Published Friday, July 27, 2012 AT 2:14 PM / Updated at 4:11 PM
B1G Media Days: Bo talks Taylor Martinez, assistants, defense
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Here’s some of the broad topics covered in the first hour.

>> Pelini touted new assistant coaches Rick Kaczenski and Terry Joseph as low-ego, no-nonsense, high-energy fits for his coaching staff. Both are “outside-the-box” thinkers whose coaching techniques Pelini has followed for several years.

“He really fit into how we play,” Pelini said Kaczenski. “But at the same time, I’m always picking his brain about different ways to do things.”

Joseph, meanwhile, is a “global thinker,” “the total package” and “as good there is,” Pelini said, and destined for a defensive coordinator job somewhere.

“And I don’t say that about a lot of people,” he said.

>> Bo hasn’t talked to brother Carl Pelini — Florida Atlantic’s new head coach — in “a couple months.”

“I haven’t talked to him this summer,” Bo Pelini said. “He’s going to do it his way. I got enough to worry about.”

>> Not much chatter about Taylor Martinez, his throwing motion, or his progress at quarterback Friday. Pelini shut down the line of questioning quick. Pelini said Martinez — who visited personal quarterback Steve Calhoun this spring for the first time — has been working on his throwing mechanics “since I’ve known him.”

Asked about Martinez’s growth as a total quarterback, Pelini said: “I think he’s made great strides. I can sit here and talk about it and you guys will sit there and write that you don’t buy it. Because I know you’re going to write that. And we’ll find out when the game comes. Is that fair enough? Because I know that’s what goes on. That’s why you’re asking.”

>> Pelini’s heard “really positive things” about freshman quarterback Tommy Armstrong this summer. The Cibolo, Texas native has a chance to play this fall if “he’s one of the best guys.”

“We’re going to play you unless you’re not ready,” he said.

>> The defensive secondary will be better because it’s deeper, “more grown up” and experienced. Pelini said nickel Ciante Evans had a big spring camp at his spot.

“He was a force inside,” Pelini said.

Pelini mentioned Andrew Green, Antonio Bell, Mohammed Seisay, Daniel Davie, Charles Jackson and Stanley Jean-Baptiste as guys fighting for time at corner. Had NU named a starting secondary after spring ball, Bell would have been one of the starting corners.

>> Will Compton, Alonzo Whaley and Sean Fisher are the top linebackers right now.

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  1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Since the NU Athletic Dept has serious issues spending $ on a ‘qualified’ coaching staff, would it be possible to place Noel Mazzone as the top Pelini replacement, after he destroys Pelini’s ‘genius’ defense during the UCLA game?

    1. J says:

      Ride that horse if, if you wish, but don’t be surprised if she bucks you off. UCLA has a first year staff and a lot of cultural problems to overcome. I’ll be happy to serve you that crow after the game.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        That being said,, just how pathetic will that make 5 year HC Pelini look?

        1. Aqualung8458 says:

          It isn’t going to happen, even though you may want it to.

    2. keith says:

      what do you do when things you say don’t work out like you say they will? You are amazing! Considering how Nebraska destroyed MSU last year and the change I sense in their attitude, I just don’t see that happening at all. Why don’t you get a more positive attitude toward the Huskers. The way you operate, TO would have been gone in the first few years! Dumb…Really Dumb!

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I woke up to the Pelini “It’s a Process” scam during the Wisconsin game last year, NEVER have i seen so much dysfunction on an NU football team in one game.
        I prolly wouldn’t have called for Osbornes head, but i sure would have been leading the pitch fork mob to oust McBride.
        The Northwestern Freshman QB playing his 3rd game ever negates the MSU win.
        I would love to NU go undefeated, win it all this year, and eat all the crow you all can serve. But the reality is, this could very well be Pelini’s 5-7 season.
        I just think it is important to keep options open, ideas flowing, and hope alive.
        Besides, if Pelini has a meltdown, during a 5-7 season, Noel Mazzone would most definitely retain all the recruits, including Johnny Stanton.

        1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

          The pitchforking of Charlie McBride would have cost NU the 1994, 1995, & 1997 National Championships (two point near miss in 1993). Was Charlie a “meanie” that scared NUCD just like mean old Bo does? Does someone still have night sweats from having Mr. Woodcock for their 7th grade gym class?

          “McBride’s retirement comes after completing his 23rd season at Nebraska and his 18th as the Huskers’ defensive coordinator. A 1996 finalist for the Broyles Assistant Coach-of-the-Year Award, McBride put a dominant Blackshirt defense on the field in 1999. The Huskers ranked in the top six nationally in all four major defensive categories, including second in pass efficiency defense (87.9 rating), third in scoring defense (12.5 ppg), fourth in total defense (252.3 ypg) and sixth in rushing defense (77.1 ypg).

          This season marks the third time in the past six seasons and just the fifth time since 1946 that NU has finished in the top 10 in all four major defensive categories. McBride has directed four of those five defenses.”

        2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

          Our teams posted the best four-year record in the history of college football, and I know there are other deserving candidates from those teams,” Wistrom said. “I would like to specifically thank Coach Osborne, Charlie McBride and Tony Samuel for helping me develop as a player on the field and a man off the field.
          -Grant Wistrom, CFB Hall of Fame induction statement

          McBride’s defenses would rank top 10 nationally in total defense 11 times (out of 18 seasons as DC) while even leading college football in 1984.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            McBride was a puppet DC, Samuels and Steele ran that ‘D’, how do you think Samuel’s and Steele got their HC job’s?
            Had Osborne went after a young stud DC ten years earlier, NU may have won 3 possibly 4 more National Championships.

        3. Aqualung8458 says:

          Why don’t you come back when you learn to speak english, and have a cognizant thought. UCLA does not have anything close to what NU does at this point. Wasted talent and a wasted coaching staff over the past 3 years. Mora may or may not have a winning record this year. NU will again be a top 15 or 20 team, and with a little bit of luck be a top 10. A 10-4 or 12-2 record at best. If you don’t like the Huskers go cheer for someone else.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Kevin Steele was responsible for the NU defensive dominance in the mid 90′s, I will give Samuel’s credit, he was a stud position coach.
            Charlie McBride publicly denounced the introduction of the 4-3 defense on the day it was introduced during a KFAB pre-game radio broadcast to Kent Pavelka, I just talked to Charlie about this two years ago, he lives 6 miles from me, and occasionally frequents a ‘Husker’ sports bar during the season.
            Charlie actually made it a point to be on that pre-game show to inform the fans that the 4-3 defense was not his idea. I believe the quote was: “This could be the worst defensive performance in the history of Nebraska football.” Turned out to be the best performance in 10 years. This is all factual information, contact KFAB Archives, or send an email to Kent Pavelka.

          2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:


            Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele told he has been fired after three seasons, but coach Dabo Swinney and the university are sticking to their statement that Steele was not fired and he is leaving to pursue other coaching opportunities.

            The decision followed one of the program’s worst defensive performances, as Clemson suffered an embarrassing 70-33 loss to West Virginia in the Discover Orange Bowl. The 70 points were the most points scored by a team in any bowl game.

            Clemson’s defense was the weak link for the 2011 ACC champions, as the Tigers finished No. 71 in the country in total defense and No. 81 in scoring defense, allowing 29.29 points per game

          3. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

            Kevin Steele won one Big 12 game conference game in his 4 years (before fired) as the HC at Baylor.

            Must be impossible to put a winning season together at Baylor.

            Kevin Steele
            Baylor HC:

            Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs
            Baylor Bears (Big 12 Conference) (1999–2002)
            1999 Baylor 1–10 0–8 6th (South)
            2000 Baylor 2–9 0–8 6th (South)
            2001 Baylor 3–8 0–8 6th (South)
            2002 Baylor 3–9 1–7 6th (South

          4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            this doesn’t change the facts, may actually reinforce McBrides ‘Cozgrovish’ inabilities.

    3. TexasHusker says:

      Still cheering for Pelini to fail, I see….

      You’re not a Nebraska fan.

  2. ArmchairQB says:

    Odd…because I like Missouri and the Huskers and was always pumped for them to play. I suppose it was that the Huskers usually always mopped the floor with Missouri…that’s probably really what gets your goat NUCORNDEVIL.

    Stupid if you ask me though to hold that against this team and Nebraska going forward. Missouri BBall always mopped the floor with Nebraska so it was always my feeling we were even.

  3. Colorado Springer says:

    That’s not the real NUCORNDEVIL. Though I disagree with him most of the time, I think he is a real Nebraska fan. Wrong, but still a fan(atic).

  4. Mike Caramba says:

    I almost always disagree with NUCD, but I’m glad he’s here. Always someone to argue with.

  5. joey says:

    If you’re referring to “GIVE PEARLMEATBALL THE BOOT” I agree with you 210%, and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nate says:

    This just in. NUCORNDEVIL just got a job at Fox News.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      That was a low blow :(

    2. WallStHusker says:

      This just in. NUCORNDEVIL just got a thrill up his leg.

      1. joey says:

        This just in…. GROW UP PLEASE!!!

  7. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    My worshiper has returned, i actually think its Sam.
    Hey congrats on becoming a NUCORNDEVIL, now people will read your dilusional post, you are on your way to becoming someone.

  8. valid victorian says:

    Seems Bo has some silent confidence this year. I assume that’s a great sign. Look at our O we have Burkhead, Abdullah, Cross, Morrow, Bell, Turner, Reed, Enunwa ( sp), Martinez…. I also think we have a young, but very talented D-Line, and I think Bo knows that. I’m concerned about the Backers….if we can get a couple of those guys to step up, that’s the key. As for the DB’s with Bo in charge that should never be a problem. I was impressed that he said if the season started today Bell, Evans would be the starters ? I thought about mid Year Green was the better player… so this is good news…. GBR

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      1. “Very young, but talented D-Line.” I have gone thru some extensive game film looking for any talent on the D-Line. No such luck, so this ‘Young’ talent you speak of, has not yet made the playing field, which negates the word ‘Talented’ since nobody has seen them play.
      2. “As for the DB’s with Bo in charge that should never be a problem.” Must have slept thru season 4 of the Pelini ‘Process.
      3. Lavonte is gone, the guy who beat out all the players fighting for his position this year, Xtreme drop off.
      I’m going to go out on a limb and say Bo’s silent confidence, is just paranoia. Dude doesn’t have a clue, he tells us practices went great, lots of focus on the process, then gets his ‘behind’ handed to him and blames the players…….typical victim.

  9. Husker Rumor says:

    nucorndevil, seems to be your true issue, deep down inside, is you are jealous and constantly looking at ways to put pelini and nu down to make yourself feel better. Deep down inside of me there is a little piece of me that feels badly about your self perception……but i get over it quickly…..why don’t you? and stay away from here? If you are really a mizzou fan, go light up their boards with your intelligence….lower iq’s probably appreciate you.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      I never put NU down, you will never, and never have read a post where i degrade NU football.
      Me attacking Pelini is not attacking Husker Football.
      Pelini is just a pot hole, on the Husker Highway.
      Think Noel Mazzone, as pot hole filler :)

  10. PT Husker says:

    Checking out some new sites. Been an LITR guy for some time but they recently changed their site for the worse and told us today that we are gonna have to start paying.

    Any discussion By OWH about that?

    BTW we got NUCD some time back, but that is another issue.

  11. PT Husker says:

    NUCD banned. sorry

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Well PT, here they don’t ban you, they censor you.
      You will be fine vomiting all the blind faith for your hero Bo Pelini.
      Plenty of rose colored glasses fans on here for you to bond with.

      1. TexasHusker says:

        First time I’ve ever agreed with NUCORNDUNG….Yes, the Omaha World Herald will be more than happy to censor you!

        Want to get their Stalinist panties twisted up in knots?

        Offer a fact-based rebuttal of a slam on FOX News!

        Nothing irritates a Marxist-Leninist more than seeing the actual cable news rating rankings portrayed in public for all the world to see….

        Hey, Omaha World Herald, can you tell us what the #1 ranked cable news channel is for the last eleven years running?

        You can’t?

        You can only censor my post for bringing it up?

        Pity, isn’t it, when you’re only response to facts you don’t like is to erase them in Stalinist fashion?

        What’s it like, having such a profound aversion to the truth, that you can’t bear to see it printed?