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Recruiting: Full Big Red Weekend wrap
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

If the recruit fruit of Nebraska’s first Big Red Weekend is limited to a long snapper (Gabe Miller) and one of the best safety prospects in the country (Nathan Gerry, believe it), it was success enough.

But NU hosted almost 20 prospects to a night of barbecue, video games and even a home run contest. It expects — and will likely get — a bigger return on its investment in coming months.

Two targets — Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst guard Zach Hannon and Port Allen, La., linebacker Darian Claiborne — nearly committed during the visit, but held off. Two others — Gaithersburg (Md.) Quince Orchard linebacker Marcus Newby and Los Angeles Chaminade running back Terrell Newby — have a lot more to chew on now.

Here’s a quick rundown of Big Red Weekend updates from Huskers Illustrated — a recruiting partner with The World-Herald.

Marcus Newby, 6-foot-1, 210 pounds, LB, 4 stars/94 rating, No. 113 national ranking

Newby expected cornfields. He found considerably more in Lincoln.

“Those are probably the best facilities I’ve seen on all my visits so far,” Newby said. “The weight room stood out and everything is grouped so well together. The weight room is huge and their player lounge is really good. All the facilities were great.

And: ““They were telling me about how I’d fit in the program,” he said. “They really want me here at Nebraska. They are recruiting me hard.”

He’s off to Oklahoma next. Newby’s looking at Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers, West Virginia and Penn State.

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Zach Hannon, 6-5/298, OG, 3 stars/87 rating

Hannon brought seven family members — including his grandma — to Lincoln, and nearly verbally committed to NU on the trip.

“What stood out this time was interacting with the other commits and the other players,” Hannon said Saturday evening on his way back to Kansas City with his family. “That’s my third time coming up, but I have pretty much seen everything. It was on another level interacting with other people, that was what really helped me feel comfortable.

“I’m not going to sugar coat it, they were definitely in my ear. I’m not going to lie, it didn’t bother me because walking away from this visit I felt a lot more comfortable.”

Hannon’s down to Arkansas, Missouri and Nebraska. This will not be an easy pull for the Huskers, even with 2012 NU commit and Rockhurst star Michael Rose working on his former teammate. But it’d be a get. Hannon is a strong-blocking guard prospect.

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Beau Sandland, 6-5/250, TE, 4 stars/96 rating, Los Angeles Pierce College

NU’s coaching staff sat down with Sandland — the nation’s top junior college tight end — to explain how he’d fit into the run and pass game. Sandland liked that, the facilities, and the Husker program’s whole mindset.

“It’s pretty clear that Nebraska puts the players first. It’s all about the players, starting from Coach Pelini all the way down,” Sandland said. “I respect that attitude. The other thing is that if you go play football at Nebraska and you don’t reach your goals and you don’t succeed, you don’t do all the things you envision yourself doing, you have nobody to blame but yourself. They give you all the tools and don’t cut corners. If you come in with the right attitude, wanting to work hard, the sky’s the limit.”

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Darian Claiborne, 6-1/205, LB, 3 stars/89 rating

It’s down to Nebraska and Texas A&M for Claiborne unless LSU reverses courses and offers him. (And that’s possible; look at Deion Jones in 2011). But NU made a strong impression here, too. Notice, too, what Claiborne expected to see:

“It was nicer than I thought it would be,” he said. “Oh man it was great and so nice. It was way better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be just a school with fields everywhere. It was just better than I thought.”

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Sean Harlow, 6-5/250, OT/OG, 3 stars/87 rating, San Clemente (Calif.)

The West Coast fast-riser with offers to Oregon, UCLA, Wisconsin and Boise State — among others — liked Nebraska’s laid-back atmosphere.

“It was definitely good and they had a lot of their players involved unlike other schools,” he said. “We just played games and hung out. I didn’t know anyone there because I’m from out west. But over time we really gelled. It was cool.”

Coaches told Harlow he’d start at guard and potentially move to tackle. That makes more sense, and suggests that NU’s top target at tackle in the Phoenix star Kenny Lacy.

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Terrell Newby, 5-10/185, RB, 3 stars/87 rating

After nearly committing to California and canceling his trip to Nebraska entirely, Newby took a flyer and enjoyed his time. Now he wants to return this fall for an official visit, perhaps for the Wisconsin game. Newby plans to spread the word in his LA hangouts spots about Nebraska.

I still think Nebraska gets this kid. Oregon already has two running back signees, and Cal’s program could (will) be in transition after this year. USC or UCLA offering would change the game.

Read more here.

Ranthony Texada, 5-10/160, CB, 3 stars/84 rating, Frisco (Texas) Centennial 

He didn’t get an offer from Nebraska yet, but he was able to work out for defensive backs coach Terry Joseph a bit.

“I would definitely consider Nebraska because of the rich tradition they have there,” he said. “Everything I saw when I was there was nice. The facilities, the campus and the academic part, too.”

Texada has offers Illinois, Indiana and Baylor, among others. The question isn’t his speed, but his size.

Read more here.

Johnny Stanton, 6-2/215, QB, 4 stars/90 rating, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.)

I’ll leave you with QB chatter. I know you guys love that.

You’ll recall that Stanton showed up for one day at Nebraska’s quarterback academy, passed the heck out of it and won a scholarship offer two days later.

Now he has QB offers from Oregon, Oregon State and UCLA, too. Now he goes on a family trip to Italy. After that, could there be a decision?

“I’ll be gone all week and it will be a good time for me to think things over,” he said. It’s a huge confidence booster for me to have these new offers and new options to chose from. Quarterbacks tend to commit earlier in the process so I’ll keep that in mind. I could make a decision when I return but I haven’t decided on that yet.”

Stanton’s the best QB still on Nebraska’s offer. He’s bigger than Devante Kincade, he’s a better passer than Daimion Hobbs and he’s won more than both of them. He’s a tough inside runner, too.

Read more here.

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  1. Mike says:

    Easy, it was a good weekend.

  2. ohiohusker says:

    Recuriting unaware, nothing would please you, Nathan Gerry is this years Rex Burkhead. Turn on a bright light, it will help with depression.

    1. Nick says:

      I must agree with this. Gerry is a great looking prospect and if he was in a different state he would have a bunch of schollies.

    2. A Fan says:

      Who cares if he’s the next Rex Burkhead? The idea is to have athletes who get you to a Big 10 title. Or at least the game.

    3. joey says:

      Yea sure, whatever. Anyways to more inportant issues. Here are MORE of my facts to prove how PATHETIC the SEC really is!!!

  3. York1 says:

    Sam, thanks for the great info.

    I really have enjoyed your reports on the recruiting, and I hope you continue these articles.

    Looks like our weekend was a success. Anytime you can get recruits to campus to meet other players and see our best-in-the-country facilities is a great weekend.

  4. Mike Caramba says:

    I’m pretty impressed that they put this together (logistically) on such short notice. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition, because it could turn into a great recruiting tool.

  5. Sonofly says:

    This is why I should not read the comments, unbelievable. Why bother being a fan? Even after a good weekend the boobirds show up in force to rain on our parade. There is absolutely no way that first poster is a Nebraska fan, must be a Mizzou fan trolling. Get your own board dude, leave us to our Koolaid. GBR

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      It’s really just a few guys. A couple post under more than one name. No sense wasting energy getting upset — every fanbase has ‘em.

    2. A Fan says:

      Guys… some fans are OK with 3 star athletes, and some are not. Nebraska is not going to beat, on average, teams like Alabama and LSU and Michigan and Ohio State. You can keep saying it all you want, but it’s not going to happen. We have been 10 – 4 and 9 – 4 lately for a reason. If we don’t change the recruiting numbers, we will remain at 9 or 10 wins per year.

      1. Mike Caramba says:

        It’s not that I don’t think we could improve — I just prefer to judge our players based on performance rather than speculative grades assigned a year before their high school careers are over. Honestly, we could have the top class in the country and I wouldn’t care much until I saw an improvement on the field. Call me old-fashioned…

        1. A Fan says:

          The teams that have top recruiting classes, generally, play great football. If you look at the teams who have had top 10 classes the last 10 – 15 years, most of them have been in the top 10, top 15. Yes, there are exceptions. Boise State does not usually have a top recruiting class and they have the best W/L record over the past 10 years. Texas has hit a tough spot the last couple years, even with top recruiting classes. But those teams are exceptions. They are not the rule.

          1. Mike Caramba says:

            I don’t think it’s that simple — and I think some of what you’re classifying as “cause” might actually be “effect”. The top recruiting classes tend to either be traditional powers (Bama, USC, Florida, Texas, OSU) and/or teams based in traditional hotbeds (Miami, Clemson, UNC). Rarely (though, probably not without exception) do recruiting rankings predict the rise of powers. For instance, Oklahoma State has performed at a consitently high level for about four years now, making it as high as third in the final rankings — 0 top 25 classes in the last six years. Oregon, a staple of the top 10 and NC participant — I believe they had one 9th-ranked class at some point, but aren’t a consintently high-rated recruiter. Wisconsin, another top-ten team, I believe hasn’t cracked the top 40 in recent history. Arkansas, I believe, fluctuates anywhere from 16 to 50.

            These are just a few examples. You may chalk up their success to great coaching, which is definitely a part, but you can’t tell me these schools are getting it done with second-rate talent. If recruiting rankings are really that great of an indicator of on-field success, given the amount of fluctuation in the top ten, shouldn’t the rise of new powers be “predicted” by a rise in recruiting rankings 2-3 years in advance? Can you find any examples of middlng schools putting together a couple good classes before the cracked the actual top ten?

            I don’t see what’s wrong with judging the on-field performance. It seems like a far better indicator of where the program stands than speculative ratings of high school juniors. As I said before, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

      2. TRUEHuskerFan says:

        I completely disagree. Ask USC and texas how their fantastic 5 star loaded teams have been doing. Not really living up to the expectations that you would have, are they?

        1. A Fan says:

          USC is a pre-season pick to be in the national title hunt. Texas… I agree with you to an extent. They have been down the last couple years… even with very good recruiting classes. I don’t expect that to continue.

  6. Husker fan 2012 says:

    Obviously you are a Iowa state fan or something. It’s also obvious you have no clue what you are talking about. Stick to something you know about. Like gardening or asker weaving

    1. Twauto22 says:

      Nu is one of 8 schools with 9 plus wins the last 4 seasons.. let me repeat one of eight.. grow up … even for haters nu had a good weekend.. why dont u end your comments with go hawkeyes or something

      1. A Fan says:

        Could care less. We lost to an unranked U of W team in a bowl game at the end of 2010… and got drilled by South Carolina last Jan. The idea is to be better at the end of the year than at the beginning.

        1. TRUEHuskerFan says:

          We didnt get “drilled” by SC last year. If that hail mary at the end did not happen, I truly feel the game would have came down to the best team in the 4th quarter.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            It did

          2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            It did come down to the best team in the 4th

          3. A Fan says:

            30 – 13 is getting your hat handed to you. We were out of the game as soon as our FG missed a chip shot. That was at the beginning of the 3rd quarter.

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Right, even with 30 days to practice and a full season behind them, nothong is new then, and they still looked like they forgot someting at home.

      2. A Fan says:

        Nebraska is one of a 100 schools who hasn’t won a conference title in over ten years.

  7. Football fan says:

    Carl never moved on! He was forced to leave the program because he was cheating on his wife and sleeping around with boosters wives. Didn’t you notice after he left 1 month later him and his wife filed for divorce in Lancaster county? Same with Marvin sanders, he was fooling around with the boosters college aged daughters And they were having none of that, so he was also forced out. Know your facts dude.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Carl Pelini isn’t married, or he wasn’t at the time.
      He did knock up some young hottie in Elkhorn i believe.
      Osborne no happy.
      Marvin was layin pipe all over campus.

  8. Mac says:

    The one booster’s wife was hot too!

  9. HuskerRebel says:

    Let’s give Bo and Company a break…They are dearly trying to get some quality
    players. As an NU Alum from a southern state, I can tell you it is not easy
    to convince quality players to come to Lincoln, when they are offered at
    quality schools in their backyards.
    If some of you that continually criticize our coaching staff as so damn good
    at recruiting, write Bo a letter giving him your brilliant ideas. Otherwise,
    shut up!

    1. joey says:

      Oh really??? Let’s talk about your so-called GREAT coach.
      1. Barney Cotton, 2 4 star recruits since he’s been here. And YEARS of a OL looking UGLY
      2. Oh we can’t forget our NEW DC, NO EXPERIENCE, and that’s NOT mentioning his genius play calling against South Carolina game. A 3 man blitz before halftime, for a team giving up 300+ to almost 400+ PASSING YARDS A GAME. Not even a mediocre High School HC has that kind of stupidity!!!
      3. TM Bo and his love fest with good ol Martinez. Our good QB’s on the bench or stuffed into positions they should NOT be in. Let’s take a look at Brandon Marsh shall we? TM couldn’t even DREAM to be that successful.
      4. Let’s look at our OH SO GREAT recruiters on OFFENSE shall we? WALK ONS (OL), 3 stars ( RB’s WR’s, TE’s,) Ooooh I’m sorry, Barney ONLY gave his SON a scholarship!!!
      5. NU has yet to recruit ANY RB’s with speed. Helu was outstanding!! Yea, but how BAD is NU struggling WITHOUT Helu??? I like Rex to, but does NU have the L. Phillips, Helu, R. Craig, A. Green. J Rodgers, type of SPEED??? Even Tom Osbourne in ’92 said ” We need more speed ”
      6. NU has NEVER had any coach in it’s ENTIRE years that has ever insulted the fans. Those coaches used their emotions and passion AGAINST other teams. Croud noise at NU has always been a rough obstacle for other teams. No coach from NU has ever disrespected the fans,… except bo. Referring to the fans as KNOW NOTHINGS. When the same remarks are made by the former HC ( Lou Holtz), and other former players, that also played in the pros, and are announcers on ESPN. Wow, and even Lindy’s SPORTS, The Sporting News, have also said the EXACT same things I have said on NU and their OFF and DEF. So it’s NOT the fans, it’s your KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR HuskerRebel. But instead of CHANGING that, BO believes HIS way is the ONLY WAY. So, since BO does NOT want to change. Neither does his RESULTS ( 4 losses every season ). Now how’s THAT for facts HuskerRebel??? Come back when YOU have a LIGIT debate… Capiche?

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Ignorance is bliss.

      1. Mike Caramba says:

        Oh, yeah? And what is pathological dissatisfaction?

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


  10. Tony Stalloni says:

    Recruiting is a long tiresome process and I’m glad the coaches put this together. Lets hope the players who came were impressed enough to pull the trigger. Take a day off an go golfing coaches….you earned it!

  11. glass house says:

    football fan what the heck does your rant about Carl & Marvin have to do with this artical???

    1. LariatJoe says:

      I’m missing it too…Soemthing must have been edited.

    2. BleedinHuskerRed says:

      read the first post by RECRUITING IS EVERYTHING.

  12. glass house says:

    Oh……better make a spelling correction….. article

  13. TO says:

    Max you are a goof.. REX… would play at any school.. this demonstrates your football knowledge.. any school would want and play REX..

  14. glass house says:


    What you lettered for Callacrap???

  15. TO says:

    and Max what Sanctimonious bus did you step off.. they “display immoral activities”.. just who in the hell are you to judge.. your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  16. floridasker says:

    if you went through you could pick players and coaches on almost every college team and fine some bad apples. what does that have to do with the article? you are depressed and depressing the rest of the board. i personally dont know much about BO other what i’ve seen, read, and watched, but what i do know is he is looked at widely as a great defensive mind and a no nonsense coach. i will take that any day. if you want to refer to suh and dennard and put that on BO, it make me wonder what you thought of TO? he had a few bad apples then also. fact is its going to be hard for these coaches to pull kids out of TX, FL, CA because nebraska has never been on their radar until they get a letter of interest. but we want them to recruit these 4 and 5 star kids. well that where they are. maybe they should just go after kids in the general region and they will win those battle of recruiting 90% of the time. then you wont have anything to complain about, except for the fact that they wont have enough talent for you. lose lose cituation for these coaches no matter how you look at at.

    1. joey says:

      LOL… floridasker.. I’m NOT saying I agree with Max at all. But your rant is AMUSING. ” maybe they should just go after kids in the general region and they will win those battle of recruiting 90% of the time. then you wont have anything to complain about. ” Are you joking? You have to be…lol. 1st Einstein, NU will stand a BETTER chance of winning those 4 star or BLUE CHIPS (5 star recruits). WHEN NU CAN WIN THE BIG GAMES AND WIN A DIVISION TITLE, OR PLAY IN A MAJOR BCS BOWL GAME. Did wonders for Mich, OU, LSU, Alabama, Boise St. NU chokes on Top 10 teams, AND… struggles to beat Iowa State, Fresno State, Wyoming, Northwestern, a 1 AA North Dakota team, ya think that might be a big part of the problem? Or the fact we get some decent QB’s, BUT, who will start as QB til he’s a grad.???…TM. Don’t you think other kids see the politics??? You think they want to sit on the bench and play 2nd fiddle to TM, when they can go to another FBS team and be a starter their 1ST year??? So your comment DEFINATELY deserves the Emmy Award Winning ” DUH ” moment…lol.

  17. TO says:

    Bo.. taught them all of that.. lol.. SUH while in the pros.. stomp on someone.. Fonz punch the cops.. if they stop you.. right. you are living in the real world… and 95% of all males are “immoral” if they have ever uttered the F bomb.. in your world.

  18. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Thats too bad we lost Stanton.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Where did you see that or are you concluding that he will go elsewhere?

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        This was adressed to NUCORNDEVIL.

        1. Bleedhuskerred says:

          Don’t listen to NUCORNDEVIL. He’s always drinking the hater-aid!

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          The odds of Stanton becoming a Husker are equal to Mac Brown coaching NU womens basketball next season.

  19. floridasker says:

    if you went through you could pick players and coaches on almost every college team and fine some bad apples. what does that have to do with the article? you are depressed and depressing the rest of the board. i personally dont know much about BO other what i’ve read and watched, but what i do know is he is looked at widely as a great defensive mind and a no nonsense coach. i will take that any day. if you want to refer to suh and dennard and put that on BO, it make me wonder what you thought of TO? he had a few bad apples then also. fact is its going to be hard for these coaches to pull kids out of TX, FL, CA because nebraska has never been on their radar until they get a letter of interest. but we want them to recruit these 4 and 5 star kids. well that where they are. maybe they should just go after kids in the general region and they will win those battle of recruiting 90% of the time. then you wont have anything to complain about, except for the fact that they wont have enough talent for you. lose lose cituation for these coaches no matter how you look at at.

    1. joey says:

      Ummm floridasker.. it’s spelled SITUATION. It starts with a “s” not a “C”…ok?

  20. turbo says:

    Cant be blamed for something the Lions coaches let happen.

  21. mark says:

    I don’t know why I waste my time logging on just to read this garbage. I sure hope our recruits and current players have learned not to read this crap. You guys need to get a life.

  22. MileHi says:

    great weekend. hopefully more kids will consider the opertunity in front of them and want to be part of what we are building. Considering our location our coaches have to work twice as hard to put a quality team on the feild. I just wish more people realized how hard it is to recruit to the midwest

    1. A Fan says:

      Was it hard for Osborne to recruit out of state for 25 years?

        1. joey says:

          NOT REALLY!!! Being in the Top 10 EVERY season, did wonders for Tom.

        2. A Fan says:

          That’s why he had top 15 classes for 25 years. Try harder.

  23. TOM says:

    What is your record, james? How come you aren’t a big time college coach. Losses – you are the loser on here.

    1. A Fan says:

      The numbers are the numbers. We are 9 – 4, 10 – 4, 10 – 4, and 9 – 4 in four seasons. Likely to be that again this year. Good enough for some… not for others.

  24. JIM Wyatt says:

    hey max, If u r so down on everything about Nebraska football and there coaches why even come on here? U never say a positive thing about the program since i have been on here!!!!! Maybe u should pack it up and move out of the Nebraska area!!! Alaska would be better suited for u!!! I hate when people always have to be negative about something they supposedly love!!! ” HUSKER FOOTBALL”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BIG RED!!!!

    1. joey says:

      JIM It his RIGHT to post anything he feels like. That IS his constitutional right. So YOU insisting he MOVE OUT, is NOT a Husker fan. Worse yet, that is NOT an American way neither. The way I see it. Nobody forced you to read his post. But beings you did, then that becomes YOUR fault, not his. He was just speaking his mind. I may NOT agree with ALOT of comments. BUT, I bring FACTS to the table when I feel they are wrong. BUT, I NEVER demand someone to LEAVE this site, state, or country. That is NOT my place, or YOURS to say, or tell anyone to do so. GBR??? Try GO Big Red White and Blue.

      1. Bleeding Red says:

        Dude (joey), it’s a free country (as you just stated). JIM wyatt can pose a course of action anytime he likes. He didn’t “demand” anything of Max, if anything he asked a question “Maybe you should…” of max relocating for max’s own happiness (as well as the rest of ours that are sick and tired of our own fans bashing our team). Plus, just to be clear, this site isn’t a constitutional right. There are watchdogs that do not allow certain things to be said that would be completely allowed to be spoken on the street (because of our constitutional rights). In other words, though we have free speech in the course of our daily lives, free speech does not live here on this site (or any others that I am aware of) and is NOT constitutionally protected. Your words (and mine and joey’s and JIM wyatt’s and everyone else’s) being read is a privilege allowed by the people that run this site, not a legal right granted by the framers of our beloved Constitution…As far as other things go, to me this is the year we find out whether the loyal fans that naysay this staff are right or the loyal fans that drink too much Kool Aid are right. I think there will be a monumental shift from one side to the other by season’s end though, as even the most patient fans seem to realize enough time will have been given. I don’t know why we can’t just hope for the best in the meantime, but maybe I just don’t understand continuing an argument that is obviously a concrete difference of opinion (or patience), using the same data over and over and over and over. Face it folks, until we get new games under our belts, this version of “Mickey Ward/Arturo(?) Gotti” will just keep going and going and going. Apparently the “doom and gloomer’s” are so passionate in their conviction that this staff is not the one for us, that they won’t be happy until they have convinced everyone of that opinion. Meanwhile, the “kool-aider’s” don’t necessarily disagree with that, they just don’t have enough data to make that decision and are willing to wait for more on-field performances before they give up on our present coaching staff. In the meantime, they do get really tired of the lack of any optimism coming from the “doom and gloomers.” Hearing somebody continually (hope they allow this) defecate on something you love (even if that something is flawed), is tiresome and puts a person in a negative mood.

  25. Coach Woodman says:

    What can you say about all the redundant dribble coming out of Mr. “recruiting everything.” I think Bo knows what kind of foundation to lay for this program. He has had just a few outstanding mentors in his life on the coaching side. Do your homework. You sound just a little impulsive and short sighted.

    1. joey says:

      Oh really COACH???Oh yea Bo is a walking Einstein. He keeps Bustah Barney who has did NADA since he’s been here. NU and their OL looks as bad as when BO 1st took over. But don’t take my word on it, look at Bustah Barney and his $240,000 a year. For yelling a few times in Spring and Fall practices, and make it look like he’s doing something. Then there was that GENIUS choice he made for DC… yea? NO, he turns down Stoops and ANY really LIGIT DC’s. To hire a DC with NO EXPERIENCE, and was a disaster at his last position. LOL.. And what does Bo do? Give him a promotion into being a DC. Oooh yea, he KNOWS what he’s doing huh? …lol. Got anymore FACTLESS POSTS Coach Woodman???

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Pelini is lost, did you not catch his spring presser?

  26. Jordan says:

    Glad to hear these young men enjoyed their trip. I hope we are able to get all of them…especially Sandland (TE is my favorite position) and Stanton because I think he is underrated and has a high ceiling. Also really want Marcus Newby, Terrell Newby, Claiborne and Hannon too. Wouldn’t sleep on Texada just because of his size. He has speed and can diagnose a play. He’s also got a little bit of Mathieu honey badger in him. Just need to get him on that strength and meal plan.

  27. NEBRASKA WINS says:

    SC game was 2 plays from us winning. Fumbling on 1st down at the 6 yd. line. then they made a 3rd and 25. But lets go back to old school Husker fans and appreciate what we have. Look we have no beaches we have bad wheather and no pro teams too go watch. We recruit with what we are in Nebraska(tradition) and that makes us the great program. Of course I would love to see 5 stars come and succeed, but I live in reality. I honestly think we recruit quality indivuals it will come together. Love Nebraska for what we are, not for we are not. Waiting to watch Huskers play UCLA.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      This is a typical post, lets look at all the things that SC had to overcome, relatively new starting QB, new RB, very new DC.
      SC actually played a bad game, compared to mid season.
      Lets look at what NU had to overcome…..Pelini, and his starting QB.

      1. Dan says:

        Oh Devil. You little rascle. It’s so cute how you use the same logic to make a point that you also attack when posted by others. If someone else had said we had to overcome a new OC, or DC, or positions coach, or young QB, or injuries, you would have called it a typical response and just making excuses. But here you are making the same argument for another team. Maybe when you grow up these things will make more sense to you.

        Now have a cookie and run along and play.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          this is proving a point of the exact same excuses in the face of Husker fans, who whine about all the cry baby stuff we have to overcome, like NU is the only school which loses because of these very same obstacles.

    2. A Fan says:

      We won, a lot, for 40 years because we had coaching continuity, great strength and conditioning, and two of the best head coaches (Devaney and Osborne) ever. Osborne, especially, knew that Nebraska, and the states immediately around us, didn’t produce enough skill players for us to get. So Nebraska recruited New Jersey, Texas, Lousiana, California and Arizona very hard for those players. Anyone who states Nebraska won the bulk of the games between 1962 – 2001 with some kid from East Cupcake High School in Wahoo, Nebraska starting at QB, or IB, or DB… doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Title and near title Nebraska teams had Jerry Tagge (from Wisconsin), Turner Gill (Texas), Tommie Frazier (Florida), Scott Frost (Nebraska) as QBs. Look at the starting IBs on those same teams. The skill players on offense and defense were much more likely to be from out of state than in state on those caliber teams.

  28. HskrBll says:

    Hey everybody, the aticle is about the BRW. Please comment on the article and quit extrapolating into the past. Let’s look forward with the hope and promise for a bright new day! Not the Victory, but the Action….Not the Goal, but the Game, In the Deed, a Runza on game day!

  29. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    13 first Qtr point’s……..6 better than the previous season, and simpler offense.
    I don’t know why Osborne doesn’t sign Pelini to a 20 year contract now, the progress is plainly obvious.