Published Friday, May 18, 2012 AT 5:07 PM / Updated at 5:48 PM
The postseason picture widens with Big 12/SEC deal
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Another day, another out-of-the-blue development in college football.

The Big 12-SEC announced Friday a Champions Bowl that will pit each league’s top teams against one another — unless they’re in a four-team playoff. If for some reason university presidents decide a true “plus-one” model — where two winners are chosen after the bowl games — is the best model, this game becomes a defacto playoff.

The howlers on KC radio — and writers from the area – immediately connected the announcement to the potential formation of a Superleague: 64 teams in four 16-team conferences driving toward a national championship.

Unless those 64 schools are ready to branch off and create another division of athletics — which seems unwieldy and fraught with complications, like the IRS finally taking a peek at the books and wonder if that tax-exempt status is so applicable — the Superleague seems unlikely. You can’t create a playoff that automatically denies entrants within a given division; that’s ripe for antitrust lawsuits. One reason the playoff’s being kept at four teams, in my opinion, is the fear that expansion automatically brings every Division FBS conference to the table asking for its entry into the gala.

The Big 12-SEC partnership appears, for now, just this: A relationship between two conferences to create a old-school, big-name bowl game that suits both parties and should become a fascinating bidding war between New Orleans and Dallas. With the BCS era ending, I’d expect a top-down rethinking of the bowls, with more bunched on New Year’s Day and far fewer secondary bowls — if any at all — occurring after that day.

Could it be another domino in a long line of them? Sure. That’s a logical assumption. But it’s not automatic.

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  1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    The rich get richer

  2. joey says:

    Sam, something has to be done. Or you’ll see the same conspiracy of the SEC vs SEC in BCS Title games for the next 50 years. Local channels wouldn’t even show the BCS title game. That’s pretty bad when they refuse to show it. Sam, the SEC will continue to derail the BCS title picture. For instance, when AU last won the BCS Title. They beefed up on Sun Belt conference. 1 team they played, they moved them up 6 spots for blowing out a FCS team. 2 years ago they placed 10 teams from the SEC in Bowl games. But rejected Kan St, because they didn’t play enough quality teams. Needless to say, they rank 1/2 of the SEC, or MORE in the top 25.Look at the ridiculous votings on the Heisman. They’ve ALWAYS favored the SEC on that. It’s gotten WAY out of control now. I wouldn’t be complaining, if the SEC power house teams would play LIGIT out of conference schedules. Not load up on CUPCAKE TEAMS. 2 years ago only 1 team played a ranked team. That was Tenn, and they got hammered by Oregon. To make matters worse not only do they over rank SEC teams. But the NON conference schedules, they play CUPCAKES to stay undefeated until they reach the conference games. Like the famous wrestler Rick Flair once said.. ” To be the man, you gotta beat the man.” The SEC don’t play ANYONE, but yet they still get named as being THE MEN??? It’s all politics Sam. You and I both know, Okl St would have embarrassed LSU or Alabama. They were the team to beat. But no, they put in Alabama, who couldn’t even win the conference title. Over a team that DID win their conference game. The old bowl system will NOT work, until they FORCE the SEC to play LIGIT out of conference teams, and to stop the ridiculous OVER RANKINGS OF THE SEC!!! Most important, the COACHES POLL should be removed from ANY BCS title game. Ala HC ranked Okl St 6th. Why??? So his team plays in the BCS Title game instead of Okl St. How about THE FANS VOTE??? Beings THEY are the ones purchasing the tickets, and THEY are the ones that pack those stadiums full. Then that ends ALL conspiracy of the SEC.

    1. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

      Oklahoma State doesn’t lose to an unranked Cyclone team, it doesn’t matter. A loss by Alabama to a top flight LSU squad that wouldn’t be challenged by the good folks in Ames makes this a pretty clear picture. I don’t know why there is a need to question the end result. The SEC schedules the Sun Belt, the Big Ten loads up on MAC squads. They all do to guarantee their 7 home games. You want to be mad at something, blame the NCAA people for taking strength of schedule out of the computer polls while expecting the human voters to ignore it. Makes zero sense whatever and takes away an incentive to schedule tougher. Teams like Wisconsin and Florida, who have atrociously bad non-conference schedules every year, can skate by.

      1. joey says:

        I agree completely. BUT, Ala, LSU refuses to even schedule Okl St, OU, and ESPECIALLY Boise St. Boise St made the issue toAlabama AND LSU. But neither has any plans of scheduling them. In fact, they refuse to even comment on subject at all. But, they say it’s the computers doing that voting. I DON’T BUY IT!!! Because it’s going on 6 years, and all that computer does, IS ONLY HELPING THE SEC. Better yet, WHO runs the computers. 6 different people? 3 from Loisianna, and 3 from Alabama? This ISN’T coincidence. This conspiracy has been going on for a LONG TIME. It’s time to end it. They should return it back to the old days. If you schedule NOBODY’S. Then that’s the kind of bowl you play in A NOBODY BOWL.In 2008 Ole Miss finished a season with 4 losses. 2 losses to teams struggling to have a winning season. At the end of the season they fell out of the rankings. Before 2009 season kicked off, they ranked Ole Miss 10TH in the Nation. Uh huh, tell me that’s NOT a conspiracy. I have so much info on this Syndicated Division, it’s NOT even funny. Here’s another 1. FLA Gators when they had TeeBow, their football god. They also had 25 arrests in a 5 year period. NO SANCTIONS, and NO INVESTIGATIONS by the NCAA. OSU, OU, Fla St, Miami, BYU, and on and on and on. They PAYfor their actions. But the SEC has 2 to 3 teams from the SEC screwing up EVERY SEASON, yet NO INVESTIGATION??? Like I said before…. Politics man.

        1. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

          C’mon Alabama has scheduled Michigan this year and had Penn State last year. LSU played Oregon in the biggest non-conference match-up last year and destroyed their offensive and defensive lines. They also have a game with Washington to play this year. Boise State is a house of cards, they wanted unreasonable demands to play as in over 1 million + to come to Lincoln and were making demands like a BCS level team, not a WAC/MWC squad. Think Colorado State makes those kind of demands? Why, because they weren’t serious. It’s easier to cry wolf from far away and beat up on the New Mexico States of the world. Probably should have been more worried about finding a quality kicker. Here’s the thing also, you want the SEC to fall from the perch? Beat them. They consistently win because they have the most talent. You could have a BCS championship level team just from talent in the state of Louisiana. It’s no secret why Larry Scott and Jim Delany are pushing for conference champs because they don’t want 2 of the 4 teams in the playoff every year to be from the SEC. That’s the honest truth. I also don’t think the Big Ten has any right to talk about shenanigans in other conferences with the Ohio State and Penn State scandals. Bottom line, is beat the SEC squads when it matters and there would no need to mad and complain about it.

          1. joey says:

            NAME 1 TEAM FROM THE SEC THEY HAVE PUNISHED FOR VIOLATING NCAA RULES? Let’s see now. You’re ONLY allowed 80 recruits. Ala, LSU stock up to 120. BOOM there’s a violation right there, that NEVER gets investigated. Then there was the Scam Newton story. Let’s NOT forget about the FLA Gators, oooh then there was Tenn, plus LSU, did I miss anyone???? ONLY division that does NOT get on sanctions is the SEC. Good move Mizzou. You can make every violations in the book and NOT even get an investigation. “They consistently win because they have the most talent. You could have a BCS championship level team just from talent in the state of Louisiana. ” Really??? Is that why Alabama HC voted Okl St 6th in the Nation. Oh beat the best? How is that possible when LSU and Alabamaschedule cream puffs on outer conference schedules. Yea, Ala scheduled Mich right? If they lose, guess how many spots they’re going to drop them…lol. Let me refresh your memory, beings they did the same stunt to Okl St. They’ll only drop them ” 1 ” spot. From only 1st to 2nd, or 2nd to 3rd. Wow, I don’t know how they’ll get a National Title shot… huh? Ala did NOT even win their conference title and STILL gets picked over a team that DID win their conference title????? LIE to me again about the SEC bro, and I’ll have more facts to prove your theory a THUMBS DOWN. This is NOT about the BIG, BIG 12, PAC 12. This is about a division, that is supposed to be so GREATER THAN THOU. BUT, LSU won a National Title their last time. USC only 1 loss team, that played a MORE tougher schedule than LSU Then there was Boise St finished their conference UNDEFEATED. Hmmm, now why would they choose LSU, maybe because the National Title was in LOISIANNA??? Then the time they won a National Title before that… OMG, what a coincidence that is. Because that ALSO was won in LOUISIANNA!!! Coincidence my butt, that’s just politics!!!! AND to quote to your comment. BEAT THE BEST?? If the SEC is so much the BEST. Why did they schedule Mich instead of Okl St or Boise St??? Hmmm, maybe because of the TRACK WIN RECORD ON BIG 10 vs SEC??? That right there answers your question. Not too mention they would have hated to be EMBARRASSED like NU did to FLA Gators in ’95 National Title game…yea? Wow what a coincidence Okl St was ALSO a Big 8 and still a Big 12 team. Then there was the National Title OU got picked instead of UNDEFEATED Boise St. Hmmm, now why would they do that??? OMG, could it be because OU was going on a 4 YEAR BCS BOWL LOSING SKID??? bEAT THE BEST HUH? not POSSIBLE WHEN THE sec REFUSES TO play the best… aS YOU WERE SAYING?