Published Tuesday, July 10, 2012 AT 11:08 AM / Updated at 11:18 AM
Recruiting: Analyzing new priorities for Nebraska
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Finding a quarterback recruit for 2013 was, by far, the Huskers’ top objective this summer, so securing a commitment from Johnny Stanton shouldn’t be understated. It’s a big victory for the NU coaching staff.

Stanton’s the nation’s 11th-best dual-threat QB, according to 247Sports. And he’ll be one of 25 high school signal callers participating in the final Elite 11 quarterback camp later this month.

More on Stanton is here. Feel free to analyze his footwork and throwing mechanics in this Elite 11 regional camp video. For what it’s worth, Stanton said he plans to help Nebraska recruit California talent from this point forward (Our recruiting partner, Huskers Illustrated, has the story).

Stanton’s the most important 2013 prospect in NU’s class so far. Hard to argue that.

But now what? The 2013 group, which includes 13 known members, is only half-complete.

What — or who — becomes priority No. 1 for Nebraska going forward? This certainly can be debated (so leave your comments below), but here are three positions that will likely receive heavy attention as Husker coaches continue to court prospects…

Rex Burkhead leaves after 2012 and Aaron Green transferred this spring, leaving just three scholarship tailbacks — four if you include an apparently versatile fullback, junior Mike Marrow. Fact is, Nebraska needs ball carriers. San Diego prospect Pierre Cormier (5-10, 180; rating of 91 by 247Sports) has the Huskers in his top three, along with Boise State and Arizona. Terrell Newby (5-10, 185; rated 87), out of West Hills, Calif., will visit Nebraska this fall.

Nebraska will lose four seniors, though numbers aren’t necessarily the issue up front. Bo Pelini’s defensive scheme requires some playmaking ability — some star-power, some athleticism, some game-changing talent. The Huskers are in the top three for Upland, Calif., DE Joe Mathis (6-4, 250; rated 92). Hutchinson junior college DT Toby Johnson (6-4, 310; unrated) is interested, but hasn’t made it to campus yet. Eddie Vanderdoes (6-4, 302; rated 96), from Auburn, Calif., has plans to take an official visit to Nebraska.

Tight end’s probably more of a concern at this point, since Ben Cotton and Kyler Reed will both receive the bulk of the snaps at that spot and both exhaust their eligibility this fall. Pierce College’s Beau Sandland (6-5, 250; unrated) appears to be NU’s No. 1 TE target. At receiver, watch out for Torii Hunter Jr. (6-2, 170; rated 90). The Prosper, Texas, recruit’s stock is rising after being named MVP at the The Opening camp in Oregon last weekend (a blog has more).

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  1. Mark says:

    Didn’t Newby already commit to us?

    1. Mark says:

      Nevermind…that was Marcus Newby (OLB). Way to keep me on my feet Nyatawa!

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    The DT posotion at NU is alarmingly undertalented.

    1. hskerfan says:

      tod peat ,chase rome are very good young dt learn your team

      1. Husker Pepper says:


        Don’t worry about NUCORNDEVIL. He rarely has anything positive to say about the Huskers, I suspect he is really just some troll trying to stir up crap.

  3. Frank Vondra says:

    Kennedale Texas has a 2013 TE that would love to get an offer from Nebraska. He is 6’5″ and 265 lbs. He is a strong student besides being a great blocker and receiver in a run oriented offensive.

    Dalton Vondra If you don’t get that JC for 2012 then look at him for 2013.

    1. m says:

      and coming from his dad that must mean he’s amazing! maybe i should have my dad go submit job applications for me

      1. brianm says:

        yeah m, that’s a good way to get recruits…talk trash to their parents, good thinking.

    2. RoverBrian says:

      From checking your son out online you definitely have a son to be proud of. I hope we do check him out if we haven’t already. Sounds like the kind of young man whose high character and high intelligence (Offered by Yale I see) plus size and strength could be a valued addition to any program.

    3. mosier says:

      Or both. Just lost on Wisenieski SP?. Can’t seem to land highly rated (or any) TE’s lately. I guess if there is a position to miss on TE is a good one.

  4. valid victorian says:

    Hey don’t forget about Paul Podzinski from Ord, his 6’7″ 355 and runs 6.2, 40, and a 3.9, 10 yard dash, but if u can roll the Offensive tackle in Crisco oil he tends to raise the level of his game. Presently 24/7 doesn’t have him ranked. But rumor has it he could be the next Paul Kominski….

  5. Mike Caramba says:

    Sandland isn’t ranked (since he’s JC), but he is rated — 96 by 247.

    1. mosier says:

      Sandland is a beast from all accounts and film. Believe it was Beck who said he’s the best he’s ever seen. Top Recruiting priority in my opinion. Like Seisay and Anderson last year, could/should start from day 1!

  6. marcus says:

    Stanton was actually a rivals 3 star..and the stars matter because they mostly relate to speed and athletic talent…maybe when we lose 5 games this year we will get a coach with zero excuses that can bring in top talent like hoke and Meyer

    1. domichae says:

      No, Stars mostly relate to how recruits are recruited. The more reputable schools ( USC, LSU, Alabama, etc.) recruit a player, the greater your rating will be. Also during camps players get reevaluated. JS is an Elite 11 QB. That is a big deal. Dilfer has said that JS is Tebow esque and is one of the most coachable QB’s he has seen. He started off with a low,rating because he only played QB for 1 season. Watch his tapes. The kid runs like Frost and throws like Berringer. He has potential to be something special.

      1. mosier says:

        Well said.
        Agree with everything. Stanton is already 4 star on ESPN I believe and could really blow up at the Elite 11 camp. All he needs is a little experience and polish at the position and he could be special, and it looks like he’s really willing to work for it.

      2. A Fan says:

        Rivals have Stanton rated as a 3 star recruit.

    2. Husker Pepper says:

      Seriously? Those stars matter? Recruiting is highly subjective and little spearates the 5 stars, 4 stars, and many 3 stars. Hard to put a spot on how someone develops which is what these sites try to do.

      Worried about top classes? Then maybe you should have been on Callahan when he insulted the many traditional recruiting high school coaches we had relationships with. Sure Billy brought in top classes deep with skill position talent. But he couldn’t coache them worth a crap and he didn’t bring in enough talent for the lines. Maybe he brought us Suh, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

      1. A Fan says:

        Alabama, USC, LSU, OU, Oregon… all have had top ranked recruiting classes the past 10 years. All those teams have been outstanding, as a rule, over the past decade. The answer is there… all you have to do is open your eyes. If you recruit top classes, you, generally, will win alot. There are exceptions. But the rule is… you win with good recruiting classes.

        Right now in the Big 10… Michigan and Ohio State are the teams to beat in the recruiting wars. If Nebraska does not win enough of those battles, we will be beat most of the time by those two schools. OU beat Nebraska in the 70s, consistently, because they got better athletes. When Nebraska started recruiting better in the late 70s and into the 80s… Nebraska started beating OU more often.

  7. HuskerRebel says:

    If we don’t develop a back-up QB who can come in and
    produce we are in trouble, AGAIN! Like in 2010, should
    something happen to Martinez and Bo keeps playing him
    injured, rather than have a back-up he can put in.

  8. Ryan says:

    D-line is without question the biggest need. We need at least two more guys and preferably three. We’ll get a tight end this class but as you said, Pelini’s D-fense really excels with game-changing D-linemen.

    1. mosier says:

      I disagree. The D-line is very well stocked numbers wise and has a lot of young talent as well. I think you want a few D-lineman every year but we’re already off to a good start with Lacouture and Natter. Looking at the roster it looks like we need to bolster the secondary more than anything else.

  9. BigRedinFL says:

    Isn’t Torii Hunter Jr, the same person that has significant legal and/or character issues in Texas? If so, have they been fully resolved, or are they still pending?

    1. teach59 says:

      Wrong son. It was Darius, not Jr.

  10. Midas Rex says:

    NU desperately in need of a JUCO DE.
    OL is next biggest need, followed by CB. Not sure I agree with Corndevel. if Kevin Williams can stay healthy, you will see his talent. same goes for Rome and Randall. Now if V. Valentine and/or Curry can develop, then NU will be ok at DT.
    DE is much more concerning. after Cam and EMart leave, only Ankrah will have experience. Have to hope McMullen can show something cuz so far none of Vestal/Ashburn/Okyemi have shown much of anything.

    1. mosier says:

      Unless he’s a sure fire stud I say we pass on a JC DE. He would be the fourth DE in the Junior class and that would be very poor class management. I’ve heard good things about both Vestal and Ashburn, they just weren’t able to show anything with 5 upperclassmen over them last year. Does anyone know if Carter has a RS available?

      Agree the DT position looks good. I see Lacouture moving down so I say we’re good there although we take Johnson if possible.

      OL has a lot of young talent too but we should take 3-5 this and every year. CB is a huge need.

  11. BlueJay says:

    Like others I am hoping to see more talent being recruited on the D-line. I love the Stanton verbal. I think this kid could be something.

    Remember also that Tommy Armstrong is on the roster. Maybe he can become that #2 QB people are looking for.

  12. RoverBrian says:

    I remain very positive that we will close on some very good recruits and have an excellent class for 2012. Gonna take some top flight work by the coaches but they will get it done for an excellent class. I would like to see some bigger, stronger recruits for running back than 5′ 10 and 185 or so. Recruit some bruisers. Speed is nice but give me size and strength who can run over some people.

  13. Clayton says:

    Definitely need all star tailbacks. Never have enough. Just ask Iowa.

  14. The last time we had a QB that was 220 to 235 pound and could run over people we were national champion Frost, Frashier thats why i like staton. as far as O line pull out the roster lots of big boy’s 6.6 6.7 300pounds to 335, now we need to get it back to were we had 3 o lines the starters were 4th 5th year seniors 1993 to 1998. Running Backs 210 to 225 recruited that can also run over people Ahman Green

    1. mosier says:

      Lack of 4th and 5th year players on the o-line has been our biggest down fall the last few years I believe. Thats what made us great before.

      1. A Fan says:

        That and a lack of recruiting talent.

  15. mosier says:

    Sandland is a huge need. Would have liked that Iowa TE too, hopefully Sayles can continue his ascent.

    You completely missed the Secondary. Especially CB. Only one Freshman and one sophmore on the roster with 6 upper classmen. Need to restock the cupboards a bit there. With Marsh at QB, Davie at WR, Heard back to RB and Moore looking like he’ll end up at WR we need safties too. Thankfully that is being addressed.

    After Sandland, Priest Willis is the guy I would most like to see N.