Published Saturday, May 26, 2012 AT 10:28 PM / Updated at 10:28 PM
Infographic: A day in the life of Bubba
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Downtime in Arizona during extended spring training, sure, there’s a lot of it. What do young players like Bubba Starling do with it?

“A lot of us are so tired and worn out that we just go sleep,” Starling said. “We don’t really do much because we’re so tired from being at the field.”

Even if the Royals didn’t have a 10 p.m. curfew, “99 percent of the guys would be in their room asleep anyway,” said Scott Sharp, Kansas City’s director of minor league operations.

A couple of guys have gone to see the Arizona Diamondbacks play. The malls in Scottsdale are nice. Sundays are off days, and Starling and his baseball-playing friends have talked about going fishing.

“We always talk about it, but then when it comes time to do it we’re laying around doing nothing,” Starling said.

Starling doesn’t get stopped at the mall in Scottsdale or at the convenience store down the street like he did in Kansas City in the offseason.

“No one knows me down here,” Starling said. “I love it. People don’t bug me. I can go out to eat, do whatever I want, and no one knows me. I’m just another guy.”

Being out of the spotlight isn’t the long-term plan, though. Not for Starling. Not for the Royals.

“It’s my first time here, and not a lot of people recognize me,” he said. “Hopefully in the future when I’m making it up, they’ll start noticing who I am. Everyone notices the Billy Butlers and Eric Hosmers out here. It’d be nice to be like that someday.” — Rob White

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  1. Big Beef says:

    And. why would Nebraska give a rip after BS used our program to become a millionaire?

    Only if he comes back to NU is he worthy of a snif.

  2. Ed Svendsen says:

    I was in AZ this past winter. I tried to find something about Bubba and came up empty. I am happy for him, but if it does not work out, let’s welcome him back for football.

  3. Curt313 says:

    If it doesn’t work out, Starling is NOT coming back to Lincoln with 7 Large in his bank account. If you were a player, why would you? Some NU fans have an over-inflated opinion of the program–he’s a Kansas kid with no more interest in NU than at KU. He’s not coming back…get over it.