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Mad Chatter, July 30
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

“You tell your players: Don’t read the blogs, don’t do this and that. But they’re human, they hear it, they see it … they ride the waves. You guys know. I’m not just saying with the media. I’m talking the fan base. Or in town. You play good and you’re the ’85 Bears. You lose and the sky is falling. Or you don’t play well and the world’s coming to an end. There’s not a lot of middle ground …

“LSU was into it. Oklahoma was into it. But the constant seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year, it’s different here than those places. It’s not a constant barrage of it at some of the other places. It’s compartmentalized a little bit where the players aren’t slammed over the head with it every day of the year. That is a challenge here. But it’s just the way it is. It’s not going away. The fans’ passion for it, and media, that’s a positive. But there are issues with that, too, that relate to our football team and how you keep them focused.”

Wow. Coming from a coach who’s typically conservative with his sound bites, that’s a mouthful. I read those quotes Saturday and this was my first thought:

What’s it gonna be like if/when Nebraska gets good again?

Last year, LSU and Alabama met in November. ESPN basically spent the week on Nick Saban’s lawn. Tom Rinaldi interviewed enough players to make a 30-for-30 documentary.

If Bo and his players are distracted now, wait until they make national news. Wait until they start playing like vintage Nebraska teams.

Pelini, as he’s done before, drew a connection between Nebraska’s inconsistency and fan fervor. That’s not only counter-productive, it’s wrong.

Great teams attract attention. Then they deal with that attention, even when it’s negative.

Auburn won the national title while Cam Newton was under NCAA investigation.

USC won a national title with Hollywood A-listers at practice every day.

In 1995, Nebraska won a national title as major news organizations — we’re talking CBS, not ESPN — sent their investigative reporters to Lincoln.

And yet we’re to believe that Nebraska players are under a “constant barrage?” That they’re “slammed over the head?” After beating Michigan State?

I think Pelini — who also referenced vague terms, “subliminal messages” and “contradictory aura,” in describing the attention — has an idealized vision for fan behavior. Show up on Saturdays, be as loud as possible, encourage the team win or lose.

And anything beyond that — including positive attention — is interference.

Frankly, it’s not realistic, especially in the information age. You can’t have a $3 million salary without people calling talk shows to criticize play-calling. You can’t have 85,000 people in your stadium without a few of them patting players on the back at Chipotle.

Bo sounds like the parent who tries to protect his child from ever hearing an expletive. You can block TV channels and Internet sites, even force your kid to wear ear plugs in public. Eventually, he’s gonna hear an F-bomb. You’re better off teaching him what it means and why it’s inappropriate, rather than locking him in a room and condemning a corrupt culture.

As Pelini trains his players to cope with the spotlight, he should seek the advice of his athletic director, whose even-keeled approach produced the most consistent program in the country — amid a fan base that lived and died with Saturday scores.

Passion and expectations haven’t changed much since Osborne took over 39 years ago. The Sea of Red hasn’t parted. Bo should stop wishing Nebraskans didn’t care so much and realize how good he has it.

Do you know how many coaches would trade places with him?

* * *

>> Great to see Jordan Larson doing so well at the Olympics. The quantity of quality female athletes from small-town Nebraska over the years is nothing short of astonishing.

>> Hey, NBC, it’s not 1976. Tape delays don’t work. I want to watch the Olympics. But I don’t want lock myself in a room for six hours until the prime-time coverage starts. My Internet stream didn’t work Saturday. Many people had the same problem. Which meant I couldn’t watch the world’s best swimming event, Phelps v. Lochte in the 400 IM. In my view, NBC should show as much live coverage as possible, then use prime-time to show a condensed, edited version of the day’s best stuff. You’ll still hook the casual fan, but you won’t neglect somebody like me who wants to watch live.

>> Pat Forde’s excellent column on the 400 freestyle relay Sunday, which Lochte lost on the final lap.

>> Joe Posnanski says the Dream Team is back.

>> I’m sure everyone will be writing more about this in September, but I love the second wild card in Major League Baseball. Finally, winning a division means something.

>> I wrote a column today about the charmed life of Bret Bielema. He and Urban Meyer had a well-documented spat in February. The Toledo Blade dug up an interesting e-mail:

On Feb. 2, OSU director of player personnel Mark Pantoni forwarded Meyer the Sporting News story headlined, “Urban’s ‘illegal’ recruiting tactics a big issue for Bielema, Big Ten.” Bielema indirectly accused Meyer of unethically recruiting prospects committed to other Big Ten schools, though he declined to specify an NCAA violation.

“I can tell you this,” Bielema told The Sporting News. “We in the Big Ten don’t want to be like the SEC — in any way, shape or form.”

Meyer sent Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany an email about an hour after the story appeared online.

“Jim, just received copy of Sporting News article where Wisc coach took serious shot at SEC and myself and our staff,” Meyer wrote Delany in a message obtained through an open records request. “Not sure where or why this has become a National story. Obviously, there is no truth to his damaging comments. … I would expect that the Big Ten Conference take immediate action and ask Wisc coach to apologize to myself and our staff.

“There was a brief phone call made by me to Wisc coach in December. He said he heard something about one of our asst coaches. I checked it out and there was no truth (I think it was about a former player calling a recruit). Regardless, I will have to release a statement soon to make sure that this type of negativity is dealt with.”

>> One final thought on Pelini’s remarks: Is Nebraska more intense than LSU and Oklahoma? Maybe. I doubt it. But remember, it’s apples and oranges. Pelini wasn’t the head coach at LSU or Oklahoma. Tiger fans have tried to run Les Miles out of town a few times — and he rarely finishes outside the top 10. Moreover, when Bo was an assistant for Miles and Bob Stoops, neither were losing games by 30 points, like Nebraska did twice last year.

>> After all that ranting, you may be in need of a Husker pick-me-up. Check this out, from “Husker Historian” on YouTube. The 1988 Oklahoma State game. Nebraska had 328 rushing yards against a top-10 team — in the first quarter.

>> The Big Red Bracket will get very interesting this week. Look at these Sweet 16 match-ups:

Blackshirts v. In the Deed the Glory
The Option v. Frazier breaking Florida tackles

60-3 v. Sea of Red
Tunnel Walk v. Hail Varsity

Sellout Streak v. Osborne Going for 2
“N” on the helmet v. Miracle at Mizzou

Walk-on program v. Schlesinger up the middle in Miami
Game of the Century v. Go Big Red

Round 3 voting started this morning. Can’t wait to see what you think.

>> As for the (less-organized) Husker Infamy Bracket, here are your (not-so) Elite Eight match-ups. Voting was a little slower over the weekend. I’m guessing we’ll have more tallies this round.


#1- 62-36 (won in the 2nd round, 21 votes to 15)

#3- Texas A&M referees (32-4)


#1- “I refuse to let this program gravitate to mediocrity,” by Steve Pederson (35-1)

#2- Dan Beebe trophy presentation (19-17)


#1- One (extra) second in Dallas (36-0)

#6- Panico’s punt returns (20-16)


#4- Terrence Nunn’s fumble (24-12)

#2- 40-day coaching search, featuring Houston Nutt (23-13)

Vote in the comments section, or send me an email —

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  1. TD says:

    Coz – 1
    Billy C – 1
    Pedey – 1
    Wats – 2

  2. Mike Vamosi says:

    Cosgrove Region: A&M Refs
    Callahan Region: Gravitating to mediocrity
    Pederson Region: oNe secoNd
    Watson Region: 40-day search

  3. Ryan s says:

    Steve petersen
    1extra second
    Terrance nunn

  4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Pelini is in over his head.

    1. joey says:

      Better yet, how many times have we seen BO lash out at the media & fans for HIS inability to be a GREAT HC. Going on 5 seasons, I think alot of us is a lil sick of a GOOD coach. As we watch OU, Mich, etc., et. Get a coach and in 1 or 2 seasons “BOOM” they’re back on the radar. Then we have these fans that stick up for BO and his FAILURES, and turn on others who speak the truth, they care NOT to read about. Then, BO lashes out at the fans ENDLESSLY. Commitment and LOYALTY towards your team is 1 thing. But STUPIDITY & A STATE OF DENIAL is another!!!

      1. ME says:

        Michigan??? Michigan would have had the same record as NU if it played NU’s schedule. “Boom” is not a word I would use for a team that didn’t even make its conference title game. Quit making every comparison to OU.

        Due some research and you’ll see numerous current successful coaches had growing pains.

        1. joey says:

          sounds like you are making escuses!!!let’s go look at OU and their trophy shelf then we’ll look at NU. Then YOU will see the BIG difference..yea?? Assuming, you can see.

          1. ryno9196 says:

            Good grief. You don’t obviously remember the down times at OU from the time Barry Switzer left OU until Stoops got hired. 10 years of awful football. NU’s trophy shelf more than compares to OU. Every program goes through its lulls for one reason or another and comparing programs during their down times and drawing parallels for their journey back to the elite is like comparing apples to oranges. Every program is unique and their paths to success or failure cannot be linked. Football is cyclical and NU will get back there, no doubt. You trying to pin a perception of complete failure on Bo, which at this point is a tired out play that in the end just doesn’t hold water. Remember, there will be no room on the bandwagon where NU breaks through…Those of us who understand football and the processes that go into a successful team/program will make sure all the seats are full and the door is locked when we are rewarded for our patience and faith.

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Please, the Big slow sucks.

          1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

            Quick, get on the horn to USC! Silas Redd and his worthless slow team mates are actually FCS material.

            Guess the litany of teams trying to poach Nittany Lion players are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts.

      2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

        “But STUPIDITY & A STATE OF DENIAL is another!!!”
        Hello Mr. Pot, please meet Mr. Kettle.

    2. TOM says:

      As are you.

      1. joey says:

        Yea funny I asked this on the Shatel LIVE, and this never got answered
        Tom I am always impressed with your stories. You tell it like it really is. But I do have 2 questions. 1. Why are the fans sticking up for BO, when I do remember BO last season referring to the fans as KNOW NOTHINGS. Then where OWH has asked the VERY EXACT SAME THINGS, that fans post on this site. Then to watch BO lash out at the media, the fans, or when cornered into answering the question. I have ENDLESSLY watched BO roll his eyes before he speaks. WHY are NU fans sticking up for this goof? 2. I read where BO, and BARNEY. Are bringing in their family tree into NU. Didn’t CU Buffs try the same stunt with Hawkins & son?? So why would NU want to follow the footsteps of failures? FUNNY, how REAL questions get IGNORED?…yea?

        1. KSU student w/red blood says:

          Robert Barzini…is that you?

        2. Gumpa says:

          Joey, you end your rants with “yea?” is that a regiona expression. Where are you from? Just curious

      2. joey says:

        “As are you”, are you asking me, or are you referring to YOU.. ;)

    3. hskrfanzsc says:

      bet he can throw!!!!

    4. Aqualung8458 says:

      MU would love to have this problem… too bad, they will be lucky to beat Kentucky this year. They will never sniff the fan fervor that NU enjoys. Bo certainly is not in over his head, you’re just jealous.

  5. HuskerPhil says:

    Coz – 1
    Billy C – 1
    Pedeyshine – 1
    Watson – 2

  6. Chad says:

    Cos- 3
    Cal- 1
    Ped- 1
    Wat- 2

  7. ME says:

    Osborne didn’t have to deal with Twitter and Facebook. There is a reason many coaches are shutting that type of stuff down.

    In 1995, there were no questions about quality of play on the field.

    The problem now is that every single arm chair quarterback, including the author of this article, has much more intimate access to the players. They are under a constant barrage.

    And while programs have learned to deal with it, it doesn’t mean the access is good. Dirk, I think you forget that these players are actually just kids. They aren’t a commodity, even if you and your ilk like to treat them as such.

    Bo noted that there is both a good and both part about all the attention. How on Earth is that not blatantly obvious. This is yet another attempt by a local beat write to trounce on the local program for doing the same thing many other programs are doing, which is to try and cut down on public access to players. The same b.s. was spewed when Bo demanded private practices, even though that is routinely done in other programs around the country.

    As usual, this is a story about nothing, trying to paint Bo as the devil for trying to protect his players.

    1. joey says:

      When is the last time YOU seen BO win a National Title? ( B. Stoops did in his 1st or 2nd season) When is the last time you seen BO play in a Major Bowl game? (Bob Stoops, Hoke, Osbourne, did on their 1st or 2nd season) When is the last time you seen BO help NU win, play, in a division title game? (Hoke is picked to win it all in the BIG, Bob Stoops won the BIG 12 Title and a National Title in his 1st or 2nd season, and our AD didn’t win the BIG 8 title, BUT he DID put us in a Major Bowl game in his 2nd season) So why are YOU sticking up for a HC that DON’T get paid POCKET CHANGE to bring NU back to it’s WINNING TRADITIONS. Oh, that’s right 9-4 here, 9-4 there. That’s is great, a breath of fresh air :). If you have the prestiege of New Mexico State Aggies ;)

      1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

        Answer: 2007

        Last time that Bo Pelini won a National Title as the Defensive Coordinator at LSU after winning the 2008 BCS National Championship Game. Pelini also was the DC that won the 2007 SEC Championship Game.

        1. KSU student w/red blood says:


        2. TexasHusker says:

          Joey not understand.

          Joey not smart.

          Joey go ask older, wiser brother, Mongo, to explain it to him.

          Mongo simply pawn in game of life, but at least Mongo know his role.

    2. Bart says:

      I have been a husker fan since Devaney and I am not used to a coach that is as obviously hostile towards fans and the local media as Bo Pelini is. I have never liked his attitude towards the local media and, by extension, the fans of Nebraska. If you like the lack of attention at LSU and Oklahoma you know where the door is. We are a passionate fan base and hopefully always will be. If we ever aren’t Pelini will be gone so fast it’ll make your head spin. I have never experienced anyone as disrespectful of the people that created the opportunity he has in the first place. I can absolutely guarantee that Pelini will not be our coach for the long haul. It is extremely obvious he will be gone as soon as he gets the “right” opportunity. He has never been a good fit for us culturally and never will be. Square peg, round hole comes to mind. Everytime he opens his mouth he makes me feel like I should be ashamed of being a fan. I understand that we want to win but even when we do, to me, it feels like losing sometimes….

      1. Michigan Husker says:

        Ditto for me. Well said.

      2. fester says:

        Did you guys actually watch any video on this question? It was clear he wasn’t lashing out in any way. They had asked a question about the fan base and he was talking about the pros and cons of it. He was very candid and in no way trying to “rip” into the fan base. In the end he said it was a good thing over all. OWH is a crap rag doing a hack job.

      3. Faithful says:

        It never fails to amaze me that there are so many of the greatest fans in the world that don’t get it. Bo is not Tom Osborne and never will be: DEAL WITH IT!!! There is this huge group of husker faithful that just don’t understand that the dominance that we enjoyed is a forgoten dream. The most any team in today’s college football will donimate is 2 years. Look at the record; yes the SEC is ruling the roost but it hasn’t been the same team each year. Since 1997 how many teams have accomplished that feat of 3 Championships in 4 years. No one; you know why its darn hard to do thats what made those teams so special. If the husker nations definition of excellents is being at the level of the 1990′s then you’d better be ready for disappointment because it will never happen again even if you get the greatest coach in the world. The next step we need is to go from 9-10 wins a year consistantly to 10-12 wins a year. If we do that we will be in the national attention and maybe get a Championship here or there. The dominance of the 90′s will never return so Grow up and live by this: BE A FAN NOT A FANATIC!
        And stop wasting your time reading OWH; all their writers are practicing sensationalism to sell papers because righting the true story just doesn’t do it anymore. In my opinion writers like these are why the printed media should and is dying.

        1. mark says:

          Well Said Faithful!!!!

        2. joey says:

          wow faithful? Maybe if Bo STOP hiring a staff with absolutely NO SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE for that position. Maybe we wouldn’t look as bad as we do..yea? I mean a DL coach, that was worse than a flop. Gets promoted, for failing!!! Then there’s Barney, that has did NADA for the OL. He hasn’t changed the OL woes since he’s been here, NOT any BLUE CHIP G,T,C, or TE. ATHLON, LINDY’S, ESPN shows them all the time. So they are there. Think it might have to do with BO and Barney, bringing in THEIR family tree. Rather than looking for LIGIT recruits??? Faithful? Maybe you could see better in the dark, if you just turn on the damn light…yea?

          1. Faithful says:

            Thank you for proving my point! You like many other of the arm chair coaches just don’t get it. I’m sorry that your vast expertice isn’t being recognized by Bo. Man he should of hired a self proclaimed football genius like you. Man I cannot believe Tom didn’t consider you for the job. I mean even though some of these guys resumes include anywhere from 1 year college experience to over 20 years division 1 coaching experience. I’m sure your experience and expertice far exceeds them and their knowledge of the game. All bow at joey’s great knowledge for he is a football coaching god who knows all about how you coach and win championships. This is exactly the type of clueless husker fan I’m talking about. thank you for proving my point.

          2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

            The 2005 NU team averaged 90 yards rushing.

            Yea, Barney has definitely made things worse.

          3. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

            Barney Cotton’s All-Time Rivals 4 Star OL Recruits (Baker Steinkuhler 5 Stars):

            Paul Thurston OL 6-5 274 5 10/7/2011
            Ryan Klachko OL 6-4 287 5.47 11/12/2010 Springfield, IL
            Tyler Moore OL 6-6 295 10/15/2010 Clearwater, FL
            Ryne Reeves OL 6-3 300 5 11/26/2010 Crete, NE
            Zach Sterup OL 6-8 260 5
            1/21/2011 Hastings, NE
            Jermarcus Hardrick OL 6-7 315 5 11/20/2009 Fort Scott, KS
            Andrew Rodriguez OL 6-6 298 5.4 1/22/2010 Aurora , NE
            Baker Steinkuhler OL 6-6 290 4.88 1/25/2008 Lincoln, NE

      4. Mike Caramba says:

        I feel for the players sometimes. Niles Paul getting hounded in the parking lot because of some dropped passes… Taylor Martinez getting harrassed in class for some interceptions… Pelini’s criticism comes with the paycheck, but our players are only kids playing a game.

        95% of the time, I think the passion of the fan base is a great positive for the university. There’s just that 5% of the time that some individuals make me shake my head. The “it’s not unique to Nebraska” argument doesn’t excuse it.

  8. Marv says:

    Coz- #3
    Callahan- #1
    Pedey- #6
    Wats- #2

  9. glass house says:

    another writer live’n in the past.

  10. steve says:

    Dirk, if Bo did his job as well as you, he would have been fired before he finished his first year. Find something new and interesting to write about and talk to your phsychiatrist about your constant need to criticize Bo.

  11. Dr. Leif says:


  12. lee_carvallo says:

    A coach makes a comment at the B1G media day and it spawns 20 articles by the local press. Give the guy a break, this is exactly what he is talking about.

    1. ME says:


      Dirk wants to ask what would happen if NU was actually nationally relevant again. Well, I’d like to ask how would Dirk respond if there was actually news here to report on.

      These clowns act like his comment was somehow controversial. Judas. My guess is many coaches share the exact same opinion.

  13. glass house says:

    Bo can’t win for loose’n. Yup they want him to open up & he does so the drag him through a knot hole.

  14. Tim says:

    If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

  15. glass house says:

    if you can’t stand true feelings then you’re the one with the problem.

    1. Bart says:

      wait a second. the head coach blames loosing on the fans because his players can’t focus and WE are the ones with the problem…. seriously????

  16. James says:

    Dirk why are you trying to slam Pelini for no reason. He said it was a positive thing what do you want from him. The comment he gave couldn’t have been more vanilla and you are making it seem like he doesn’t want fans at all. I hope the season gets here fast so we stop hearing your opinion about meaningless crap because frankly it makes me sick. Go find a real story is it that hard.

    1. Dan says:


      His comments were nothing more than an observation. I didn’t take it as complaining at all. What he said is just reality. I don’t know if Nebraska is any more “into it” than anywhere else but I wouldn’t doubt it since it’s the only show in town. Dirk and several others in the media always try to create controversy out of nothing and it’s just lame.

  17. Husker fan in Alabama says:

    Once again Bo’s comments taken by the media and some deranged fans out of context. I don’t think Bo wants it toned down at all. That is not what he said but then again you guys can spin better then a washing machine.

  18. LikeMike says:

    Bo complained because he thought fans weren’t loud enough during games. Now he is whining because fans are too involved. He says he doesn’t pay attention to any of the media but somehow he knows what the media produces and makes references to it. He says he doesn’t know how to use twitter but somehow he knows what his players are posting on twitter. He seems quite hypocritical and inconsistent. When misfortune strikes (on or off the field) seems like nothing is ever his fault and he is never responsible for it. Maybe he should ban himself from the media and just focus on coaching and recruiting.

    1. Michigan Husker says:

      Good points on his inconsistency, or, you might say, just dishonesty…

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      Something tells me if that were at all possible (banning self from media), he’d jump on that in a heartbeat.

  19. Johnny Reno says:

    I’m completely shocked at Bo’s comments. I thought he knew the NU culture after spending the fall of 2003 in Lincoln (the same fall he chased-down an elderly Bill Snyder to complain about Snyder running-up the score on NU. Running-up the score (38-9) IN Lincoln against HIS defense? OMG! Wasn’t it Bo’s job to prevent someone from running up the score. NU is getting just what they deserve with this clown. The only thing he has done in his four years at NU is he “ALMOST” beat TX; but he didn’t. Barry Collier “almost” beat Florida in the NCAA’s and that got him the NU job; that worked out well for all parties. NU football is a house of cards that is going to come tumbling down now that Bo is playing with HIS players, but I’m sure TO will rollover his contract for another year so that we have to pay him $327 gazillion when everyone in NE finally figures-out what a joke this guy really is. Now that PSU will be fielding a junior college squad, the Huskers have three “sure” wins this year (Idaho St., Minn and PSU) and since Bo knows the NU culture so well, that probably gets us another victory or two. 5-7. That got Billy C fired.

    1. LikeMike says:

      Whoa buddy. Pump your brakes a bit and breathe. Bo has won at least 9 games every season so you’re 5-7 comment is invalid. In regards to the contract; TO should not give him a contract extension before a season starts. Bo always talks about his players “earning it” every play and everyday so according to that logic he should have to earn that contract (based on goals) every season and not have it handed to him before a season starts. I agree with you that Bo looked like a fool complaining to Snyder about running up the score. It was not Snyder’s job to stop the KSU offense. It was Bo’s job.

    2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:


  20. glass house says:

    lets just get rid of Bo & start all over. That’s the ticket. 4 years to put a proud program in the ashes. I don’t think you bullwinkles out there really know how bad this program truly was before he was hired. Todays instant gratification is going to kill this program again………….Then what ya motor mouth armchair quaterbacks going to do?

    1. Dave says:

      Actually, starting over with a coach who is at least a decent person and doesn’t physically accost young men outside of the program WOULD be a good thing. You act as if our only choice is him or Cally. Ummmm… yeah…. there ARE other well-qualified coaches out there who won’t be psychopaths and continually make excuses instead of manning up for mistakes. Believe it or not, they are out there.

      1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

        “…doesn’t physically accost young men outside of the program”
        Care to elaborate?

  21. KeepCalm says:

    Amen Dirk, I thought Bo was way off on this one. For being such a ‘tough guy’ he sure is sensative. Every year I’m finding it harder and harder to root for him. I always want the Huskers to win. As a fan, I’ll be around forever. He won’t, no matter what kind of success or failure he has here. I hope the Huskers can win and win big, but I’ve already moved on past Bo.

  22. KeepCalm says:

    It’s not his coaching, it’s his attitude. Bad attitude people just carry negativity with them if they intend to or not. It really seems like he harps on so many things that don’t really matter in the big picture.

    1. Michigan Husker says:

      Amen! And I agree with your earlier comment about what a hyper sensitive “tough guy” he is.

      1. Dave says:

        Spot-on comment. T.O. was at least a decent person who treated people with respect. People were ok with our 9-3 records every year because he was a good person and we as a state could take pride in his integrity. T.O. was pure class through and through. While it’s unfair to compare everyone to T.O., it’s not too much to expect that the head coach at a classy program like NE not treat people like crap on a consistent basis.

        1. KSU student w/red blood says:

          +1 again

  23. pahusker says:

    You BO bashers are all idiots. He has a job to do and no matter what the man says his words are always twisted around. Bottom line is I would love to know what happens in the locker room in team meetings, but the fact is its none of my business. Until I hear a current or former player say anything bad about his coaching ways Ill just stick to being a husker fan. Its funny how the ones who matter most within the program have nothing but good things to say about Bo’s coaching and the way he treats his players. A real tragedy is what happened in state college not Bo saying its sometimes a challenge to keep kids focused when dealing with all the pressure that comes with being a husker. Also I guess if you BO haters dislike him so much I guess you dislike the man who hired him. Think about that next time you write your posts.

    1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

      It would have been interesting to see the social media firestorm that would have ensued back in ’95 if things were as connected cyber wise as they are now. Or how about a scenario where the Sandman had access to Twitter.

      Also, back then, only one typical crackpot got his Andy Warhol shot of the week with trying to get something into the Voice From the Grandstand. Nowadays, fringy cyber squatters with Pelini Derangement Syndrome turn every article into a chance to call for the HC’s head & then when pressed back (for weeks) finally reply that they would replace him with such gems as “bring in Tom Rathman”.

      1. TexasHusker says:

        Watching you hammer away with fact and reason.

        Really enjoyable!

        Thanks, man.

        Carry on.

  24. BigCajunHusker says:

    Coz 1
    Calli 1
    Pedey 1
    Wats 2

  25. Dan says:

    If I were a coach, you guys would get nothing. I bet you all sit and look at Bo and smile and act all buddy buddy at these press conferences. Then you go back and shred every little thing he says publicly in your columns. Then you expect him to meet with you face to face the next time and be open and honest and even civil to you as if it were no big deal. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be ok if he just banned you for life. You’re nothing more than an opinion writer which is basically just a gossip columnist.

    1. Dave says:

      OK Billy Joe Jim Bob, whatever you say.

      1. Dan says:

        Well thought out rebuttal there Davie. You’ve really made me rethink my position.

        1. Dave says:

          I figured your intelligent post deserved a response of equal intelligence.

  26. Eddie The Red says:

    I keep seeing fan comments and media comments on Bo’s comments and find them eerily similar:
    “Sportswriters” like Dirk do the same thing as “Peeved in Beaver Crossing” does which is take some
    oddly simplistically straight-forward comments and jump about three conclusions in the name of
    analysis !
    This is the same technique the political ad writers do and is really a revealing thing about the tendency
    toward pre-judgement some folks have. If I’m against Mitt, I’ll use any scrap of oration, in or out of context,
    in order to support that con-Mitt position. Now, don’t get your panties in a snit…just substitute Obama for Mitt and
    re-read it.
    As for the Nebraska football coach maybe I should conclude, based upon some people’s dislike for said coach, that
    they don’t care for the Athletic Director either. After all, the coach is employed at the pleasure of the AD.
    Now, if the Bo-haters cannot squelch a squeal upon reading this “conclusion”, I just ask that we all not be too hasty to
    assume we know what’s in someone’s mind merely be the utterance of a few simple buzzwords !

  27. Tony says:

    How about some positive, non-football stories locally – like Creighton basketball?

    1. joey says:

      Love your idea!!! Makes sense, beings it’s the OMAHA World Herald..yea?

  28. BlueJay says:

    I like Bo. He is a straight shooter. He knows he has a great gig at Nebraska. The program was almost destroyed by Cally and Pedey. Bo has things moving in the right direction.

    Save your anger for Wisconsin and Michigan when they come calling to Lincoln.


    1. joey says:

      Yea, then we’ll have a reason to be angry, by getting BLOWN OUT in our own home field.

      1. Faithful says:

        Joey I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. You are Clueless. You are not a true husker fan and that is obvious from this post. Let the boys get on the field before you crucify them. Real husker fans have faith in their team that brighter days will come. Losers like you just come on message boards to spread your hate for a man that truely has pry done nothing too you. You are an embarrasement to the greatest fans in college football!

    2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

      Cally’s recruiting coordinator was NU Assistant coach John Blake who recruited Ndamukong Suh.

      John Blake NCAA violation highlights:

      2012 – NCAA announced that Blake received a three-year show-cause penalty for North Carolina violations.
      2010 – John Blake resigned from North Carolina in the midst of an NCAA investigation.
      1998 – John Blake destroyed recruiting records after he was fired as Oklahoma’s coach.

      The NCAA connected three of the nine violations to Blake, who resigned on Sept. 5, one day after UNC’s season-opening loss to LSU. The allegations against Blake center on his relationship with Wichard, who died in March.

      According to the NCAA, Blake, who was head coach Butch Davis’ top recruiter, “marketed athletic abilities of student-athletes to agent Gary Wichard.” Blake also failed to report $31,000 in outside income from Wichard’s agency.

      The NCAA alleges that Blake acted as what is known as a “runner” on behalf of Wichard, steering players to him for representation: “Specifically, Blake was employed and compensated by Pro Tect Management to influence football student-athletes to hire Wichard to represent them,” the letter states.

      Blake also committed alleged violations in providing “false and misleading information” to NCAA investigators. This includes his denial that he ever worked for Pro Tect Management despite the existence of a sales brochure touting his involvement and, according to the letter, the presence of Pro Tect on his credit report as a former employer.

  29. Phil says:

    Coz: #3
    Cally: #1
    Pederson: #1
    Watson: #4

  30. The honey badger says:

    I love Bo as a coach and I Believe in him but his excuses are to callahan like. If you want low media press and coverage and fans you should have followed ya brother to FAU. Bo you are better than that distractions happen everywhere it’s your job as a coach to get the team ready every sat. This to me is a cop out winning cures all shut up or put up plain and simple

  31. Shane says:

    Uh, Dirk… You said ” I read those quotes Saturday “. So you didn’t actually hear the conversation. Your reporting on hear say? I watched it. Sorry I don’t have the same take on it as you do. Maybe if you would have heard the question/answer, you would have a different look at it.

  32. @HuskerInsanity says:




    #2- Dan Beebe trophy presentation (19-17)


    #1- One (extra) second in Dallas (36-0)


    #4- Terrence Nunn’s fumble (24-12)

  33. Misha Dee says:

    more garbage from a desperate non-journalist. Perhaps we should call this mad-vomit! Dirk, at some point in time you and your pathetic rag needs to quit acting so desperate for market share and get back to reporting.

  34. Jon says:

    Bo Pelini is not Nebraska. We, the fans, are Nebraska.

    I don’t know Pelini, but I don’t like the way he treats reporters and behaves at games.

    I hope he succeeds, but regardless, I will always root for my Alma Mater.

  35. ryno9196 says:

    Okay, so someone point me to the comment where Bo BLAMES the fans for the team losing? I read through most the comments and know I saw a few of you make that connection. Nowhere did Bo say that. He simply said that the nature of the beast at Nebraska regarding the fans is a CHALLENGE. Nowhere did he say that he couldn’t handle it, nor did he blame those things for his team’s performances. He simply mentioned that he tries to steer his players away from all the social media and internet fodder, because reading it does affect a kid after awhile. He mentioned that from what he saw at LSU, they are more isolated from the community at large, as opposed to the community in Lincoln. I take his word for it, as he was there and has the experience to make that comparison.

    Dirk and the rest of you negative hacks are simply making something out of Bo’s comments that just isn’t there. You manipulate his comments to further your own agenda, instead of taking his comments at face value. No wonder Bo gets tired of all the crap. But yet you all drone on with the same tired schtick. And to this date, I don’t recall Bo belaboring this point. He has said he loves coaching here and he loves the expectations of the fanbase. Of course he has mentioned that things are “challenging” and that there is a constant pressure here, but he seems to do fine with it and has never used it as a crutch. Bo just tells it like it is, and at this point, I’m sure he understands that there are factions of people out there who just don’t get it and will rip on him for it. He makes his points and moves on, while the rest of you get all crabby about his attitude toward the media and fans. The pressure is real and he feels it. He acknowledges it, but he keeps consistent in his approach. You all continue to add fuel to the fire by blowing relatively benign statements like these into way more than it is. We had a very media friendly, fan-friendly coach from 2004-2007 and look what it got us.

    Dirk has an axe to grind. Don’t mistake that. He apologized to Bo for the press conference where Bo publicly undressed him, but don’t think that didn’t sting Dirk and bothers him to this day. Funny how Dirk gets to constantly criticize Bo and his players, but once Dirk was challenged, he decides to use his position to continue to take jabs at Bo and his program at every chance he gets. I don’t mind a little commentary here and there, but I would prefer to hear some real constructive criticism once in a while. But, since I doubt that Dirk played more than a couple of downs of football in middle school and never coached a team before, he obviously has no credibility to stand on.

    Those of you living in the 90s and wishing that Tom Osborne still ran things, you are just out of touch. Bo is a different guy. However, you can’t argue with the results after building up a program that was left in shambles in 2007 (remember the OSU game in 2007, anyone?) Tom hand picked Bo and has consistently been behind him. Has Bo reached the level that we as fans want and expect? Not yet. However, don’t think for one moment that your or my expectations even tough Bo’s expectations. There are many programs that would kill to have Bo as their coach and for their program to have the success that NU’s had these past 4 years. Not saying that Bo is beyond reproach and doesn’t make mistakes…surely even the most fervant supporters of him can admit that, but he’s doing a fine job and those of you who continually belly-ache over the things that don’t matter will still complain the day that his Huskers go 13-0 and win a national title. I’m not a Bo fan, but I am Husker fan who appreciates the job he’s been able to do. And I have played and coached football at levels that I understand enough to know that Bo is a good coach and has plenty of potential to get our program back to where we and he wants it. Those of you who continue to nit-pick these kind of things need to get perspective and a life.

  36. Gumpa says:

    1, 1, 6, 2

  37. Gumpa says:

    “I’m sure everyone will be writing more about this in September, but I love the second wild card in Major League Baseball. Finally, winning a division means something.”

    What does this even mean? I am a fan of the wildcard races, but I dont know how they make winning the division more meaningful.

    1. Erik says:

      The two Wild Card winners play a one-game playoff for the privilege of playing the LDS. This adds another opportunity to get knocked out, and forces the WC teams to use one of their better starters before the “regular” playoffs begin.

      1. Gumpa says:

        Thanks. That is what I was missing. Very subtle to casual fans, but rather important to the teams.

    2. HuskermavfanChuck says:

      The two wild card teams play a one-off game to determine who plays one of the division winners in the second? playoff round. So you get one game to get into the next series. The division winners don’t have to go through that. Gives winning the division title more meaning. I didn’t know about it til Dirk mentioned it today either, so don’t feel bad. Don’t follow regular season baseball closely enough, I guess, but I gave up a long time ago when it became pretty apparent that baseball has long since suffered from a ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ problem. In the real world, that’s a part of life. But in a sports league, for competition’s sake, it’s tough to stomach. Some like it, I gave up on it. And that’s with still having teams that are competitive that I root for that are part of the ‘haves’.

  38. Gumpa says:

    Wow. I finally read through all of that, and now I need to see a shrink. We all need to take a chill pill. I have been critical of Bo not being a fan’s man. He doesn’t publish two-deeps as I would like. He doesn’t discuss the team’s progress openly with the media like I would like. He locks in on TM instead of develop QB depth. I could go on with my gripes. The problem is that I also see why the football program would think it needs to hide from all the craziness. My perfect world view of Nebraska football was formed in the 70s and 80s when the only information we got was from the Big 8 skywriters tour, and the Husker media guide. It seemed like they gave us more information than we could even digest. But now we are the evil beast that cannot be quenched. I am not satisfied with Bo’s demeanor, but I can see growth, I am willing to be patient. For those who are calling for his head – its just not helpful. Even if I wanted him gone (sometimes I do), a public lynching is not how I want him to go. It is still very possible that he will turn the corner (or not). Let’s enjoy what we have and hope for better.

    1. Gumpa says:

      I forgot to add that I have been on both sodes of Dirk’s writing style. I think in this case, he blew it. I’ll bet he regrets making all this noise over nothing. Right Dirk. yea? (that was for joey)

  39. mosier says:

    A&M Referees!!!!

    Beebe’s slight

    One extra Second

    Nunn’s fumble

    OWH Region: CornDevil

  40. Colorado Springer says:

    Well, this is going to be interesting in the post games this fall with Dirk asking “the tough questions” and Coach Pelini giving him withering looks. I myself Like Coach, but he has to learn to handle the media, especially the Weird Herald. They got a hankerin’ for his scalp. Journalists like to think they’re the story. I would like to point out that Coach Osborne cancelled his subscription to the Weird Herald in a very public way after some pithy remaks were made in the old “Voice From the Grand stand”. It would be interesting to see how he would handle all this guff from the media and the grandstand.