Published Monday, April 30, 2012 AT 12:00 AM / Updated at 1:56 PM
Aaron Green transferring from Nebraska — what’s next?
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Understand this about departing running back Aaron Green: It wasn’t easy to leave Nebraska after his freshman season.

One day after the cancelled spring game, Aaron told his parents he was considering a transfer closer to home, his mother, Charlar Green, said Monday.

“He prayed and prayed on it for a week,” Charlar Green said. “It was a very, very, very difficult decision.”

One that had nothing to do with senior running back Rex Burkhead, whom Aaron Green “really, really admired and gained a lot from” in one year, Charlar Green said.

“Rex brought 110 percent everyday,” Charlar Green said. “I don’t care if it was practice or whatever. He taught Aaron a lot. He had no beef with Rex.” And Aaron Green became quick, good friends with fellow freshman running back Ameer Abdullah.

But Green’s a driven kid – you talk to him two times and you can tell that — and with Burkhead, Abdullah and quarterback Taylor Martinez all taking carries away, Green’s chance to show off his skills would have been limited in 2012. That’s simple math. One ball. Four potential ball carriers. And that doesn’t count Alabama transfer Mike Marrow.

So, when coach Bo Pelini confirmed Green’s departure, it was one less playmaker for Nebraska offense. And perhaps one more playmaker, if sophomore Braylon Heard returns to running back after a spring at corner.

Coaches asked Heard to switch to defensive back because, between he, Abdullah and Green, Heard was the only guy versatile enough to do it. And knowing that coach Bo Pelini likes to stockpile speed on the defensive side of the ball, Heard may stay where he is.

Should he move back? Yes. Pull the trigger on it, especially if Pelini feels like Ciante Evans is a clear-cut starter at nickel corner. Heard’s a good, tough runner who can spring the big play, too.

Meanwhile, Abdullah is the clear-cut No. 2 behind Burkhead. He was the No. 2 guy last year, too, and coupled with his kickoff and punt returns, he played a bigger factor on the field than Green, who came to Lincoln with the more polished recruiting resume.

Abdullah, interestingly enough, was a late addition to the 2011 recruiting class when it looked like Heard wouldn’t academically qualify. That he took on Green, a Texas prep legend for several years, toe-to-toe was a surprise to Husker fans. It might have been a surprise to Green, although he and Abdullah became quick friends.

But Abdullah’s high school tape was terrific. And high school football in Alabama — especially where Abdullah was playing – is plenty comparable to Texas 5A.

I saw both of them first last summer during Football 202, running sprints. Like wide receiver Kenny Bell, Jr. is every bit the athlete Jamal Turner is, Abdullah was every bit the specimen and athlete in those drills as Green. One was a three-star. One was a five-star. Just symbols on a message board.

So while losing Green is tough — he had a big spring camp — Abdullah brings plenty to the table. And he’s around for three more years. If Heard moves back that’s another proven athlete. Imani Cross has great potential – if he’s ready to build on it at the college level, which can be hard for big backs.

A transfer of Green’s caliber is rarely a good thing. But could it be worse? Yes.


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  1. David Adams says:

    I wish Green nothing but the best.

    1. Sooka says:

      You cobs don’t see the real message here ……….. Duh!!!!

      A Texas boy going back home…. This is more a statement about recruiting from Texas….. you don’t play there and the boys OK and TX don’t want, won’t come to Lincoln…….ha ha ha

      1. RealityCheck says:

        How dense can you be? Yes, I’m sure every single player from Texas is as mentally unstable as Aaron Green.

        For every Aaron Green, there are probably a couple guys who live in Texas and hate it, hate their neighborhood, their school, the people there, etc. and want to get as far away as possible.

        But by all means, lets dwindle down one kids decision to transfer as meaning the entire state of Texas is now untouchable in recruiting. Get a grip man.

        1. NOLA_Sker says:

          Why does Green have to be mentally unstable? Because he wants to go home and is probably unhappy at being number 3 on the depth chart? Now Sooka? That guy is clearly a nutcase.By the way Sooka if this was a case of Texas talent not wanting to play wouldn’t Burkhead be gone by now? I’m sure UT and Oklahoma would love to have him.

          1. RealityCheck says:

            Because I believe someone who commits somewhere, knowing full well that it is a ways from home, and then a year later when the going gets tough transfers out, is not very mentally tough.

        2. huskerjack says:

          That is an extremely disgusting statement.
          you are certainly not a Husker fan. No Husker fan is that mean spirited and cruel to call someone who wants to transfer mentally unstable.
          Do you know what those words mean? You are accusing him of having mania, Psychosis, depression and anxiety. You best be careful buddy -someone may sue you for libel or slander.

          1. NOLA_Sker says:

            Exactly. He may be soft or some what of a flake but that hardly makes someone mentally unstable. Maybe we differ on the definition of the term RealityCheck.

        3. Sooka says:

          He’s gone……..quit making excuses………..

          It’s as much on Coach Boo Boo for recruiting him…….

          Who else is coming or is here that is going to be a nobody…???

          1. NOLA_Sker says:

            Well you came here Sooka and you are a complete nobody. I guess that makes you the expert so do tell.

      2. Tom Mac says:

        Actually, it’s about competition. Nothing more, nothing less. The statment about shareing carriers with so many other players is spot on. I don’t blame the kid for wanting to be “the man.”

        1. ron says:

          Then he better transfer to a DII or DIII if he wants to be the man without competition. Me generation plain and simple.

          1. huskerjack says:

            My god, people have been using the term me generation since 1985. Remember the first me generation called Slackers- stop trying to lump people into groups

      3. David Adams says:


        Let me help you out here….. name a school that does NOT have a guy change his mind and transfer back out? Secondly, do you forget that kids transfer from other schools to attend Nebraska? The transfer says nothing about Nebraska.

        Every kid is different. Aaron’s brother (Andrew) LOVES being at Nebraska……… DESPITE being from Texas. So what do you have to say about Andrew? He’s from Texas. So is Rex. Maybe he should have done the same thing since this is some “statement” from Texas. Nebraska has always gotten kids from all over the country. This is something that has been happening since before you were even born.

        Oh by the way, what about players that transfer out of Texas schools to another state? Based upon your perception of things (or the lack of) shouldn’t that say something about them Texas schools?

        If anything, this has more to do with Nebraska being in the Big 10 than of the school itself. Kids don’t get to play close to home in Texas anymore.

      4. Mark says:

        People are missing the deeper picture here…one that is pervasive in this generation of players. SELFISH. They have all been given participation ribbons and trophies for everything they do, that they do not know how to battle adversity, persevere the way many, many 5th year seniors have in years gone by just to get on the field with the team they signed a contract with. And if they aren’t good enough to start at Nebraska…they run off to somewhere else. The list is a long one…starting about 8 years ago. It’s a dilema that won’t end until people stop telling a kid his great, and actually making him WORK for the title.

  2. TexasHusker says:

    Awful to hear and a loss of real talent for NU. Good luck to Aaron Green wherever he goes. Guess he couldn’t take being that far from home. He sure is throwing away a lot of hard work, study and preparation. Oh well. I couldn’t wait to see him contribute this year. I think both he and Ameer were going to see a ton of playing time. Now he gets to sit out a year while he tries to absorb a different offense.

    I agree that we should move Braylon Heard back to I-back immediately. He’s another serious talent, and that’s where the guy belongs.

    Hope no one else is getting homesick. I absolutely love the talent and the tools we have available. If we can get these guys to gel over the next year or two, we’re really going to see something special!


    1. A Fan says:

      Losing Green is bad… as in, real bad. Not sure how this staff recruits a 4 or 5 star RB out of Texas (who had offers everywhere)/was rated the top recruit in our 2010 class… and we have him buried at number 3 on the depth chart. For all the talk about him not being competitive enough to beat out Burkhead and Abdullah… an equal argument would be… how do we know that? Anyone see him on the field much lately? On the offensive side of the field, this staff is having issues developing talent.

      1. Steve says:

        You don’t give a kid a starting spot because he is 5*, did you watch Burkhead last year? He clearly beat out Green. Not even close. His numbers were identical to Heards – and he effectively beat out Heard. Abdullah and Green were going to get most of Heard’s carries plus a bunch of Burkheads to keep Rex healthy. Green is making a mistake – good luck to him but don’t give him more playing time to keep him. You lose your team doing things like that. Maybe getting Cross playing time early will work out – we need a big strait forward runner. Green likes to keep bouncing it outside laterally – doesn’t always work the best in college where everyone is fast. Still – would have liked to see what he had after a year under his belt. At least he has his redshirt year to sit out this year. No real wasted time for him.

        1. A Fan says:

          Burkhead is a good workhorse back. But he is not going to rip off a 70 or 80 yard run for a TD. And we are missing that component in our running game. Martinez had that skill in 2010, but it was gone last year. Abdullah and Green… both have the speed to go the distance. Heard too.

          1. Me says:

            Doesn’t really matter how fast Green is if he can’t get past the line of scrimmage. He struggled with contact. And as he got stronger and matured as a runner he probably would have been great. But he wasn’t there yet.

          2. A Fan says:

            @Me… then why didn’t the staff redshirt him? Green should of seen the ball more in 2011. It’s as simple as that. The staff moves Heard to DB… and now will likely move him back to RB. Does that sound like smart planning to you? Someone was asleep at the switch concerning Green.

          3. ron says:

            For every 1 or 2 long runs per game AG may have had, I’ll take Rex’s 5, 6, 10 yards per carry.

      2. Steve says:

        And more time for Morrow at IB versus FB could be interesting too.

      3. Me says:

        Have you ever played football?? He didn’t deserve to get more snaps than he did. Rex is clearly the #1. Abdullah outperformed Green. You’re essentially asking the coaches to feed the 3rd best RB on the team the ball simply because he’s a 4 start RB. Give me a break.

        This comes down to the kid being impatient. Nothing more, nothing less.

        For god’s sake, even Ahman Green didn’t start right of the gates. The kid was a freshman!! He doesn’t get to make demands.

      4. ron says:

        It’s called competition, go back and read some of the quote’s from coach Brown about how AG needs to work hardier. You don’t hand the job to him because he was a 5* recruit. Who would you sit, Rex, Abdullah.? The coaches see practice and film everyday and you know better? Come on Man.

  3. MarianasRed says:

    Sam, By worse I’m wondering if you mean having Aaron sulking on the sidelines and spewing negativity all over social media. If that was gonna be the case over the next few years…see ya A.G., and lot’s o’ luck.

    1. huskerjack says:

      What makes you think that would happen?
      I never am amazed at the ignorance of Nebraska fans.

      1. David says:

        @ Huskerjack Don’t you call yourself a Nebraska fan? I guess that means all Nebraska fans are ignorant, except you right??? The person is saying their opinion the same as you do each post on here. Not ignorance, just another opinion.

  4. Sinik says:

    i think that all the “confused” players are going to be a little uncomfortable with Ron Browns stance. cant blame the kid considering its his position coach

    1. huskermike says:

      I really don’t think Ron Brown’s stance has anything to do with this. These are still young adults. I would love to have kept him but let’s not read anything into this decision.

    2. GARy Lukert says:

      It’s time for Brown to go. (I am as straight-as-an-arrow”) He’s become a Fruitcake! I have no use for
      his type! They are arrogant bastards!

      1. Hugh Askew says:

        What is his “type”?
        Standing up for his beliefs? Speaking out?

        1. Frank says:

          Having an Agenda…shut up and coach some damn football. You don’t need to force your beliefs on young kids.

          1. Greg says:

            Who is doing the forcing? There are a lot of kids there who want, need and desire his “type” of leadership. Why can’t we have coaches who are believers and then have coaches like Bo who pop a blood vessel every now and then. It seems you have an agenda too.

          2. MC94-98 says:

            Having an agenda? Really? If you think that Ron’s beliefs had anything to do with Aarons decision to transfer, then you are the one with an agenda. Ron’s belief stems from his interpretation of the bible and Aaron, who shares Ron’s love of Christ, probably has similar interpretations of the bible. If Ron’s beliefs were going to run someone off it would have been Ameer, as they do not share the same beliefs at all. Ameer has been open about being a Muslim and how he and coach Brown get a long just fine despite their differences. Aaron’s decision is based on his wanting to see the field with as little competition as possible and possibly getting a chance to play with or against some of the men he grew up playing against. Some may see it as taking the easy way out, not trying or wanting to have to beat Ameer out, but I agree with some of the other posters here saying if someone is not happy, it is better to have them leave than become a cancer on the team. This is the time of this young man’s life where he gets to do what he feels is best for him.

          3. ron says:

            Yeah they need the Sandusky type then I guess (Sarcasm alert). Ron Brown doesn’t push anything on his players if that were the case, a heck of a lot more players would be leaving.

        2. Greg says:

          In many cases, standing up for his beliefs only after he is questioned by a press who knows what the answer is before they ask it.

          1. huskerjack says:

            yeah right- he sought out the AP for an interview. not vice versa

          2. Dr Lewis says:

            Unfortunately Brown went beyond his beliefs when he said his address was Memorial Stadium. His misrepresentation was a sin. It now will hang over the program as a huge negative that, like it or not, will effect our recruiting.

    3. Brian says:

      Actually, in this case, Aaron Green was attracted to Ron Brown’s strong faith. He is very religious too. He committed at his church with his pastor I remember.

    4. David J says:

      Sinik, are you really that crazy in your thinking?????? First off, everyone knows that Ron Brown is a Christian and what Christians believe in. All the players and even current recruits know that on pretty much every college football staff there is a Christian and that beliefs are going to direct their lives. Wake up!!!!!!

      1. Me says:

        Sorry. That might be your view of Christianity, but mine doesn’t include being a hate monger. Ron Brown apparently forgot the whole New Testament part of ht Bible. He’s a small minded bigot. And while I certainly respect his right to believe what he believes and say what he wants to say he absolutely does NOT speak for all Christians and I’d appreciate it if he not use “Memorial Stadium” as his address when speaking out on these matters.

        1. BallField78 says:

          Christian. One who follows Christ. What He says, what He does. Christ is not a hate monger. He loves us so much He died a horrible earthly death on the cross for our sins. And He told His followers to spread the Good News of Salvation to all nations. We are all sinners, but through faith in Christ we may have Salvation. Ron Brown is not a small minded bigot, rather, his mind is broad enough and his heart big enough that he, like Christ, would wish that all may have Salvation. But we can’t get there unless we are willing to repent of Sin, and first we must admit (confess) the Sin. To repent, we must do away with our sinful nature. It’s not a real difficult concept, just one that’s contrary to our worldly ways.

          If we are not following Christ, then by definition you we not a Christian. That is not judgment, it is discernment. The New Testament did not change the Old Testament, it fulfilled it. Christ came not to do away with the Law, but to fulfill the Law. New Testament = Old Testament. If you deny one, you deny the other.

          I do agree he should not have used Memorial Stadium. But that’s already been dealt with.

          1. ron says:

            Very nice

    5. David says:

      How did we go from a kid wanting to transfer, to Ron Brown standing up for what he believes. He is one of the more respected coaches on this staff and does not force his beliefs on any person. Ron Brown was asked a question and he answered it and instead of being a coward like so many are after saying something others don’t like he is actually standing by it.

  5. huskerj says:

    Losing the third team running back is what happened, nothing more. Sam, thanks for the perspective.

  6. NOLA_Sker says:

    Coulda been worse. Coulda been better too. Maybe he could have left prior to Heard moving to the D. At least then Heard would have gotten spring reps with the O.

    1. A Fan says:

      Yeah, agree. One of McKewon’s weaker articles. Could of been worse. Yeah… I guess we could of lost all our depth at RB. Not sure how losing the top guy in our 2010 recruiting class rates an “OK” by some, but it is what it is.

  7. NOLA_Sker says:

    Oh and meant to say good luck to him. In all seriousness these guys are young and sometimes being homesick can take its toll. I was in the military for eight years and saw a lot of guys get homesick. Doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard or weren’t good guys. It’s tough being away that first time.

  8. The Kamikaze says:

    Luckily for us, one player doesn’t make the team but this is a big loss for the 2013 season. CALLING ALL BLUE CHIP RB RECRUITS. If you want to play early, come to NU!

    1. John Rino says:

      Actually, no, this doesn’t seem to be the case….

  9. dpstyle says:

    Very unusal to loose a blue chip all american. This is a great young man, when you are in a system that has the opportunity to use every bit of talent on the team and you don’t, this is the outcome. College football teams across the land are using two or three backs, it is tough when you know you can produce and you don’t get the opportunities. Big lose for NU. The huskers were known for power and finese, with less experienced coaches at that position things have changed. The Offensive Coaches need to get it together or we will see potential all-americans departing or not coming to Huskerland. Good luck “AG” I know you will do well.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. Gram-Mar says:

      *Lose not “Loose”

      1. huskerred says:

        loss not” loose or lose”

        1. HuskerJosh says:

          unusual not unusal

        2. They call me, Mr. Tibbs. says:

          “Very unusal to loose a blue chip all american”

    3. huskerred says:

      Lets blame everybody else for AG deciding to leave. Where is AG’s accountability? If you want more time on the field play and practice harder, earn it. Just because you get good reviews from rivals (which is not the holy grail of sports) does not mean you get to start first string.

      Not every other school is like a Ohio, Neb, Mich, USC or Ala either. If you come to a school like that and have the belief that every door is just going to swing open and make you a star; then maybe this is the outcome. If he was as “blue chip” as you say he is then he would have been a team player that worked harder to earn his spot.

      Good luck AG, hope you find what ever it is your looking for. As always, Go Big Red!

      1. huskerjack says:

        And you know he does not practice well
        All the coaches and writers said he had a great spring.

        1. Tripduz says:

          His great spring landed him behind Rex and probably Ameer. I think he would have eventually beat out Abdullah and had the team for hisself next tear. Big mistake in my opinion. Abdullah fumbles too much to have stayed in front of AG.

          It’s not what these posters know but what we trust in Bo to evaluate talent. 5 stars doesn’t automatically make you a starter at the next level. He wants to play right away but has to sit out a year now. I know it seems bad but I think it says more about the talent pool we have in Lincoln right now. A few breaks here and there and this team could be undefeated!!!

      2. PE says:

        Spot on!
        This is my twisted thinking but hear me out…if you are in 4th place in getting snaps as he was behind Burkhead, Martinez and Abdulla, and you think you can do better than the other guys if given a chance, you stick it out until you have a chance to prove it it don’t you? If there is no doubt in your mind? If however, you see a lot of guys in front of you that are better and you really DON’T believe you will outshine any or all of them, then you see no chances for yourself and leave. I think that is what’s happened. He had this 5 star “I’m a stud” mentality and he got out there and actually got beat. Maybe for the first time in his life. Well, welcome to the big time kid. He obviously didn’t believe in himself and his potential enough to say to himself “I’ll blow these guys out of the water”. So he probably wouldn’t have anyway. It’s a shame because he would have gotten a lot of snaps with he and Abdulla sharing snaps really as co-#2′s, and even more so with the lightened workload of Burkhead.

    4. A Fan says:

      Good post. And good luck to Aaron Green. Hope he lands where he wants to.

  10. Mel says:

    This reeks of bad coaching.

  11. LariatJoe says:

    Another failure of this coaching regime…This is the beggining of the end for Bo.

    1. Wade says:

      Yes, and don’t forget…..the world ends this December anyway so what’s the big deal right? What a MORON!

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Fingers crossed :D

    3. TC says:

      Wrong and wrong. Get a grip.

  12. GBR fan says:

    I don’t understand this offensive staff at all, we play Martinez over guys who got recruited to play QB here, while EVERY other school especially the powerhouse ones are running 2-3 running backs Nebraska is using 1. Turner plays for 4 games last year then doesn’t touch the field at all the rest of the season, granted he might not of known his blocking/play book 100%, when he was out there he was one of the most talented guys on the field, especially for us. A guy like that you need to just put on the field as a threat even if your not going to give him the ball. Pelini’s staff is really questionable when it comes to personnel situations, they better clean that up quick before we lose more excellent talent off team or excellent talent won’t even set foot in Lincoln.

    1. Tripduz says:

      Did you miss all those dropped passes to Turner? He needed to mature at his position first and I hope he has because you’re right, he has amazing talent. (so do all our other wr’s). The small things killed Jamal last year and he even admitted to slacking off in practice. That won’t cut it! Bo does an excellent job of rewarding the hard workers and if you think you know better, by all means, present your online application for a spot on the staff!!

  13. tbear says:

    I am waiting for Carnes to hit the eject button too. He has at least two more years of waiting before he see’s the field and unlike running back, it is hard to share the position.

    1. Tripduz says:

      I disagree with it being easy to share playing time at running back. Most teams have 1 rb that gets 65% or more carries. Others get short yardage and/or mop up duty. When you play for a team whose qb can run it may drop those numbers even more. Very rarely do you see 2+ year starters at any position.

      The only positions to get ample subs in are the O and D lines.

  14. jason says:

    Put these running backs at linebacker and secondary or wingback, speed kills n we need it at those positions!!! Stars are lining up to be clunker of a season, the hail mary, 2nd half meltdowns, then no spring game. Where is the mental toughness, that right we r fine your fine everbodys fine, pleaze!!! I sure hope I am wrong like I was about osbrne after gtech bowl game n 91. We need a dr to keep these players n the fold ala veland, berringer, turminator, osborne? Someone anyone?!?! #GBR

  15. redark says:

    Again maybe just a failure of the recruiting star system. Marlon Lucky never looked like a 5 star back. He preyed on inferior competition in high sschool and appeared much better than he prob.was. Maybe the same case with Green, we will never know unless he wins the Heisman at Baylor.

  16. KeepCalm says:

    Good luck to Aaron, but if we’re being honest, we should have seen this coming. He is a great talent, but watching him a few times last year he came off as a ‘me’ guy. I clearly remember him running out for passes and almost throwing a fit on the field when the ball wasn’t thrown his way. Some of those were touchdowns to other players. Only ‘me’ guys get upset like that when their team scores. I saw this a few times, and those were just the ones caught on camera. Damon Benning made a comment about this on the radio last year. We don’t know the whole story, but from the outside this just seems like a ‘me’ guy worried about playing time. Why does this always happen when they are expected to have a bigger opportunity next season? Remember Dontray Robinson? Is the goal to get ready for the NFL or to just get a bunch of yards with Houston or Tulsa or whatever? Anyway, good luck to him.

  17. RealityCheck says:

    Some people see these transfers as a bad thing, I see them as a good thing. If he wasn’t happy because of playing time (as is being reported around some other sites), then good riddance. I would like to see guys here who thrive on competing against guys as good or better than them.

    Was he looking up at the depth chart and seeing an immovable Rex, and Abdullah who is the same year as him and a lot more proven on the field? The guy I want will go, “okay, time to move my name up the depth chart and get ready for when Rex leaves.”. The guy I don’t want is, “oh, I’m not good enough with what my high school game tape showed and what I’ve done so far? Time to cash in my chips and go somewhere else.”

    That said I wish Green nothing but the best, and hope he finds a spot where he doesn’t have to compete and is just given carries because of his name.

    1. A Fan says:

      Show some class and not your axx.

  18. Mr. Meltdown says:

    Wow. All the people who praise Bo’s recruiting prowess and now this. All the eople who pointed to recruits like Green and said Bo knows what he’s doing and now this. Can Bo just go with him!!! PLEASE!!!

  19. Brian says:

    Seems like Marlon Lucky 2.0. He was never happy here either.

    1. Jeff says:

      That’s not true. Lucky still loves Nebraska. His first few years he struggled living up to his hype and was unhappy, but he matured.

  20. Gunner O says:

    Losing him will impact the team about as much as losing Cody Green. You hate to see players leaving the Husker program but when you get down to it, neither one of them will likely be a crushing loss. I believe the coaches are putting the best players on the field. It’s hard for some high school superstars to face the fact that they’re not “the man” anymore. Couple this with the fact that these are kids we’re talking about and kids aren’t always going to live up to lofty expectations. This sure isn’t the first time a player has left Nebraska (or any other high profile program for that matter). Don’t blame the coaches, just wish the young man well and move on.

    1. A Fan says:

      It is never good to have the top recruit you have in a class transfer out. Either you are not using the guy correctly, or you made a mistake in evaluating talent. Either one doesn’t paint a good picture. A one time deal… no big deal. But when it becomes a trend… you have problems. Cody Green was recruited as the next big time QB. A bust and at Tulsa. A. Green recruited as our top RB prospect in 2010. Now he’s leaving. This needs to be corrected.

      1. Husker Tim says:

        Nothing to do with Pelini or Brown. This stuff happens all the time to all coaches. Especially when you’ve got a slew of players with talent, and a set number of carries to split between you. Other “top recruits” have left the program….DeAngelo Evans comes to mind…..he really made a splash elsewhere, didn’t he?

        1. A Fan says:

          Evans was 14 years ago… and Evans got hurt. A better comparsion… Horne. Green was a blue chip recruit. Everyone had him rated that high. And losing him is more than “it happens to everyone.” What is our depth at RB now?

          1. Tripduz says:

            How is Horne a good comparison?!? He was kicked off the team for violating multiple team rules multiple times!!! LOL! He didn’t transfer from lack of playing time, he was a big headed jockstrap that got brought down to level. Reality check.

            For the record, deangelo Evans was a much better comparison, lol…

          2. Mark says:

            Let’s not forget…Evans got hurt running his mouth in the locker room when a certain fullback planted his arse on a concrete floor.

      2. Jeff says:

        You’re stuck on recruiting ratings with that mindset. What difference does it make if the 3 star or 5 star running back from the class is the one who excels? None.

        1. A Fan says:

          Who does Nebraska have, right now, who tilts the field as a RB? Green didn’t redshirt. The idea behind that might be that he has enough talent to get on the field in a serious way. We didn’t see that… and given the staff’s reluctance to play subs (how many times you see Carnes last year?, how many times did you see Burkhead used when the game was decided?)… I say that answer is as valid as Green didn’t have the skill to move up the depth chart.

          1. Jeff says:

            Green was not the type of back, as a true freshman, that you give the ball to on 7 straight times and say run out the clock. Rex wanted those carries. The players loved seeing Rex have those carries. More importantly, Rex earned those carries.

            Who does Nebraska have who “tilts the field”? Abdullah. He and Green had very similar skill sets, and Abdullah has shown better up to this point. Remember when he was nationally recognized for his electric ability on kick returns at the midway point last year? What did you see, on the field this season, from Green that makes you think he deserved more touches?

            You haven’t answered what difference it makes whether the 3 star or the 5 star is ultimately successful?

            I’m not trying to bag on Green with this. I think he made a choice that is in his best interest to leave.

      3. David says:

        @ A Fan. So you are basically saying that no matter if there are players on the team that are playing better and have moved ahead of the 5 star player that the 5 star should be getting the ball anyway. I hate to see these players leave as well, but you have to earn your spot on the field. If he wants to transfer because he cannot share time then fine, but he might have just gotten a taste of someone just might be better than him. It happens all the time that is why they need to stop putting stars beside these kids name. Just work hard and play. football is a team sport and should always be what is best for the team not that I have 5 stars beside my name. They dont always live up to the hype, it happens. Not necessarily bad coaching just life.

  21. HskrBll says:

    If he aint’ happy, he ain’t happy, end of story. Don’t overthink this. Maybe he saw limited game time coming (again) and decided he would get more time somewhere else, albeit after a sit-out year. Failed coacing?.. Ron Brown?.. Give me a break.. (or better yet, a Runza!) Wish the kid luck and move on. Any news on Strickland?

  22. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    C.’mon we saw this coming, I predicted a Green, Turner transfer at seasons end.
    One doesn’t have to be a Gruden, or a Mel Kiper to see what a dumpster fire the NU offense is.
    Pelini prolly asked him to play Peso, or SS.
    Mr.Green can see the writing on the wall, especially w/T-Melt @ QB.

  23. HuskerRebel says:

    When they are unhappy with conditions, let them move on
    rather than start mumbling to other players.

    1. Terrence Nunn says:

      Exactly! Misery loves company.

  24. Homer Sampson says:

    I imagine this Green kid was always the star, of every team he ever played on, and had everybody around him telling how great he was his whole life. Until now. That is evidently hard to swallow. So he’s leaving. Whatever. Good luck to him elsewhere. All D1 schools have some kids leave if they don’t think they are going to play enough. It happens. BTW, how much money do you suppose that Al Dennard cost himself with his idiotic behavior over the last 4 months?

  25. Troy says:

    Think about it, Aaron Green wants playing time not to be seating on the bench behind Rex and Ameer ok. We are losing a very talented member of this offense I dont care what anyone says he is a stud. So it looks like are offense will consider to struggle hopefully Martinez will back up his words cause we now he can talk the talk but can he really walk the walk I guess we will find out!

    1. A Fan says:

      Despite what is being said by some… this is a hit. But some would rather ignore it, or make it out to be simply a problem with Green… than look at any other reason.

      1. HuskerJosh says:

        yes, a direct hit to the third team RB spot…..if he didn’t get beat out by Cross this summer, then it would be the fourth team RB spot. good ANALysis, and better luck next time, anti-Pelini crybaby

        1. Troy says:


      2. redark says:

        NU offense requires a sturdy, head banging running back and Green is not that. He would have never been more than an infrequently used player in this off system and never would have been satisfied with his playing time. Go where your unique talents are appreciated. I was really looking forward to watching this guy make some moves on the field, a major disappointment.

  26. Charley says:

    Nothing suprising abou this. When they recruited Addullah, Heard and Green, you had to figure that at least one of them would transfer out after a year. There is only one ball. Good luck to him.

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      it’s been two years

      1. Tom Mac says:

        Uh, no it hasn’t. They were all freshman this past season, used up one year of eligibility. I’m sure you can pick up a remedial math class at Metro, classes beginning soon.

  27. JR says:

    He must have been affraid of Marrow coming in and stealing his touches. Burk leaving next year, leaves Green with 2 years as top 2 RB.

    Also, comparing Green to Marlon Lucky is flat wrong. The only comparison is both were highly rated recruits. Lucky was productive and worked to improve every year. He reached his max by his Junior year and had a productive career.

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      he got drafted and played in the nfl too, seems to me

  28. SC Husker says:

    College players come and go like the wind. If you stake your mental stability on the whims of 18 and 19 year old kids you are in for one E ticket of a ride. Having said that it is a little unsettling that there seems to be a pattern developing with this program mismanaging talent, e.g. lack of redshirting of the stable of running backs in 2011, and losing very good players to other programs on a regular basis. Add this chink in the Husker armor to the propensity of Husker teams under Pelini to not show up for a couple home games year in and year out and their fragility in big games when things begin to go south…and they simply collapse under the pressure.

    I think 2012 is going to be a bellweather year for this coaching staff. Best they put to rest any talk of “wait til 2013″ when the schedule is more favorable. The clock is ticking…I just hope they hear it.

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      the clock isn’t ticking and your opinion is of little consequence in Dr Tom’s office

      1. A Fan says:

        As is your post… irrelevant.

        1. HuskerJosh says:

          apparently not,he is under contract for 5 more years, you crybabies. get with the program or go root for some other team.

          1. huskerjack says:

            It was only extended for 2 more years- not a great message to any coach.

  29. Michael Lee says:

    What role did Homophobe Brown play in Green’s transfer? Maybe if Homophobe payed a little more attention to his salaried position and less time spewing hate to the body politic, Nebraska would have one more talented back.

    1. Greg says:

      Sorry but the only hate I see here is from you.

    2. HuskerJosh says:


      1. HuskerJosh says:

        amen to Michael Lee, not that ignoramus Greg the bigot

        1. Tom Mac says:

          I see Michael and Josh, tolerance is only a good thing when it agrees with your view. Otherwise be hater. Got it.

          1. Tom Mac says:

            And by the way, this is Nebraska, not San Francisco.

          2. HuskerJosh says:

            yeah—i hate on all bigots, you included

    3. Scott says:

      It is truly sad and unfortunate of the position of coach Brown. He being of African decent should realize and understand the utter similarity between his homophobia and the the terrible oppression of other minorities that our nation has struggled so hard to overcome since the Civil War. It makes me wonder of his intelligence. Very sad.

      1. Tom Mac says:

        Coach Brown is against homosexuality, as is mentioned multiple times in the bible, and you are questioning his intelligence for it? Now I am quesioning yours.

        Like most liberals, which you are, no doubt, you only believe in tolerance so long as it agrees with your views.

        1. HuskerJosh says:

          that guy (TomMac) is a rationalizing bigot

          1. Tom Mac says:

            Closer to a bible thumper, but I am not surprised at your response. You should really consider going to church more often.

  30. HuskerJosh says:

    how about telling the kid tough $h!t, you can’t have a release from your scholarship. Now get back to class and see ya at practice!! why are we always enabling selfish behavior and coddling the “little babies” who are star recruits from far away??? and yes, it is way past time for pastor Ron to hit the bricks. he obviously isn’t helping the situation any, and we can always find someone to coach up the running backs……as well as pastor Ron anyway

    1. A Fan says:

      And he stays on the team and bad mouths everything. That’s brilliant. He wants to transfer, let him transfer. I wish the staff could of talked him into playing another position where we need help, like QB, but he wants to be a RB.

      1. HuskerJosh says:

        who cares what he badmouths-he is still in Lincoln. He goes to Oklahoma and badmouths everything, now that IS brilliant. The kid made a commitment, make him honor it. What are you so afraid of, anyway? And just so you know, we don’t need any help at QB, at least not for 2 more years, barring injury.

        1. RealityCheck says:

          I don’t see what good there is in forcing a kid to be somewhere he doesn’t want to be. Scholarships are a yearly commitment (not a 4-year commitment) from the schools side anyway, why not the players too?

          1. HuskerJosh says:

            no,at DONU and other B1G schools they ARE 4-year commitments on the school’s behalf. Read a newspaper article or learn to Google before you type out your ignorance for all the world to see. There’s a reality check….

          2. HuskerJosh says:

            and i’m not real surprised at what you don’t see…

          3. A Fan says:

            Show some class and not your a!!.

    2. Scott says:

      You are a myopic person! Grow up. Do not disgrace Nebraska Football with your embarassing rants. It is about the institution and caring for the student athletes who we all want to become productive members of society in all capacities. I am guessing that you are a very young, immature and inexperienced person. Hopefully you will grow out of this and recognize what is really important in life. Dr. Tom Osborne did and that is why he willfully released the young man to pursue what is best for him. Learn from this and stop your indignant rants.

      1. Ron says:

        Well stated, Scott.

      2. HuskerJosh says:

        no–i am a realist. it is about winning football games and more importantly, making money. if you think otherwise, i got a letter from the Nigerian consulate about your inheritance you need to read….

        1. Scott says:

          Tell that to Dr. Tom Osborne, then. You are not a smart thinker. I am sorry for you.

    3. David says:

      Aren’t you the one HuskerJosh that a little post or two back blamed it on the coaches and now all of sudden this kid is a baby. Take that Husker out of your username, you don’t respect it enough to use it. And this has more than likely not a dang thing to do with coach brown, you clown!!!

  31. Max says:

    Maybe he wants to go to a team that doesnt lose 4games every year and has a chance for a BCS bowl…Also go to a school that passes so there aren t 10 guys in the box every play…I would get tired of watching rex right rex left rex up the middle…now punt

    1. Tripduz says:

      I wish you would get tired of it and go root for another team. There’s an idea…

  32. JeffB says:

    While I am sorry to Green go, the reality is, I never really saw him do much with the opportunities he was given on the field, few though they may have been. This whole 5 star blue chip stuff is cra%.. These guys going through high school may have been the biggest thing seen in their area in a long time, but when you step up to college you run into all the other guys from around the nation that were the next big thing in their area as well, and when you start matching up the best against the best, 5 star or not, you don’t always measure up. I think Green is a great kid, but he really didn’t show me much. The competition at his position at NU is tough, and at this point he was clearly 3rd string. I agree that if he had given it some time and once superman left he would probably have seen more playing time, but maybe not. You have to work hard and really produce when you get the opportunities, and with Green it just didn’t happen.

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      if all you say is true, which it isn’t, then why are you sorry to see him go. Did you think about that before you wrote it?? Geeze. “The whole 5 star blue chip stuff is crap.” Yeah right…’re crap

      1. JeffB says:

        I stated that I am sorry to see him go, because I firmly believe that the education and life experiences he would have received at NU are one of a kind, on and off the field. I spoke to him on facebook a couple a times and he is a nice kid, and I will be sorry to see him leave.
        Josh you need to get a grip its not just about football, its about the kids and my (our) hope for their future.. Your negativity doesn’t help, how old are you, 12?

        1. A Fan says:

          12… may be. LOL.

        2. HuskerJosh says:

          that is the problem with your way of thinking—-it is fantasy at best and alternate narcisstic reality at worst

  33. California Husker says:

    Well, this really should not be a surprise. You had three running backs backing up Burkhead last year and they were all freshmen. You knew that someone would leave. Hopefully, the kid finds what he wants. I am not going to rip him at all. I am just getting tired of seeing these guys come in with hype and then end up transferring. Just so many of them are coming in with a ton of hype and then they do not finish their careers as Huskers and it is sad to see. It goes back to when Solich was here, picked up under Callahan, and is still happening under Pelini. That is why I try not get too excited about players on National Letter of Intent Day any longer.

    1. A Fan says:

      I hear you. It is disappointing.

  34. California Husker says:

    HuskerJosh – Lighten Up! It is just a fan forum. It is not life or death. Calm down!

    1. Tom Mac says:

      Josh’s mommy and daddy forgot to give him his ritalin this morning, and he ate a bag of sugar doughnuts, while watching an episode of Beavis and Butthead.

      1. huskerjack says:

        This is not 1997 -use more timely references when you insult someone

        1. Tripduz says:

          Actually there are brand new episodes of Beavis and butthead on nowadays, welcome to 2012!!

  35. Scott says:

    Good luck to Aaron Green. Thank you for what you contributed to the Huskers when you were here. I wish you well in your academics and athletics where ever you decide to go. Even though it didn’t work out here, I hope you will end up having fond memories of Nebraska. Good luck to you.

    1. R says:

      Ditto–Best of luck to young Mr Green–wherever he lands.
      May he excel and come back here and give us a first class ….”Whuppin ‘ “.
      I will look forward to watching and supporting these young men develop–wherever they go. (Cody Green, Aaron, etc).

      That is what we (collectively) promised the Mamma’s and Papa’s of these fine young men, when we asked them to attend school here.

      My question is why is the Volleyball team, losing young women at such an alarming clip ??

  36. sporto says:

    This is horrible news, he’s transferring becuase he only got 24 carries last year? really? I understand rex is a great back, but can’t we find a way to get our best players on the field, and not overwork a rb by running them 35 times a game and wear them out before season’s end. You can’t give a 5 star rb 2 carries per game for the season and expect them to stick around, i don’t blame him for leaving! I bleed red, but this situation just burns my @#%! And it will come back to haunt us down the road for sure.

    1. Skytown J says:

      Can’t give a 5-star recruit 2 carries/game? Why not? If that is what he earned in practice, that is what he should get, regardless if he has 5 stars, 100 stars, or is a walk-on. Looked to me that he had some potential, but his situation was really tough, being behind Rex and Abdullah. And yes, Rex does need to touch the ball as many times as humanly possible. Maybe Green’s situation was going to get worse with some new faces showing up in the fall. He decided to try it elsewhere. So be it.

  37. Dan says:

    Wish the kid nothing but the best. These kids are not indentured servants, holding him back would accomplish nothing. I hope he enjoys the rest of his career, you’re only young once.

  38. Savage Husker says:

    The Ron Brown card is overplayed, why wouldn’t Ameer, being a devout Muslim, leave too. So many conclusions with little to no facts on these comment boards. Why put one foot in your mouth when you can shove both.

    1. huskerjack says:

      I didn’t know that Brown hated Muslims, too.

      1. Savage Husker says:

        You got jokes guy.

    2. str8 says:

      Surprised Brown hasn’t tried to convert Ameer, or evangelize the whole team to his Church of the Holy Hatred.

  39. n0 on3 says:

    Green saw himself as a 5-star recruit who wouldn’t even break into the #2 position until his junior year, and likely would be a career back-up. This should not have been a surprise, and I would have expected this if Heard had not switched to DB, and had not heard great things about Green in spring practice. Sam is right, they should move Heard back to RB, and this should not affect them much. NU also has some big backs that should be getting more carries this year as well.

    1. n0 on3 says:

      And good luck to Green wherever he chooses to go.

  40. Mike says:

    I dont understand why Ron Brown is involved in this. Also, this is the only article i have read anything about him being upset about playing time. I read like 4 other ones that said it was all about being home sick and unhappy in lincoln. I guess i just dont see the same things in abdullah as everyone else. Last year he picked up the playbook faster and saw the field faster, but that hardly says that he was a better player than green(maybe or maybe not). Honestly what i see in abdullah is a return specialist. he doesnt have the size to be an every down guy. he runs straight up with his chest out instead of his shoulders down with a forward lean, like a real running back should. Not to mention his fumbling problem which prly has a lot to do with how straight up he runs. Those are mostly natural, unteachable attributes for a running back to have. Abdullah just doesnt have them. Technically they were both “scat” back types, does anyone see abdullah breaking any tackles? This is a big loss. Maybe he never wouldve been a star? maybe he wouldve? but we lost a very good “talent” and a vital home run threat to our offense.

    1. n0 on3 says:

      1) I just keep thinking, “Ron Brown doth protest too much, methinks.”

      2) You can’t simply use homesickness as an excuse with his brother attending the same school. Unless of course there is a girl involved. Then he would be lovesick, not homesick.

      3) I’ll trust Bo & Co’s anaylsis of talent before some armchair coach. Abdullah entrenched himself in the number 2 spot by the end of last year, and nothing this spring has changed that. If Heard hadn’t switched positions, Green would have had to battle it out just for the number 3 spot this season. Probably pretty humbling for a guy used to being THE star. I would have loved for him to stay and keep working for the starting spot, but can’t really blame the guy for wanting to go somewhere he has a greater chance at getting on the field.

  41. wihusker says:

    Unpopular opinion alert, but I’m not sure I like the idea of moving Heard back to offense. He’s had a full spring on defense. More importantly, he’s missed out on a full spring on offense, after looking tentative at times carrying the ball as a freshman. Moving him back would seem to indicate not just a concern for depth but also a lack of faith in the three guys slotted to get carries from the I-Back position (Burkhead, Abdullah, Marrow) and the exciting new recruit, Cross. It might even look like a lack of faith in Heard as a DB, or as a player who can contribute at all–when obviously that is not a concern. (“You mean you’re moving me AGAIN? Dang…”)

    Disappointed as I am to see Green leave, I think moving Heard back would be an overreaction that would prove bad for player development and bad for team-building. (Not that I think any of those guys would shrink from additional competition from Heard, nor would I want them to. But still.)

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      a little secret–most everyone in here is all about overreaction, but i agree with your points

    2. n0 on3 says:

      Burkhead’s only here for one more year, then it’s only Ameer and the big backs. I’m pretty sure Heard would love to switch back, since he was quoted as saying this at the time of the move:

      “It wasn’t really easy because I haven’t played corner for so long,” he said. “I didn’t know if I’d actually be good at it in college. My love is running back. I got recruited as a running back.”

  42. JIM Wyatt says:

    Alot of good points made and allot of things i don’t no where people come up with there logic’s!!!!! The bottom line people is getting to the next level!!! And we all no what that is!! The NFL!!! If u don’t get the exposure and your name out there some young men don’t think they will get to the next level!!! I believe that marrow will come in and be the go to guy behind rex because as u no or if u watch the big ten these running backs r big and strong and when they hit u u r going to feel it.. U have to be able to wear down guys who r trying to tackle u!!! So the point iam making BO is trying to bring in big strong backs so when they hit u its harder to bring a more bigger stronger back down and they get more yardage!!! If u watch the running game of ours we had the speed but not the bigger stronger back like we do now with REX AND MARROW!!! And u will see when u wear these defenses down they will bring in the speedster ABDULLA to get the long yards we need!!! SO i wish Arron well i also want the huskers to win!!!!

    1. A Fan says:

      I haven’t seen Marrow or Cross play a down at Nebraska. So any talk about them being some sort of savior at RB is just talk. We have three backs that we’ve seen play (Burkhead and Abdullah)… and Heard, though he’s a DB now. Kind of hard to develop depth at skill positions when you have guys transferring out.

  43. Mack Brown UT says:

    As I have often stated. it’s all about the 5-stars. I can’t envision how my program would be without 20, 5-stars every year. As for Corn Devil you have NEVER said Green was going to leave the program, never…. Let me give you some of my predictions, here goes, 1) Mike Anderson will be fired, 2) Doc Sadler will be fired, 3) I predict Lavonte David is going to surpise some people at the player combines and work himself into a second round pick, and lastly let me say I feel that Alfonso Dennard will probably get himself into some trouble and hurt his draft status… I’ve been gone for a while but it’s good to see Corndevil is still dumb as a stump. I will personally miss you Mr. Green good luck at your next school, this really hurts me. Now the question no one has thought about is this…. Tommy Armstrong….. his from San Antonio also and I believe one reason he might’ve picked NU was because of Aaron.

    1. huskerjack says:

      you have to throw out insults to prove your point.
      Come one aren’t you better than that
      If you can’t express yourself without bullying then perhaps you shouldn’t comment.

  44. huskerjack says:

    Amazing how nasty some of your are toward our players and each other.
    How about disagree without name calling for a change
    Your comments may be taken with more credibility and someone may actually read your comments.
    As soon as the vile names and name calling comes out – people stop reading.

  45. WA Husker says:

    And, in other news, we are ranked no higher than 13th, I believe, in any major preseason poll or rag. Thanks for all the lessons in Christianity, by the way. That is why I come to this website; and, I really appreciate Ron Brown setting me right about how to think on the gay issue. I would think, at 13th – 17th, he might, as a Husker coach anyway, have other important matters to attend to. I don’t think gay rights are the only issue facing the Nebraska football program these days.

  46. public hair says:

    Apparently Green is a color that clashes with scarlet and cream. See: Cody and Aaron. Exception: Ahman.

  47. MikeG says:

    I have no ill-will against Green for transferring and I wish him luck. I do think however that these athletes should be forced to stick with their commitments for a period of time and then maybe they would think more about them when they act. I think someone who comes to a school on scholarship should have to stay for 2 years before being allowed to be released. WHat does the word “commitment” mean to these players and coaches? Apparently it means nothing and that is sad. Coaches make commitments to teams and then sell out to another for more money and then players make commitments to teams that use scholarship funds to get them and then they gripe and moan and transfer. College football is going to end up just as bad as the NFL if the NCAA doesnt get a grip on a few things. Life is a b*tch and things dont always go your way, but live up to your word, its about the only thing thats worth having these days. I think if a player walks away from a scholarship at 1 school, he shouldnt be eligible for another scholarship for 2 years. Of course when you have some schools that pull scholarships for underachieving players it doesnt work that way either. Its a total mess. Again if the school doesnt actually COMMIT a full scholarship and the player doesnt actually COMMIT to stay, then quit using the damn word “COMMITMENT” because they clearly dont undestand its meaning

    1. Scott says:

      Mike, I would agree with your comments if the University would reciprocate. However, Scholarships are not 4 year commitments by the University but single year “contracts” to be renewed annually and with discretion from the powers that be to not recommit. It goes both ways and the student is well within his rights to leave under these terms as is the University to revoke. If we don’t like the rules, we need to change them. Otherwise we live within them. Peace.

  48. Husker 1 says:

    Ok…….a little history lesson on transfers and how well theyve done. 1) AG. Was he going to be that good? Who knows…..and we may never know. A certain stud qb named Cody Green was going to be the savior too. Curt Dukes never panned out either and transfered……dont get me started on Harrison Beck or or the younger Gabbert……… How about Marlon Lucky? Did he live up to expectations? I would say NO based on his 5 star rating when USC wanted him soooo bad. All of these guys were Blue Chip recruits. Bottom line…….some pan out, others dont. We have two solid/ proven backs. Morrow will be in mix……Heard will probably move back, maybe not. Cross getn reps will give us a Senior/2 Sophmores and 1 freshman getn reps this yr. Thats good for the future rather than of losing 3 backs in one yr in Abdullah, Green and Morrow and possibly Heard. Also gives us a chance to get another Blue chipper witha chance to play early once Superman Burkhead graduates. Best of luck to Green. History proves……hell need it.

  49. HuskerInsider says:

    What really happened was he couldn’t gain weight. Bo can’t have a 200 pound back. He wants them big and nasty. So, he had to let him go. Believe it or not, that’s the truth.