Published Monday, July 2, 2012 AT 9:08 AM / Updated at 9:08 AM
Recruiting: Huskers land LB Marcus Newby
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Big get for the Nebraska’s 2013 recruiting class, as Gaithersburg (Md.) Quince Orchard linebacker Marcus Newby committed to NU Monday morning.

Newby, a four-star talent who’s the No. 113 player in the country according to 247Sports, hails from the same school as current Husker defensive end Jason Ankrah and defensive coordinator John Papuchis. Both played a role in Newby’s commit, said Quince Orchard head coach Dave Mencarini.

But academics did, too.

 “We spent a lot of time learning about the academic program and the support structure Nebraska has,” Mencarini said. ”I’ve seen a lot of great BCS programs around the country and I never saw anything like I saw at Nebraska.”

My take: The 6-foot-1, 210-pounder — who visited Oklahoma, among other schools — is a quick-trigger playmaker who could fit into a hybrid Peso role or bulk up and play inside. He’s also a pass-rushing threat on third down.

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  1. Colorado Springer says:

    Another 4*? I’m getting sick of these great athletes deciding to come clear across the country to play for us. It’s obvious that Pelini doesn’t care about recruiting. We shouldn’t offer anybody below a 5* rating.

    1. York1 says:

      He’s begin satirical, making fun of the posters who are always complaining.

    2. mc94-98 says:

      Brandon, CS was being sarcastic. If you have been on this chat for long you would realize CS has been a strong husker supporter and was poking fun at the daily complainers.

    3. Brian says:

      What’s better than completely missing an obvious (way obvious at that) satirical comment? Misspelling the word chosen to insult that person. Unless you were comparing him to some sort of pastry which needed some more tart.

      1. C-H says:


        1. Coach Woodman says:

          thanks everyone. I have had a hard day and this string of comments made my day. It was tip your head back funny.

          Keep it up guys. It is nice to have a little levity instead of all the negativity that fills these comments.

    4. Colorado Springer says:

      Sorry, I wasn’t valid victorian of my class.

      1. Brian says:

        “We don’t get french benefits?”

        1. Hi says:

          If you graduated “magnum come louder,” you’re in the clear.

          1. VanCleef says:

            You made me spit on my screen!!!LOL

          2. valid victorian says:

            Or if you graduated Valid Victorian

    5. Trojan says:

      Colorado: Even I think that was a stupid comment. But if you look at our recruits it sure looks like we only recruit 5 star players

      1. tom#1 says:

        Look everyone! The scumbag is on here again. I love it when he opens his ignorant mouth to enlighten us all. Trouble is we are still waiting for enlightenment. Just remember this scum, your defensive coordinator played and coached at NU not Scum U.

    6. CORNANGEL says:

      The 4*th is ruined!

  2. Big Beef says:

    Great news! Nebraska needs a major upgrade in talent, especially LB.

    That gives Nebraska 4 4 star recruits. These are the top 250 players in the country and are the backbone of great teams.

    And considering Michigan has 14 4 stars already, and Ohio St. will probably have a top 10 type class, it is critical Bo and staff get top talent, along with developing our in-state boys. Even State Penn, I mean Penn St has a higher rated class right now.

    As Bo and the coaches have admited, they are learning on the job. It sure helps your learning curve if you have great players.

    1. Trojan says:

      Learning on the job?????????????/ Bo has been the head coach for 4 years!!! He spent time at real schools like Oklahoma and LSU. If he doesnt know how to recruit by now you are in bigger trouble than I thought. Now Kiffin REALLY knows how to recruit check our board.

      1. tom#1 says:

        Who is Kiffen? Is that really a name? I think Scum means Kitten.

      2. Big Beef says:

        USC….Univ of Scammers and Cheaters. Says it all

  3. Paulo says:

    Springer, you clearly don’t remember Kansas’ 2 and 3 star recruits putting up 76 on Billy Boy Callahan’s 4 and 5 star recruits. There is not one school that solely recruits 5 stars. Recruiting is only half the battle.

    1. Mike says:

      Too early for sarcasm, Paulo?

    2. Incorrigible1 says:

      At least you realize recruiting is half the battle. The other half, “coaching ‘em up” hasn’t been exactly top notch, either.

      Still, kudos to the staff for a good LB recruit.

    3. joey says:

      Paulo that was 77 points. Springer, as well as some others don’t have a LIGIT comment. They like to pay more attention to insulting others. Because they have little intelligence, if any. I don’t even read their posts. They just shoot their traps with absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE at all. But there quick with an insult, because that’s all they know. I feel sad for those foolish fools, really I do. I mean, look at me. I’m their ICON. They remember what I said, close to a year ago. I don’t even remember if they were even on the last post or not…lol. Probably because I don’t care. I understand your theory. But, realize who and what you are typing to. Before you waste anymore of your valuable time. At least, I can say, CornAngel does post some facts, just don’t understand what that person is trying to say. But still good posts. Hell, I even have a fan club here…lol. 1 of them uses my comment as a screen name…lol. I guess that person thinks I’m offended, not at the least, I’m just ignoring their childish games.
      But I agree on the recruiting being 1/2 the battle. Especially if NU gets 4 star or BLUE CHIP recruits on the OL. Who is going to coach them into bringing out their FULL potential? Barney Cotton? Not a chance.

      1. tom#1 says:

        Good one, joey. You are SOOOO brilliant. I wish all of our fans were as smart as you. LOL!!!!!

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          Pretty hard to forget valid victorian.

          1. TexasHusker says:

            Idiocy on steroids.

            And here he is, telling us all about those with “little intelligence,” without the slightest sense of irony.


            Such breathtaking stupidity.

            Thanks, Joey.

      2. CORNANGEL says:

        Glad to hear that some of the facts might be getting through and at least making one stop for a knee jerking second to actually think before the ANTI-Nebraska comments come rolling out with Swiss precision.

        But I know negativity is one helluva drug.

        1. joey says:

          Check this out on
          this mans 40 time is 4.31!!!!!!!!!!!! And NU not even freakin listed. Typical Slow Bo style offense. NU needs SPEED in RB’s. This kid is GREASE LIGHTNING FAST!!!! To put it in short. If this kid gets just 1/2 a step on anyone. He is Gooooooooooooooooooooooooone!!!! The speed NU does need. Instead we get RB’s with 4.5 speed … wow, soooo impressive Bo. Were they walking? Or was it just lack of interest in getting speed Bo??? I have already seen 3 RB’s in the 4.3 range in the 40. NU not listed in one of them. This is the crap I can’t stand in Bo. Total impact players, that would be a HUGE PLAYMAKER for the team. But nope. Bo will have the slowest running game in the BIG conference!!! Then it’s back to poor execution excuses that he NEVER fixes!!! The ONLY poor execution, is BO, and RECRUITING SKILLS ON OFFENSE!!!!!

          1. Colorado Springer says:

            I didn’t know you were on a first name basis with Coach Pelini. When you last spoke with Coach Pelini, did he mention if this player had responded to any contacts by Nebraska. It may be that he has not expressed an interest in coming to the University of Nebraska. In fact he may have said that he would go any place but Nebraska. Also was this a hand held time or an electronic time? Was it in track shoes? Was it on astro turf. How would he carry his pads? Was it done by a competent testing agency? Have you cut down on your caffein intake yet?

  4. Good One Colarado! Yep Bo does not know how to recruit. Bo can only recruit 3 star players. Obviously this kid from Maryland is really an over rated 3 star player. How else would Nebraksa get him if he wasn’t.

    Way to go Bo!

    Go Big Red!

  5. York1 says:

    I want to beat corndevil and joey to the punch.

    Can he throw?

    There, now that we have that out of the way, we can celebrate the coaching staff getting another top-notch recruit.

    I also like hearing comments like the one from this kid’s coach. He put Nebraska at the top of the list.

    1. joey says:

      York? Do you remember me saying that? Because I remember saying how bad TM passes. Which is another 1 of my FACTS that anyone clearly sees. But I have NEVER stated that about a possible NEW QB. I may say they LOB the ball to much. But I have NEVER said ” Can he throw? ” Funny comment, but please. Get your FACTS straight.

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Tom Rathman needs to bring in Turner Gill to be a permanent QB coach (sorry to steal CORNDEVIL’s thunder) but he is the best negative Pelini armchair coach permanently on this blog there ever was.

        Remember how Turner Gill coached Scott Frost up from being a media savaged “Shot Put” Frost to “Silky Smooth Joe Montana” Frost? Give Turner some time with Taylor and watch out!

  6. Hey Brandon Moe! Learn recgonize sarcasm when you read it. Colorado was trying to be funny and in my opinion he was!

    1. CORNANGEL says:

      Fire Sarcasm!

  7. York1 says:

    Best part of the story?

    “We spent a lot of time learning about the academic program and the support structure Nebraska has,” Mencarini said. ”I’ve seen a lot of great BCS programs around the country and I never saw anything like I saw at Nebraska.”

    Isn’t it great? And we can thank one great man for this: Tom Osborne.

    1. York1 says:

      I also like hearing the recruits say that Pelini and his staff continue to emphasize academic and support. It seems recruits don’t hear that too much at other schools.

      Good job, Coach Pelini!

      1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

        You can tell what other schools emphasize by these types of comments, and I am very happy to have Nebraska seeming to lead the way in facilities and support off the field. Be fun to contrast an SEC recruiting visit with a Nebraska one.

        1. Huskermaniac says:

          Academics are a priority at Nebraska. It’s too bad they aren’t at other schools, like LSU, where one of their graduates went on to a terrific NFL carreer only to admit after he retired that he can’t read and was never taught how. Yet he holds a Bachlers Degree from LSU. Also how about Cam Newton who never attended a class at Auburn. I bet his degree is well earned as well.

  8. A Fan says:

    A great pickup. Impressed at who else was after him (OU, Penn St).

  9. True York 1. Especially down here in SEC Country. All you need is to be a 5 star player with a 5th grade education and you are recruited!

    1. joey says:

      LOL… toooo funny. Good post floridafrenchie.

  10. Jrob says:

    Went to High school where this kid is from. Papuchis will make him better than he already is. John was our Qb and like an older brother to me. He is extremely inteligent, driven and focused! Way to go on the new recruit!

    1. York1 says:

      Good to hear from someone from his area. Since I am a Nebraska import, I know how some parts of the country perceive us out here. I’m glad he saw first-hand what our university offers.

  11. will he have a little impact as Ankrah has had?

    1. Big Beef says:

      True, J Ankrah has been a non factor to this point. A major dissapointment. Maybe this year, but don’t hold your breath.

      1. Twauto22 says:

        Yeah 9 starts as a sophmore on a Division I football team is horrible.. Come on man , are you smoking a little hash this morning?? Ankrah is good athlete and will be a huge contributor this year.. Hes a kid that will get NFL attention after this year..

        1. A Fan says:

          9 starts, 12 games played in. 17 tackles for the season. 6 solo. 1 sack. Huge contributor would be numbers significantly better than last year. I doubt your going to see that. Believe it or not, there are players who are between busts and NFL caliber at Nebraska.

          1. Mike Caramba says:

            Yeah, he filled a role as a sophomore. I wouldn’t say he was a huge contributor, but he could still be a very good player for the Huskers — it’s just too early to say one way or the other.

            Personally, I like him, and I think he’ll do well with some seasoning.

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      12 appearances, 9 starts as a sophomore. Best game was Iowa at the end of the year. Little unfair to write off an under-classman, don’t you think? (And a little more unfair to write off a recruit based on the performance of an under-classman who happened to attend the same high school.) Really weird comment.

      1. HUSKERZ says:

        Melvin is another one of the clueless.

        1. VanCleef says:

          Just the name “Melvin” alone doesn’t make him sound like the sharpest tack in the box!

  12. York1 says:

    Nothing, NOTHING, satisfies some you guys, does it?

    I bet you’re a barrel of fun at the games, too.

    1. VanCleef says:

      +1 !!!!!!!!!

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        They have such high standards for the program! Its like having a old Russian Olympic gymnastics coach that won’t settle for anything less than the vaunted 10.0 at every turn.

        What the gameday experience would be like with the sky is falling croud:

        The 15 People You Hate To Tailgate With

        1. VanCleef says:

          Excellent!!!! Fits them to a T!!!!!!

  13. Bob H says:

    You guys need to get a job or a life, whichever comes first.

  14. HuskerNLawrence says:

    Great news!! Welcome to NU Marcus!! You are apart of the family now. Best wishes, train hard, study hard, and lets get a N.C.!

    1. HuskerNLawrence says:

      I just watched his highlight video and he looks like he has a little Lavonte David in him. If he can get a little faster while adding on some muscle and cover better, he could be a big get for us.

  15. Twauto22 says:


    1. joey says:

      IOWA FANS???…huh?

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        How about ANTI-Nebraska fans.

        Yes, no need to slur the Hawkeyes.

  16. Mr Football says:

    Terrell Farley was the original peso. He was free to run wild and run wild he did!

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Farley was nails, could have been a contender.
      Welcome Marcus, you are desperately needed.

      1. tripduz says:

        “desperately”?? Have you seen one down of David santos or Zaire Anderson? How quickly we forget there is talent on the team already and more of it that has recently arrived. Word on campus is Anderson arrived in unbelievable shape and Santos is fully recovered from a nagging injury. Not to mention micheal rose and his speedy recovery. Add that depth to the experience of Compton, Fisher, and Whaley?? I think we are a little better off than people think at LB…and heck…all over the team for that matter.

        But go ahead and keep hating if it helps you feel better about yourselves. For me? I BOlieve!!

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Lavonte is gone sunshine, he was 80% of that ‘D’, if I’m not mistaken he beat out Whaley, ran circles around Compton…..who is Fisher?
          ” Have you seen one down of David santos or Zaire Anderson? ”
          No, I haven’t seen 1 down of these two players, did you actually post that?
          I for one can only base an opinion on players who have actually played a down of DIV 1 college football, so based on my observation of Whaley, Compton, and the mysterious Fisher.
          I shall repeat my statement; Welcome Marcus, you are desperately needed.

        2. Butch says:

          None of the player you mentioned have done anything, until we see some production on the field LB is a place we desperately need some talent at, considering the known commodities we have returning. If I see one more word written about the Omaha kid who is just plain and simply not a good football player I might vomit.

      2. CORNANGEL says:

        Farley was booted off the team for repeated alcohol related issues.

        He cost us the Big 12 Championship game against Texas when we had to rearrange our D (punted him) and we ended up having to use a safety to play his position.

        Call for Pelini’s head all you want, but he has had a fraction off all the off field shenanigans that went on during the 60-3 run.

        Is it because he doesn’t take the chances on marginal character players and decides to take it safe with the Rex Burkhead’s of the world? Must be a flaw in there somewhere.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          I’ll take the shenanigans, and 60-3.

          1. CORNANGEL says:

            Good for you…its settled:

            CORNDEVIL = More LP non character kids
            CORNANGEL= More Burkhead character kids

          2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            You win

    2. Scottsker says:

      Hell Yeah!

    3. joey says:

      He was vicious!!!! Wish NU had a OL coach that could coach our OL to a more confident, and aggressive OL mentallity

  17. jerry says:

    Not a bad pick up…Ohio State and Wisconsin did not offer..but Oklahoma did offer………about right where we alway end up a 20 to 25th ranked team player…this staff really does not understand that the goal is to win conference championships and compete in top 10…..that will take top 150 players which we have ZERO from outside nebraska…our only top 10 quality recruit is a Nebraska legacy in Banderas

    1. tripduz says:

      We don’t “need” top 150 players to compete for championships. It’s been proven, look it up!! Does it heLp? Sure. But it’s not a necessity if your staff can coach em up, and ours can if we as fans back up and let em do their jobs.

      1. Butch says:

        Yes, you do. Do you really believe we can beat teams who have better players and better coaches? Dream on dude, you are hanging on to a myth that is simply a falsehood.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          So true, Osborne was a genius with the tripple option, but without the players…….

          1. joey says:

            You mean without the coaching staff. NU got quite a few WALK-ONS by Osbourne. Look how his coaching staff, made the OL look like pros. NU has NO OL coach of that caliber. So, NU and it’s offense will continue to look dreadful. Until, BO gets a OL coach (A LIGIT ONE), a QB coach (A LIGIT ONE), and RB’s with classic Husker FB speed. Then NU will slide further than just 3rd in the LEGENDS. I mean, come on. Barney has been here how long? two 4 star recruits and that’s it??? Not even saying that nothing changes on missed blocks, false starts, holding calls, NO OL aggression. I know others will insult me as always. But, it still doesn’t change the FACTS!!! BO, does NOT put as much time and effort with the Offense as he does the Defense. I remember when NU was lucky to get 10 sacks ALL SEASON. Now teams like Mich, OSU, Wisc, hell even Northwestern NU can’t even push around.In the teens is what NU was ranked when Solich was fired. B.C. didn’t even keep us ranked.Now BO has NU ranked in the teens or 20-25.This is improvement? Really?? It is a GREAT accomplishment, if you’re New Mexico State Aggies. But really depressing if you’re a Husker fan.

          2. joey says:

            oops.. I meant RB speed. Missed the “R” button

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      “Newby, a four-star talent who’s the No. 113 player in the country…”

    3. Scottsker says:

      Recruiting services don’t measure intangibles such as work ethic, personality, ethics, motor, etc. Trust the staff’s judgment or become a USC fan. Rex wasn’t Top 150, but is rated 1 of 2 best backs in league and heisman contender after being underrated his entire career. The staff offers the best candidates based off their ratings and ability to create rapport w/ player. Would you just automatically send an offer to all Top 150 players w/out any relationship and possibly turn off any interest from potential good 3* & 4* players?

    4. Colorado Springer says:

      Teams usually offer based on perceived need. Sometimes, if the player is good enough, they will offer even though there is no perceived need. All this aside, do you understand how many college football players there are? 124 Div-1 teams X 85 scholarships = 10,540 players. Then there are walk-ons. Then There is Div-I FCS 122 schools X 63 Scholarships = 7686 players + walk-ons. Then there are Division II and Division III. Then there are the NAIA schools. Then there are Jr. Colleges. Probably 30 thousand kids playing college football. And some from each classification will go on to play in the pros. So you are griping about 150 players divided up between how many teams? Jerry, I think that you are the one who really doesn’t understand much.

  18. R says:

    ..Terrel Farley, Jamel Wiliams, LaVonte David–all great “Peso” backers.

    We need a couple guys like these, every year, to make the defense shine.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      We need Jimmy Williams as a DC

  19. HuskerRebel says:

    I would hope that the comments from the HS coach will get some
    distribution to other HS coaches, and parent(s) of those we are
    trying to recruit.

  20. freshseed6 says:

    Ok, every body just calm down, our latest Husker recruit has a few chores to do before he steps on Memorial stadium.

    1. tripduz says:

      Of course he has a lot of work to do before he sees the field at memorial stadium, but, he’d have a lot of work to do before playing for Oklahoma or penn st too…get it? Why can’t we celebrate a recruiting victory over some top notch programs??

  21. dvsone62 says:

    I’m a Nebraska native (Offutt Air Force Base (brat)) living in Columbia, Md. 35 minutes for Marcus’s hometown, I know that area very well (Gaithersburg,Germantown) they produces great football players. Just look at the colleges that were gunning for him; I was hoping he would pick NU after viewing his video tapes on line (Youtube), and come to find out that two of his NU coaches came from the same area as Marcus, just like being at home. I can’t wait to see him play for us in the 2013 season. Thanks for letting me share my 2-cents. GO BIG RED!!!!

    1. VanCleef says:

      Welcome, dvsone62!

    2. A Fan says:

      Nice post. Thanks.

  22. sciguybm says:

    getting talented recruits is very important. Equally important is getting talented coaches who understand their players, at whatever talent level they are, and designing schemes and making play calls that work with those players.
    Not every championship team has 5 start players at every position: that’s why we play the game every Saturday instead of just phoning in the results.
    NU has not had the coaching talent since Old Doc O and Blackie ran the ship. Simple as that.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Spare me.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:


      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Okay, let me get this straight. You are the one who posted that being a coach isn’t hard and that anyone can do it. Then you say that Coach Callahan was good but had a poor defensive coordinator. Then you criticized Coach McBride for being behind the times. Now you are saying that only Coach Osborne was a capable coach. My son played for Coach Osborne and I have the highest respect for him. However, we can’t expect each player or coach to come off well with our greatest players and coaches. for years we were looking for the next Johnny Rodgers, the next Turner Gill, the next Rozier, the next Suh, the next Farley, and now the next Lavonte David. We are talking Hall of Fame people who’s like we may never see again. IMO (1. Solich was Coach Osborne’s right hand man. He was a tremendous assistant, but took too long at developing his own staff, had some personal problems, & was the first NU coach to have to deal with the new recruiting realities. These can be overcome but the old Nebraska model was caught unawares. (2. AD Peterson succeeded at Ohio State & Pitt and thought he could bring that success to NU but it was not a good fit. The pressure from boosters to bring in a “name” ended in disaster. (3. Coach Callahan is a good assistant but a poor head coach. He is the perfect example of the Peter Principle. His players Oakland hated his guts. (4. In the long run, Coach Pelini may have been lucky in not being hired to replace Coach Solich. He was able to pick up great experience in excellent programs that he can put together here. Its as simple as that.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          You almost had an argument there, but you let emotion take over.
          NU has the talent right now to win the BIG, and possibly the Big12.
          Any coach with 10 years Div1 HC experience can do what Pelini is doing.
          Coaches like Osborne, Chip, and Meyer take teams to a whole new level.

          1. CORNANGEL says:

            Will Pelini live up to Tom Osborne’s fast track (after he inherited a 2 time National Championship team)? In 1976 (TO year 4), Osborne was fresh of a Liberty Bowl win and would follow it up with a 1977 (TO year 5) Bluebonnet Bowl.

            1973 Nebraska 9–2–1
            1974 Nebraska 9–3
            1975 Nebraska 10–2
            1976 Nebraska 9–3–1
            1977 Nebraska 9–3

          2. Colorado Springer says:

            Next time I “almost” get an argument, I’ll run it past you first to get it worked out. How many coaches with Div1 HC experience do you see lined up to take his place? Your suggestion of Tom Rathman is the emotional choice. It would take him a while to get things in their place also. In the mean time, he is going to lose some games making inexperienced decisions. Same is true of Scott Frost. They are going through the process that Pelini went through. Your eviceral hatred of Pelini clouds YOUR judgement.

          3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Sorry my friend, my conviction of Rathman is due to the hiring of inexperienced people to coach NU, if Osborne is going to hire someone with zero HC experience he may as well hire someone completely loyal and more decorated, I for one would have like to seen Osborne hire Jeff Tedford of Cal, or Rich Rodriguez of WV. There were a plethora of Pro OC’s who would have attracted instant QB attention that were completely overlooked. Kevin Steele saved Osborne’s career, Osborne felt Pelini would save him again. Unfortunately Pelini has zero knowledge of offense, and really only commands an intricate man zone concept it appears takes most players 2 years to learn…..genius.

          4. joey says:

            EXACTLY!!!!! They did it ALOT shorter than a 5 year span to. As well as Bob Stoops, with endless division titles. But that’s the difference, other fans are NOT seeing. Bob puts in to BOTH sides of the ball. That’s why OU is so equally balanced. With BO, all it consists of is.. DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSEDEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE,DEFENSE

    3. Homer Sampson says:

      Should’ve just phoned in the result vs Wisconsin and Michigan last year. Damn.

    4. CORNANGEL says:

      2010 – Lost Big 12 Championship game by 3 points to Oklahoma
      2009 – Lost Big 12 Championship game by 1 point to Texas

      Yeah Old Mack Brown & Bob Stoops sure made their decade’s worth of experience make ol Bo look absolutely out classed in the championship games. I bet you thought NU had no right to be there or had absolutely no chance of winning those humiliating championship game blowouts.

      1. Incorrigible1 says:

        CA, this ain’t horseshoes. So far, Coach Bo has achieved precisely as much as his predecessor. It’s his fifth season, coming up. This team is his, and it’s time to produce.

      2. joey says:

        NU would have EASILY won the BIG 12 title games CornAngel. But from then til now. NU still suffers the same fates. NO OFFENSE, and OFFENSIVE STAFF worth mentioning!!! Our offense looked like a JOKE in both BIG 12 title games. But maybe not bad enough. Because BO isn’t doing squat to change it.

      3. joey says:

        You also forgot something about your facts CornAngel. VERY important thing.
        As you said
        1973 Nebraska 9–2–1
        1974 Nebraska 9–3
        1975 Nebraska 10–2
        1976 Nebraska 9–3–1
        1977 Nebraska 9–3
        But you forgot. It was Tom’s 2nd or 3rd season in playing in the Sugar Bowl ( I may be wrong on the Bowl Game) BO, is going on his 5th season, and CAN’T get out of the Banana Bowl. Which he struggled to beat Washington, and South Carolina. Could you imagine NU playing Stanford? Okl St, USC, LSU, Alabama, Oregon, Florida St??? It would be over before the 2nd period started. Kind of like OU scoring 35 points in the 1st period against NU. That’s the REALITY of NU football. BO knows it. But won’t change it.

  23. Trojan says:

    Since we do not recruit lower level 4 star players it doesnt affect USC at all. We only go after the big boys not guys that get recruited by the likes of Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan St and Iowa.

    1. Twauto22 says:

      Trojan go play on your site with your fans. Oh wait , USC fans only support their team when they are winning and right now theres probably womens soccer or something going on to take all your fans off your message boards..

      1. VanCleef says:

        Yeah, it’s all fun & games until the next wave of recruiting violations come rolling in. I’ll give USC maybe two years.

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      I really hope USC knocks off the SEC this season.

    3. Mike Caramba says:

      Pretty sure you guys offered Courtney Love.

    4. One Man Jury says:

      Too bad you actually have to play games. I think you should petition the BCS to just hand you the crystal football each year. Congrats on winning the BCS these last 2 years. You and Texas.

      1. VanCleef says:


  24. Robert Ridgley says:

    Nebraska is the 38th largest state in the country, population wise. We have to recruit out-of-state and without the benefits of the beaches and babes in Southern Cal and Florida. Pellini is doing about as well as any coach could at Lincoln at this point.

    1. joey says:

      WHAT?????? Robert, obviously you haven’t noticed how pathetically our OL coaching staff is, for the last 5 seasons. How about how slow the running game is since Helu went to the pros. Not to mention, this is going on BO’s 5th season, and still will NOT hire a QB coach. Instead, TM has to use his $$$ to get the propper training. When it’s the NU’s coaching staff’s resposibility. Guess that’s why, going on 5th season, and off to another Banana Bowl.. Oooh yea, that’s REAL IMPROVEMENT.

  25. John Johnson says:

    Coaches recruit on their evaluation of the potential of the candidate and the requirements of their program. To some, the “star” system is just another ingredient into the process and not the determining factor. The “star” system seems to put the emphasis on High School performance with less emphasis on the youngster’s integrity, honesty, intelligence, work ethic, academic standards, etc., etc. A viable evaluation has to take all these factors into account. There are many accounts of a “5 Star” being unable to handle the rigors of major college football. There are just as many accounts of the “NR” or “walk-ons” becoming superstars and going on to Professional football. If you make a study of the first and second round picks of the NFL every year you will discover that the average star rating for all the picks is somewhere around 2.6. The bottom line is that no coach’s performance should be evaluated by the “star” system, but can he develop the talent he gets to achieve his goals.

    1. Robobad says:

      JohnJohnson, i think you hit it right on the head. The star system is not a good indicator of what a player may end up doing in their college career. Many players have potential, and sometimes it takes till they make it to the next level for them to show there true abilities. Well put.

  26. Andy P says:

    Now if we could just get some real difference makers on the offensive side of the ball. Get them coached up and we might just have something.

  27. CORNANGEL says:

    Sean Fisher at the 2010 dedication of the 50,000 sq foot $8.7 million Student Life Complex serving 600 student-athletes:

    “The most difficult thing we do is try to manage our time efficiently,” he said. “What’s really great about this university is that everything is kind of centrally centered around Memorial Stadium, and that allows us not to have to go from one side of the campus to another. Whether you’re going to class, practicing, going to the weight room, the training room or the training table, it’s all right here. It means so much to have a facility that helps us focus on academics, compliance and life skills. Ultimately, we’re only here to play sports a few years, so all of this will help us in our careers after sports.”

  28. CORNANGEL says:

    The recruits get that there is more to college and a program than playing for a video game of the week uniform. If they don’t, then let them go after the shiny objects and NU will stick with with the Rex Burkhead kids with character.

    “We spent a lot of time learning about the academic program and the support structure Nebraska has,” Mencarini said. ”I’ve seen a lot of great BCS programs around the country and I never saw anything like I saw at Nebraska.

    NU’s team GPA, which this past summer jumped to 3.008 (on a 4.0 scale), is the highest mark since at least 1987.

    Pelini emphasizes an admirable and sensible core philosophy: If he can’t trust his players off the field (i.e., in the classroom), how can he trust them on it?

    2011 NU Academic All-District VII First Team:

    Jake Long – 3.793 – Biological sciences
    Sean Fischer – 4.0 – Pre Med
    Austin Cassidy – 3.905 – Psychology. Son of aTm Assoc AD.
    …1st-team Academic All-America honors 2010.
    Rex Burkhead – 1st Team Academic All-Big 12 (2010)
    Jake Cotton – 1st Team Academic All-Big 12 (2009, 2010)

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      maybe we can throw books

      1. CORNANGEL says:

        Scott Frost was an Academic All American who was smart enough to get accepted by Standford & scored one of the highest Wonderlics on record.

        Are you telling me that Scott Frost & Rex Burkhead got by strictly on instincts & athleticism? I guess its just me that made it up in my mind that I could see their on the field RIF “booksmarts”.

        Pelini runs a tight ship & is recruiting character kid after character kid that many have targeted by the likes of the Stanfords, Cals, Boston Colleges, and Notre Dames. A good majority are kids originally from prep schools.

        The days of taking flyers on kids from parent less kids from Compton are over. Sorry to rain on your parade El Diablo.

        1. joey says:

          Corn Angel,… that’s on DEFENSE!!!! BO hasn’t did NOTHING on offense. We need a LIGIT QB COACH, and a LIGIT OL COACH. Plus I don’t know who recruits RB’s, but, maybe they might want to recruit some with VERY great speed. We lost Helu. Now look how slow our offense is. It shows. Like when Bell scored on a reverse against Minn. RIGHT THERE, NU fans should have seen what NU is missing in speed. Even the NU tank Rex, if he was that wide open. Could Rex dash for a 40-60 yard TD??? NO, he doesn’t have that kind of speed. So all the other teams have to concentrate on is
          1. TM short passes
          2. TM running the ball.
          3. Or Bell on a reverse
          That’s all NU has for speed. So even Northwestern beat NU. Northwestern doesn’t even get the recruits Mich, OSU, Wisc, NU gets. That should tell you how slow our offense really is. I seen this coming before Helu was a graduate. I had a feeling they would make Rex the work horse of the team. Heaven forbid me even saying this. What happens if Rex gets injured? NU has nothing. NU used to have 3 to 4 players that were grease lightning running the ball. With superb blocking, it made the QB’s job ALOT more easier. NU has NONE of that. Bad OL coaching staff, slow RB’s, no QB coach to help our QB’s bring out their FULL POTENTIAL. I’m not trying to be a Scrooge here. I’m just making you think ” What if? ” Because those possibilities for NU, seems to end in a PROBABILITY, not a possibility. Always be prepared for the worst. That is something our AD always did. BO doesn’t, he just takes it as ” There’s always next season.” Well, it’s going on his 5th season, and still hasn’t done anything with the OFFENSE. That’s why NU is going from MEDIOCRE, to almost being UNRANKED. But those changes he ignores. Each year we keep sliding further & further on the polls. In 2013? Is NU even going to be ranked??? It’s something to think about.

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          OMG, it’s become so clear to me now, regardless of talent, and ability, Pelini recruits by wonderlick, and character!
          Thank you for clearing that uP.

          1. joey says:

            LOOK IT UP!!!! He runs the 40: in a 4.31!!!!!!! NU’s fastest RB, is LUCKY to be 4.5!!!! It shows on other sites the SKILL & TALENT of other recruits on OFFENSE. Name 1 BLUE CHIP or 4 star RB, QB, TE, WR??? They are there, it shows on ESPN, Sporting News, Lindy’s College Football. Now if I can do this and find them WITHOUT getting paid for it. THEN WHAT IS BO’s PROBLEM!!!???? ONCE AGAIN, another link, to 1 of my FACTS!!!! That’s the difference between blowing smoke in someones face.. Colorado Springer, TezasHusker, etc., etc.. I am providing FACTS, NOT blowing smoke in someones face!!! The difference is, is I can and WILL provide LINKS to prove what I am saying. Those migranes just provide childish insults. No facts, debate, ligit arguments, no comments that really have anything to do with NU football. Just insults, as if they were 12 years old. The links are there CornDevil look them up!!! See what calibur NU and their offense is going to be like. Then even YOU will start to wonder in 2013, is NU football even going to be ranked??? Bo did great on DEFENSE. BUT!!!, NO OFFENSE is what costed us 2 Big 12 titles, decent recruiting on OFFENSE, putting NU back as a dominant offense again.

          2. joey says:

            Yes I misspelled TexasHusker.. That wasn’t by accident

          3. Colorado Springer says:

            Joey, speed isn’t everything in football. For example, Mike Rozier was the slowest man in the backfield the year he won the Heisman trophy. Even the fullback, Mark Schellen ran a 4.4 forty. Johnny Rodgers ran a 4.6! Who do you think was the faster 40 time, Rex Burkhead or the DB who he faked out of his jock before ran for a TD with the pass from Martinez. How fast was Jeff Kinney? If speed is everything then put Bell at running back.

          4. Colorado Springer says:

            On the other hand Joey, speed does kill. Here is probably the greatest playmaker in Nebraska history. If he had played with any of Coach Pelini’s teams we would have serveral more NC’s. Amazing!

  29. Peter at Speed Turkish says:

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