Published Saturday, August 4, 2012 AT 10:31 PM / Updated at 10:31 PM
Camp Chatter: Husker football practice, Aug. 4
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Staff writers Sam McKewon and Jon Nyatawa single out some key sights and sounds from NU’s practice Saturday:


>> A glimpse of quarterback Taylor Martinez’s new passing mechanics. Martinez’s release point is higher, his motion is more deliberate and his corner throws have more loft. We’ll get a better sense throughout camp of how he’s progressing, but not bad on day one.

>> Nebraska’s new practice jerseys — the defense wore red, the offense wore white — supplied by Adidas. Both jerseys had three “claw mark” stripes on each shoulder.

>> During stretching drills, running back Rex Burkhead rescuing off the practice field a mechanical pencil dropped by a roving reporter. Burkhead flicked the pencil toward the sideline.

>> Sophomore Husker I-back Ameer Abdullah, without the dreadlocks he wore as a freshman.

>> Sophomore safety Corey Cooper standing between and talking with two former Husker defensive backs, Eric Warfield and Austin Cassidy, as the first-team defense conducted a walk-through before practice began.

>> Senior Jase Dean holding for the kickers as they booted field goals to warm up. Cassidy was the full-time holder last year.

>> Rich Fisher, the first assistant coach out on the practice field, working with his entire group of receivers as the rest of the team trickled into the Hawks Center. The topic: properly reacting to coverages after the snap.


>> AC/DC and a popular Kanye West/Jay-Z song while Nebraska practiced its no-huddle offense. Once again, practice managers hitched speakers to a John Deere mini-truck, which hovered behind the action. Of the players involved in the top two offenses of this drill, only one was a true freshman: running back Imani Cross.

>> “It’s not a big deal to us. There’s more reasons than the weather for doing all that, and I don’t want to get into all those. But we’ll see how it goes.” — Coach Bo Pelini on Nebraska running some of its fall practices at night

— Sam McKewon and Jon Nyatawa

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  1. Valid Victorian says:

    GBR !

  2. Viking Husker says:

    Thank God football season is here.

    I honestly don’t know how I live without it.

  3. Van Cleef says:

    +1!!!! & Go Taylor!!!!!!

  4. Terry D says:

    As Martinez goes, so will the offense. As Coach K goes and gets his way with the DL rushing the Quarterback, so goes more turnovers for the defense.