Published Monday, July 9, 2012 AT 2:00 PM / Updated at 2:07 PM
Recruiting: QB Stanton pledges to Nebraska
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska finally has a quarterback for its 2013 recruiting class. Johnny Stanton, out of Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., informed the NU staff of his nonbinding commitment Sunday night.

The news went public Monday. Stanton, who visited Lincoln twice this summer, talked to Huskers Illustrated, a World-Herald recruiting partner, about his decision.

“On the second visit I was able to meet the players and my family was able to see the campus,” he told Huskers Illustrated. “I think they were sold on it too. That really sealed the deal a little bit. I was able to talk to the coaches. Having a relationship with them really helped my decision.”

Certainly, Stanton’s a big addition for NU, which lacks depth at the quarterback spot behind junior Taylor Martinez. The Huskers’ 2013 class is at 13 known members now.

Stanton also had offers from Wisconsin, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA and Utah (the Huskers and Badgers were the final two, Stanton says). He’s a 6-foot-2, 215-pounder who’s ranked as the No. 11 dual-threat quarterback by 247Sports.

Read more about Stanton here.

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  1. Mark says:

    Now all the haters can be silenced for at least one day. A guy who picked Nebraska over Oregon, Wisconsin, and UCLA…hard to argue that Nebraska still has some recruiting chops.

    1. Twauto22 says:

      YES YES YES!! This Kid has the it factor, looking to be a great year on the recruiting trail for the Skers!!! Could it be that we have a second four year starter from California coming down the pipe line?? Im guessing Tommy Armstrong has something to say about that but its going to be amazing watching them fight it out !! Welcome to N Stanton!! Love a kid that takes his team on his back when it matters, and especailly one willing to lay the lumber to get the extra yards when needed!!!

      THis class is looking solid already and we still have about half the spots open!! A Few of those big lineman from California could really help out Stanton in the future, and our boy from Rockhurst !!

      Then add Newby at RB and a few corners and this class is there.. Next up , BEST AVAILABLE wanting to win a National Championship!!

    2. RJ says:

      They’ll find something to complain about :)

    3. NUbyBirthOUbyChoice says:

      Ok ok ok. I’m a die hard Sooner fan. But it’s nice to see our true rival finally put it’s foot in the door. CONGRATS to NU for getting Stanton.Wish you all the best.Now get some speedy RB’s and NU might be the 90′s team very soon. I sure hope Bo brings back that Peso defense. Beat Mich, Wisc, OSU, and the Big 10 title is yours. Oh and Badger fan, anytime your Wisc Braggers want to step up to the plate. Play OU, it will be over before the 1st period even ends. NU has a good program, they just needed their foot in the door on offensive recruiting, that’s all. Because with Stanton at QB. NU vs OU in a National Title? Has a good ring to it, don’t it?

  2. Colorado Springer says:

    Another 4*? Can he throw?

    1. Mark says:

      Are you implying getting a 4* QB is a bad thing? You do realize there are only one or two 5-star QB prospects in every class. The only 5-star guy I can remember Nebraska landing was Harrison Beck…and how did that work out for us. I’ll take as many 4* prospects want to come play here!

      1. James Nan says:

        Harrison Beck was a 4 star, and he was at best a D3 2nd stringer.

        1. tim says:

          Beck was 5 star, and it was downhill from there.

          glad to see Huskers land this kid.

          1. mosier says:

            Beck was a 4 star, we were just really used to low ranked 3 stars at that point. B Gabbert was a 5 star…

    2. Mark says:

      As a follow-up…according to Rivals, last year there were ZERO 5-star QB prospects. So I guess every incoming freshman QB was a disappointing get.

      1. Skers says:

        Pretty sure Springer is being sarcastic because that’s the exact question some on this board will say. Big commit. Had some big offers that were previously mentioned. And yes he can throw!

        1. Mark says:

          I hope so. There are just some real debbie-downers on this board, so I guess I tend to assume the worse.

        2. Colorado Springer says:

          LOL ;~}

          1. Twauto22 says:

            Even Corndevil has to enjoy this commit , hes been a Stanton fan since day 1 .. And by the looks of it, he was right the kid has the “it ” factor when the games on the line!!

    3. Huskermonsta says:

      2439 passing yards with 13 TDs(JR year) stands 6’2″ 215-220lbs, I’d say he makes you look like a girl when throwing

  3. A Fan says:

    Glad we got him. Good news.

  4. Mike Caramba says:

    Great news! I love what Stanton brings, but I think the Huskers should try to land one more (Damian Williams? Good arm.).

  5. HUSKERZ says:

    Wow! I thought Bo and Co. couldn’t recuit?!?! How about a nice big slice of crow!?!?
    Welcome to the Husker family Johnny!

  6. Dave says:

    Wonder if Stanton was worried Wisky would bring in another senior transfer at QB every year. Either way, big get for NU

    1. RoverBrian says:

      Mr. Stanton just wanted to go to the better football program. The one with a consistently better upside year after year. Smart young man!!

      1. BadgerFan5 says:

        Are you kidding me? The best year after year? What bowl game was NU in the last 2 years? Ya that’s what I thought. We dont need another choke artist like Taylor Martinez… We’ll Keep Bart Houston and our Junior* Transfer QB and Beat Nebraska the next 4 years at least! And remember until you actually beat Wisconsin, you will always be the BIg Red in the Big 12 but not the B1G 10!

        1. Dan says:

          If we are comparing Wisconsin to Nebraska the last two years you are right, but year over year Nebraska is clearly the better program. Wisconsin has 0 national titles, ever. Wisconsin went 30 years without a conference title.

        2. One Man Jury says:

          I’ll be there when Wisconsin loses to the Huskers in Lincoln this year. I hope Johnny Stanton is there too. Hope you are there too.

        3. mosier says:

          Congrats to UW for beating NU one year with probably your programs best team ever. I have a lot of respect for Wiscy, but to think wiscy is a better program or has more upside year to year is laughable.

  7. Double D says:


  8. Incorrigible1 says:

    Excellent pickup. Welcome to NU, Mr. Stanton.

    1. RoverBrian says:

      Great pick-up!! Made my week when I heard he chose the Huskers!! Yippee!! He won’t regret it. Even though I live in Colorado: Welcome to Lincoln!! and welcome to Big Red glory!! The recruiting class is shaping up nicely!!

  9. Gumpa says:

    I think we gotta take a deep breathe and just appreciate this great recruiting get. He sounds like just what we need. All the in-fighting from all the recruiting fans can rest for a while. We all agree this was a good recruiting victory. I wonder if he brings anybody good with him? I wonder if he already knows he is better than Martinez? It would be fun to learn more about how they are interacting. Did Taylor really help recruit his replacement? I wonder how soon he gets replaced. Notice the play on words there.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      solid post

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Can he run?

      2. VanCleef says:

        We obviously gained this commit because Oregon especially, UCLA and Wisconsin don’t know how to coach up a quarterback. This was a very wise choice by Mr. Stanton. Welcome Johnny!!!!!

        1. SE Jay says:

          Remember that QB named Scott Frost? I bet he would make an awsome coach and a pretty compelling recruiter for pretty much any program.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Nice Post!!!

    2. mosier says:

      The amazing thing is that Martinez still loves this program and wants to sell it to others after all the abuse he’s taken from idiots like you guys. Yes idiots, Stanton already said he’s not coming in early because he’s planning on redshirting since Taylor will be a senior.

      1. TexasHusker says:


      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Stanton is better than the current starting NU QB now.
        It will be impossible for Pelini to start anyone over Stanton in 2013, NU’s offense is very simple, i seriously don’t think a Div1 offense can get any easier, ask Northwestern, and South Carolina.
        Stanton will instantly improve our offenses complexity, open it up, increase possibilities with his advanced comprehension skills.
        It would be like starting Matt Leinart over Cam Newton.
        Stanton only needs to adjust to the speed of the game, the NU offense isn’t anymore complicated than what he runs now, i cannot express to all Husker Fans how limited NU is on offense with the current NU starting QB.
        If Pelini doesn’t start Stanton in 2013, Osborne needs to do an intervention.

        1. Mike Caramba says:


        2. UltimaRatioRegum says:

          So, you’re saying he can throw, right?

        3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Pelini would be wasting a season by not starting Stanton, much like he has the last two.

        4. Colorado Springer says:

          I wish they would get simpler. The offense that Nebraska used in the 90′s was simpler than the one they run now. I wish to God they would get in the I more and run the Fullback Traps (Cory Schlesinger) and Belly G series. Also, Nebraska’s most productive series was the Counter Trey series. Haven’t seen it in 15 years. The offense the scoring explosion used was simple and deadly.

        5. Colorado Springer says:

          Two things were mentioned on the B1G interview panel that interview Tim Beck that impressed me while viewed while sippin’ my Scotch Rocks. Even with all his weaknesses, and his teammates weaknesses, & his coaches’ weaknesses, TM still had the 3rd highest Total Offense Yardage in Nebraska History last fall. Are you going on record to say that this new kid will beat out TM and break all records for Nebraska QB’s? They also said that they LOVED Nebraska’s offensive scheme. Now, I know that they are not as astute as you, but they didn’t seem to think that the scheme was too simple.

          1. A Fan says:

            The only stat I care about with Martinez is his W/L record as a starter. And how many titles the guy has helped the team win.

          2. Mike Caramba says:

            Yes, W-L is, by far, the best way to measure a QB’s ability. ESPN et al will lead you to believe RG3 is a good quarterback, but we know better. His college record was 23-18, and he won zero (0) titles! Strip that man of his Heisman and relegate him to the sixth round of the draft, where he belongs!

      3. ArmchairQB says:


        Best comment ever. As Yoda would say: “Idiots they are, yes”

  10. 5years3losses1degree says:

    Great! Is it too early to open up a nice big jug of kool-aid? Martinez showing leadership, first in going on his own to get additional off season coaching, then in talking up the program and selling it to the new kid in CA. Makes me excited for this year as well as 2014 when Stanton should be the starter.

  11. huskerj says:

    Now this kid was worth the wait. In my mind’s eye, I saw Jerry Taggey’s reincarnation while watching Johnny’s performance at the goal line.

  12. HskrBll says:

    I know there were skeptics, but who can argue now? I guess those FedEx’d Runzas, and Omaha Steaks were worth it afterall. Didn’t even have to break out the Val’s Blue-Cheese…Wait,… we can send that to Wisky.

    1. VanCleef says:

      Vals’ bleu cheese dressing absolutely rules!!!!!!!

  13. dvsone62 says:

    “AWESOME” pick up!!!!!! Welcome aboard West Coast to Husker Nation. Can’t wait to see you play young man.

  14. Trent says:

    2 straight 4 stars i’ll take it. Watch his highlight video, he moves and throws a lot like (not as ugly but) …wait for it….Tim Tebow.

  15. Rich says:

    this is a major get. Els is doing a great job as RC.

  16. PE says:

    Wow. This is fantastic! A 4 star dual threat QB that was the 11th best in the country! Not bad guys. This adds significantly to our class’ rankings I would think. We’ve needed to take the next step in ercruiting and start getting guys that are listed in at least the top 15 at their position. I think with Taylor for the next 2 years, Armstrong and Stanton on the team we’re fine at QB for a while.
    I do hope we are not moving away from a run first offense though. We need running backs bad so I hope this Newby kid commits as well, or we get some other 4 or 5 star running back in this class. We also need a monster DT or 2…we’ve got 2, 4 star DE’s coming in Natter and LaCouture so that’s a little bit of awesome there.
    Congrats to the coaching staff for a job well done!

  17. ohiohusker says:

    Nice. Hey, Corndevil, he can throw and Bo and the leaders of young men at ODNU can recruit and develop great men for the future. Welcome Mr. Stanton.

    1. VanCleef says:

      Nucorndevil wants to know if he can run.

  18. freshseed6 says:

    Am a little concerned that this kid appears to be getting passing lessons from Martinez. Maybe it is the other way around.
    By the way, today is my birthday.

    1. HuskerNLawrence says:

      Watch his videos. This kid has a smooth throwing technique, throws a very catch-able-ball, and can hit on the run. Nothing like Martinez. Nothing to be concerned about here. I am sure he is giving lessons to T Magic.
      Happy b day!

    2. HUSKERZ says:

      He’s not getting leasons from T-Mart. He’s getting leasons from the same person who is working with T-Mart.

    3. Car56 says:

      Happy b-day freshseed! Instead of being concerned though, just enjoy the moment. On your b-day a great recruit commited. Now ignore the uneducated and doomsday fans and concentrate on being positive that Nebraska will VERY SOON return to it’s glory days. Have patience and enjoy the upcoming season.

  19. Coach Woodman says:

    Nice win. This kid has game, character, the whole package. I like the idea of he and his friends trying to recruit some more great players which just might make this a recruiting class comparable to the likes of MI or OH State. Happy Day!

  20. Jordan says:

    YES! I just hope they use him as a passer and not as a dual threat QB.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Tur, Scott Frost, Tommy Frazier, & Eric Crouch might disagree. The most dangerous thing in football is a quarterback who can run and throw. The option is the best play vs a blitzing defense. Nebraska destroyed the best pure QB in modern times in 1997

  21. Husker Joe says:

    Nice get. Welcome!

  22. HuskerNLawrence says:

    Whew!!!! Big sigh of relief. This kid looks like he is the real deal and has got great up side. Lots of talent and lots of room to grow. I don’t want to put a big N.C. sitting on his shoulders but he could be a lot of fun to watch and could elevate the entire team. Sounds like he is a high character kind of guy.

    Welcome aboard HUSKER NATION MR STANTON!! Stay healthy and get stronger.

  23. george says:

    now we have a future qb, start loading up on o-line protectors. oh yes, some are already in the system, but more qb protection is needed. nebraska recivers are a little better. hopefully, the offensive coaching will continue to get better. go huskers!

    1. Brad says:

      Welcome to Husker Nation, Johnny! I live in Oregon…I know Oregon….and you BELONG at Nebraska! I simply can’t understand why Oregon fans are so proud of making those little zeroes with their hands…0 national championships and 0 Heismans. So sad.
      You just demonstrated one aspect of quarterback leadership…INTELLIGENCE in making the right decision which we know you’ll never regret. I can’t wait to see Taylor, Tommy, and you becoming friends and making each other better. See you at the UCLA game on September 8. GO BIG RED!

      1. VanCleef says:


  24. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    INTRODUCING YOUR 2013 STARTING HUSKER QB………..JOHNNY STANTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot express how much this kid will improve the NU QB situation the second he steps on campus. Brion, Armstrong, and Fyfe just got much better, Johnny will raise the competition to a whole new level, kind of like the Ganz/Keller thing.
    This is HUGE, possible career saving recruit for Pelini, better coach Carnes up this season, i don’t think our current starter is going to survive the non conf.
    Johnny has the comprehension to advance an offense, the football understanding to read defenses, and create plays out of nothing.
    This is a great day in Husker Nation, a wonderful boost to our program, I had him pegged for UCLA as a lock, I’m very surprised, shocked, and excited all at the same time.
    Pelini could have recruited 20 ’5′ star kids, but he knew without a kid like Stanton, he’s just another LSU.

    1. Car56 says:

      Just goes to show you corndev QUIT being a doomsday forcaster. Have some patience and respect for what Pelini is doing here. The rest of us are. NOW enjoy are recent commit and teach yourself a lesson…knock off the pessimistic attitude and be a true husker fan.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Dude, i’ll never have respect 4 Pelini.

        1. VanCleef says:

          I’m sure the feeling’s mutual.

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        NU will always be overcoming a learning curve with Pelini as HC.

      3. Mike Caramba says:

        The problem with this is Stanton will almost definitely redshirt, which will lead NUCD to lose his mind all over again.

        1. Husker Bob says:

          You can lose it only once. Have you read his posts?

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. ArmchairQB says:

      he said he was going to redshirt his first year Corndevil…hate to be the harbinger of bad news for you.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        We have til Aug 31, 2013 to find out……..

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          I have eyes, if the current starting NU QB is the best we have, and there was a REAL QB competition, and Stanton is better than the current starting NU QB…..whats the deduction?

    3. Colorado Springer says:

      Its so fascinating how you “know” what all these people are thinking.

  25. Chuck Norris Husker says:

    I’m back!

    I want to personally welcome Mr. Stanton. Work hard, learn and take it to ‘em.

  26. HuskerRebel says:

    Keep it going, Bo! We need more players that want to be here,
    and will “drag” some more good one’s on his coat tails……

  27. DBINOREGON says:

    Yes, a good verbal. But as the brief article clearly states it’s a “nonbinding” commitment. That’s why all this recruiting news throughout the yr. is interesting and good conversation fodder BUT as many schools, including Neb. has seen before, nonbinding does come into play come every Feb. So “if” he stays in the fold he’s a good looking prospect. And again, 2 stars or 4 stars, neither guarantees they’ll be better or worse than expected. Part of what makes college ball so intriguing. GBR!

  28. Mr. Stanton, welcome to one of the greatest if not the greatest Football program in the History of College Football. You will be playing in front of the greatest fans in one of the greatest atmospheres in program rich with tradition. Believe me Johnny you will one day know the pride and awesome feeling of being a Husker. Welcome we are very glad to have you!

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. VanCleef says:

      I second that!!!

  29. boggie77 says:

    Great commit. Now I hope this gets the ball rolling. Like a DT a couple O-line and a TE. Man if we can get those guys and maybe one of the DB we are after this will be BO’s best class.

  30. Colorado Springer says:

    Just enjoyed going back and reading the negative comments from the previous story about this recruit, and all the reasons why he wouldn’t choose Nebraska. I made a silly suggestion myself. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. I think that QB will be a strength at Nebraska for years to come begining with this year. We have a lot of talent in the program. Go Big Red.

  31. hickiwawa says:

    Looks like some nice Drew Brees touch passing, Peyton Manning pocket presence, and a couple of Eric Crouch cuts in the video link. But I don’t see the breakaway speed to get past linebackers. Looks more like a traditional qb. Looks good, though!

  32. Gravy says:

    No complaints here.Fine vid.Looks as though he has the speed and elusivness of Martinez and a strong and acurate arm.Welcome home Mr. Stanton.

  33. Chris says:

    Wow, some very positive comments on the board. Usually, I do not like to come on this board because of the negativity. I do not know much about this Stanton kid, but from the comments on the board, he must be really good. It has been awhile since I have seen this kind of excitement about a recruit. Well, Johny Stanton, welcome to Nebraska! Hopefully, Armstrong and Stanton have some good qb battles over the years and produce on the field. Go Huskers!!!

  34. Ted says:

    Don’t mean to sound like a, glass half empty kinda person, but….If you look at Nebraska’s list of 2013 commits, Stanton is listed as a 3 star, not a 4 star. Nebraska has recruited another QB that can run, but has bad foot work, and his throwing mechanics need work, hmmm, sound familiar. Also, the other teams that were recruiting Stanton, were recruiting him as an “athlete”, not a QB…just sayin’. I’m a huge Husker fan, born & raised, and I hope this kid turns out to be what everybody seems to think he is, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      Stanton is 4 Star on 247 — OWH’s recruiting partner. He’s also 4 Star on ESPN. He’ll be 4 Star on every site by signing day, most likely.

      His mechanics are a little funky — kind of a 3/4 throwing motion — but he was a first-year starter last year and has apparently made some strides to improve. He’s using the same QB coach Martinez had this offseason.

      You’re incorrect about the “athlete” comment. His offers from NU, Oregon, Oregon State, Wisconsin, and most others were for QB. Most wanted him as an athlete before this summer, but he went on a camp tour and earned QB offers at every one of his stops. He also earned an Elite 11 invite. NU got a fantastic sleeper pick here.

      1. Ted says:

        Thanks for the info Mike…Rivals had him at 3*, that’s why I was questioning the 4*. After your comments and some insightful comments below, it sounds like Stanton could be the real deal. My glass isn’t as empty as it was before, but I’m still a, believe it when I see it, with this kid.

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      All that being said, this “2013 starter” (or even “2014 starter”) talk is very premature. He’s a great player and I hope for the best, but everyone has to earn their spot — I’m not a fan of crowning high school juniors.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Stop being logical. The devil has spoken. I have never seen him so giddy. He will have a lot riding on this kid being the second coming.

  35. Gravy says:

    I’m one of the naysayers and usually don’t have a lot of positives to report ,but see a ton of opotential in this one.Fact is ,if I remember correctly most of us thought Sam Keller was the second comming till he got here and showed that he ran and passed like Helen Keller or Stieve Wonder.Stanton still has a year of high school to iron out any wrinkles he may have.In the mean time I will remain a Stanton fan.

    1. Husker Bob says:

      There was a question on Keller. He had been beaten out at ASU. And we found out why. Nothing against the young man, but sports are very competitive. “Fear the Ganz” should have started all that year.

      1. Agro says:

        Yes, but then we might have had BC for a couple more years mucking things up.

  36. Nassau Bay, TX Husker says:

    A LOOK TO THE FUTURE: Could it be, in a couple of years, that the Johnny Stanton to Jordan Westercamp combo could be one of the best in the country????

  37. Fitzy says:

    Stanton was the #4 Qb off the board as selected by the ESPN panel for the Elite 11 finals… The panel headed by Trent Dilfer who knows a thing or two about QB’s. They really only named about 5 kids out of the entire group whom they prjected as “no brainers” to succeed. Stanton was one of them. The panel raved about his toughness and ability to simply lead and get the job done, can make any throw you ask him to make. This is an outstanding QB for Nebraska to lure in for sure. The kid looks good throwing the football and runs well, preferring to lower the shoulder and hammer would be tacklers rather than take the hit or go out of bounds. Tough kid who is built like a linebacker. He will fit in well here and have a fantastic opportunity to start once TM is done. Between Carnes, Armstrong, Stanton, Ryker Fife, etc.. we will be set up well. That will be a fun QB battle to watch and they will only make eachother better because of it. Depth should not be an issue at the QB spot for the foreseeable future.

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      It looks good now, but QB is one of those positions with a lot of transfers since there is so little rotation at the position. It’s pretty unlikely that everyone in that group will play out their eligibility at Nebraska. NU definitely needs another stud QB in its next class. Wouldn’t hurt to grab another this year, too.

      1. Husker Bob says:

        I doubt that they take another QB now. Besides, the top ones know Stanton is now a verbal. Very few schools have two top QBs in the same class. Plus, NU may have told JS he is it for this year.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          It’s possible they made that promise to him after Hobbs and Kincade committed elsewhere.

          1. Gravy says:

            I believe Kincade is going to be WAY disappointed by his choice.

  38. Husker Bob says:

    Nothing but promising words across The OC on Johnny Stanton. His skills seem to match up very well with the direction of the NU offense.

    1. Husker Bob says:

      According to the OC Register, he is the 4th ranked recruit in OC for 2012. The first and second ranked guys also have offers from NU along with many more schools. ;)

  39. CORNBREAD says:

    Slow down, folks. Dont’ get me wrong. I am glad we offered Stanton, and am even happier that he accepted. And in this clip,, you gotta love Dilfer’s comment “There’s a reason why they call him ‘Johnny Tebow’”. Greaet stuff. That’s the type of kid we need in the program. He seems to be a hard worker and a decent runner. He may not be a breakaway threat, but if he’s the kind of guy who can turn a potential 4 yard loss into a 5 yard gain…that’s a huge plus. Now, for the bad stuff. If I’m gonna nitpick, though, his throwing motion is a bit robotic. He holds the ball up high and brings it waaaaay back. Not ever gonna be a quick release guy with that kind of wind up. And with that delivery, it also seemed like he had a hard time dropping it into a tight spot in the end zone drills on another camp video that I saw. But regardless of all the technicalities…if we can just get a guy at QB who can move the chains…that’s what this team has lacked more than anything since Ganz left. Keep the D off the field, win field position, and grind down the opposing defense.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Despite Pelini and his staff ineptness, Johnny Stanton can get NU to, and win a ‘BCS’ Bowl game.

      1. Colorado Springer says:

        Good to have you back in character or lack of character as the case may be. I don’t like it when you’re nice. You must have baiance Daniel-san.

        1. Colorado Springer says:

          er. . . balance.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            less Scotch

          2. Colorado Springer says:


    2. Mike Caramba says:

      Who were those receivers he was throwing to? So many dropped balls!

      He has some work to do on mechanics, but he looks better in that video than the game footage I saw from last year. (To be fair, I think he was a safety until his last year.)

      As for speed, I think he’s got it. He ran for about 1500-ish last year…clocked at 4.49 in the 40. Maybe not Martinez speed, but definitely a duel-threat guy.

  40. valid victorian says:

    Wow great get ! I noticed some normal negative bloggers didn’t post…wonder why ? isn’t that second 4-stars in a row ? Oh well tomorrow’s another day for the negative bloggers

  41. tc says:

    We have had quite a few 3- 4 star QBs at Nebraska over the last 4 years. One transfered and will start at Tulsa, one was switched to a receiver before he was given a chance,one is sitting at second string ( qb) with basically NO playing experiance, one is the starter and the other will be redshirted. We have plenty of talent! The problem is we do not have a quality QB coach or really a QB coach period. All of our QBs are slow to developed because of this. A dedicated QB coach (with proven experiance) would drastically change this problem in one season. You cant convince me that all the 3-4 star QBs ( recruited) on our roster can be so far behind Taylor without Coaching being the problem. Hell even Taylor’s offseason QB coach states that Beck didnt have adequate time to coach the QB. The QB is the most important single position on the offense and you dont have a dedicated position coach? Highschool recruiting stars dont mean a thing if they are not developed at the next level. You can only go so far on natural talent. I personally think J Turner has the most natural talent at that position but we will never know. If the coaches are set on TMart than they should develop his weaknesses as well as his natural talent. This should not have to be something he does with a offseason coach on his own dime. I hope the next coaching hire is a great QB position coach!

    1. NUbyBirthOUbyChoice says:

      TM? Why is he the starting QB? TC, that’s the easiest question to answer. I can answer that in 2 words…… Corn Fed. It’s amazing how you don’t understand NU. It’s always about the money TC. It’s not like classic Husker fb. This is the new era, and for NU? If the price is right, they will make a daddy’s boy to be the field general any day of the week. That’s funny, OU has never seen the day when our tradition gets… sold out. Didn’t that same tradition cripple your b. ball team for many years?

      1. Mike Caramba says:

        Bahahahahaha! Yeah, Casey Martinez’s pet project apparel company (which your average consumer has never heard of — no offense to Casey) with which the University terminated its licensing agreement a year and a half ago, is the reason Martinez is the starter. Nevermind the extra revenue starting a better QB would bring (more wins = higher ratings, better bowls, etc.) — it’s nothing compared to the mound of cash the University received from Corn Fed tshirt sales!

        I’ve heard lots of crazy theories as to why Martinez has been the starter for the last two years, but this is — by far — the funniest. It’s probably a joke and I’m the idiot that got suckered into wasting 2 minutes on a response.

      2. Mike Caramba says:

        Next you’re going to tell me they only let Chris Kirkpatrick in *N Sync because of FuMan Skeeto!

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      Don’t really buy the Turner comments. It was my understanding that he moved to WR by choice because it was the quickest route to PT (i.e. he would have had to redshirt otherwise, which he didn’t want to do).

      Also, Calhoun’s comments applied to Martinez as well — he was learning a new offense and thus had to focus on the big picture rather than details. (Cue: NUCORNDEVIL says “How long does it really take to learn three plays? World’s simplest offense, blah blah blah.”)

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        He was not learning a new offense!
        it’s the same, if not simpler.
        Tell me what play that you have seen, constitutes new or advanced or complicated?

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          Called it!

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            They tried to run 2 and 3 backs in the backfield, the current starting QB cannot make the read, he can either keep, hand off, or throw, and 50% of the time he hands off to Burkhead when he should have kept it.
            That has nothing to do with new plays, or a ‘new’ offense, that has everything to do with not ‘comprehending’ whats going on.
            Don’t believe me? pick a game, watch the tape, watch the reads, and watch the results. Believe your own eyes, it’s in live living color.

          2. Mike Caramba says:

            I predict your reaction in my post, and you still can’t help yourself! Classic stuff, NUCD!!

          3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            just for visual effects here is a clip, not only does he throw the ball late the first throw, but at :37 is a classic example of the QB/RB missed read, watch while the QB keeps the ball and runs into two unblocked defensive players, while the RB had at least 4 yards before anyone enters his area. This pattern holds true throughout the whole season, actually his entire career….

          4. Mike Caramba says:

            Amazing…three responses! Four! Four! Four!

  42. Orange County Husker Fan says:

    Welcome Johnny to Husker Nation. Can’t wait to watch your Senior Season and then your career as a Husker. Go Big Red!

  43. Todd says:

    I must say that after watching some of Stantons highlights the kid seems to be able to throw especially on the run. It also appears the kid can run to but the offense he runs in high school is of a throw first run second