Published Monday, July 23, 2012 AT 5:16 PM / Updated at 6:16 PM
Recruiting: KC OL down to Huskers, Hogs
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Contrary to the fears of some Nebraska fans, three-star offensive guard Zach Hannon didn’t commit to Arkansas during his visit to Fayetteville last weekend. The Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst star does have the Razorbacks in his top two with the Huskers, however.

“They’re trying to sell me, they’re doing a good job,” Hannon told Huskers Illustrated of his interactions with Nebraska’s coaching staff. “Obviously, Arkansas and Nebraska have two of my favorite coaching staffs, not just my position coach. It’s tough. It’s real tough right now. Like I said, I’m pretty much torn between the two right now.”

Complicating matters a bit, of course, is that Arkansas’ coaching staff may not be there after this year. Although the sacked Bobby Petrino’s staff stayed intact for what may be a national title run in 2012 — and John L. Smith became the program’s interim head coach — Arkansas still plans a full-scale coaching search. And whoever that coach turns out to be will want his own staff.

Hannon said he’d like to decide “before August.” So in the next week. Nebraska’s shown this kid — and his family — all it could on the Big Red Weekend visit.

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  1. Mike Caramba says:

    Hope we get him and his buddy Boyd — they’d be a big help to this class.

  2. SilenceDoGood says:

    NU, is making what looks like a potential run at the national title this season too and were going to be largly in tact next season as well for another shot. A ring and trophy this year and next are very real possibilities at NU. With the guys we have now at qb we should have a great signal caller for the next several years as well. I think that some of the guys will start jumping on board soon because once the year gets going, the secret of NU football will be out of the bag and the class will fill up fast!

    1. BigRedneck says:

      Right on, Right on.

    2. ME says:

      This is sarcasm right? NU has no real chance at the national championship, so that was either sarcasm or a sign that you need to pull your head out of the kool aid bowl.

      1. ron says:

        Back away from the kool-aid big guy. :)

        1. Yeah Right says:

          not sure anyone is even serving that flavor of kool-aid…I think one too many dives in the shallow end.

    3. Bench Martinez says:

      HA!! Best joke I’ve heard all day.

    4. Black shirts for life says:

      I agree, think positive ! I have a good feeling about our O line in the years to come as well

    5. shane says:

      Not a chance at a title, but if you want to be crazy. Go put a 100 in vegas and if for some miracle reason the huskers win it, you will get back 3500.

  3. R says:

    ..In the theory of success breeds further success….we’ve yet to see real “Success” on the field–a couple of favorite “bounces” could well pitch the bugEaters forward, or (bad bounces) pitch them right back down to the Briar-patch, of the past several years.

    Lace’em up, play some ball, and see what happens.

    It kinda feels like 1969 all over again, at NU. A damn fun year , that started with a loss to USC 31-21 at home…but picked up steam the rest of the year.

    1. James says:

      1969? I believe Husker fandom has the largest base of phd level historians. If it not the 94-97 we don’t need to recruit, the walkons brother, crowd, it’s the dontcha know they gave TO like forever. Now it’s the I feel it’s 1969 and the breakout is imminent. Put those OWH coffee table books away. All in the Family went of the air, Nixon, the guy from Jeffersons and Opie’s dad are dead.

  4. wihusker says:


    1. Reason says:

      Um… does it really matter if a lineman can throw?

  5. SilenceDoGood says:

    Okay, last year we dominated MSU, so why do you think that this year we are somehow going to “obviously” get beat by MSU? Sure if we don’t show up and play lights out, we might lose just about every game. Remember Martinez was still slowed from his ancle/foot issue last year and add to that he was running a new offense. You can even add to the problems that his receivers dropped too many passes. This year the returning wr’s are listed as the best in the league. Our offensive line is in it’s 2nd year of this offense and that will breed consistancy. Our RB’s have added 2 big backs that are both high caliber and that will help us when we run the belly “g” series plays that we used with success last year but did so without the big back. Our kickers are both back and our starting RB Burkhead is also back. On defense, last year we had our young guys trying to learn as they played because the older guys were out with injuries. Those young talented guys along with Stiekhuler are back. Our DB’s have more depth and experience this season. That right there should tell you that we should once again get back to one of the top 10 secondaries in the nation in pass coverage. Don’t be so down, I really see more depth, talent and desire to get the job done this year than I have seen since 1994. I really do think that this team can make a run at a national championship. If we bring it each week, we could do it. The one area that concerns me is rather or not the defensive line is healthy. They claim that it will be in August. Can we keep it that way?

    1. A Fan says:

      Nebraska is at Michigan State… that would be one reason we could lose. Every year, for the past 10 years, I’ve read all the comments about how Nebraska has a shot at a national title. The season unfolds, and at least for the past 4 years, we end up 9 – 4 or 10 – 4. There is little to suggest 2012 is going to be any different than the last few years. I wish it was otherwise, but until the Cornhuskers can put together a few years of 10+ wins, win at least one title, play in a BCS bowl… all this talk about being in the national title hunt is simply wishing for it.

      1. Jay says:

        Why do people have to bash lofty aspirations of others? It is VERY realistic to think NU won’t win a national title in 99% of all seasons. Nebraska players and coaches approach every season and every game with the same expectation EVERY time… win the game. We recruit quality players, have top notch coaches (according to most people) and have as close to an unlimited budget as a college football team can have.

        A FAN, it would be great if you could think back to ’78 or ’79 when you were bagging on Osborne as being a “mediocre” coach who gets “mediocre” talent, who will never beat Oklahoma or let alone win a national championship.

        Do me and every Husker a favor. GO AWAY. You are not smart because you think we aren’t going to win a national championship. Your just a wet rag.

      2. James says:

        Read the history books, it’s all like 1969. Jeez !

  6. Caine Mutiny says:

    National title?? What an absurd rediculous statement. Even inspight if we have great defense, We havent proven anything on offense. National Champions almost always have a run dominated offense, and a quarterback that can break tackles. Until we get these things, we are just spinning our tires.. And to me? Beck is just like Watson.. He marches to his own tune, and fails to use the resouces at the University of Nebraska..

    1. Tripduz says:

      You speak that way of Beck after one season? Wow. What leads you to believe he doesn’t use his “resources”? Just curious.

      Nebraska will be fine. With a break or two we could end up big 10 title game and BCS bound. I like how the media is writing us off as opposed to last year when we were the favorites. We have a strong offense that will go as far as Martinez and the OL can take us. And our defense has serious depth with a lot of young studs ready to emerge.

      National title? I doubt it. But I think we can make strides and finish 10 wins or better.

      1. Brad Talkington says:

        Our team was in a rebuilding year last year I never understood the lofty expectations from everyone. This year we should be able to accomplish more and build off the flashes of greatness that the team showed last year. I thought our offense made strides last year and we beat ourselves in our loses. It is not out of the question for the Husker to be part of the NC discussion the next two seasons if we can get the D line back to respectable this year.

    2. ME says:

      What are you even talking about? Beck is just like Watson? How? “He marches to his own tune and fails to use the resources at the University of Nebraska,” what the hell does that even mean??

    3. Tom Parks says:

      You prove things on offense playing each game in the current season…..let’s give it a chance.

  7. Tripduz says:

    2013 on the other hand, that looks promising. Sure we lose Burkhead but the core of the OL and Abdullah will be matured. Our Wr’s will all stay in tact. Our LB’s will be tough. What we need to find are the DE’s built to contain mobile qb’s. That’s what we have been missing for a while. (hopefully joe carter plays that role this year)

    Still take a look at the 2013 schedule. We drop Ohio State and Wisky for Illinois and Purdue. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be 8-0 heading into a 4 game stretch with Michigan, MSU, PSU, and Iowa.

    I like our chances next year more than any year this millennium!!

  8. Charles Hughes says:

    IF Zach wants the BEST………RAZORBACKS…… S E C GOHOGS!

    1. redark says:

      Razorbacks the best? Lastt time they were conference champs, they ‘were in that Texas league, the SWC.

  9. trent says:

    You guys are complaining because some people think we CAN compete for a national championship?

    I guess I don’t understand where being complacent and setting the bar extremely low was apart of who we are at Nebraska.

    We are deeper all around this year, no doubt about it. Last year i felt like we leaned on too many “Preseason Superstars”. This year we seem to be more well-rounded as a football team. I like the coaching changes we made too adding Kaczenski, from Iowa and Terry Joseph from Tennessee/LSU.

    Its not out of the question to make a claim that we can make the run at a national title, we have a realistic chance. We have to stay healthy, and build upon our success of last year.


    1. ME says:

      Oh please. No one is complaining about competing for the national title. We’re complaining because we are intelligent enough to realize that just because the fans wish it doesn’t make is so. Being cognizant of the fact that NU does not have a national title team doesn’t mean our standards are lowered. It means we have the ability to be objective.

      If NU wins the national title it would be a major upset. How can you not understand that?

      This isn’t about setting the bar low. I expect NU to be a national title contender. But simply wishing that doesn’t make it so.

    2. ME says:

      And while you listed all the positives, you failed to address any of the negatives, which include: QB play, numerous gaps to fill on defense, no real answer at LB as of yet, inexperience in the secondary, and etc. While players might emerge to fill all those deficiencies, it clearly isn’t apparent that someone will. If NU gets 10 wins it will be an excellent season.

  10. HuskerNLawrence says:

    I see this guy coming to NU and I would also say we are in the NC by the time he leaves NU in 4-5 years. Time to get the swagger back boys. Everyone else, hop off the band wagon.

  11. Oriskiny says:

    My expectations for the 2012 team are pretty high. I expect the Huskers to not drop any games like last year’s to Northwestern. Of the three big dogs- Michigan, OSU, Wisconsin- I expect the Huskers to beat two of them, at least one. I think the Huskers are fully capable of beating PSU, MSU, Iowa, and Minnesota again. Bo is due for a bowl win, and he knows it too. So I see 2-3 more wins over last year, improving to an 11 or 12 win season. Factors include whether Martinez has improved enough to count off an excellent corps of receivers and hit the right man, whether the D can play as a unit and fill the gaps, and minimal injuries of course. Equally important is whether the Huskers have matured, i.e. developed the dicipline to not make the dumb mistakes and melt down. I think 2012 will be a breakout year. GBR

  12. george says:

    you have to put a great offence as well as a great defence to win national championships. also a lot of luck. the huskers always seem to miss one of these essential elements

    1. Tom Parks says:

      Every year all but one team in the country seem to miss one of the critical elements to be a national champion.

  13. TexasHusker says:

    If Hannon wants to be part of a program where offensive linemen are celebrated and revered, he’ll come play for the Big Red.

    No state loves their linemen like Nebraska.

    Come on home, Zach!