Published Wednesday, May 9, 2012 AT 11:09 PM / Updated at 11:09 PM
Recruiting: Huskers offer Atlanta QB
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

The next offer in Nebraska’s search for a 2013 quarterback commit is Marietta, Ga., talent Anthony Jennings. He’s 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, accounting for 2,647 total yards and 27 total touchdowns last year.

NU OC Tim Beck offered Jennings after watching him in a spring practice. Alabama offered this week, too, and Jennings has already made unofficial visits to Virginia Tech, Mississippi State and West Virginia. He won MVP at the Atlanta Elite 11 camp and recently earned an invite to the Elite 11 Finals in California.

“They run that spread option style and I like that,” Jennings told Huskers Illustrated. “That’s what I run in high school right now, so I feel like it wouldn’t take me that long to make the full transition. I also really like coach Beck and he seems like a real nice dude. That’s the little I know about Nebraska.”

Jennings’ highlight tape is better than Aaron Bailey’s, if you’re looking for a thrower. Jennings showed the ability to wait until receivers got open in zones, put smoke on the ball against man-to-man coverage and kept plays alive with his feet while still looking downfield for a receiver.


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  1. NUCORNDEVlL says:

    Can he throw?

    1. Bill says:

      He said he could throw. Several times. Like, for a whole paragraph.

    2. Ginny says:

      Do you always let your mouth run without ever totally checking out the facts, If you call yourself a NU fan heaven help us.

    3. CORNANGEL says:

      You mean can he throw better than your candidate for head coach Tom Rathman?

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I meant, can he throw a football. I mean….I really don’t know what I’m talking about anyway. Don’t listen to me.

    4. NUCORNDRIVEL says:

      Can he block?

  2. Steve says:


    Yes, he can throw.

    This kid is the real deal; I’ve seen him play many times as I live in Marietta and my son is a QB in the Marietta Junior program. I knew this was going to happen as soon as Beck found out about him and watched his film and his performance at the regional Elite11 camp solidified that.

    Think of Tyrod Taylor only faster, more elusive and a MUCH better passer and you’ve got Tony Jennings.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      I didn’t post that first comment, that was my secret admirer.
      I try to avoid Sam’s articles, too much censorship.

      1. NUCORNDEVlL says:

        secret admirer = g@y alter-ego

      2. CORNANGEL says:

        As in, I heart Tom Rathman?

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          It’s funny how I have the BALL’s to suggest much need changes, and all you do is pass ignorant judgement.
          Typical LJS Loser blogger.

    2. Dan says:


      Here’s your chance to help the Huskers. Get in there and sell him on NEBRASKA!!!!!

    3. CORNANGEL says:

      Wow, something positive for a change.

      Pelini hiree Tim Beck did something right and NU might have the next Tyrod Taylor (but faster).

      Lets hope that when Tyrod 2.0 gets on the net to check out this article that he wont see you bash the program to further your everyday agenda of getting the current coaching staff fired.

  3. LariatJoe says:

    He’s not comming to NU with the offers he already has in hand.

    1. Blackshirts says:

      We have as good as chance as any?

    2. Reddog says:

      Its sad when we think nebraska has to go recruit someone nobody else Is, but when it comes to qbs and Tight-ends NU has a real hard time. ugh……will we ever get another great qb? I like martinez but his passing is ? And his option pitch, yuck!!!

  4. mr football says:

    Trowing is for the nfl. It doesn’t work in college. Look st the growing list of nfl offensive coaches that were complete busts at the college level. Billy C and C Weis top that list.

  5. DBINOREGON says:

    Sounds like a “real” thrower but with SEC and probably other more local offers on the horizon, well, not likely to be a Husker. Would be a great get should Bo & Co pull it off but odds are against this happening, unfortunately.

    1. VBHusker says:

      Come on, be positive. The most he knows about Nebraska is that “Beck is a really nice dude”. What more do you need?

  6. Nope says:

    No chance.

  7. bondzales says:

    Impressed by the tape, I think our recent qb recruits haven’t had this much throwing ability. He also appears to have the athleticism to run our offense. Not likely we pull him out of SEC/ACC country with those offers.

    1. Kai says:

      Really? You think his tape is that much better than Tommy Armstrong? I guess I don’t see it as being that much of a difference.

  8. MLK47 says:

    Can he throw, that’s a really tired post, hey corn ho*# , can you come up with an original remark

  9. Ron frost says:

    Enough with the QB’s. Let’s see some offensive lineman getting recruited

    1. Skers says:

      Have you seen the last two recruiting classes?

      1. Jay says:

        I’ve seen enough of the current OL coaches work to know that Cotton has to go. -Pathetic!

  10. The honey badger says:

    Hope we get em but yea he’s in SEC country tmart has two years left and he still has carnes and Armstrong. As aaron green showed players don’t wanna wait anymore

  11. Iowa Freshman Dad says:

    neither nucorndevil or sooka are nebraska fans.

    they cuold be the same poster that leads a sad life of trolling. Luckily for them, in Nebraska we don’t mind letting the disadvantaged speak their mind.

  12. mac says:

    seems that corndog is trying to play more civilized. not everything he says is jaded. give him a chance to redeem himself. corndog, can you promise to weigh in with more thoughtful comments and less just reactive potshots? no need to censure you, but it would be healthier for the good of the order if you’d participate with comments stemming from an integrated prefrontal cortex rather than a brain stem dominated by your limbic-system. All in good fun….

    1. Coach Woodman says:

      That was hilarious Mac.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Solid mac!

  13. JEREMY says:

    We will never get this kid, Bama will get him over us, he knows hardly anything about us and from GA we have no shot we will be in his top 5 string it out till december and he will choose and SEC school or Vtech

    1. TC says:

      Well we have to offer scholarships to talented kids before they ever accept. We’ve done that. Do we need to impress him with the program? Yes. It’s been done before, but you have to make the effort to get the recruit. Kids don’t just fall over themselves to come to a school. There was once this kid named Tommie….

      1. n0 on3 says:

        ….Gillaspie? Sorley? Armstrong?

  14. Zecharia Sitchin says:

    My take is that if they are 5 stars & 1000 miles from Lincoln forget it. We are about as good as we can get with Armstrong for the future. Bo & Beck better get that problem worked out.

    1. Skers says:

      Yeah, let’s not even try to recruit anyone out of state. No one will play for Big Red.

  15. Colorado Springer says:

    Whole lot o f whining goin’ on. Taylor has two more years, and I’ll bet they are good ones. Then you can let out all your angst on the next unfortunate hero who can never live up to your dreams of perfection. You listen to all these prognosticators who get paid to stir things up and and worry yourselves to death.

    1. bigredfan54 says:

      Yeah, that about sums it up! ;)

  16. California Husker says:

    He was just offered by Nebraska. When he signs with the Huskers on National Letter of Intent Day, then it will be news. Until then, this is just a boring article to pass the time.

  17. Max says:

    Thats the little I know about Nebraska says it all…….these guys need to learn how to recruit…before making a offer because other schools have this kid should be sold on what Nebraska is like. Alabama. Will show 4 losses every year and no BCS bowls

  18. NU Alum says:

    I hope he comes to NE. However, I’d bet a good amount he never sets foot on campus for a visit. I find these attempts at recruiting QBs embarassing. It seems like we start offering four – five and then just go down the list and keeping offering as the tops guys choose other schools. The only thing more embarassing is the attempt at journalism by those who cover NE football for this and most NE papers. Articles are often biased, irrelevant (see above article – he isn’t coming), or used as an advertising medium for the sister pay site – huskersillustrated.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. A Fan says:

      I think embarrassing is too strong a word. If Nebraska offers the top 4 or 5 guys, and they choose someplace else… what are we supposed to do? Not offer anyone? We have to have QBs. If our offense impresses folks, then we’ll get some of these top guys. And the math to fix that problem is with Beck and Pelini.

  19. Mr. Meltdown says:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah. Same old stuff. We offered someone who won’t be caught dead in Lincoln. Blah Blah Blah

    1. NU Alum says:

      Blah Blah Blah. Mr. Meltdown is melting down. You need to get a good group of offers before you can get good kids and players to accept. Bo & Co. will work this out. Wait and see.

  20. Twauto22 says:

    Take a look at ALabamas recruiting classes as of late on QBS and ours, not a whole lot of differnce other than 5 star phillip sims.. NUS been getting a 4 star QB every year sometimes two, Alabma has a had a 5 star but also two 3 stars as their top QB signings.. We’ve been bringing in guys , the problem is nobody in this state is patient enough to let them develop.. People pushed for Cody Green to play right away but he wasnt ready, give them a chance to develop depth at the position.. I know alot of people wanted Carnes to play last year but he wasnt ready either.. ( As great as Callahans recruiting classes were he left the cupboards bare for LB and QB , we had no upperclass depth)) We are finally getting to point were we are going to have depth , if the state dosnt go crazy and ask for Tommy Armstrong to be starting right away.. We tend to put all this pressure on these kids to start day one , and they see that and get the prima donna attitude that they need to be playing day one and leave before they have a good understanding of the system.. .. Sometimes as a fan you have to realize what your doing and writing does impact these kids, even though they claim to not be paying attention,,

    NUS RECRUITING QB classes –

    2009.. Cody Green (#7 QB in the country scout, 4 star Rivals ) Taylor Martinez (#41 QB in the country at scout , rivals 3 star) according to scout
    2010.. Brion Carnes ( #47 in the country Scout, ) 4 Star on Rivals
    2011.. Jamal Turner ( #7 in the country ) 4 Star Rivals Bubba Starling ( #10 in the country ) 4 Star Rivals
    2012.. Tommy Armstrong ( #5 in the country, 4 star ) Scout


    2009- AJ McClarron #17 QB , 4 star
    2010- QB Phillip Sims #2 QB , 5 Star
    2011- Phillip Ely #41 QB , 3 star
    2012- Alec Morris #37 QB 3 star

    1. NU Alum says:

      Green – not on the team; Martinez – no top school wanted him to play QB; Carnes – will get a chance to see the field (other than mop up time) with one year left to play; Turner – WR; Starling – not on the team…. In short, I think you like our QB stable much more than I do.

      1. Twauto22 says:

        My point was that we get top kids to commit, its getting them to pan out that has been our problem.. Same could be said about Alabamas 5 star kid ..Another thing is that Green was probably a better recruit then martinez but at least Martinez had his legs to bring to the table day one.. Green could have been the better QB if he would have sat out and redshirted in the system like he should have..

        It also shows you that star ratings on Qbs mean nothing.. If stars meant success for QBS , Notre Dame would be the top team year in and year out the last 10 years..

        The funny thing is that its not just a NU thing.. Look at the QBs in the Big TEn, Taylor was voted like 3rd best by Espn , behind Denard Robinson ( whom also isnt much of a QB more of converted WR)

        1. Twauto22 says:

          Also in case of carnes, having him start as a senior shouldnt be a bad thing, thats if Taylor stays healthy..

          1. A Fan says:

            The bottom line…. Carnes is the second string QB. He needs more PT. If Martinez gets hurt, you’re right. We’re in a bad spot.

    2. bigredfan54 says:

      It all boils down to this. Games are won in the trenches. The O-line has to either: A) blow holes for Sexy Rexy and Co. or B) give T-Mart, or insert your favorite QB, time to make a decent read and throw a decent pass.

    3. Mr. Meltdown says:

      Nice post T22! Every school goes after who they think is the best fit for their program. Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t. Banking on a 17 year old to be exactly what you thought he would be is risky at best. Set the bar high and go for it. If you set the bar where NUCORNDEVIL wants it we’ll reach it alright. Then what have we got? Worse.

  21. Josh the Skeptic says:

    I don’t agree with the idea that we have no shot, the kid doesn’t need to know much about Nebraska to start. He’s got YouTube and Wikipedia, and he fits better with our offense than he does Alabamas or Virginia Tech. If the trend continues we should at least get him to come to campus, as we’re getting Su’a Craven to come. I figure we got a shot at anyone we can get on the campus.

    1. Twauto22 says:

      I agree with you there Josh.. If the coaching staff gets them to Visit we have a chance..

  22. n0 on3 says:

    We don’t go after the big fish and you people whine that we don’t try hard enough in recruiting / We do go after the big fish and you people whine that we have no chance. Its a lose-lose situation.