind it all. Especially for a small university in the middle of the country. Complacency has far greater consequences for Nebraska’s situation in my opinion. No matter what, the Big Red faithful will be in full support. I don’t want any coach to leave because of that, but I guess I’d rather keep the insane support over any coach if it came down to having to choose.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Tom Osbornes problem was his loyalty to mediocre coaches, when he broke down and hired Samuels, Gill, and , Steele, Husker football flourished.

          1. CORNANGEL says:

            What, no bashing of Gill or Kevin Steele. They are both great guys and I’m sure if they had better records that you would be recommending them to replace Pelini in your one man smear Pelini 24/7 campaign. Still for Scott Frost?

            HC coaching records:

            Turner Gill
            Overall 25–49

            Kevin Steele
            Overall 9–36

          2. CORNANGEL says:

            Tony Samuel HC record:

            Overall 56–92

          3. A Fan says:

            Ah… Angel baby… I think the comment about Gill and Samuels and Steele was directed at them being ASSISTANT coaches. When they were assistant coaches at Nebraska… how well did Nebraska play football?

      3. CORNANGEL says:

        I’m sure you and Steve Pederson have to agree that firing Solich was the best thing that has happened to the Husker program in the past 50 years.

        Wonder what would have happened if Solich as only HC (not HC with OC duties) and Pelini as DC would have been given more than one year.

        But hey, if you like 5-7 seasons and coaches that make the WORST coach of the DECADE then more power to your masochism.

    3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Bo Pelini will NEVER win a BIG title, let alone a National Title.
      Get used to the ‘Cornbowl’… T-Melt will solidify NU into the Depths of big slow mediocrity before the end of his senior season.

      1. Robison4bigred says:

        Actually we will have one of fastest offenses that we have had in a longtime plus our defense is gonna be fast and athletic. So not sure what you mean by big slow?

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          I cant agree with more Robinson, NU has high quality talent in skill positions on the offensive side of the ball, unfortunately we have low quality @ the QB position.

      2. CORNANGEL says:

        How long did it take before Scott Frost quit looking like a shot putting robot running the option his Senior MNC year? Mid season?

        Didn’t he also have the benefit of a line that was recruited specifically for run blocking in a triple option scheme that hadn’t changed for a decade (coached by an OC that went back to 1969)?

        Didn’t Scott Frost also have the benefit of one of the most explosive running backs Ahman Green (top 10 all time 4.2 range @ NFL combine) and a Mackovicka at FB?

        How many years has it been since NU installed an option package this time around?

        1. Mr. Meltdown says:

          Scott Frost had one thing that Martines doesn’t…TO!

          1. Wooper says:

            He also was BA he could deliver hits, do more than run straight, he also was recruited out of highschool as a QB. He went to stanford to be a QB. Now they moved him but still.

        2. CORNANGEL says:

          So Osborne couldn’t even recruit a multiple star kid out of Wood River, NE to stay instate and to put salt into the wound went to a non- traditional power (Stanford) of all places. Then T.O. lucked out because Bill Walsh wanted to put him back at safety so he transferred so that he could still play QB.

          You hear that Cornweevil? T.O. couldn’t even recruit a Nebraska kid. Can you imagine the state of the program if Ahman Green, Dave Rimington, Tom Rathman, Joel Makovicka, Eric Crouch, Zach Wiegert, Dave Rimington, Dean Steinkuhler, Keith Jones, Calvin Jones, Clinton Childs & Damon Benning weren’t born in Nebraska by happenstance and thus decided to attend Dear old Nebraska U?

          1. joey says:

            Whooooa that is a bold face lie there. Tom Rathman is out of Fremont Nebraska. BORN AND RAISED THERE. He pointed that out years ago before a big game against OU. L. Phillips was from South Omaha. Plus the QB that was a fill in for Berringer ( collapsed lung ) and Frazier ( blood clot ) he was from Nebraska. Steve Carmer, was out of Wahoo Nebraska. If I remember right , I think Mike Minter was too. The Mackovica brothers I THINK were from Nebraska too. Most of NU and their OL was from Nebraska. Broderick Thomas ( not sure ) Neil Smith WAS a Nebraska player. CORNANGEL need a FACT CHECK.

          2. MikeG says:

            Hey Joey, Mike Minter grew up in Oklahoma.

      3. A Fan says:

        I ain’t going to say never… because Nebraska has been in the title game twice in his 4 years. But the bad losses last year really put some scratches on Pelini’s record as a head coach. If we don’t get an upgrade in play at QB, we won’t win any titles.

  9. MLK47 says:

    Haters always hate, and their remarks, YAWN!!!

  10. Mr. Meltdown says:

    @ Husker 1

    Poor thing! Tired of the truth? Poor thing! Maybe if Bo wins a NC, we’ll all just shut up. When do you think that might happen? I mean, come on, even a broken clock is right twice a day. How long do we have to wait? How long do we have to wait just to win the division? How long do we have to wait to win the B1G? Just exactly when will we do all this with good ol’ Bo?

    1. John says:

      We won our division the two years before the previous season. Bo win’s the division at .500 clip so far. Not saying that is impressive. I am saying your comment was nonsensical.

      1. Mr. Meltdown says:

        “We won our division the two years before the previous season”

        And you say I’m nonsensical?

    2. CORNANGEL says:

      Bo Pelini’s predecessor certainly did the program no favors:
      Sports Illustrated recently named Callahan the WORST coaching hire of the DECADE in college football.

      Tom Osbornes’ predecessor:
      Bob Devaney was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach in 1981.

      Didn’t T.O. become the HC in “73 and first beat OU in ’78? Then lost to OU in the Orange Bowl?

      Didn’t T.O. become the HC in “73 and first won an MNC in ’94?

      1. Mr. Meltdown says:

        Nobody here, as far as I know, is or ever has praised Callahan.

        Didn’t T.O…..

        Didn’t T.O….

        I don’t think we’ll ever say…

        Didn’t Bo…

        Didn’t Bo…

        Unless, of course, its didn’t Bo know that yelling at the zebras would eventually catch up with him!

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Yea, the Bobfather was never seen losing his “Irish” temper.

          “Bob had a good sense of humor and liked to laugh, but he also had a temper and occasionally got upset about something.”
          -Tom Osborne

          BTW – Who’s the big name that you have on tap to take over for Pelini?

          1. Mr. Meltdown says:

            Really? When were you ever embarrassed by Devaney? When is the last time good ol’ Bo embarrassed the Husker Nation? Apples and oranges my friend!

      2. A Fan says:

        Osborne had teams in 81, 82 and 83 that played in the national title game or were certainly good enough to win it all. Pelini isn’t at the 9, 10 year mark to make a direct comparsion to above sentence. I don’t think he’s going to get the same kind of leeway as Osborne did in the 70s. As in… he’s going to have to win something big faster. Different college football landscape now.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Yes, like as it is harder to coach at NU and get the same results while giving the staff leeway to build up coaching continuity and cohesion and not fire every NU coach at the 5 year mark for not winning an MNC.

  11. HuskerRebel says:

    Good news on recruiting front! Let’s get some more…….

  12. A Fan says:

    Nice pick up… getting this kid. It’s good to see we’re getting more recruits earlier.

  13. openeyes.12 says:

    What other ‘top twenty’ program has a first time coach, a first time defensive coordinator, a first time offensive coordinator, several first time assistants etc. The fans deserve better. This is no change from the early 60′s on. Nebraska will not open pocketbooks and hire proven coaches. Osborne stayed because he lived here. We are definately second rate. Look at basketball.

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Yes its true, NU was the second rate pick to get into the B1G when first pick Notre Dame punted.

      Woe is storied NU with 5 measly MNCs while playing for 5 others. Pitiful NU getting past OU 43 times for conference titles, 3 Heisman winners, 48 bowl games and 846 overall victories.

      1. joey says:

        That was then. Forget the past and move on with the future.

      2. A Fan says:

        We’re not winning at that clip over the past 10 years. That’s what most fans are concerned about. Pelini has turned us around in that we don’t have the “bad” seasons like we had under Callahan. But we’re going to have to get somewhere near where we were in the 80s and 90s for Pelini to be rated a success.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          Please don’t hold back!

          Pray tell, give us a name for Pelini’s “head on a platter” successor!!

          Houston Nutt?
          Billy C 2.0?
          Kevin Steele?
          Frank Solich 2.0?
          Joe Moglia?
          Mat Turman?
          Tom Rathman?
          Sam Keller?

    2. huskerred says:

      @ openeyes as you have sat the menu from the 60′s forward. Apparently you need to pull your head out, because your eyes may be open, but you must have bad vision or something. Bleacher report did some research in July 2010 about college football. They wanted to see what college teams were the best in the last five decades. So after all said and done, Neb did make it into the top ten list. Not bad for a team that….”will not open pocketbooks and hire proven coaches.”

      Here read the article for yourself ( ).
      Our basketball team is subpar and no one has argued that. However, we are way ahead of the mean within our athletics overall. Are academics are some of the best, and NU is only about half of the size of most powerhouses in Div I sports.

      @Joey, enough about the SEC. The BCS is a failed system. Look at this year the Nat. Champs did not win their conference (if my memory serves me correct; this is not the first time either). The masses did not tune in for the game, another fact. Human bias has crippled the BCS. Why? Because many of those who get to vote live in the southeast. Every computer used this year had Okla St with LSU, the human vote put Ala there. Why do you think a +1 system is now on the agenda?

      @ all the constant crybabys, that claim their NU fans, sit down and shut up! Quite your sniveling. If you exspect NU to be great, then do your part and support them, if your not able to do that then your really not a “true Nebraska fan.” Neb is a class act, not only on the field, but in academics, and mentoring great citizens within the school system, and that is truly what it is about.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Funny how when Osborne had seen the Alumni sharpening the axe, National Champuonships followed.

        1. CORNANGEL says:

          I hope you personally sent letters to Tommie Frazier detailing the futile period of the late 80s and the seven consecutive bowl losses and that he should go to Notre Dame instead of NU.

          That’s exactly what you would be doing on the boards right now if we could go back in time with the new “Negative Nabobs of Negativism – Voice of The Grandstand 2.0″ posting crap about Osborne to scare off the recruits (if this were 1992). Thank God your public letters to the Voice of The Grandstand would have have been filed permanently in the round file back then.

      2. A Fan says:

        First… it’s “they’re”, not “their.” It’s “quit”, not “quite.”

        Second… if you don’t want Nebraska football to win the big things, then you’re settling for mediocrity. Some fans are mediocre, and some aren’t.

        1. huskerred says:

          @ A Fan thank you for your grammical corrections. I did not realize when writing in these forums that I should be writing as if I was trying to get published in the “Harvard Business Review.” If would have known I would not have made such a miscalculation. The “quit” was a typographical error… “they’re” was my mind going faster than my fingers. But if we are going to be politically correct “they’re” is improper as well; it should have been “they are.”

          Mediocrity is truly in the eye of the beholder. I never said I did not want Neb to win big things. What I said was I did not want to surrender our athletes growth potential to just the playing field. In my perspective “winning big things” include delveloping the student to be successful, academics, the ability to reason, the ability to be leaders, having sound ethical morals, etcetera. So I guess we agree when you state “Some fans are mediocre, and some aren’t;” by the way that should be written as “are not.” Have a nice day!

          1. A Fan says:

            If we become mediocre in football, I don’t think having great student athletes is going to sell the program. Or win football games.

  14. York1 says:

    More good news from recruiting.

    I was a little worried some of the recruits would be disappointed after the game was canceled. This may mean it didn’t matter much.

    By the way, I can’t wait for Big Red Wrapup tonight.

  15. MLK47 says:

    Huskerred that was perfect