Published Wednesday, May 2, 2012 AT 10:13 AM / Updated at 11:13 AM
Mad Chatter, May 2
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Let’s start with a little college football playoff talk. I did a little digging last night and found this article:

Arguments against a post-season college football playoff on grounds that it would hurt traditional bowl games and force athletes to miss too much school are not valid, according to a former Notre Dame coach (I’ll reveal his identity at the bottom).

Writing in TV Guide, the coach predicted a playoff capped by a college “Super Bowl” by the end of the decade.

The coach proposed a single, post-bowl title game between the top two teams as chosen by a consensus of polls, conferences and coaches. The playoff format could be gradually expanded to four, eight, and eventually 16 teams, with bowls used as elimination games. The championship game would be played the week after New Year’s Day.

He said such a format would extend the season by just one week, noting that most schools do not begin the spring semester until the second week of January. Some playoff money could go for tutoring players, he proposed.

The coach said a playoff format incorporating current bowls would add “luster” to those games because they would be guaranteed the top teams in the country.

In the four-team format, the top four teams would play in the major bowls, alternating Rose and Orange one year, Sugar and Cotton the next. The winners would face off in the title game the next week, he said.

The coach? Ara Parseghian. The year: 1984.

It is ridiculous we STILL don’t have a playoff in 2012. And hilarious that the proposal for 2014 will likely reflect Parseghian’s model.


>> According to ESPN, “Kansas coach Bill Self said the Jayhawks are desperate for a quality home-and-home series, starting in Lawrence next season. KU originally talked to Indiana but that deal fell through. The Jayhawks are in the CBE Classic with Saint Louis as the other high-profile team. The Jayhawks also have the Champions Classic game against Michigan State in Atlanta, return a game at Ohio State and get Temple at home. That’s still a very strong slate. But Self said the Jayhawks are looking for a new series at home and are struggling to find one.”

Make the call, Greg McDermott. Please pick up the phone and make a sales pitch.

Self might say yes to McDermott, his friend, not only because of Creighton’s talent level but its proximity. KU would like the chance to play in Omaha again, I think. And if Self doesn’t want to come north, maybe he would play the second year in Kansas City or Lincoln (new arena).

It would be a thrill to see Creighton play at Allen Fieldhouse. But the game would be attractive for another reason. Creighton is good enough to win. By the way, McDermott told me last week the Jays have one opening left on their schedule.

>> Butler is leaving the Horizon League for the Atlantic 10. A great move for Barry Collier and Brad Stevens. The only downside for the Bulldogs is they’re joining a league with too many (14) teams. I realize I’ve beaten this drum too often on this blog. But are you happy in the Valley, Creighton fans? And if the Jays go on a run the next two years, would the A-10 (or some other league) come calling?

>> Four former Saints have been suspended by the NFL for their role in Bounty-gate. Scott Shanle, a veteran linebacker, isn’t one of them. I was afraid he would be.

>> I’m working on a Nebraska football project this month. I won’t reveal too many details, but I want to know your 3 favorite/proudest traditions — or things that define Husker football. You can say, for example, “Blackshirts” or “Hail Varsity.” You can be more specific and say, for example, “Osborne going for 2 in the Orange Bowl” or “Black 41 Flash Reverse.” Drop me a comment or send me an email.

>> A guy in Vegas bet $75 on the Clippers when they were down by 27! He won $40,000.

>> The WAC, a charming old football league, is on its death bed.

>> Albert Pujols is a fantastic baseball player. But he’s always been petty. And this is petty.

>> A St. John’s basketball player also makes a $1 million to play baseball.

>> The U.S. Justice Department is investigating sexual assault allegations within the Montana athletic department. This is ugly.

>> I linked Austin Hatch’s story last fall. Here’s an update on the Michigan recruit. If you missed it, you won’t believe what he’s been through.

>> Author Malcolm Gladwell will argue next week that college football should be banned. Something tells me he won’t be successful.

>> I can’t stand the Lakers. That’s all.

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  1. A Fan says:

    Nice article today, Dirk. The story about the WAC is sad. I imagine Idaho and New Mexico State will be the next to go to the MWC.

  2. Dos Passos says:

    Things that define Husker football: Lyell Bremser!

  3. Melvin says:

    1. March of the cornhusker
    2. Love how the bones have been trivialized by offensive players who are so clueless that they throw them up after scoring. Duh
    3. Proud yet amazed at how loyal fans are despite TO trashing the program withthe solich hire and how little flak TO has taken for it!

  4. TheGov21 says:

    I don’t think Creighton going to the A10 would be a good thing. To be honest there isn’t much to gain. The Missouri Valley is a good Mid Major conference that normally gets 2 (sometimes 3) teams in the tournament. The A10 is loaded with talented teams. Plus it’s further away. If Creighton goes they are spending more money to travel and playing a much tougher conference that could have the in the middle of the pack and not making tournaments as easy as they were before. But that’s just my opinion.

  5. CDad63 says:

    My 3 favorite/proudest traditions (none of which I think are in existence right now):


    2) Elected Team Captains and the Unity Council – players being accountable to players

    3) A real POWER running game

  6. Tim Ingoldsby says:

    Creighton played KU at Allen Field House in the late 60s when Bob Portman was on the team. As I remember, Jo-Jo White scored a ton and Creighton lost big. The next night they played K-State (the two games were part of some Kansas “classic”) and nearly beat the Wildcats. As a CU alum who was in Portman’s class, it has been a joy to watch Doug play. I think Portman was a slightly better shooter (who knows how many points he would have scored if Freshman were eligible in those days and there was a three point line) but Doug’s inside game is far superior. You should do a story about Portman to remind younger Jay fans of some of the more interesting years from the Red McManus era.

  7. Jeff says:

    Just three? These are just some Blackshirt memories for me:
    1) Shoving Wuerffel into the end zone for a safety.
    2) Suh man-handling Colt McCoy.
    3) The second half kick-off tackle against OU in 1977.
    4)-1000) on and on.

  8. sooka says:

    1) the passing game
    2) cupcake schedules
    3) Lawrence Phillips

    1. J says:

      It must suck to be a Missouri fan and not have any traditions to speak of.

  9. Ryan says:

    1. Winning
    2. Winning
    3. Winning

    That is all that matters to me. Traditions come and go with time. Don’t get caught up with the past. GBR!

    1. curt313 says:

      Very true. I wonder what would have been in place had Nebraska fielded strong defenses when Bill Callahan was the coach. I’m not a fan of BC, and and its easy to say that now~~ but what if he’d had a Pelini type for the Defensive coordinator. What if the West Coast offense would’ve put 2-3 conference title trophies in the case right out of the gate? All the tradition Nebraska had before that– would long ago be out the window & people would be celebrating. Hindsight is 20/20 and relative to its time. If Nebraska ran their offense out of the flying wedge or the statue of liberty and winning Nat’l Titles, nobody would squawk.

      1. hskrpwr13 says:

        Yes, curt, BC needed a defense. However, don’t forget how putrid that WCO of his was against good teams. His WCO could light up the average to bad teams, but mostly struggled or was ho-hum against the better teams.

        1. A Fan says:

          Agree. Callahan’s WCO didn’t look good against Missouri on the road, didn’t look against USC or OU.

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        This is a valid question, i believe by now NU would be recruiting high quality QB’s, the system would be in place, stud WR’s and OL players would be the norm, had Calliham only addressed his DC issue, it is obvious Calliham has a much higher football I.Q. than Pelini.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          your post could be said for the current ‘multiple’ offense under Pelini. Did you happen to watch any Nebraska football during the 2011 season?!

  10. n0 on3 says:

    I agree with Jeff, as a Husker fan there are many things that come to mind and it is hard to narrow down three. Therefore, I tried to think of Husker football as an outsider and what they would associate with Husker football.

    1) Best fans (sea of red, sellout streak, clapping for opponents)
    2) Blackshirts
    3) Winning (#1 in wins since 1950 and #4 overall)

    Those are all pretty general, so if you want one specific moment, it would probably be Osborne being carried on the players shoulders after the 1995 Orange Bowl – nothing beats the feeling of being national champions.

  11. HuskerPhil says:

    My top 3:

    1) blackshirts
    2) sellout streak
    3) walk-ons

    1. curt313 says:

      dead on

    2. n0 on3 says:

      I struggled with my #3, but settled on winning, because outsiders would classify NU as a traditional (if not current) powerhouse, and you only get that way by winning. However, I would agree with HuskerPhil and say that it should have been the walk-on program – home grown talent, some willing to give up scholarships to play elsewhere, because they grew up dreaming of playing for the Huskers. I guess I shouldn’t have been so focused on what defines Nebraska football to others and considered it from my point of view as well.

  12. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

    My favorite Husker tradition: Winning

    No. 1 since 1960.

    Not #17 pre-season, Not #14 post-season (Pelini’s best)

    Nebraska is the effing-best program of ALL PROGRAMS since 1960.

    Read this freakin’ list and tell me #17 or #14 is acceptable:


    And don’t tell me he’s new. That’s baloney.

    Most of the top coaches currently working in the NCAA turned around their programs FASTER and had better records within 4 years than Pelini.

    1. n0 on3 says:

      Most top coaches spent some time coaching mid-major programs before they were hired for their current positions. Bo Pelini is a first-time head coach. Is he a great coach? No, not yet. Will he ever be a great coach? I don’t know. However, he has done a pretty good job so far bringing us out of the Callahan wreckage to being 4 points away from 2 conference championships and 1 win away from a possible BCS bowl bid. There are not a lot of top head coaches lining up to coach NU now, and there won’t be any if we keep firing coaches for 9 win seasons.

      1. A Fan says:

        I hope you’re right. My bet… we’re not getting back to the Devaney/Osborne winning ways. We’ll be good under Pelini, but there will be many more seasons of 9 wins than 11 wins.

  13. BigFRed says:

    Three favorite/proudest traditions
    1) NU power football-ala running the football down Miami’s throat during the second half of the 1995 Orange Bowl. Classic stuff.
    2) Annual thanksgiving game against Oklahoma.
    3) Sellout streak.
    Sadly the first two have been absent from the program the past few years.