Published Sunday, July 22, 2012 AT 9:34 PM / Updated at 12:09 AM
Recruiting: Johnny Be Elite
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska’s recruiting class may or may not get much of a statistical bump from ESPN’s Elite 11 quarterback camp.

But the perception of the Huskers program did, for 2013 quarterback commit Johnny Stanton made the final Elite 11 list after nearly a week of competition.

A 6-foot-2, 210-pounder from Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.), Stanton battled 24 other quarterbacks for 11 finalist spots. On Friday and Saturday, he was the camp’s No. 1 quarterback, but the Elite 11 staff named South Florida commit Asiantii Woolard the MVP.

A four-star prospect according to 247Sports, Stanton picked NU over Oregon and Wisconsin July 9. He took two unofficial visits to campus — including one in which he threw for offensive coordinator Tim Beck and impressed enough to earn a scholarship offer. He also worked out with personal quarterbacks coach Steve Calhoun and current Husker starter Taylor Martinez, who teamed up with Calhoun this spring to improve his throwing mechanics.

After leading his school to a state title in California — throwing for 2,439 yards and rushing for 1,428 — Stanton went on a summer tour hoping to change any perception that he was an athlete prospect instead of a quarterback. And he qualified for a spot in the Elite 11 camp.

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  1. A Fan says:

    Rivals and Scout have him as a 3 star recruit.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      Your point?

      1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

        “A Fan of Any Team Other Than the Team Coached by Pelini’s” point is that the glass is always half empty in his anti-scarlet colored glasses.

        You have to give it to him for his consistency in trying to sour the typcial Nebraska fan by spewing his anti-Nebraska rhetoric even when great news like Johnny Stanton’s commitment to Nebraska is announced. He would give Baghdad Bob a run for his money.

        1. A Fan says:

          Fine with Stanton being at Nebraska. It’s a good pickup. You feel better now, or do you need a Midol?

          1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            B BOB translation: “Its a great pickup”

            High praise indeed sir.

          2. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            Elite 11 Selection Show War Room: Part 1

            Please feel free to skip forward to the 2:10 mark where the unanimous, effusive praise (by the Elite 11 staff) for Johnny Stanton begins.

            Hats off to Bo Pelini & his staff for seeing the talent of this “3 star” gamechanging “diamond in the rough” that negative Nebraska naysayers think is no big deal.

      2. A Fan says:

        The point is… report the entire news. Stanton is a 4 star by one recruiting service, a 3 star by two others. You bring the paper, I’ll give you the crayons.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          Are you seriously suggesting every recruiting article read: “Steve Johnson, a three star according to 247 Sports, a three star according to Rivals, a four star according to Scout, and a two star according to ESPN…”?

          If the post was *about* Johnny Stanton’s stars, yeah, it would be neglectful to only refer to one site. However, when it’s mentioned in passing, the recruiting service is cited, and it is a partner of the publication (meaning, the results aren’t being cherry-picked — they cite 247 on all recruiting posts), there’s no reason to complain.

          By the way, the credibility of your argument takes a minor hit when you neglect to mention ESPN has him as a four-star.

          1. Kevin says:

            At this point he is heading into his senior season I believe. So the Star rating may change to 4 across the board or go up to 5. I have seen 5 star guys drop to 4, it’s not a rating system that is set in stone. He looks to bee a good recruit, considering guys Ne had rated higher wouldn’t commit to the NU. So glad he is aboard for now.

        2. KeepCalm says:

          OWH has relationship with 247, hence the usage of 247 as default ratings.

          1. Travis says:

            I think him stating who ranked him 4 stars in enough information. There are too many recruiting rankings anymore to list them all.

    2. TexasHusker says:

      Judging by your posts, I’d guess you’re “A Fan” of another program.

      Colorado, I’m guessing.

      Looking forward to another ten-loss season?

      1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

        A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.
        -Marcus Tullius Cicero

    3. Sam McKewon Sam McKewon says:

      Good for them. Neither site has put Stanton or any other quarterback through as rigorous a test as Elite 11. Doesn’t mean they’re not right anyway.

      1. A Fan says:

        Sam… what is the big deal? One recruiting service has Stanton as a 4 star and two others as a 3 star. Just pointing that out.

        I’m happy as a clam Nebraska is getting him (assuming he signs). We need a good QB in the 2013 class.

        1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          Good to know you are a happy clam! Quite a “good” verbal feather in Bo Pelini’s recruiting cap wouldn’t you say?

          Care to say anything “good” about this “good” pickup?

    4. Big Bear says:

      ESPN Recruiting has him as a 4-star. He is constantly being compared to Jake Locker and Tim Tebow, which were 4 and 5 stars respectively. My guess is that the recruiting services will adjust their rankings when the camps are over and the season has begun.

    5. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      How disappointing for you to know that he picked Nebraska over Oregon. You were so bullish about the program known most famously for the ” video game 3.0 uniforms” that it was really neat to see you rattle positives attributes for a change. But very confusing why Oregon and the following teams would want this winner if you now disparage him as “only being a 3 star”. Besides visiting OU & Notre Dame, Johnny had the following scholarship offers including speculation that USC & Stanford would be interested in him after his Elite 11 performance:

      Nebraska COMMITTED (07/09/2012) Offered None Tim Beck, Rich Fisher
      Air Force Offered
      California Offered
      Navy Offered
      Oregon Offered
      Oregon St. Offered
      San Diego St. Offered
      Utah Offered
      Utah St. Offered
      Washington Offered
      Wisconsin Offered

      1. A Fan says:

        No… I pointed out Rivals and Scout has him as a 3 star recruit. You want to get butthurt over that, get some toilet paper.

        1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          Strange, I don’t remember you pointing this out when you made the eloquent pitch on why he should sign with Oregon over Nebraska.

          Very detailed and made me wonder if you had any elevator pitch for NU. You do know the merits of the Nebraska program, don’t you?

          Or are you in the “hope the program fails for coaching regime change camp”. This would certainly explain the negative spin on even positive Nebraska recruiting news.

    6. Mike Caramba says:

      You are too much, man. The kid has no noteworthy qb scholarship offers at the beginning of the summer. He goes on a tour, earns offers from every school he wants one from (Nebraska, Oregon, Wisconsin), almost immediately after their coaches see him throw. He goes to the nation’s top recruiting camp, with most top quarterbacks, including commits to PSU, Bama, USC, Michigan, Miami, OU, Texas, Georgia, ND, Ohio State, LSU, etc., outperforms many/most of them, and walks away with Elite 11 honors. The kid has not failed to impress everyone he’s thrown for in the last three months.

      …And you still find reason to complain about him. I don’t know why I’m arguing. It’s a given that Rivals and Scout will make this kid 4-star before too long. Then you can go on to pointing out that he didn’t have offers from Bama, LSU, or USC.

      1. A Fan says:

        Mike… who is complaining about him? I’m not. Again… for the thousandth time… I’m glad Nebraska got him. We need a good QB. Not sure why some on here are so sensitive to what he’s rated by all 3 recruiting services.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          If it wasn’t clear, I can honestly say I could not care less what anyone rates him, whether it be one star or five.

    7. Trojan says:

      Hate to burst your bubble Hoosker fans but checkout our recruiting board. Lead by the top rated QB in the country. 5 Star 6.1 rating. If you do not understand that I can understand why. You have never had a 6.1 rated player.

      1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

        Hats of to Trojan here for having the stones to let us know up front where his team’s allegiances are.

        Trojan might be an enemy at the gates but he is head and shoulders above the many traitors among us that pretend to have allegiances to NU.

        Good luck this year with injuries Trojan, heard an analyst say that you have the wherewithal to go all the way but because of the sanctions any injuries would be devastating.

  2. Josh says:

    Yeah and Robert Griffin was a 3 star the beginning of his senior year but they moved him up. Rivals will make him to a 4 by the end of the season.

  3. HuskerNLawrence says:

    Great job Mr Stanton! Keep working hard. We are proud to have you in HuskerNation.

  4. jerry says:

    Same problem for game changers..perception of nebraska outside Nebraska with recruits of Pelini and his staff is a average team…SAD we let Pelini change the culture of Nebraska CLASS to a Ohio coal miner

    1. krobb says:

      Jerry, What is your problem? We have a great qb recruit. Why are you bashing Pelini for getting a very good QB? You know, you are the type of guy who got your lunch money taken from you…. Right. You can’t appreciate anything can you? Find another team.

    2. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Bring back Callahan!!!!!!

      1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

        And Cosgrove!!

        1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          And John Blake!!

    3. York1 says:


      I’ll bet that even Ohio coal miner Pellini knows the difference between “a” and “an”.

    4. I EAT BADGER says:

      You’re nothing but a troll. Oh and a loser.

      1. Trojan says:

        I Eat Badger I do not want to get into your little squabble in your midwest corn field BUT is that what you call EATTING BADGER when you got your butts kicked by lowely Wisconsin? Corn people are the funniest people.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          You guys almost lost to the second worst team in the Big Ten at home. You lost to Arizona State. Your recruiting class may be awesome, but maybe you should hold off on talking down until you…ya know…win something.

  5. Bo Poolini says:

    With the luck we’ve had the last five years in regards to our QB recruiting, i’m concerned with him signing in Feb.

    1. TexasHusker says:

      I think he’s a perfect match for our new offense, and I don’t anticipate any mulit-million dollar offers coming from Major League Baseball.

      1. UltimaRatioRegum says:

        It didn’t take MLB offers to lose the Gabberts….

        1. Tripduz says:

          We lost Carl Crawford back in the day to MLB. Then we lost Curt Dukes and he barely played a down at Duke…I think the moved him to safety! Then we lost Harrison Beck to NCState who sucked it up for a year or two. Then we lost Josh Freeman, who ended up losing every game to the Huskers as a KSU starter. 0-3. We lost Blaine Gabbert to Mizzou, who ended his career 0-2 vs Nebraska. His little snot brother decommitted and has now been to 3 other schools without playing a down. He actually committed to Shawn Watson twice!! Once with NU once with Louisville, lol.

          Notice a trend? It’s not like these qbs we are losing are going on to set the NCAA on fire! Sure Gabbert and Freeman are NFL but that doesn’t translate to being a winning college qb.

          1. MarianasRed says:

            preach it bro…

          2. Doug Hemke says:

            if we hadn’t lost carl crawford, frank would still be our coach along with a couple of more bcs titles. “For all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these… it might have been.”

      2. Mike Caramba says:

        I hope you know NUCORNDEVIL won’t be able to resist laying into you for calling our offense “new”, when he reads this. Fasten your seatbelt.

    2. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Why do you anti-Nebraska cowards have so little faith?

  6. HoosierHuskerFan says:

    I don’t get too hung up on the rankings or number of stars awarded by Rivals or Scout or whoever. The kid looks like a stud, plays like a stud and is now proving himself to be a stud among the other quality quarterbacks from across the country. He seems like a good fit for Nebraska and is another hard-working kid that reminds me of Rex Burkhead in his demeanor and work ethic. I can’t wait to see Johnny Stanton and Tommy Armstrong compete for the starting job.

  7. Black shirts for life says:

    ? Gabberts ?

  8. NEBRASKA WINS says:

    Mr. Stanton a great decision that you made and with the help of your parents. We are glad you are now a Husker for life. From A Husker from birth. THANKS.

    1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Johnny, welcome to the Nebraska family!

      Mohammed Seisay said it best in Randy York’s N-Sider Blog about what this means to be part of the Husker family:

      “The people in Nebraska are really friendly,” he said. “They’re genuine, and they really know their football. I think I fit in well here because my parents raised me well. Even as a young man, I learned to respect my elders and all of that. I learned a lot at military school, too. I know the importance of family. The way I look at it, Nebraska is my new family, and I’m going to do everything I can to help my family.”

  9. ohiohusker says:

    Johnny, reminds me of the players recruited during hte mid 90′s, 60-3 years. Hard work and the ability to make those around him believe they can reach for national championships :). A great kid and a great addition to the team.

  10. Kansas Husker Fan says:

    Stanton to me so far looks like the real deal. So i’m wondering how this will play out with Tommy Armstrong who was the fans second coming last year. Of course ideally with Armstrong an Stanton competing against each other has to make them both better. I would like to see some big stories on recruiting top linemen as our quarterbacks need lots of help in that regards.

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      People liked Armstrong, sure, but second coming? Not to most. Anyone who has seen/read about Stanton, rather than lazily glancing at Rivals/Scout, is extremely excited about Johnny — even NUCORNDEVIL. Excitement for Stanton is next-level. That said, Armstrong is quality, and QB competition should be really, really good in 2014.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


        1. Mike Caramba says:

          Keep dreaming.

    2. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Elite 11 Selection Show War Room: Part 1

      See 2:10 mark
      Unanimous raise (by the Elite 11 staff) for Johnny Stanton begins…

  11. andy says:

    I’m pretty certain Sam Bradford was a 3*** back in the day…..

  12. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    1. You cant put a star on this kids heart, and determination.
    2. NU doesnt have a ‘new’ offense, it has an evolving offense, in which case, our offense has been de-evolving, since Watson left.
    3. Johnny Stanton will enable NU to run a more sophisticated offense, with multiple back sets. Johnny Stanton is progressive evolution.

    1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Definitely an evolution away from finesse football.

      2005 = 91 yards rushing per game
      2011 = 224 yards rushing per game

  13. keith says:

    I can’t understand why everyone has such a problem with Bo being our coach. Remember Callahan? And Bo is doing as good a job as an early Tom Osborne. Right up there with Frankie! It’s his first job as a head coach and he’s still learning. Just as TO did. The players love him…he and the staff are doing a good job of recruiting and he is learning what it takes to motivate his players to go beyond what they are capable of. Games like the Ohio State game last year will help. learning to blow off stupid calls like the one the ref made last year at Michigan and continue to play to win are what is necessary for this to become a team that will win games it maybe shouldn’t. This is Nebraska… One of the top 5 winningest programs in College football history… we are now in the Big 10 along with other teams of our caliber. Things will only get better! Thank Goodness we don’t have Steve Pederson/Bill Callahan anymore and the Future Looks Great! Here we go! GBR!

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      If Pelini showed signs of qualified mental aptitude, which would validate his position as an HC for a top 5 football program, i could see your point, but he is in waaaaay over his mental pay grade.

      1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

        Pelini took over a 5-7 team and in his second & third seasons narrowly came away with successive Big 12 Championships. Losing by a total of 4 points to Mack Brown & Bob Stoops in Big 12 Championship games does not show being waaaaay over your head.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Sorry my friend, those were Bill Calliham players, Bill Calliham may not have had the charisma to swoon the Husker faithful, or the guts to put his long time friend in the unemployment line, but he sure knew talent, and is light years beyond Pelini when it comes to football aptitude.
          Again, any Coach with 10 years experience in Div1 football can do what Pelini is doing, with NU talent.

          1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            So Bill Calliham had the “mental aptitude” & “football aptitude” to go 5-7 due to his “charisma” & his special ability to “sure know talent” and amass it.

            On the other hand, Pelini could only take said talent like Suh, Amukamara, David and turn them into some of the greatest players NU has ever had while never posting a non 9 win season.

            Crystal clear now. You hate Pelini so much that you will resort to glorifying Calliham.

          2. TexasHusker says:


            I think we have the truth now.

            CORNDEVIL is just a butthurt Bill Callahan, still insisting that he really, really is an excellent head coach.

            How effing pathetic.

          3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Like i said,, had Calliham had the guts to axe that pay Check Collector Cozgrove, he may not have gone 5-7.
            Look what he did with 2 QB’s who should have never been playing Div 1 football.
            Those players you speak of played defense, Coz, and DC’s like him went Out of style in the 60′s, he admitted he was lost, he couldn’t call a defense to save his job.
            It seems Osborne was impressed with Calliham’s system, he retained Watson, Callihams endorsed disciple.

          4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Oh, and yes, if you think waiting 25 years for Osborne to win it all, a man light years more intelligent than Pelini, nobody on this blogg, staff or members, will ever witness Pelini win a National Title.

          5. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            The 11 Worst College Football Coaching Performances of the 21st Century

            #4 Bill Callahan, Nebraska

            Twenty-two losses in four years. Legendary Cornhusker coach Bob Devaney lost only 20 games in his entire career at Nebraska. Frightening.


          6. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            The 20 Worst College Football Coaching Hires of the Last 20 Years

            #8. Bill Callahan – Nebraska

            Bleacher Report

          7. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            SB Nation
            Mount Failmore: Worst. Coaches. Ever.
            by Chris Littmann • Jul 30, 2009 5:15 PM EDT

            Bill Callahan: Callahan was particularly wondrous in not only not changing the signals before a Super Bowl despite the other coach being his former boss who knew the entire system, but for his limpid performance as Coach at Nebraska, where the crowning achievement of his career may be calling Oklahoma fans “f—– hillbillies” post-game.
            -Spencer Hall

          8. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

            Billy C. did not care one iota about the “boring” defensive details or about getting the requisite effort from his 5 stars being needed to win. His 2007 pinkshirts (with 5 defeats by at least 18 points) was the worst defense ever to take the field in the history of the Nebraska.

            “You have to play with intensity. These coaches tried very hard to have that happen. Yet sometimes you didn’t see the effort and intensity you like to see in a football game,”
            -Tom Osborne

            2007 Previous record (Year)
            TD passes allowed 20 19 (1948)
            Total TDs allowed 59 41 (1948, 2002)
            Total yards allowed 5,722 5,067 (2002)
            Total YPG allowed 476.8 379.5 (1948)
            Points allowed 455 335 (2002)
            PPG allowed 37.9 32.6 (1943)
            First downs allowed 229 272 (2002)
            Comp pct allowed 57.7 56.7 (2004)
            Sacks 13 25 (2000,’04)
            Takeaways 11 19 (1962, ’93, 2000)

        2. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          Sports Illustrated
          2000s: The Decade in Sports
          CFB: Highlights and lowlights

          WORST COACHING HIRE: Bill Callahan, Nebraska

          In 2003, then-AD Steve Pedersen fired sixth-year coach Frank Solich (despite his .750 winning percentage) and replaced him with the ex-Oakland Raiders coach. The school’s first outside hire in 42 years, Callahan scrapped Nebraska’s long-synonymous option offense in favor of an NFL-style passing attack, alienated fans and former players, oversaw the program’s first losing season since 1961. His last team (in 2007) went 5-7 and allowed a school-record 455 points.

          Read more:

        3. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          “Look what he did with 2 QB’s who should have never been playing Div 1 football.”

          Strange, I thought Billy C. was a WCO recruiting guru that was gonna start a direct pipeline from the Elite 11 through Lincoln and to the pros. If only he could of got a 6″5 230 QB pure bread Adonis like Sam Keller things would have turned out so much different. Or what if Billy had an actual Elite 11 kid like a Harrison Beck! Lights out!! His offense definitely “would have taken what it wanted’ right to the BCS Championship game instead of getting beat by 70-10 by Texas Tech with 6’5 175 pound Beau Davis throwing 4 ints.

          By the way, was it worth the risk in having John Blake on the staff and his penchant for recruiting violations (see Switzer, Barry & Carolina, North) but end up running a WCO with “2 QB’s who should have never been playing Div 1 football’?

        4. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          Interim Nebraska AD Osborne fires Callahan

          “Callahan was widely acclaimed for his recruiting, and each of his classes was ranked high by analysts. But many of those players never delivered, and Callahan’s ability to develop talent was questioned.”
          -Joe Schad, ESPN

        5. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

          Bad company
          Callahan nearly on five-worst list? Fans want answers
          Sports Illustrated
          Stewart Mandell

          “The above e-mailers mentioned the impressive strides he’s made in recruiting. There’s a reason for that. Because of the drastic personnel makeover Callahan had to undergo to run his desired style of offense, he was able to go into the living rooms of blue-chip athletes around the country with the promise of instant playing time. Over a longer period of time, however, it’s unrealistic to think Nebraska will be able to remain a true, national recruiting force like USC. This is nothing against Nebraska; it’s just reality. Given the choice between spending four years in L.A., Florida or Lincoln, Neb., which do you think a five-star receiver from Virginia is going to choose? And the fact is, Callahan is going to be almost entirely dependent on these types of recruits because 6-foot-5 pro-style quarterbacks and 4.4 receivers aren’t exactly growing on trees in Nebraska’s backyard.
          Furthermore, it’s asking a lot of college quarterbacks to run a full-fledged, NFL-style version of the West Coast offense. It’s just too complicated. At other programs that have attempted it, the typical QB has taken three years to fully grasp it. (UCLA’s Drew Olson being a perfect example.) Callahan has been fortunate thus far to be able to land a juco transfer (Zac Taylor) who’d already been in the system and now a fifth-year senior transfer in Sam Keller. It won’t always be that way. When the inevitable day comes that he needs to start a freshman or sophomore, it’s going to be 2004-05 all over again.”

  14. Handy Johnson says:

    Sounds promising, but all we can really do is hope this kid’s the next Ferragamo and NOT the next Beau Davis (remember him?)

    1. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Johnny has the potential to be the second coming of Scott Frost. This past season Johnny lead his team to a CIF Pac-5 Championship and CA State Championship.

      Stanton is a QB that is built for Nebraska’s offense. He is a dual-threat QB, but is a passer first and runner second.

      But that doe not mean he can’t lay a hit. He is decently fast, but hits like a fullback. Watching his video, Stanton has great skills and leadership.

  15. Colorado Springer says:

    The comparisons to past QB’s is interesting but this kid will be whatever he and his teammates make themselves into. Football is a team sport more than any other. If he was on a poor team, we wouldn’t give him the time of day. All the othe Nebraska QB’s were dependent on their teammates for their doing their jobs as part of a TEAM. I am amazed at all the hype that fans are putting on this kid who hasn’t even played his senior year in high school. I hope that he has a great career at Nebraska because that means we will have a great group of young men that played together and did their jobs as part of a team.

  16. Trojan says:

    Great Hoosker fans you have a three star QB!! Yipe??? If you have checked the board Recruiting Board) you will see USC has the top QB in the country. 5 star with a 6.1 rating. We have three 5 star recruits so far and 13 four star. So you can see the rich keep getting richer. Hooskers I see you have three four star athletes so far. You should be so proud. Checkout any recruiting mag and you will see comments like “amazing” “highest rated class ever”. WE ARE SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      Yes, the top qb recruit in the country, who was outperformed by our lowly three-star at the Elite 11. You can have Max. We want Johnny.

    2. An Actual Nebraska Fan says:

      Hey Trojan, there are many marginal “grass is always greener” Nebraska fans on the blogs here that would love to jump on your Sunkist SoCal Rivals 5 star bandwagon. Could you please keep frequenting the Nebraska boards here and see if you can convert these whiny anti NU fans to SC fans?

      P.S. You have already gained their respect by brazenly showing your team colors. Most of these CINO (Cornhusker In Name Only) “fans” hide in cowardice pretending to be loyal NU fans but they are not.

  17. GBR says:

    Go big red. Sock’em in the head. Don’t give ‘em roses. Give ‘em bloody noses! Yay!