Published Friday, May 18, 2012 AT 7:00 AM / Updated at 12:19 PM
Infographic: The mid-major hierarchy
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Last Sunday, World-Herald staff writers Steven Pivovar and Dirk Chatelain took an in-depth look at the Creighton Bluejays men’s basketball team. Pivovar asked “How can CU hoops build to stay in high-rise district?“, while Chatelain said Creighton should bite the bullet and add a one-and-done to its schedule. Meanwhile, prominent mid-major Gonzaga is seeing it’s image zoom after a program makeover.

That got us thinking: How do the different mid-major teams stack up to one another? From coaching to key players to NCAA tourney wins, there are some pretty wide-ranging opinions — as well as a variety of stats to back them up. We put together one big infographic breaking down over a dozen mid-major teams into three distinct tiers filled with all the data points you might need to make your own assessment.

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