Published Wednesday, August 8, 2012 AT 10:10 PM / Updated at 10:28 PM
Practice Report: Mix-n-match (Aug. 8)
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Quick hits from Nebraska football’s fifth fall camp practice Wednesday night, the first practice in full pads.

>> Coach Bo Pelini tweaked the depth charts a bit, “mixing and matching” players on certain units, to gauge the Huskers’ competitiveness and adaptability.

“We’ve already been experimenting, moving guys around, and seeing a lot of different personnel groups,” Pelini said. “Moving guys up and moving guys down. There’s competition at every position, probably more so since anytime I’ve been here”

And: “If you get moved down or you get moved up, whether that’s a permanent change, I don’t know. The truth’s on the film. Everything’s being evaluated.”

Said linebacker Trevor Roach, a No. 2 Mike linebacker who got moved down a spot Wednesday: “People came out today and were flying around. It just gives you that competitive edge. You got to stay level-headed and hit the books.”

>> Secondary coach Terry Joseph spoke highly of true freshman Charles Jackson, working at the No. 2 nickel back spot behind Ciante Evans. Senior Jase Dean is also seeing snaps at nickel. NU hasn’t yet unveiled the dime package in practice, Joseph said.

>> Junior Andrew Green said he talks to his brother, Aaron, every day. Aaron left the NU program in May and transferred to TCU. Said Andrew: “He really likes it. He feels like it’s a good fit.”

>> More on versatility: A number of Husker coaches and players like the multifaceted nature of NU’s backfield, especially with the addition of big backs Mike Marrow and Imani Cross.

“We’ve got big backs who can run,” running backs coach Ron Brown said. “And we’ve recruited to that end. We knew we had smaller, quick backs that could get to the edge and do some things in the open field. We also knew we were playing in a conference that kind of packs things in and brings the safeties down low.”

>> Right now, Baker Steinkuhler, Thad Randle and Chase Rome are the top defensive tackles, with Kevin Williams, Jay Guy and Kenny Anderson running with the No. 2 units.

Williams, you’ll recall, flashed potential as a true freshman in fall camp last year before tearing up his knee.

“Kevin started off slow and he’s come on the last couple days,” Pelini said.

>> Pelini confirmed 2012 signee Alonzo Moore is academically eligible and will join the team at a later date.

>> The team remains healthy. Corner Mo Seisay returned to practice after rolling an ankle Monday.

“I wish I had some wood to knock on, but we’ve been pretty healthy so far,” Pelini said.

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  1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    ” the multifaceted nature of NU’s backfield,”
    You kill me Sam :D

    1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

      8 Abdullah, Ameer IB 5-9 185 So. Homewood, Ala. (Homewood)
      22 Burkhead, Rex IB 5-11 210 Sr. Plano, Texas (Plano Senior High)
      32 Cross, Imani IB 6-1 225 Fr. Gainesville, Ga. (North Hall)
      5 Heard, Braylon IB/CB 5-11 185 So. Youngstown, Ohio (Cardinal Mooney)
      19 Marrow, Mike FB 6-2 250 Jr. Holland, Ohio (Eastern Michigan) (Central Catholic)

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Could you please put up last years production numbers per player?

        1. Jeff_Georgia says:

          NUCD: do you always have to be a dill-hole?

          Look up the word multifaceted. There is nothing about production in the definition. And there was nothing implied about past production when it was used here.

          You just aren’t happy unless you are whining, are you? Why don’t you join the 6 year old’s at the little table. Wait – they don’t like your whining either…

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Give me an example of ‘multifaceted’, explain to me what i didn’t read.

          2. Ryan says:


            Multifaceted is defined as “having many aspects, abilities, etc.”. Kind of like having a guy or two who would be considered a power back. And a guy or two who would be considered a speed back. And a guy or two who is polished, who can pass protect, play a little wildcat, even take a snap or two under center.

            What about our stable of backs ISN’T multifaceted?

          3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            other than the fact our current QB hits his read approx 50% of the time during running plays, and the fact Rex Burkhead carried 90% of the carries if our current QB actually kept it, correct read or not.
            Ameer, was an absolute non factor. Now you are throwing 2 additional players into the mix, which, if I’m not mistaken, may have not actually played a down of Div1 football.
            So, in order to call a backfield “multifaceted” said backfield would have to demonstrate it’s “multifaceted” ability. Until “multifaceted” backfield has demonstrated it’s “multifascitability, were merely playing fantasy football.

          4. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

            With backup Zac Lee nursing a sore throwing arm, Martinez out with an ankle injury, Nebraska turned to Cody Green who staggered to the NU sideline after a big hit with approximately three minutes left in the first quarter.

            Instead, Burkhead – a quarterback as a high school sophomore – took his first snap of the season out of the Wildcat formation and sprinted 29 yards to the ISU 46. Burkhead continued in the Wildcat for the rest of the drive, carrying six times for 52 yards on NU’s first scoring march of the day, which was capped by Roy Helu Jr.’s six-yard run with 13:13 left in the second quarter.

            Nebraska CAR YDS AVG TD LG
            Burkhead 20 129 6.5 2 29

        2. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

          Abdullah finished ninth nationally in kickoff return average in 2011 and recorded seven returns that covered at least 35 yards. He also had a 100-yard kickoff return against Fresno State and set the NU record with 211 return yards in that game.

          2011 (Freshman)
          Abdullah was one of six true freshman to see action in 2011, appearing in every game. He averaged 29.3 yards on 26 kickoff returns, while also serving as NU’s lead punt returner and averaging 7.1 yards on 15 returns. In the running game, Abdullah was typically the first back in for starting I-back Rex Burkhead, and Abdullah finished with 150 yards on 42 carries, including touchdown runs against Penn State, Michigan and South Carolina.

  2. SilenceDoGood says:

    Things sound like they are going about the way we would hope. As far as the nay sayers???? Let em complain. I like this team a bunch and I think after the lip drubbing I’m getting this year that I’m going to buy myself a copy of our National Championship ring when it’s all said and done. Go Huskers!

    1. joey says:

      Do you dream in color too??? Or were you talking about another team???…lol.

  3. joey says:

    I don’t know about CornDevil, BUT, I just watched the Mich game over and over. Our defense lacked db’s to turn their heads and see where the ball was. NU got a TD from an optionpitch from Rex. It was so easy to see NU’s game plan. Rex Rex, Rex, TM TM TM, and an occasional pass play6.All the defense focused on was Rex, and blitzing TM. Wow NU, some game Rex 1/2 the time was stuffed before he even had a chance to do anything. Then a defense that only really had to stop 1 man, the QB. He ran circles around our defense. Bad calls, or NO calls. NU looked ridiculous. Now fans are jumping for joy because NU plays Mich, and Wisc at home. LOL.. That’s amusing. They also played Northwestern at home. Now after a humiliation at home to them. You honestly think NU is going to beat Mich or Wisc??? Wow, the way I seen our defense play, and now a DC with NO experience. NU is not going to look bad, I think the word repulsive is a better word. Yea, I would love for me to eat my words. But come on fans. Bo chooses has beens or never was, as a coaching staff. Did Hoke do that, or Stoops, or Chip? No, they went after the best they could find. Look at recruiting polls. Those coaches aim for the BEST!! Not BO, or Barney. Instead, we get their kids. Instead of 4 star, or 5 star (BLUE CHIPS). THAT, is now NU’s tradition. Whether you like it or don’t. I personally am disgusted with it. This tosses NU and their IRON CLAD tradition, into the garbage disposal. What a freakin waste.

    1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

      Tom Osborne’s base pay was $150,000 during the 1997 NC season. He passed on his “raises” to his staff that stayed with him for MULTIPLE decades. Many of which came from the original Bob Devaney staff. Read T.O.’s book More Than Winning and you will read in Osborne’s own words how important the lack of coaching turnover was to his success.

      Tom Osborne and His Staff
      Sports Illustrated 1995

      At a time when most relationships between a head coach and his lieutenants last as long as Liz Taylor’s with her husbands, the Cornhusker assistants remain steadfast. Of the nine full-timers on the staff, SEVEN have been around Lincoln for NINE YEARS or more.

      But on closer examination it turns out that this phenomenon is far from paranormal; indeed, these assistants choose to stay of their own free will. And the force that keeps them around is about as unusual as white bread: It’s head coach Tom Osborne. “Coach Osborne is a man of great integrity, and he treats us very well,” says Ron Brown, the receivers coach of NINE YEARS (as of 1995). “There’s a lot to say for that.”

      Osborne learned how to treat his aides as a Nebraska assistant himself. He broke in on the first staff of Bob Devaney, a coach who recognized the value of—and was willing to pay handsomely for—a quality supporting cast. One of SIX ASSISTANTS TO STAY with Devaney throughout his 11 years with the Huskers, Osborne RETAINED SEVEN STAFFERS when he took over in 1973. Of the three new aides he hired, one is still with him: defensive backs coach George Darlington (RETIRED IN 2002 AFTER 17 SEASONS WITH NU).

      While some of Osborne’s assistants have interviewed for head coaching openings, not one has left Nebraska for a top spot since 1978 (as of 1995), when Jerry Moore took over at North Texas State. By contrast, in the 1990s three high-profile jobs were filled by ex-members of Bill McCartney’s Colorado staff: Gerry DiNardo (LSU via Vanderbilt), Gary Barnett (Northwestern) and Rick Neuheisel (Colorado). “I can’t tell you why our coaches haven’t been hired,” Osborne says. “We’ve got good people here.” Indeed they do. Consider:

      —The Husker defense has finished first or second in total defense in the Big Eight in 11 of the 14 years that Charlie McBride has been the coordinator. McBride, a 19-YEAR vet in Lincoln (RETIRED IN 2000 AFTER 23 SEASONS COACHING AT NU), was named the best collegiate defensive line coach by The Sporting News in its 1992 preview issue.

      —Since arriving in Lincoln in 1974, offensive line coach Milt Tenopir (RETIRED IN 2002 AFTER 29 YEARS COACHING AT NU) has turned out five Outland Trophy winners, two Lombardi Award winners and 17 All-Americas.

      —In 13 years under running backs coach Frank Solich, named by Athlon the nation’s top assistant in 1993, the Husker ground attack has never finished lower than third in the nation. Solich, who also serves as Osborne’s assistant head coach, joined the Huskers 17 years ago. (Frank Solich ended up being on the NU coaching staff for 25 YEARS.)

      So why haven’t Osborne’s disciples moved onward and upward? The simple answer is that they are so content, they can afford not to go. “If they think I’m a good enough football coach,” says McBride, “they’ll contact me.”

      1. TexasHusker says:


        Fact and reason, succinctly stated.

        Really enjoy watching you punk our resident imbeciles every day.

        Can’t thank you enough.

        GO BIG RED!

      2. Melvin says:

        and it’s also because they had hit their ceilings as assistants, ie frank solich

      3. Incorrigible1 says:

        Not sure your point, actual fan. Yes, it was great under Coach Osborne. But since then? Frank tanked, and was in so much demand after NU that he’s coaching in the MAC. How many Outland, Lombardi, or All Americans has Barney produced?

        I’m hoping, but still waiting to see valid results from the collection of former Husker coaches and less-than-stellar coaching staff Coach Pelini has assembled.

      4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        So, Pelini should reduce his pay to 1.5 mil, and hire assistants qualified to coach D1 Football?
        How consistent has Pelini’s staff been so far?
        Osborne is gone………………..

  4. redark says:

    If Blarney fails to produce a consistent, focused, head out of their rear offensive line this season, he absolutely must return to the “real big red”, Iowa St.

    1. joey says:

      WON’T HAPPEN!!! Barney recruited another 1 of his kids. SOLIDIFYING his stay for another 4 years.

  5. HUSKERZ says:

    Why feed the troll aka joey?!? He is one of the most uneducated Husker (maybe not even a fan) fans I’ve ever had the misery of reading his verbal diarrhea. Our coaching staff is making great inroads in recuiting and we are on the cusp of greatness. If we want to look at a game where our D was showcased, why not look at last years MSU game? MSU beat UM last year and we totally shut down MSU! Point is, we can decide to look at a loss and complain or we can look at a win and be excited. Joey is obviously a miserable little human who is not happy with his pathetic life, so he is a perfect pessimist. The glass IS half full! GO BIG RED!!!

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


      1. HUSKERZ says:

        Corndevil, I had to look up what Abilify is. Do you take this for your schizophrenia or for joey?

        1. TexasHusker says:

          Joey is CORNDEVIL’s boyfriend.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


  6. The honey badger says:

    With those back can we please run some diamond or multi backs looks like how Clemson n auburn run with their full house pistol look.its sad Nebraska the only fanbase where being the minority of saying something that is obvious makes you a troll…you wanna shut up trolls pray that we win 10+ wins. But honestly their saying alou truth our staff isn’t that experienced hoke and Meyer are grabbing all the recruits. It’s time for the husker team to show all this talk on the field we gotta remind the critics who we are

    1. redark says:

      How bout putting Marrow at right guard and run the roosky left or is it still illegal? It was so long ago I don’t think the officials would know what hit them.

      1. curt says:

        Fumbleroosky– not legal anymore. Our guards and tackles have to learn to block, pull, and pass protect before we get happy with ourselves and let them carry the ball on a trick novelty play. Wade before you swim.

        1. redark says:

          Marrow is a running back, I’d never let a Blarney coached lineman run with the ball, it would be 6 points in the wrong direction. Call the roosky when we are 35 up on the Badgers late in the fourth, it would become a classic.

  7. Islander/Husker says:

    In the Big 10 you need to have the power backs and you need have some speed guys who can get the edge. Sounds like now, we have both.

    I always thought there would be a 2 to three year adjustment in the way we recruit in the Big 10.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      What do we need to compete with the SEC?

      1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

        How about a preseason All-America honor running back?

        Burkhead was one of four running backs tabbed as a preseason All-American, joining Wisconsin’s Montee Ball to give the Big Ten two All-America backs.

        Wow, two from “THE BIG SLOW”…

        What the heck are all these teams thinking???? Must feel sorry for these B1G SLOW Division 3 speed athletes that were formerly at PSU.

        Player Pos New school
        Rob Bolden QB LSU
        Justin Brown WR Oklahoma
        Tim Buckley S NC State
        Anthony Fera K/P Texas
        Khairi Fortt LB California
        Kevin Haplea TE Florida State
        Ryan Nowicki OL Illinois
        Jamil Pollard DT Rutgers
        Silas Redd RB USC

    2. joey says:

      NO WE DON’T!!!! We do not have the speed Oregon, Mich, or OSU has in speed as RB’s. Nor do we have gifted QB’s like Mich, or OSU, or probably Wisc. I seen where Ameer get chased down, Heard, and so forth. When is the last time you seen an 70s 80s or 90s Husker back chased down with nothing but GREEN in front of him?? NEVER. NU does NOT have that speed. There was a back on the RB recruits. 1 of them clocked a 40 time 4.30 on the nose. NU does NOT have anyone on the team that fast. Not even TM when he’s healthy. DB’s in the BIG are speedsters. So running GUN HO to the outside DON’T work. Rex is great for the POWER running game. Not a 50-65 yard runs. He DON’T have the speed. Mich smothered him. But, others insult what I say, but it CAN’T be proven wrong. Last but not least. UNTIL NU rids Barney Cotton, the OL will continue to look really bad. I do NOT blame the players. They are ONLY as good, as they’re coached. Then there is BO and his “GOOD OL BUDDY PAL FRIEND OF MINE” coaching staff. This is Husker football, and OUR winning tradition. NOT a family reunion. Then look at the players? BO and BARNEY, bringing in their kids. Their job is to take NU back to it’s winning ways. NOT turning this into a FREE RIDE to being a Husker. That’s NOT our tradition, that IS nothing more than PATHETIC POLITICS!!! If this is the way it’s going to be? Then BO, BARNEY, our DC, needs to go..after this season.

  8. Islander/Husker says:

    Great to see all the competition between players. That will only make the players better.

  9. NCAAFBFan says:

    Sam and posters bring up good points to start a conversation. If it sounds negative it doesn’t mean they’re any less Husker fans than a positive post is an indicator of a great Husker fan. If posters would try to concentrate more on the points people are trying to make and less on the attack language you could have a better debate. Some are more articulate than others, there is no debate. Joey and AACF make valid points. TO had great loyalty from Asst. Coaches. Why Bo doesn’t have that I don’t know but it’s a good topic to discuss. Barney can’t produce OL like Milt could. Don’t know why he can’t but again a good discussion.

    AACF’s long posts that include stats are no more or less convincing than Joey’s posts or anyone else for that matter. State your point, present your case and see what the others have to say. Off my soapbox now…….

    1. joey says:

      thank you

  10. Homer sampson says:

    “We also knew we were playing in a conference that kind of packs things in and brings the safeties down low.” Hey, Ron, if you had any semblance of a passing attack last year, they wouldn’t be able to get away with that. The Big XII figured it out pretty quick (and now the Big 10(11/12) that to beat NU, you take away the read option, and make Taylor Martinez throw. Occasionally he was halfways effective, and the offense could move the ball some and give the porous defense a break, but in most games, it didn’t happen. I’m still trying to figure this kid out. Is he a QB or not? A better O-line would help cover for his deficiencies. Oh lordy, I can’t even imagine where they’d be without Rex.

  11. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Trust me, when the current NU starting QB is not starting, the O-Line will improve.

    1. NCAAFBFan says:

      it what way will the O-line improve?

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        Linemen will not have to carry blocks, for 6 seconds while the QB sits there confused and dazed. I watched countless times where solid blocks were being made by FB and Guard while our current QB would miss the read and run the opposite direction or hand the ball to the fake when he was supposed to keep and go thru the hole. There isn’t a QB camp on the dark side of the moon that can increase our QB’s I.Q. level, I would seriously start Lord over this kid, and it’s a shame, because he could have been a seriously awesome threat as a slot receiver.
        Pelini wasted valuable game snaps on the wrong QB, he’s way in over his head.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Can somebody please find a moment of ‘Multifaceted’ somewhere on this clip for me?

          2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            This Colter kid looks good, how many games has he started at this point? How many snaps has our current QB had?
            I rest my case………….

          3. Skytown J says:

            Gotta be honest, I said this same thing about TM last season. It is as if he made up his mind, before the ball was snapped, whether he was going to pitch/hand off or keep it on the option. When he guessed right, big play. Guess wrong? Loss or NG. He may be a fine young man, I don’t know about that. But he seemed to get rattled when things got hairy.

          4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            That could be the issue Skytown, he may not even be reading at all, Watson, and Beck may have just called plays regardless of defensive shifts, and just went with it.
            Our QB just informs the O of the play and snap count, end of responsibility.

  12. Carl Sonandy says:

    NUCORNDEVIL, just out of curiosity – were you a former troll on The Sporting Used the name, “Voice of Reason?” Some dude spending all day in his Mom’s basement listening to bad music and trolling the internet picking fights and spraying misogynistic and homophboic rhetoric? Just curious if you’ve resurfaced or if you’re just another bully.

    1. An Actual Cornhusker Fan says:

      Reminds me of the UT fan bcarter62 on ESPN.COM. Went on a gleeful tirade for a three day troll binge binder on the B1G blog when the AAU status was revoked. The rumor was that his Aripiprazole prescription ran out (also called Abilily). Hates NU just as much as the PDS pigeons that relieve themselves daily on all current things red.

  13. PT Husker says:

    Question that is not football related. Whzt is an on line subscription cost at the OWH

  14. big red 1 says:

    ATTACK !!!
    GBR !!!
    Be loud “N” proud in 2012 !!!

  15. tc says:

    Well its a new season and can understand the multiple viewpoints on how our Huskers will do this year. I have spent alot of time trying to figure it out myself and have mixed emotions on what to expect. I believe we have the talent to be a Great (top 10) team but the coaching staffs compentency will be the deciding factor if that happens. I agree with many that the staff hires are not what you see from the top programs in the NCAA. I do feel that the d line coach and secondary coach are good hires! We still lack a quality QB coach and Beck is cutting his teeth in the OC position. Oline coaching will improve with Garrison on staff. T Mart has put in some time working on his weaknessess so I am going to be optimistic and say he will be the most improved player on the team this year. We are solid at running back, receiver/tight end, LB and shoud see instant improvement on DLine and Secondary. With all that being said I believe we will have a Great Season and will suprise many by the end of the season. I am not drinking the Red CoolAid so please donot accuse me of it. I am simply looking at the data I have and making a assumption based on it. The mood is right and the timing is right so lets all put on a optimistic view and push the vibe in that direction. Nothing positive ever come from negativity. GBR

    1. joey says:

      I agree, I post what facts can’t be ignored. All I have is valid victorian using 5, 10, 15, or whatever amount of screen names. Nothing of facts, just insults. So I can’t respond, nor can I read his posts. I know when it’s him. Because that person NEVER stops talking about me. I love peaceful debates, true I get brutal. But, I never think less of the person. Me and Kevin had scrap out, just brutal debates. But when I see his screen name. I always say..”Welcome back Kevin, or Kev.” Just to show, that was the last debate, and it was nothing personal. He is a cool guy. Sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye. That don’t make him a troll, or Anti-Husker. Just makes him a human being with their own opinion. That, I can and will respect. There’s been times where I had nothing but compliments, and he HAS posted “joey?”

  16. joey says:

    wow valid victorian?? How many screen names do you use? It’s not like we don’t know it’s Still, NOTHING on what the subject was about. Just your meaningless childish rants..yawn.