Published Sunday, April 22, 2012 AT 12:28 PM / Updated at 12:33 PM
Recruiting: Huskers land big commit from 2013 prospect Courtney Love
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska got a big piece for its 2013 recruiting class Sunday when four-star linebacker Courtney Love committed to NU.

For the 6-foot-1, 215-pound Youngstown (Ohio) Cardinal Mooney star, “it feels like home.” And why shouldn’t it? Head coach Bo Pelini, offensive coordinator Tim Beck and graduate assistant Vince Marrow are from Mooney, not to mention current players Tim Marlowe, Braylon Heard and Mark Pelini.

“My family loves it there,” Love told 247Sports. “I really liked the facilities, the academics and the people there are unbelievable.”

After a junior season in which he had 137 tackles, eight sacks and four forced fumbles, Love had NU and Ohio State as his finalists. He canceled a trip to OSU’s spring game Saturday.

“I feel like I have a great opportunity of starting early and getting playing time at Nebraska,” Love said. “Nothing is promised, but I just felt when I was there it was the best opportunity for me. I still want to thank Coach (Urban) Meyer and Coach (Luke) Fickell and Coach (Ed) Warriner and the whole Ohio State organization for their interest in me. They’re very nice people but I just feel like Nebraska is where I fit in.”

In my Sunday interview with Pelini, he told NU had a couple silent commits. It wouldn’t surprise me if Love — who visited for the canceled spring game — was one of them.

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  1. TexasHusker says:



    1. Kid says:

      Better brace for all the Kurt Cobain jokes…..

      1. REDRDEAD says:

        Ya like he hasnt been hearing them for the past 15 years

      2. RJ says:

        He’s probably never heard of Kurt Cobain. He died 18 years ago, before Love was even born! That just made me feel really old.

    2. REDRDEAD says:

      This is the kind of recruit we want. One that is being recruited by a lot of the big boys in college football. Way to go BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. A Fan says:

        Great commit. I hope we hold on to him.

    3. joey says:

      Wow, great pick Bo. I give you a standing ovation.. clap….. clap. Now what 4 or 5 star recruits did you get on OL? Any on RG’s? LG’s? C? RT? Or even LT? Oh that’s right, you got 1, 4 star recruit, and that’s it. The others are either 3*, 2*, or walk ons. But you still keep Barney, and don’t hire a QB coah. Then wonder why NU and their offense stinks. I’m sorry, that’s right NU fans jump up and down saying TM is breaking records. Let’s talk about that…ok? Beings the BIG already know he can’t pass. How many records is going to get broke if they stack 7 men at the line of scrimmage? So much for records… yea?

      1. Twauto22 says:

        Bashing our OL Recruiting?? That is one position they have done very well at the last few years in terms of recruiting.. LAst year they only did bring in two guys but..Two years ago Athlon rated our Oline recruits as the #2 Oline group in the country.. That included Zach Sterup , Ryan Klachko, Tyler Moore , Givens PRice. and Ryan Reeves..The recruiting class the year prior to that had 4 Stasr Jermarcus Hardwick Juco,Andrew Rodriquez, and Mike Moudy.. If you want to get upset on the progression of those lines fine, but In the star terms ( which people for some stupid reason, believe in more then the coaches) these were good young recruiting classes..

      2. Colorado Springer says:

        You never cease to amaze me.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          What ARE you on???

  2. Dave says:

    Great news! He really fills a HOLE in our recruiting class. While we will MISS WORLD class players like David, he should be one of key players to help us get to MALIBU near Pasadena and play in the Rose Bowl!

    1. Skers says:

      Maybe not, but QB Aaron Bailey can. Rumored he may be the other “silent” commit.

      1. Skers says:

        Don’t know why this is posted at the bottom. This was in response to the dumb “can he throw?” comment that comes up on every commitment.

      2. rickenaz says:

        I hope so, he really fits this offense to a tee. I can’t wait to see what our qb group looks like 2 or 3 years down the road. Things are really coming together!

    2. public hair says:

      Hey DOLL, PARTS of that post were really good. Pelini deserves some CREDIT IN THE STRAIGHT WORLD for this pick up. But you are ASKING FOR IT if you compliment Bo on this site. If players like this start bringing home championships, our fans will be in NIRVANA!

  3. mac says:

    Nice work Bo and staff!

  4. HoosierHuskerFan says:

    Great get for NU. Any time we can beat out tOSU, or any BIG team for a recruit, it’s a major win for the Huskers. GBR!!

  5. R says:

    “C-Love” = “Hundred to nothing” = “nothing for you over here” = “Total Shutdown”

    “Shutdown Love”…is soon to be an NU ‘Backer.

  6. Skers says:

    Big time pick up. Aside from Ohio St, he had offers from Florida St, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Michigan St. and quite a few more.

    1. RJ says:

      Agreed, we actually won a recruiting battle against Urban Meyer. I didn’t know that was possible.

  7. Jerry says:

    Great pickup….we get a 4 star. They get a 5 star… was no great recruiting effort…the kid went to Bos high school…..tell us great pick up when we get a 5 star from the south with 4.3 speed…this is why bo loses 4games every year its this buddy/ nespotism atmosphere……did you see the OSU spring game…Miller is slowly learning Urbans offense……T magic gets a free pass as he didn t play the spring game and his new footwork

    1. Twauto22 says:


      Your a troll, stick to your justin beieber articles .. This kid is a great pick up, and a huge get for NU recruiting.. This kid is one of the best Linebackers in the state of OHio.. Ohio State wanted him, but since they didnt get him, hes no good?? But I guess if OSU did get him, you would be saying how NU missed out on him huh?? Welcome to NU, and congrats to Bo and Staff on adding another great player from Cardinal Mooney//

    2. Ronaldl says:

      Your opinion is uneducated and uncouth. You are so filled with negativity I would be surprised if any one would enjoy being around you.

    3. crimprof says:

      Very good observation. I think I heard the homeroom bell. Time for you to go. Don’t want to get held back in seventh grade …… again. Why not stick to the Buckeye board?

      1. Skers says:

        Jerry, you do realize that not many players are 5-star right?

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          5 Star – Probable All-American
          4 Star – Probable All-Conference
          3 Star – Probable Starter
          2 Star – Possible 2 Deep
          1 Star – Needs Some Luck
          Nebraska Walk – On – Some of our best

  8. Rockin' Bob says:

    Wasn’t hr married to Kurt Colbain?

    1. ChuckNorrisHusker says:

      Yes. He was married to a dead person who died before he was born.


    2. david grohl says:

      There is woman by the same name who was married to a Kurt C-O-B-A-I-N, but I don’t think she is “hr”

      btw, their daughter is HOT!!!

  9. little johnny says:

    sounds good on papper, lets see what is sounds on green grass

    1. public hair says:

      dude, reminds me I need some more papers to roll my grass!

  10. Bryan says:

    Awesome! It is very nice to go into Ohio States backyard and pick up one of their possible top recruits, and, it only takes a couple of kids like this to get other kids thinking, “Hey, Nebraska is where I want to be too.” GO BIG RED!!!
    p.s. I am watching the NBA. OKC vs. LAL and I feel like I am watching Pro Wrestling, the NBA has to be the biggest joke of a sport I have ever seen(why am I even watching it?), September seems such a LONG, LONG, ways a way……

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Solid Post!!!!!!!!!

    2. fin-tastic says:

      Watch hockey! NHL play-offs are highly entertaining.

    3. NU FB says:

      So you were watching the Lakers vs. Thunder and didn’t like it? That was one of the best games I have seen in a while.

      p.s. NHL is a boring pile of horse dung.

  11. Jerry says:

    Supposedly urban was going to pull the offer…this kid is a good classy kid but ranked number 30 at outside linebacker that is why the kid committed now to Huskers i lettered at nebraska and met a kid in Az last week that was a walk on at Nebraska…nice kid but so unathletic its embarrasing…he was a linebacker and now out of football graduating next year…this kid couldn t get a d 2 offer but got to walk on at Nebraska…quit drinkin the bo kool aid. Restore class and elite athletes to Nebraska

    1. TRUEHuskerfan says:

      “Supposedly urban was going to pull the offer….” before spouting off useless information, do something useful and post the site you got the info from. THEN, go march down to the Husker’s next practice, or even better, call up Bo and the staff, and let them know how they should be recruiting. Man! What a tool.

      1. HUSKERS_10 says:

        +1 lol

    2. York1 says:

      You lettered at NU?

      Please don’t spread that around. It’s obvious from your post that academics weren’t part of your strengths

    3. York1 says:

      You wrote, “Supposedly urban was going to pull the offer”

      According to Love’s father:

      “Being here in Ohio we hear a lot of different things. We had heard that Urban Meyer wasn’t going to honor Courtney’s commitment and that’s not true. He would have honored it. This is just Courtney’s decision. There wasn’t a problem with the coaches (at Ohio State). He was just impressed with the structure and it was where he fit in the system best and he knew where he would be playing.”

    4. Twauto22 says:

      Why would the kid go out of his way to thank Ohio State for the interest in him, if they had just pulled his offer?? He stated how much respect he had for Luke Fickell , Urban and their staff.. I dont know about you but if a school pulled my offer they wouldnt get that courtesy from me..

      1. rickenaz says:

        To me, it just does’nt matter. Bo would have recruited this kid if he had 1 star and no other teams interested in him. Bo and Co know this guy will fit in and with hard work and dedication to getting better has a great chance at becoming special.

    5. Colorado Springer says:

      What did you letter in, curling?

  12. Sluggo says:

    I’m starting to feel the ‘Love’.

  13. Rod Beber says:

    I think it so easy for us as Husker Fans to want the best and always expect the best. When I look at the newest recruit I ‘m strating to see a pattern and apparently so does the talent, like Westercamp. A top receiver chooses to stay with Bo and staff must be more going on then we can see from general media splashes or random comments. Remeber it took TOM to 9 years to win a division title.

  14. Matt in MN says:

    Wonder how well Courtney can sing “Doll Parts” or “Celebrity Skin”… :)

    1. Michael Bolton says:

      Love is a wonderful thing.

  15. HuskerDave says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a solid recruiting class. Maybe we should cancel the spring game more often!!

  16. RoverBrian says:

    We are recruiting well so far. Better than I had expected. Simply amazing how early recruiting takes place anymore. The 5 we have down so far look pretty good to me. Kudos to the staff in the recruiting wars so far this year.

    1. Skers says:


  17. Michael Bolton says:

    I need a “Mad Brunch Chatter Bite” NOW!

  18. Jerry says:

    Never thought that i would hear husker fans settle for 4 losses every year and be proud of …quote…good recruiting class while the Top 10 schools are getting great recruits

    1. Twauto22 says:

      Whom are these great schools you are talking about??

      Would you consider any of these schools Oklahoma, USC, Ohio State, Florida ST, Michigan State , West Virigina , Notre Dame? Great schools? Love had offers from all of these..

      How about the schools Natter had offers from ?? Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin?? Iowa

      What about Wilson :: Interest from Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan STate, LSU

      Banderas ?? One of the top kids in the state of Neb in a long time.. Alabama was showing interest before he commited to NU after his great combine performances..

      Mitchell.. Came right out of SEC country

      These are all quality kids that many great programs were trying to get, and if you have nothing better to do than diss on highschool football players, you need to take good look at your life..

      1. Skers says:

        Very good post T. I think there is a very good chance NE will end up with at Top 10 recruiting class this year.

      2. Twauto22 says:

        Any how many 5 Star kids are comitted to anyone right now??

        Well lets C.. 247 sports has 6 – 5 star kids comitted.. One each to Florida, Georgia, Ohio State, Bama, USC , and Oregon..

        Scout has 34 total 5 stars: 17 are comitted as of now, 5 have been changed to 5 star since comitting..Michigan 3, Ohio State has 2 , USC has 2, Texas has two , nobody else has more than 1.

        Rivals has 11 total 5 star recruts as of now, 6 are comitted.. USC 2, Ohio State1 , Texas 1, Oregon 1, Alabama 1

        So how many 5 stars do you need to be considered doing good?? Two ?? ONe??

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          How Much do you spend on these recruiting rags?

      3. rickenaz says:

        I expect a top 15 ranking in this class, but likely in terms of quality perhaps a top 7 to 10. When you couple that with great facilities to work out in, great coaching and great accademic support these guys will get every inch out of their stay in Lincoln and become the best they can be. Things are looking better and better!

  19. Jerry says:

    Did you hear what love said…he was going to Nebraska because he could play right away….all the other schools. had so much talent he knew he would not play for a while this was in Husker extra as was the fact he is a 3 star prospect

    1. rickenaz says:

      The way I look at is that this is college and next year we lose Fisher and Compton, so it’s rathional for him to see that if he works hard that he could see some quality playing time. Every college team has to reload their talent in various area’s each year. Next year for us it will the line backers and it looks like we have some good guys comming up and some good recruits comming in to add to the competition. It’s not a lack of talent, it’s just that OSU is not reloading at linebacker next year so if he choose OSU he would have a couple extra talented guys that already have experience to compete with. To me that’s often what a young man looks for. Not weakness, but teams that are reloading a bit and teams that are looking to make some noise. NU for Mr Love is that team!! Welcome aboard, We love that your comming!

    2. Twauto22 says:

      Jerry OSU already reloaded at Linebacker this last year and are probably going to have two or three underclassmen starting at the linebacker position this year.. Next year NU loses Compton , Fisher, and Whaley .. All three are expected to be our starters…. Apparently this kid understands that he wont be fighting all past starters for a position at OSU, NU happens to be graduating theirs

    3. Colorado Springer says:

      I don’t believe that you were a Husker. I have coached a lot of kids who played college ball (over 50), 16 division- one, several at NU. None of them would talk as low class about other players like you do. Did you letter in band?

  20. HuskerNLawrence says:

    SWEET! Welcome to Husker Nation Mr Love!! Can’t wait to see you in another year running all over the field.
    Way to go BO!!