Published Tuesday, May 22, 2012 AT 12:52 PM / Updated at 12:52 PM
Recruiting: OG flips from Pitt to Nebraska
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

The eighth commit for Nebraska’s 2013 recruiting class comes a bit out of the blue. Or whatever primary color Pittsburgh wears.

247Sports has confirmed that Dan Samuelson, a 6-foot-5, 290-pound offensive lineman from Plymouth, Ind., switched his commit from Pitt to NU Tuesday after visiting Lincoln over the weekend.

The Panthers’ new coach, Paul Chryst, was Wisconsin’s offensive coordinator for several years.

A three-star prospect rated as the nation’s No. 40 offensive guard, Samuelson had offers to Illinois, Minnesota and Bowling Green, among others. Plymouth is 30 miles south of South Bend, Ind.

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  1. RoverBrian says:

    I like!! A very big young man. Looks to have lots of potential. Wait till he grows up and muscles out in the Big Red weight room. Gonna be a bulldozer!! Kudos to the recruiting staff.

    1. Trojan says:

      Wow if Bowling Green wanted him I can see why Hooskers wanted him also. We wouldnt even let this guy on our practice field. Take a look at and you will see a real recruiting class. Most of our recruits are ranked in the top five at their position including the number one ranked QB.

      1. Franky says:

        Trojan I checked your website and unfortunately you are correct. Still think you are a jerk.

      2. ronboda says:

        Doesn’t matter, besides Monte, your coaching staff SUCKS!!!

      3. Car56 says:

        Trojan, unfortunately, has fallen victim to the “star struck” syndrome. Need I remind you of Notre Dame. A perennial-get-the best-players. Texas…top recruiting in the nation. Now lets look at recent history…???

        Lession learned is this…recruit the players that BEST FIT our system. Who needs a team of egomaniacs with parents trying to sell their sons to the highest bidder or sells memorbillia…excess cash earned at a car dealership…

        Nebraska recruits RIGHT and for the right reasons. Period.

        1. ucanthandlethetruthhuskerfans says:

          carr56-nice post. blind faith. happy landings.ouch

        2. TonyQuestions says:

          well said…

          Not the goal, but the game.

        3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Exactly what is our system, i was hoping blocking and tackling was in our system, this ‘system’ you speak of, does it involve the forward pass? bigger and slower players? football is such a complicated game, so many systems, which system are you referring to? the mediocre big slow system, or the stronger and faster heavily talented system?
          Please share with all of us this system you speak of.

          1. TRUEHuskerFan says:

            Ill give it a go….. How about needing QBs that fit the systems. We dont run Pro Style, cause we dont have a Pro-style QB. We dont run a 3-4 system, cause our team (not yours) isnt built that way. More talent on D-line than Linebackers, especially with Lavonte gone now. Got it figured out yet, or do you need more time?

      4. TonyQuestions says:

        It really wont matter how USC recruits until they bring in a coach with integrity…y’all might win some games with a machiavellian like Kiffen, just to have those wins negated after the fact due to all the cheating. USC seems content with this sort of success however…

      5. armchairQB says:

        My favorite part about all the recruits you get…is that you get 5 stars and still produce about the same NFL talent Nebraska does getting 3 stars.

        Just goes to show you what program produces more.

        But hey, keep getting your 5 stars and showing your 3 star seasons. My favorite part of everything too is that Nebraska has had one losing season less than .500 in the past 40 years. To me, that’s a pretty dominant and awesome program…especially since we’re recruiting players to the middle of the country in a FLAT and COLD climate whilst you get to use beaches and movie stars.

        But hey, whatevs right? Have fun with your 5 stars…Suh was a 4 star…we get plenty of those :)

      6. All other's look to 95 says:

        Trojan you can have all those 4 and 5 stars. Premo Donna’s. I want hard workers and kids that will play 60 minutes for each other! Take a handful of 4 stars and a bunch of hard workers any day!

        1. huskercris says:

          REALLY? “Premo Donna”. Can the kid spell? He will be doing better than people posting comments.

        2. Joe in L-town says:

          You still need talent. We didn’t win NC’s with 22 walk-ons starting.

      7. A Fan says:

        Trojan is right… and if you move beyond the smack talk… you see it. USC is recruiting better lately, than we are. Their football record is much better than our’s over the past 10 years. Nebraska has got to do a better job of getting more talented kids to come to Lincoln. Cornhusker fans can whine about USC this and that all they want… but USC recruits better and wins more often than Nebraska does. And when Nebraska beats USC in recruiting, we’ll beat them (and teams like them) more often.

        1. Jeff says:

          Yeah, but here more recently, lets say the last 4-5 years we have had better seasons/records

  2. Eddie says:

    Please, noboday ask if he can throw. Good choice Dan. Hope you know how to work hard.

    1. Tony says:

      Can he throw..

      ..guys off Taylor Martinez?

      1. Ro Rerini says:

        Pretty sure Taylor tosses guys on his own.

        He can be elusive.

  3. bigredinkc says:

    Impressive offer list……

    1. Gunner says:

      Yeah…”Illinois, Minnesota, and Bolling Green”. Among “others”, no less. Wonder just how hard Pitt fought to keep him. Don’t get me worng – I’m glad he’s coming to NU but this isn’t exactly an OMG moment.

      1. Gunner says:

        Plus, he grew up 30 miles away from South Bend, and he isn’t going to the Irish? Kinda makes you wonder whether he got an offer or not, and if not, why?

        1. RoverBrian says:

          Probably like the Huskers not really wanting to offer a scholarship to any Nebraska boys unless forced to. I’ll bet ND thinks any Indiana boy might not be worth their precious time. Sometimes you got to look in your own backyard to find motivated players who really want to be at NU or ND or any other college.

          1. ME says:

            My god you people speculate like crazy. You know zero about the situation. He’s a 3 star guy. Notre Dame doesn’t view itself as the flagship school of Indiana. It has as much identity with Chicago as it does Indiana. Bottom line is this guys a 3 star guy. Good solid guy but nothing to go crazy about. Notre Dame probably has different priorities. Why does it have to be more than that?

        2. Twauto22 says:

          Just because a guy isnt offered by a lot of top name schools dosnt mean he cant play…. Maybe our guys doing the evaluating are doing their job??? LAst year Deion Jones, who wasnt even a two star, then LSU offered along with a bunch of others and he jumped to a four star.. Same with Cory Tompson, the guy had no offers and from Lousiana ,,other then NU.. Turns out he gets offered by the home state school ,LSU,then Arkansas, OK State, Ou and others and all of a sudden hes a four star at the end of his senior season..Now both of those kids went to LSU but they werent even on the radar in their own back yards.. Our coaches found them first……. Im sorry to say it guys but I think the coaches whom watch hours of film and see these guys in person have more of an idea if the kid deserves an offer or not… especially over recruiting spudnicks whom cannot see every kid out there..

          1. A Fan says:

            What’s the rule, and what’s the exception? Most kids that are rated very good… turn out to be very good. The others… turn out to be others. Nebraska recruited top talent from the early 80s until the late 90s. You didn’t hear Nebraska fans during that timeframe saying top talent didn’t mean anything. As a matter of fact, a lot of Cornhusker fans bragged about having a top 10 or top 15 recruiting class every year. Now… we’re not doing that and the answer from some fans is… well, recruiting top talent doesn’t mean much. Of course it does. And we have the record over the past 10 years to prove it.

    2. Jman says:

      There was a time when we won three National Championships and had one of the best Dynesties in college football history with a bunch of 3 star linemen!!!! 3 star linemen are fine with me as long as we Nebraskanize them!!!!

      1. bigredinkc says:

        There were all cornfed Nebraskans. Do you see them these days? Plus, we had very, very talented running backs. Rex is not an Ahman Green or Lawrence Phillips.

        1. armchairQB says:

          No, But Rex is just as fast and as big as Calvin Jones.

          Isn’t that funny? Difference is that Rex doesn’t have the Line that Calvin Jones had.

          1. bigredinkc says:

            Calvin Jones never won a national championship at NU. Read the comment chain before you post…

      2. A Fan says:

        The O-line we had in 94 was not a bunch of 3 star guys. Aaron Graham and Aaron Taylor were not 3 star guys.

  4. Shane says:

    Seriously…..can he throw? We really need that skill set on our team this year.

    1. RoverBrian says:

      Seriously….Samuelson can’t throw but give him a couple of growth years and he will be able to “plow” and “build walls” which might enable future NU “throwers” to actually complete or have the potential to complete many more passes than Martinez ever will. Recruiting is about the future 2-3 years down the line not the upcoming season which is already set in stone. Every QB passer is only as good as his offensive line is whether it be a mediocre passer like Martinez or a godlike Peyton Manning. Linemen, linemen, linemen — you can never have enough of them be they OF or DF.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        This is by far the the best post this month!

      2. shane says:

        seriously….I try to be supportive of my team, but attempting to convince me that giving martinez another second in the pocket to throw the ball would make him better is laughable. Every month there is some article or piece about taylor’s horrible throwing mechanics. There is a lot of talent on this team. I would like to see it with a solid passing quarterback, which martinez is not. Yes he’s fast. Yes he had some amazing runs in the first season. Yes, opposing defense’s have greatly limited that in the last two seasons. I don’t think i’m anti-nebraska because I want to see a serious attempt to play another quarterback.

        1. RoverBrian says:

          You didn’t read my comment. It is Not about this year or probably not even 2013. Recruiting is about the FUTURE, the FUTURE after Martinez 2-3 years down the line. Samuelson is about the FUTURE after Martinez’s whom we all agree is a mediocre passer at best. We don’t have a solid QB this year but RECRUITING is about the FUTURE 2-3 years down the line when hopefully we have recruited better QB’s. We need Future linesmen such as Samuelson for FUTURE QB’s. At the moment we live with Martinez and both his strengths and his weaknesses. Even if we did RECRUIT a topnotch QB in this year’s class there is little chance of him walking in and taking over the QB job and putting Martinez at wide receiver where he belongs.

          1. Shane says:

            Thats all fine and dandy, but what about the future of our recruiting? You know, like 2-3 years down the line? Have you ever thought about that?

      3. Nassau Bay, TX Husker says:

        Yeah … but can he keep his temper on the sidelines?

  5. Mr. Meltdown says:

    “A three-star prospect rated as the nation’s No. 40 offensive guard, Samuelson had offers to Illinois, Minnesota and Bowling Green, among others.”

    Wow again! Bo must be the energizer bunny…he just keeps recruiting and recruiting those 2 and 3 star players. We stole him away from Pitt? He had offers from those perenial powerhouses Illinois, Minnestota and Bowling Green??? How lucky can we be?

    1. BallField78 says:

      At a loss here – what 2* players has Bo recruited this year? How many since he’s been at NU?

    2. ME says:

      Should we list all the 3 star guys who went on to have outstanding careers and long NFL careers?? A lot.

      You sound like a freaking douchy little cry baby. No one said this was an earth shattering pick up. But its a good solid pick up and its worth noting in the news. Only a small person tries to turn this into a negative. Newsflash: even Alabama, LSU, and the USC’s of the world have plenty of 3 star guys on their team.

      1. Gunner says:

        Lighten up Francis. These blogs are for entertainment purposes and for folks who can’t wait for the season to start to express their opinions. Don’t take things so personally.

      2. joey says:

        Name 1?

      3. A Fan says:

        Name some of the kids who start for USC, Alabama and LSU who were rated 3 stars out of high school.

    3. Twauto22 says:

      Maybe NU was the first Power to offer.. Some one has to be..

      Also while Wake Forest, Pitt, and Illinois arent powerhouses, they also arn’t Western Kentucky

      1. QBs says:

        No, Western Kentucky is where we get our QBs from.

    4. Twauto22 says:

      Rex Burkhead was a three star by Scout, and many said he couldnt play RB in Division I, that he was more suited to be a WR .. Should we not have offered???

      1. A Fan says:

        In order to help us win like we did in the 80s and 90s, we need to have RBs like the guys we had during that timeframe. Burkhead is a good back. He is not Craig, Rozier, Dubose, Jones, Clark, Brown, Jones II, Phillips, Green, Buckhalter. Those guys could take it to the end zone from anywhere on the field. Burkhead is good, but he does not have those kinds of wheels.

    5. HUSKERZ says:

      Seriously Ms meltdon, you really are clueless. I’ll trust our coaches over some internet troll. Get off your mom’s computer and clean your room junior!

    6. HuskerJosh says:

      illinois has had at least 2 first round draft picks in the last two drafts alone…….get informed

      by the way,how many have we had in the last 10 years????

      1. Mr. Meltdown says:

        Yes. Illinois did. Last ten years? Has Bo been coaching ten years? How many first rounders (that he recruited) has he coached?

      2. Mr. Meltdown says:

        Let me halp with my question…How many first rounders (that he recruited) has he coached? NONE. ZERO. ZILCH.

  6. Ron Stark says:

    Been watching replays of several Big Ten games mainly Ohio State and Michigan. T Magic’s percentage throwing would haze been ten point higher if his recievers had just caught the balls that hit them. T Magic can throw just fine, recievers need to catch.

    1. BallField78 says:

      Most outstanding catch of last year I think was where K Bell turned completely around to grab one against (Minnesota?). Any other receiver would have let that one go. So if you’re doing the if game, that one’s a minus. Probably the only one, though. Glad Bell’s back this year. I think catchables that are actually caught will go up, and maybe we’ll see some more like Bell’s grab.

    2. joey says:

      Maybe they were in shock, seems you didn’t watch enough of them. OR you would have seen, most of TM’s passes were great. If you like them thrown to your ANKLES!!! When there is a good blitz like what Wis, and Mich threw at NU, THEN you see how good he is.Anyone can throw a great pass WITHOUT any blitzes. Heck, look at S Carolina before halftime.

  7. Steve Hunter says:

    Mr. Meltdown. If it’s all about star rankings, where do you fall in your profession? 3-star, 5-star? Just curious. Me? I’m only a 3 at this time, but I’m working to get better. P.S. Yeah – that is my real name.

    1. joey says:

      OK…Steve. I have a better question for you…ok? If you ARE a 3 star OL. Tell me just how YOU are going to stop a 5 star DE,DT (BLUE CHIP) recruit, that out matches you in every perspective ( speed, strength, awareness, skill level, stamina, agility, play recognition)??? Any clue??? I’ll answer that for you kid… you can’t. NOW, if you’re looking to get into the PROS as an OL. Wouldn’t you want to get recognized? Where do you think you will get recognized better at? Mich? OSU? LSU? Ala? or NU? Well, my comment explains why NU isn’t getting the OL they need … yea? BUT, instead of getting a 4 star or BLUE CHIP OL coach, NU sticks with a WALK ON as an OL coach. OMG!!!…. That explains the OL woes, and lack of BLUE CHIP OL recruits… yea? But don’t take my word on it. Just look how many sacks NU allowed last season, or missed blocks, false starts, holding calls that hurt NU. Funny thing is, NU had those problems with Callahan, and NOTHING has changed with Bo. But hey give BO a chance, he’s ONLY been here, going on his 5th SEASON!!! But that’s right BO KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING!!! Yea, he sure does, that explains the OFFENSIVE PASS INABILITIES ( 100TH in the NCAA ). Beck has a good playbook. BUT, NO OL COACH to help that playbook work at it’s BEST, or a QB that even a FRESH or SOPH out of HIGH SCHOOL makes our TM look ridiculous. Heck, we get made the laughing stock by ESPN, Sporting News, ESPN 2, did I miss anyone??? To me, that’s an insult to all the years of domination. Yea yea yea, that was then this is now. BUT WHAT IS BEING DONE TO CHANGE THAT OFFENSIVELY?????… nothing.

      1. A Fan says:

        The two biggest concerns I have with the OL… one… we should not have 2 or 3 walkon’s starting, or getting signifcant PT. That’s a recruiting failure. Two… way too many mental lapses, especially at the end of the season. Those issues should be sewed up by the end of the year. If that trend is there after a couple of seasons, I think you need to dig deeper than the players to find the problem… and solution.

      2. honest john says:

        i think what you are getting at is cotton ain’t cutting it as our ol coach. i agree. false starts, missed assingnments no discipline no fire in their belly’s. all that falls on the ol coach.

  8. boggie77 says:

    I don’t like this one. I don’t trust a kid that changes his commit this quick. He has not been on our radar at all. We offer him and he switches. Did he even visit us? Seems like he may be the type to jump ship before everything is said and done. I would rather not go after a kid that is already committed somewhere else. I know its part of the game but I just don’t like it. I wish there was an early signing period to get rid of some of this flip flop stuff.

    1. HuskerSouth says:

      It’s called reading comprehension boggie. Read the article. It states clearly he changed his commit “AFTER visiting Lincoln over the weekend”.

      1. boggie77 says:

        Sorry I read across that too quickly. My point was more about a kid that switches so really scares me. Don’t know how committed he really is.

        1. armchairQB says:

          put yourself in his shoes…you visit Pitt. Then you visit Nebraska.

          Which one would you choose? Hell, I’d flip my decision too.

          1. boggie77 says:

            Ok I see your point there. But what if ND is his next visit.

  9. Redinheresomewhere says:

    If stars meant anything, Aaron Rodgers was a schmuck who didn’t deserve to be included on ANY college team and, if my memory serves me, he turned out pretty well.

    1. Tim says:

      Rogers wa a high four star recruit

      1. Ro Rerini says:

        Cite references for your “facts” please.

      2. Illinois Husker says:

        Aaron Rodgers was a JUCO who went to Butte Community College and only had one scholarship offer out of high school.

        1. murph52 says:

          ..and Illinois Husker ought to know. That one offer was from Illinois. They sure could have used him. During the three years that Rodgers started for Cal, Illinois was 1-23 in conference.

      3. A Fan says:

        Rodgers was a 3 star, per Rivals. Offered by U of California.

        1. murph52 says:

          The Cal offer only came after Rodgers spent a year QBing at a community college in Chino CA, near where he had graduated high school. Tedford came to a game there to look at Garrett Cross, the tight end.

  10. Trojan says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a steal. How in the world did you get a 3 three star to commit? Hold the presses. Check our board out and see a real recruiting class. Minimum 4 star mixed with some 5 star. Which includes a 5 star QB to backup the other two 5 star QB’s backing up our 5 star starter Barkley. I know the rich keep getting richer. By the way have you checked out the college football mags for this coming year? Trojans ranked NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!! We Are SC

    1. The honey badger says:

      Riddle me this Trojan is sc is so good and stack and everything is fancy why are you way over here on a husker site? I bet you would be hard pressed to see a husker on a USC site… Your talking smack and bragging bet yet for what?? Nobody in husker land cares about USC or lame kitten your coach. So get off your moms computer go eat dinner and wash up for bed school comes early in the morning buddy.

      1. HuskerK says:

        And yes Trojan, you’ll be back on probation by 2013.

        1. Skers says:

          And USC will still lose to an unranked Pac 12 school like they have for several years now and be out of the NC discussion.

    2. huskernPNW says:


  11. Car56 says:

    Folks quit being “star struck” by the star system. Not so long ago Osborne was picking up “3 star” players and walk-ons and turning them into college football studs. Remember it’s not the star rating, rather how does the individual fit or have the potential in Nebraska’s system AND how does Pelini envision a recuit contributing when it comes to TEAM chemistry.

    Sam I was a little harsh on you the other day but this article was nicely wrote. Informative and interesting. Thanks.

    1. A Fan says:

      And one more time for those not paying attention… Osborne recruited top talent for most of his 25 years as head coach. Rozier was one of the top JUCO RBs when he signed with us. Gill was one of the top QBs in the country the year we got him. Phillips… another top ranked RB. Frazier, a top ranked QB. Stai was one of the best OL men in the nation the year we got him.

      Nebraska has been able to recruit top kids from around the country. We are not doing that, as much, now.

      1. Ryan says:

        The plural of anecdote is not data. You’ve called others out on citing exceptions to rules, please don’t waffle. We still do recruit a couple of “elite” prospects each year.

        Bo’s recruiting was below par his first two years, but I believe he has corrected his course. I’ll have to wait a couple of years to see if that is right, though.

  12. HUSKERZ says:

    Good choice Dan! Welcome to the Husker family. Looking forward to you serving up pancakes! Once a Husker, always a Husker!

    1. ucanthandlethetruthhuskerfans says:

      huskerz-what an original post. pancakes-where did you come up with that?

      1. joey says:

        he was watching Little House On The Prarie again.

      2. Maverick says:

        I think he was meaning offensive line pancakes. I’m pretty sure he was being sincere in his welcome.

  13. ucanthandlethetruthhuskerfans says:

    much to do about nothing. until dean steinkuhler, will shields, bob brown, dave rimington and bob newton find the fountain of youth and are able to regain their college eligibility, our offensive line will underachieve. the only hope is Tenipor or another coach who can teach our linemen to block. Cotton obviously isn’t the guy but he is in Bo’s circle of trust. go big red

  14. Trent says:

    Florida state has consistently had top 10 recruiting classes this millenium and has done what? Besides, a lot of kids have outstanding senior seasons as well, which can obviously raise stock. I like guys who know they have to come in and earn it.

    I definitely think the program is on a consistent rise. JMLO

    1. joey says:

      On the rise to what? Being ranked 2nd in the Legends Division?

    2. A Fan says:

      Do you have data to support the idea that FSU has had top 10 or top 15 ranked recruiting classes, going back to 2002?

  15. Husker 1 says:

    Trojan- I really like reading your posts. Makes me feel better about my life and what team I cheer for every fall. If you really think cheering for a team that has players returning Heisman trophies and a coach who sprints for the NFL once he knew his luck of cheating was catching up to him. Makes me glad we did it RIGHT in the 90′s. That stretch (60-3 with 3 NCs…..couldve been 4 or even 5 in a row had it not been for a Bowden miracle and horrible refs that game)…..but now Im sounding like u Trojan. Sorry Husker fans. We’ll stay classy here……remember, Best Fans in the US of A. How many sell outs do we have again? Oh yeah, we are true to our team…….no matter how many 5 star recruits we get. Once again.. Ill take 3-4 star recruits that work hard and will not leave after 2 yrs. So Trojan guy.there was a good ? Why do you come on this site if your not a Husker fan? I honestly could care less about your team and Go Ducks.

    1. Michigan Husker says:

      Nice post! Amen, brother.

      1. RoverBrian says:

        I agree. Very nice post Husker 1. You got it completely right.

  16. redark says:

    The system is simple. Knock the 5 star defense tackle on his arse and let Rex run over him for a TD. Can be complicated but always comes down to desire and basics.

    1. joey says:

      Wow, if that don’t sound like Who is going to teach them to block BARNEY???…lol. I can see it now. Rex to the 20.. 30 40 50 40 30 he’s going to go ALL THE WAY!!!!! Then AFTER the celebration. HOLDING OFFENSE. Sorry to bring you back to REALITY kid. 2nd MOST, Rex isn’t L. Phillips, A. Green, R Craig, J Rodgers, M Rozier. He DON’T have that kind of speed. He never will. Just as I said Rex would be an excellent FB. Then I get ALL THESE insults on my beliefs. Funny thing happened on watching an NFL recruiting program. Rex name was mentioned. Take a wild guess where they said with BETTER blocking skills, he could be a premeire athlete at??? Yup, at FULL BACK (FB) position. The same EXACT thing I just said!!!! Funny I’m NOT even coaching NU, and I can see this…yea? So once again I made those who insulted me, look like the know nothings they ARE!!!

  17. Kansas Husker says:

    A couple of thoughts. One why is Trojan so pre-occupied with what NU does if Southern CA is doing so well. Second a 5 star or 4 star rating does not always mean that person will play great in D-1 schools. What a coach looks for is players that they hope will fit in there program and perform well. BYU and Boise State seem to do quite well with those 2 an 3 star recruits. K ST. does really good with unrated players. The Key is the COACHING.

  18. Justin Roberts says:

    Don’t forget Mr. Suh was a 3 star recruit and now he’s the best D-line men in the NFL!

    1. The honey badger says:

      Suh was a four star dt….

  19. Red Head says:

    Folks am I going to have to go into all of this again like I did for the last two years. Let’s be clear Suh was not a 3-star. He played in the ARMY All American game, he was recruited by everyone that was anyone. He was a high 4 star and considered top 5 or 6 as both a DT and O-Lineman. Rivals Top 100 etc. I can continue to try and educate all of you on the stars and whether or not Bo is getting the players we need. I contend as a I have from Day One. BO has not gotten the job done recruiting period. We are losing out consistently on our top targets at almost every position and this program will not be what we all want it to be with a bunch of 3-star type players. It is not going to happens unless he figures out how to get game breakers on this roster and the last 4 years should proved that. 4 losses a year is not what we are about. We will occasionally take a 3-star and develop him into an all-conferece or all american, yes we will but one or two occasionally will not get us a Big 10 title let alone in contention for a NC. Burkhead was a star by Scouts as WR I know but a 4-star by Rivals as RB. OK everyone go ahead and unload on me, I have been following recruiting for last 30 years, not the last 5 or 6 years

    1. Mr. Meltdown says:

      Finally! A man who knows and speaks the truth!!! Bo is a total letdown and will be gone at seasons end.

    2. RoverBrian says:

      I have been following recruiting for 40 years. Bo’s coaching record is quite comparable to Dr. Tom’s first 4 years. Great recruiting did not automatically come for Dr. Tom either especially back in the days when you could give out far more scholarships than now and recruiting was a bit easier in my opinion. Bo is developing as a recruiter and head coach. He IS going in the right direction on both counts. Give him and his staff more time and quit with the endless persecutions. We had sunk very low under Callahan and the jerk AD who hired him. We ARE coming out of it. We ARE headed in a good direction. Two or 3 more recruiting gamechangers per year will put us back as a top flight football school and I firmly believe we are headed there under Bo and his staff. Be supportive and not so negative on recruiting. Recruiting is a very tough business and goes in waves at almost all colleges.

      1. Mr. Meltdown says:

        “Recruiting is a very tough business and goes in waves at almost all colleges”

        Yup! Except, of course, the top programs with top-notch coaches. They seem to have no trouble at all.

        1. RoverBrian says:

          Check the last 2 decades at Alabama, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington, ND, Penn St., Tenn., Ohio St., USC, etc. Check where Texas and Florida are at right now. Every team goes thru periods of unspectacular seasons as NU is going thru right now. Top programs don’t keep top coaches forever. Top recruiting does not last forever and neither does winning. There is an ebb and flow at all programs no matter how “Mighty” they are and this includes NU. Check them all out. No one stays on top of the wave forever. NO ONE. We will be back at least to very competitive. I remain positive and you are a negative doomster.

          1. Mr. Meltdown says:

            I will agree with you if you agree that those schools you mention had terrible coaches at the time. Coaches, for the most part, are why recruits choose a particualr school. In some cases it academics. Nebraska is a fantastic university with high academic standards, but wth poor coaches. Until that changes, its 9 win seasons.

            As for your “we will be back at least to very competitive.” Really? That should be the goal??? That is what we should all expect??? It is certainly not my expectation, nor will it ever be. If that is being a “negative doomster” in your opinion, I welcome it with honor!!!

    3. I'm_Done says:

      You want Guy’s to unload on you?

      1. RoverBrian says:

        I couldn’t care less if anyone does or not. I live in reality of the current/future state of NU football not in some glorious tilted version of our past glories which as usual with “memories” are viewed thru distorted rose colored glasses that forget the long past tribulations and remember only the “Glory”. It’s called selective memory. The past “glories” of 50 years of Big Red football had plenty of failures with the successes. We were never #1 every year or top 10 every year. Dr. Tom had plenty of growing pains after Bob D. turned the reins over to him. I remember them if you and others don’t.

      2. Ryan says:

        I see what you did there…

  20. Max says:

    Great a 3 star 40th best tolay alongside our walk on filled line…these guys are clueless inrecruiting to get us out of 20 to 25 ranking and 4 losses

  21. Max says:

    Alabama etc are proof you need 4 and 5 star recruits. Ang good coaching…we have 4 losses every year since everyone beleives Bo is a great coach. His down fall has to be recruiting….and loyalty to people like cotton who had zero offers when he was fired at Iowa state..he did get to coach his kids high school team to a mediocre record

  22. Iowa Freshman Dad says:

    Welcome Dan.I ave actually been to your town!!

    I used to do a lot of work in Indiana for county governments and I know the NW part of Indiana well. I think that is Porter County, Or maybe it was Laporte County. Not to mention those great beaches on Lake MIchigan in northern Indiana.

  23. Iowa Sophomore Dad says:

    Welcome Dan. NUCornDevil is a troll and not a real Nebraska fan.` But this is what you get when people have access to the internet and easy anonymity.

    Checking to see if I can change my name real easy.

  24. Homer Sampson says:

    First of all, who cares? This is a 17 year-old who changed his mind. He’ll probably do it again before next February. But I do think it is hypocritical for some fans to be thrilled when a kid changes to NU, but get upset when another changes his verbal commit away from NU. If Bo wins 10 or more games this year, the train will start getting back on track with the recruiting. An 8-9 win season and the act will begin to get stale.

  25. Red Head says:

    TO’s struggles with beating OU early were a whole different level than we are seeing here. We never lost to an average Northwestern team at home and got completedly run off the field by a Wisconsin and MI in the same year and then follow it up with and imposion like we saw in the bowl game. Getting better….tell me where. On offense, don’t think so. Our defense was average at best last year. On top of that, Bo’s arrogance with no substance is getting real old real fast, he clock is ticking for me I will support but we need some real results

  26. Paul says:

    For some of the clowns listed above, there are plenty of 3 star recruits on every all conference and even all american teams. In fact, they make up the majority. Google it. Also, given the recent track record of Wisconsin OL and the fact that Pitt now has their ex offensive coordinator and o line coach this kid JUST MIGHT be worth signing.

  27. NEBRASKA WINS says:

    Trojan boy I live in L.A.(28 years now) 10 years ago when Paul Hackette was your coach you could go to the coliseum and you would see the lights on and go whats going on. It was a USC home game. No one cared. So shut up. Years later you stumbled and I do mean stumbled onto Pete Carrol (5th coach selection 4 prior turned down the job). You had so much hate mail because of that hire(Carrol) that you had to shut down your schools website. Now because of recent success all of your fans came back. Plus we own you in mens Basketball……………

  28. NUC0RNDEVIL says:

    Pelini seals the deal with another good lookin prospect

  29. mike says:


    Having the best recruiting class never pans out. Year after year texas,usc, Notre dame, fla state on-and on,have the best recruiting class. and how many National championships do they win year in and out. So don’t be so excited about rated players. most of them never make it to the next level. I like Pelinis philosophy of He’ll put stars behind their names. having 3 or 5 stars doesn’t necessarily mean their gonna be great players. a lot of that is Hooey.

  30. Joe in L-town says:

    Doesn’t matter who we recruit on OL. Cotton is still the coach, that is horrible at best.

    Cotton doesn’t produce all-americans, never has. 2nd team all-conference maybe once or twice, but that’s it. He always has new excuses every year. Don’t care if he is a “husker”, he isn’t cutting it at coaching. Ames was a better fit for him, and I’m not talking about ISU. I’m talking about his high school coaching when he didn’t have a job.