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Mad Chatter, May 23
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Time and again, reporters have asked Harvey Perlman and Tom Osborne, “What’s the succession plan at athletic director? What’s the plan when Osborne calls it quits?” I think we have a new front-runner in Jamie Williams.

Osborne recruited his former tight end for this role, which NU created specifically for Williams. The next 2-3 years could easily be his apprenticeship.

On the other hand, this isn’t Osborne’s call, it’s Perlman’s. And Harvey may not like the idea of promoting from within the athletic department.

Keep an eye on Williams’ profile. The more visible his activities, the more likely Osborne is trying to groom him.

>> Jeff Culhane reports that Nebraska’s conference tournament opener was delayed 10 minutes because the grounds crew forgot to drag the dirt after both teams took infield. If that ain’t a metaphor for Big Ten baseball…

>> If Ty Blach’s last game at Creighton came Tuesday afternoon, what a way to finish a career. Blach, who is draft-eligible, has absolutely dominated the past three outings. He had a complete game, five-hitter against Dallas Baptist, then went seven shutout innings against Wichita State. Now a one-hitter against the No. 1 seed at the Valley tournament. For Blach to get another start, Creighton needs to stick around a few more days.

>> Speaking of lefty pitchers who are draft-eligible, Logan Ehlers finished his season at Howard Junior College last week with a 12-1 record. His ERA was 1.17. He struck out 1.23 batters per inning. Ehlers, the former Husker recruit, will likely get drafted higher than the eighth round, where he went in 2010.

>> The World-Herald is writing a lot this week about Bob Boozer, who died Saturday. Here’s what Charles Barkley said on TNT late Monday night:

“They put the ’60 Olympic team and the original Dream Team in the Hall of Fame last summer. So he comes in with Jerry Lucas, Walt Bellamy, Jerry West, Oscar Roberston. Everybody’s cool and everybody’s having a great time. And I’ve got my guys. So Bob comes up and says, ‘We’da kick ya’ll ass.’ And we’re like, ‘who are you?’

“And he’s like, ‘I’m Bob Boozer. I was on the team. And we would have just kicked ya’ll ass.’ It was like a long weekend. And every time he saw us, he says, ‘Michael Jordan, we’da kicked ya’ll…’ But he was doing it in a way — he was such a really fun man to be around.

“I didn’t know a lot about him, but spending that weekend with him, I felt a special kinship. Obviously being on the Olympic team, I knew he played in the NBA for a while. But man, he had us laughing the entire weekend. ‘Cause we’re like, ‘Shouldn’t Jerry West and Oscar Robertson be bragging?’…

“Gonna miss ya, Booz. We woulda beat that ’60 team like a drum.”

>> Great, great, great idea from Tom Shatel. Move Bob Boozer Drive in front of the CenturyLink Center.

>> Ahman Green defends homosexuals in the NFL.

>> A month ago, LSU outfielder Raph Rhymes was chasing .500, a rare feat in college baseball. He has since cooled off. But on Monday, coach Paul Mainieri made a stunning revelation. After the 2011 season, Rhymes volunteered to give up his full-ride scholarship so Mainieri could improve the team. Rhymes, who didn’t got cut from the Tigers as a freshman, will be one of the big stories of the CWS if LSU qualifies.

>> A high school senior was disciplined at graduation for…Tebowing.

>> Stan Van Gundy’s greatest hits. Great comedy.

>> Virginia Tech fans are getting SEC fever.

>> Has Lane Kiffin matured?

>> Cool stuff from SI stat guru Luke Winn. He examines how realignment will likely affect college basketball conferences. The ACC should be No. 1 by a wide margin, thanks to the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse. The next tier is the Big Ten, Big 12 and SEC. Tier 3 is Big East and Pac-12. Tier 4 is Missouri Valley, Mountain West and Atlantic 10.

>> Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News ranks Creighton basketball 13th in his offseason top-25. Indiana is No. 1. My guess is the Jays will start between 15-20 in the official rankings.

>> What is the most entertaining NBA playoff series since the Jordan era? I presented this question on Twitter the other night. I received votes for several series.

Here’s my top-5:

1– Warriors/Mavericks, 2007 First round.
I’m a sucker for big upsets, and there wasn’t anything as crazy as Don Nelson’s team bombing 3s over the No. 1 seed Mavs.

2– Lakers/Kings, 2002 Western Conference finals.
Sacramento was good enough to win a championship, no doubt. But L.A. had Robert Horry, while the Kings had Peja Stojakovic. One was much better in the clutch.

3– Celtics/Bulls, 2009 First round.
The beginning of the Derrick Rose era in Chicago. The series featured seven total overtimes in a seven-game series. A 3-OT Bulls win (Ray Allen had 51 points) in Game 6 was the highlight.

4– Suns/Clippers, 2006 Second round.
Those Suns — before the Shaq trade — were the most entertaining team of the 2000s. They went toe-to-toe with the Clippers for seven games; the winning team averaged almost 120.

5– Lakers/Blazers, 2000 Western Conference finals.
A seven-game thriller between two loaded rosters. Portland had a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter of Game 7 but blew it.

Honorable mention:
Cavs/Magic 2009
Mavs/Spurs 2006
Cavs/Pistons 2006
Lakers/Celtics 2009
Suns/Mavs 2005

What am I forgetting?

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  1. bigredinkc says:

    That’s enough, Dirk.

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Jim Delaney is well aware the the BIG is dying, it’s the very reason he reached out to Texas prior to all this recent conference expansion, they are desperately working behind closed doors to make competitive impacts for the BIG conference. Ultimately, there are going to be 4 Super Conferences, all who understand economics, and sports see this as a reality. Knowing this, why not begin the inter conference scheduling now, this will dramatically enhance the BIG’s recruiting ability and help make the BIG conference credible.
    Lets start with the current top 4 conferences; Big12, SEC, Pac12, and Big10, each school, from each conference schedules a game for the non conference schedule…..example Nebraska’ non conf schedule for 2019 would be….
    Sept 7, NU vs Washington State @ Home
    Sept 14 NU vs Florida Away
    Sept 21 NU vs Idaho Technical @ Home
    Sept 28 NU vs Kansas @ Home
    Have a Bye here and begin the BIG schedule.
    The order will be mixed, teams will have a home and away rotating every two years.
    With this format, all coaches can recruit all areas of the United States, and claim each player will play close to home two out of the 4 years attending said Universities.
    We could have Games like Michigan and USC day one, or Nebraska vs Stanford opening day.

  3. joey says:


  4. SF says:

    I’ll go Shatel one step futher. Change the name of Mike Fahey Street to Bob Boozer Street. That would mean that the street would be honoring the proper person.

  5. M Champion says:

    When the B1G baseball tournament gets to Omaha I know Omahans will put up a better number than 300 people for the first game even if the Huskers do not make the tournament, pathetic turn out in Columbus. Probably draw 2 to 3k for the opener. How about Omaha as permanent site for B1G & College World Series.

    1. Gumpa says:

      Agreed. I would take off work and show up at the noon games. For sure.

  6. Великолепный сайт. много полезные Информация о здесь. Я отправкой на некоторые друзья анс также обмен на вкусные. И, конечно, , спасибо на пот!

  7. Melvin says:

    you are forgetting david stern rigged the 2002 LAL-SAC series. and also forgetting at least two Suns vs. Spurs series……the one stern rigged when he suspended stoudemire & diaw because robert horry slammed nash into the press table.

    1. Drinkin' Wit' Terrell Farley says:

      Yep, the 2007 series…..very chippy basketball…Robert Horry was using Phil Jackson’s mind games by shoving Nash knowing players would get up off the bench to defend their teammate and it worked. Robert Horry is a coward for that nonsense.

      I posted about that clasic series earlier but for some reason my post was deleted.