Published Friday, July 13, 2012 AT 8:51 PM / Updated at 9:26 PM
Recruiting: Tre’Vell Dixon no longer committed to Nebraska
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Louisiana athlete Tre’vell Dixon confirmed to Michael Bruntz at, The World-Herald’s recruiting partner, on Friday evening that he has decommitted from Nebraska, but has not committed to another school.

He said Nebraska is still in the picture to eventually earn his commitment.

“I just needed more time,” Dixon said of his decision to decommit.

Dixon has yet to visit Lincoln.

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  1. palmer says:

    Tre’vell? Best college in the world! You will get taught to run a life after football.

  2. rod apel says:

    Im not sure why he would even commit before even visiting the campus. However, Dixon was a guy everyone thought was on shaky ground with LSU out there and him being from Louisiana. They hadnt offered yet, but may have recently resulting in the defection.

  3. rick says:

    saw this coming. He will go to a school in the south, sit the bench for 3 years, and then play his senior year. What I do not understand is that some of these talented kids have the ability to start early at other schools, yet decide to sit the bench at LSU and ‘Bama, and then play their senior year. He will learn just as much here as he would there. Plus he would most likely get time for atleast 3 years. Whatever, send him on his way, pick someone else up. Just like that athlete/quarterback that went to UCLA, he’ll play up there because they don’t have his talent all over the place like they do at schools in the south, but Nebraska gets to play him the next 2 years, I hope we ruin both of em.

    1. Alum says:

      By your logic, only seniors play at LSU and AL and NE has inferior players, if one can play here for 3yrs, but only 1 for a SEC team?

    2. California Husker says:

      Rick, I have to agree with you. That is one thing that I can never understand about these recruits. They come out and go to these schools with so many other players of great talent, but they never look at where they have the best chance of playing right away. I can understand going to the big name schools and major powers, but why not come to a place where they can play right away. Yeah, a team may be going to BCS bowl games, but if they are sitting on the bench, what difference does it make?

      1. Kevin says:

        name the underclassman that are playing at nebraska right now. not many. pelini has more talent sitting on his bench than he does starting. young guys never play early here. that is why they leave. ex: green the running back.

        1. Kory Z says:

          Kevin, you need to educate yourself on Nebraska’s underclassman that played last year.

          I put this together in about 2 min, without Google, I am sure that I am missing some. This is just Soph, or Fresh that played last year.


          Kenny Bell (F), Quincy Enunwa (Soph), Arron Green (TF), Braylon Heard (TF), Ameer Abdullah (TF), Taylor Martinez (RSoph), Jamal Turner (TF), Stanley Jean-Baptist (Soph), Tyler Moore (TF), Spencer Long (RSoph), Jeremiah Sirles (Soph), Andrew Rodrigez (Soph), Jake Cotton (Fr),


          Jason Ankrah (Soph), Chase Rome (RFr), Thadeus Randle (Soph), Trevor Roach (TF), Ciante Evans (Soph), Josh Mitchell (TF), Andrew Green (Soph), Corey Cooper (RF), Harvey Jackson (RF), Stanley Jean-Baptiste (Soph)

          1. A Fan says:

            How many of those guys played a lot? A. Green (RB) had 120 yards over the season. That’s not enough PT to evaluate how good he is. The staff stated in the off season they over did it with certain players as far as playing time (Burkhead).

          2. jerseyhuskers says:

            Green couldnt learn the playbook thats why he didnt see much time

  4. rick says:

    See ya later, have fun sitting the bench for 3 years in the south. Like Jim Rome would say, “this guy is a Delta Bravo.

    1. Drinkin' Wit Terrell Farley says:

      Why are you quoting the worst sports radio host in the business? With him repeating himself and the dumb pauses the show could be an hour less. Colin Cowherd and his loud but wrong bombast is up there too.

      I don’t know why people feel the need to trash talk a teen who needs time making a decision that will impact him for the rest of his life. Furthermore, he was recruited by Corey Raymond who is no longer in Lincoln because he had the chance to go home to Baton Rouge. Nebraska is never going to bat a high average in pulling kids out of the Pelican state or the Deep South period. Unlike the ’80′s and ’90′s when the brand name of Nebraska had more leverage, now LSU isn’t coached by underachievers like Curley Hallman, has an outstanding program with recent national titles, along with the SEC brand that trumps most anything NU can offer but I digress. The most important thing is that kids tend to prefer playing closer to home though. Who can fault a kid for wanting that familiarity? You want more Louisiana kids, why don’t you get off your duff and open a Chimes or a Deanie’s seafood in Lincoln? Maybe that will help with having some comfort food from home.

      1. Phil E Blunt says:

        Drinkin, u hit it on the head. We used to pull these kids out in the 80s. Not anymore. And for all the reasons u mentioned.

      2. A Fan says:

        Good post.

  5. badgerboywiscy says:

    Good luck goin 3-8 next year…your a mediocre program with hopes of being relevant again

    1. NOHusker says:

      You’re a program is a never was so I wouldn’t talk too much trash. Nebraska has a better shot at being good this year than Wiscy. Good luck taking an unproven immobile QB and winning more than nine games.

    2. Riddlemethis says:

      Why would you make a comment like this,when your program has never been relevant?

      1. A Fan says:


    3. Ryan says:

      Oh a Wisconsin guy saying something about being mediocre? When did they win anything? How many titles you got there? Oh yeah, ZERO! Talk more when you win something!

      1. cc082099 says:

        LMAOOOO u tellem Ryan they have no reason 2 talk thats y we have more championships than they do REAL TALK . Plus wincy was not good at all until alverez got there plus were did alverez come from is Nebraska so u got no right talking about my program buddy. REAL TALK

    4. Justin says:

      This from a guy whose team has NEVER really been nationally relevant? Do they even have trophy cases in Madison? What would they put in them?

      1. Trevor says:

        they would put badgers in them, duh man, they are badgers!

    5. OldHusker75 says:

      Come on guys, no smack, the kid is just that, a kid and he’s better off being comfortable instead of spending three years of transferring. And by the way badgerboywiscy, we’ll see soon won’t we?

    6. ron says:

      Go away troll.. We shall see your Bagers later in Lincoln.. The thing is at least we were relevant, your team has never been relevant. I feel sad for you.

    7. UtaHusker says:

      * you’re

    8. Nick says:

      Classy comment from a classy Badger fan.

    9. I EAT BADGER says:

      you wish, boy. Your success at wisky is a result of Nebraska football. Barry Alvarez made you guys relevant after we made him relevant. Don’t forget. Your program hasn’t been relevant until recently and you will see that all of these programs go in cycles. See OU, FL, FSU, etc. All the REAL power houses. And it won’t be long until NU is there again. So, enjoy your success without being a butthead. This is just a game. Once your learn that, you will be relevant – well, that part I might be wrong about.

    10. ohiohusker says:

      Spoken Oh so boldly by the Wisconsin boy, whose team isn’t even in Steele’s top 50 in the Strength of Schedule. Hum, when you can start the year with 4 W’s, maybe, with Northern Iowa, Oregon State, Utah State and UTEP. I am sure you are proud you made the top 10 patsy schedule.

    11. York1 says:

      Another brilliant comment from you! Tell us, do you sit up late at night thinking up your comments, or do they just come naturally?

    12. The honey badger says:

      And your relevant how?! By losing rose bowls….. No thank you. Hollaback when you put some national titles in your trophy case. Ps everybody loves a honey badger nobody cares about an ordinary plain badger…if your gonna talk please pull your resume out

    13. TexasHusker says:

      When has Nebraska ever gone 3-8?

      You sound like a Colorado fan, thorougly accustomed to 3-win seasons, and looking forward to more of them.

    14. NebraskaNed says:

      Dear badgerboywiscy,
      Please learn to pass a freshman English class before you troll websites. “Goin” comes up on your spell check and could be enhanced with a simple apostrophe. “Goin’” You’re is a contraction for “you are.” Sincerely, a relevant educational system.

    15. Sturgis Husker says:

      Here are the facts, sir:
      Wisconsin: 636-470-51 all time, 2 heisman winners, 13 conference titles, 0 national championships
      Nebraska: 846-349-40 all time, 3 heisman winners, 43 conference titles, 5 national championships

      YOU are an extremely mediocre program, hoping to gain any relevancy.
      WE are a historically dominating program, and have been relevant since 1970.
      And Nebraska does not go 3-8. Period.
      Thank you and goodnight.

    16. Twan3484 says:

      That’s a great post from a badger fan. Your program is a poster child for mediocrity. We’ve been down for the last decade but let’s get real here. You were the 4th best program in the conference before we showed up. I know you won’t accept it, but now your 5th. Congrats on winning the conference last year, but quit trolling on other teams site’s like you’re actually a relevant program. One good year, doesn’t all of a sudden make you a national power. Go pick on the gophers.

    17. Taylor Fjeldheim says:

      Pretty sure the sker’s have NEVER been that bad… Not even with Bill Callahan running the show… Wisconsin on the other hand….8 losing seasons in a row in the late 80′s early 90′s..1-10 in 1990…. lol

    18. SlickNick says:

      Funny, i was looking at the list of national championship schools just now, didn’t see Wisconsin on there. Pipe up about relevancy when you get some chump.

    19. Nick says:

      How long did it take u to come up with that? I have never read anything as funny as that. Oh my god stop im going to pee myself. Hahaha Your lifes worth has been proven, great job!!!

    20. CornStar says:

      Lol – someone obsessed?

    21. VanCleef says:

      Hey badgerboy. Your less than mediocre team is modeled after our “mediocre” team. How does that feel?

    22. drew says:

      And just how many National Titles does Wisconsin have? Yeah, that’s what I thought. And for that matter, how many Women’s Volleyball National Titles does Wisconsin own? Yeah, that’s right again. Nothin’ else needs to be said. Loser…….

    23. jerseyhuskers says:

      Hey badgerboywiscy

      May want to check the books pal. Wis was nothing before a former HUSKER came up there to teach you kids how to play the game. What are you doing on a husker sight anyway?? Oh thats right you likely typed Big Red into Google and it took to the real site.

    24. GARY Lukert says:

      So, what did Nebraska ever do to Wisconsin? I do know the coach that got Wisconsin
      on, probably, its’ greatest run…these past 20 years…is a Nebrasaka grad, Barry Alverez.
      And, Barry has Great Respect for Nebraska. Nebraska has had pretty good 50 year run;
      with 5 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Please now, tell me about all the National Championships
      Wisconsin has rung up. By the way, Nebraska hasn’t been going 3-8—they’ve won 10-11 games
      a year the past 4 years. I don’t root against Wisconsin. I root for them. I don’t understand the
      need to rip Nebraska—they did BEAT Michigan State last year in the Regular season, 24-3.
      Wisconsin lost, though they did win the “return” game, that usually favors the team that lost
      the first game.
      Yes, Nebraska hasn’t been at the “Championship” level, but, no one is…every year. Notre Dame has
      been down 20 years. USC went thru a down period of 15 years. Alabama had a number of down years
      after Bear Bryant left.
      This year, Nebraska gets Wisconsin IN LINCOLN! Won’t be as easy for the Badgers this year.
      Again, WISCONSIN guy, why are you so nasty?

    25. Umm... says:

      So, Wisconsin is the new Kansas State? Futility U that found one good coach and with it a modicum of relevancy? BA will be gone once he gets an NFL coordinating offer or a Big XII Head Coaching offer, and Wisconsin will bask in the glow of his winning seasons and their flirtation with relevance.

  6. Gunner says:

    So another teenager changed his mind and broke a verbal commitment? Move along folks, nothing new to see here.

  7. Husker9457 says:

    @badger’boy’ – how is all of the Wisky history working for you? Come back and talk smack when you have 5 NCs under your belt…remember UW is where it is today because of an NU product – and your welcome! Everyone else should lay off of this kid – he has the right to choose where he wants to go, if it is not in Lincoln – good luck in your future endeavors

  8. Kansas Husker Fan says:

    I remember thinking when he first committed and how Nebraska was bragging about getting him an thinking what does NU have that he can not get closer to home. I suspect when he does really make up his mind it will be LSU if offered or Louisiana Tech or possibly Arkansas. I see NU is ranked at 20 on the recruiting list but for how long even that high. Lets face it NU’s glory days are still well behind us, and i like most around the country outside of the big red fans with their heads buried in the sand see nothing that points to it getting better for a long time. I predict it will be at least 5-10 years before NU wins a Big Ten title. I was watching replays of Nu’s National Championship teams and noticed one stark difference from then to now is how much more fired up they were, and how they would hit there positions like they could not wait for the next play. Very seldom do you see that on Pelinis teams as they look more mechanical and less emotional.

    1. Davey says:

      Not emotional? Pretty sure he gets em fired up…and it wont be even close to 10 years. Kick rocks! We’ll be running for one this year and every year following.

    2. A Fan says:

      The Nebraska teams of the 80s and 90s looked much more athletic than the teams we’ve had the last 10 years. I think Nebraska is looking at 9 and 10 win seasons, with a title every 5 years… may be. A Solich type program.

  9. jjc says:

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Wisconsin. Shouldn’t you be out looking for your next quarterback….that’s playing for another college right now.

  10. Bryan says:

    Seriously, you just can’t blame the kid to much. And I have to agree, he committed without ever setting foot in Lincoln, because of Coach Raymond. He is young, and he should take the time to think things through. I say, Best of Luck no matter where he ends up. As always, GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. DBINOREGON says:

    For anyone that saw my comments about the Stanton “commit” this guy gives credence to what I was saying. All these “commits” sound great and it is part of the process. But until they sign in Feb. it’s a crap shoot so while its exciting to get guys verbals it’s as binding as not getting their verbal, means very little. Remember these are HIGH SCHOOL kids, don’t know about you but when I was their age (decades ago) I changed my mind all the time about a lot of things. To get mad at these kids is silly really, first they aren’t going to read your comments and too they haven’t done anything wrong. So just keep that excitement tempered with future “verbals” cause that’s all they are btwn now and Feb. ’13. GBR!

  12. SilenceDoGood says:

    It’s best that he be up front with his current direction. Nebraska now knows that he likely won’t be coming. He sounds like he is really unsure of what he wants to do and that’s ok. Some guys just don’t let you know and can hurt your recruiting process so at least this young man was respectful and let us know. It shows that he has good basic character. That in the end will help our recruiting process because we have a long time to recruit other young men to fill in the spot that was intended for him. It also shows other interested teams that he is’nt likely to commit and then drag it out until December or January and then go somewhere else. Best hopes for the young man and thanks for letting us know so early in year.

  13. HuskerRebel says:

    badgerboywiscy: When was Wisconsin ever relevant? Have they ever won a National
    Championship? Without the Nebraska influence, e.g., your Athletic Director, you
    wouldn’t even be mentioned.

  14. PE says:

    As Tom Osborne would say…”you can come and win with us, or you can go some place else and loose to us”.

  15. jerseyhuskers says:

    Hey badgerboywiscy

    May want to check the books pal. Wis was nothing before a former HUSKER came up there to teach you kids how to play the game. What are you doing on a husker sight anyway?? Oh thats right you likely typed Big Red into Google and it took to the real site.

  16. CornStar says:

    This is the least surprising news ive heard. Im just not overly concerned about it. If he got to campus his mind would change.

  17. Mike Caramba says:

    People need to lay off this kid. He’s a teenager and he made a premature decision by committing. He may still be N. And if not, best of luck to him, wherever he goes.

  18. badgerboywiscy says:

    Stop livin in the past your beloved program is dead. 48-17 NUFF SAID

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      I think referring to a score from last year is, by definition, “living in the past”. Way to go.

    2. jerseyhuskers says:

      We’ll see how you far this year with another renta QB. Your team was lucky to get any wins last year. If not for the one and done QB program your running you would have gotten rolled all year. See you in Lincoln big guy.

    3. The honey badger says:

      Uh you don’t have much of a past your average presently and your future doesn’t look bright with mich osu being back Nebraska having to step up wisky is husker lite and when you come to Lincoln get ready for mouth to be shut up. Can’t Believe the nerve to talk with out titles or history… Atleast Iowa has title

    4. A Fan says:

      They have the scoreboard on us. Until Nebraska beats a team like Wisconsin 48 – 17… we don’t have much to talk about. Unless it happened with Nebraska football 15, or more, years ago.

  19. Valid Victorian says:

    Come on guys lay off badger boy. It’s very apparent Wisconsin is full of class……let’s see…..drink to excess and cuss all game long… Classy fans

    1. CornStar says:

      That actually sounds like every fan of college football in general lol.

      Why is this Wisconsin fella roaming our articles anyways??

      (Obsession, they are scared) should be too

  20. OC Husker says:

    I would say don’t fault the kid too hard for changing his mind. The coach that recruited him is gone and at least the kid is being up front early on. Who knows, maybe he’ll still visit and then change his mind.
    Also, why are all of you getting riled about the Wiscy fool?
    A) He is the epitome of a troll. Look it up. A troll is one who makes inflammatory comments to provoke readers into an uproar and hijack the thread. Judging by all the responses, he is a success. Why feed into him? It doesn’t even justify a response.
    B) Why are you bashing Wisconsin? Wisconsin has a great program too. Their culture and work ethic is very similar to Nebraska’s. They have done well lately and should be proud and hopeful. This teenage troll does not represent typical Wisconsin fans but you are letting him get a rise out of you, hijack the thread, and inspire you to slam a respectable program, making you look just like him.

    1. VanCleef says:

      Ease up there, blog cop!!!

  21. Colorado Springer says:

    Going to be an interesting B1G opener in Lincoln this year! Hope the kids are as fired up as you guys are.

  22. DCHusker says:

    I knew when we joined a new conference that we would have a few surprises, but who would have thought that the overwhelming lack of class in Madison would be one of the biggest!

  23. TO~class says:

    Looks like Barry still has some teaching to do up in Wisconsin.. strange a badger lurking on Husker paper.. must be sour grapes due to A.J. Natter choosing Nebraska over an offer from his home state.

    Excellent post Caramba – lol – ”living in the past”

  24. Jason T says:


  25. whiscytangsangfang says:

    guys can we all just agree that we hate iowa football and miss iawo state more? also, we should schedule home and home series with northern iwai

  26. NUCORNDEVIL says:



    1. brutus1382 says:

      You had me at “I KNOW NOTHING”.

      1. KSU student w/red blood says:

        hahahahaha! awesome.

    2. Rick says:

      He may win one, who knows, but odds are it will be while he sits the bench. They recruit his talent every year twice over. Plug and play. Over recruit, over promise……Whatever I really give up on the recruiting thing from now on and will simply watch the game and hope we win.

      Go skers!

      Wiscy boy sucks.

    3. Colorado Springer says:

      Boy your giddiness at getting a QB didn’t last long. He was always hoping for an SEC scholarship. That was clear in the first story about him and figured he was shaky at best. Didn’t you?

    4. Mike Caramba says:

      He doesn’t have an LSU offer.

      1. Mike Caramba says:

        I only point this out because for someone who purports to spread truth, you’re generally bad with facts. It’s all kneejerk reactions and motivated reasoning with you.

  27. VanCleef says:

    Now that’s “Solid!”

  28. cc082099 says:

    All yall haters need 2 stop hating on my skers baby until yall win as many championships as we did just shut the hell up about my huskers. REAL TALK

  29. A Fan says:

    A joke. Any fan who thinks a program to be elite… and it’s been 12 years since that program has won a conference title. 10 years since that program has been to a BCS bowl.

    Nebraska fans in Nebraska consider the Cornhuskers to be a factor in college football. The rest of the college football fans around the country… not so much.

    1. jerseyhuskers says:

      SO true, we get a big win and all you hear is how the other team didnt play up to their standards. Even when we were winning titles nobody respected our program.

  30. A Fan says:

    Good luck to Dixon.

  31. Kevin says:

    I’d be real interested to see how many players recruited as “athletes” really panned out. Every time I see an “athlete” for a position, I’m a little skeptical anyways…