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Big, fat recruiting update, Aug. 22
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Here’s another big, fat recruiting update. Check out my recruiting column from Tuesday, too.

From this point forward, you’ll see prospects with a variety of recruiting service rankings. Here’s the key:

Name, Ht/Wt, Pos, Town/School: Top schools involved

  • 247: 247Sports
  • 247C: 247Sports Composite ranking
  • R: Rivals
  • S: Scout
  • E: ESPN

After each designation, you’ll see numbers. Here’s the key for those:

Star ranking/National ranking/Position Ranking

An “NR” means they’re not ranked at this time. A bolded ranking denotes the prospect’s highest evaluation. An italicized ranking denotes the prospect’s lowest evaluation.


Aaron Cochran 6-8/365, OT, Atwater, Calif.: Cal, NU, OU, ND, Fresno

247: 3/NR/33

247C: 3/433/43

R: 3/NR/57

S: 3/NR/62

E: 4/NR/24

Befitting of his size, Cochran has taken the recruiting process slowly, he told Huskers Illustrated. He’s talked to NU offensive line coach Barney Cotton some on Facebook, and is just now considering where to take his official visits. Atwater is in Northern California, two hours from the Bay Area, so Cal and Stanford will be significant teams to challenge. Aaron’s brother, Matt, is a center at Cal.

But Nebraska is low, low, low on offensive tackles at this point. So a guy like Cochran — who has to be one the biggest players the Huskers have ever recruited — is intriguing. He’s a run-blocking right tackle, most likely.

“I like the Midwest area,” he told HI. “I like the history the school has in football. It just seems really attractive to me. I want to check it out.”

* * *

Kyle Shortridge 6-2/275, DT, Loxahatchee (Fla.) Seminole Ridge: NU, Wake, Boise, A&M, Wisky

247: 3/NR/39

247C: 3/377/31

R: 3/NR/36

S: 3/NR/73

E: 3/NR/51

The Huskers have an official visitor for the Southern Miss game, according to HuskerOnline. Shortridge looks like a late-riser, a redshirt candidate who could use a year of schooling under position coach Rick Kaczensk. He’s already decommitted from Wake Forest, so Shortridge could take his time during his second trip on the market.

* * *

Dionte Taylor, 6-0/175, WR, Ft. Lauderdale University School: BC, NU, Cincy, Wake, Houston

247: 3/NR/94

247C: 3/NR/158

R: 3/NR/93

S: 2/NR/229

E: 2/NR/184

The skinny slot receiver will visit NU for its Sept. 29 game vs. Wisconsin.

“It’s a night game and it’s prime time on ESPN,” Taylor told Huskers Illustrated. “It’s Nebraska against another Big Ten school that was recruiting me. The game is on my birthday.”

His highlight video shows a willing, aggressive blocker. A Tim Marlowe type. His ranking appears affected by a 4.79-second 40-yard dash time, but several recruiting services are beginning to diminish the 40 times because players tend to inflate their speed.

* * *

Terrell Newby, 5-10/185, RB, Los Angeles Chaminade: Cal, NU

247: 3/NR/35

247C: 3/411/26

R: 4/231/30

S: 3/NR/40

E: 4/NR/33

The stud scatback is still looking to a Sept. 22 official visit while slowing down his recruiting process over the summer.

* * *

Cornelius Elder 5-10/170, RB, Nashville (Tenn.) Ensworth: OSU, NU, Mia, Vandy

247: 4/151/8

247C: 4/181/9

R: 4/215/10

S: 4/NR/23

E: 4/238/23

A mid-major college basketball prospect but top-flight football prospect, Elder has taken his recruiting process slowly. He told 247Sports he’s not likely to commit in the fall and he may be looking at a school that allows him to play both.

But Nebraska is pursuing Elder hard.

“I know Nebraska has a good football tradition,” Elder told 247. “I’ve seen their facilities on video and it looks nice and I know they have some good coaches.

Between the two running backs, I’ll take Newby. Another Husker target, Pierre Cormier, committed to Arizona a few weeks ago.

* * *

Taj Letman, 6-3/195, S, Holmes (Goodman, Miss.) C.C.: Ga, S. Ala, Baylor, La-Laf, NU, Pur

247: NR/NR/NR

247C: NR/NR/NR

R: 3/NR/NR



With Courtney Osborne, Daimion Stafford, P.J. Smith and Justin Blatchford graduating this year, NU’s depth at safety is thin; only Corey Cooper, Harvey Jackson and LeRoy Alexander will remain. So a JUCO safety makes sense, and Letman may be the guy who gives NU the hardest look.

“My strengths are my aggressiveness to the run, and my ability to play man at any time,” Letman told HuskerOnline. “I’m able to man up anybody. My goal for this season is to try to be an All-American.”

Georgia — which could sign up to 33 or 34 players in this class (yes, really) — will be tough to be beat if the Bulldogs want Letman that badly.

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  1. CDad63 says:

    Chochran is 6-8? Too tall for OLine IMO.

    1. TheGov21 says:

      Jonathan Ogden and Orlando Pace were 6’8. They did pretty well for themselves. Jared Gaither (San Diego Chargers Left Tackle) is 6’9 and has had a pretty good career. There are plenty of other guys that are 6’8 that are doing well in the NFL.

      1. CDad63 says:

        Good job! Compare him to two of the best out there. Also, playing in the NFL is one thing, playing in the offense here (at NU) is a completely different thing.

  2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Recruit Cochran hard as an OT, turn him into a DT, in April. :)

  3. Mike Caramba says:

    I don’t understand how the 247 Composite could be the top (or bottom) ranking for anyone (as it is for Shortridge). If it’s a composite of the other rankings cited, shouldn’t it always be somewhere in the middle? I guess it takes into account other rankings not noted here?

    1. Sam McKewon Sam McKewon says:

      It takes into account more rankings than the ones listed here.

      1. Mike Caramba says:

        Ah, thanks for the clarification.

      2. Mosier says:

        Also interesting that they keep giving guys a national ranking like 433 when none of the other services even give them a ranking past 250…

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          I think it’s because it’s hard to differentiate between the 251st and 252nd subjectively, which is how most rankings are done. However, when you’re aggregating all recruiting services’ subjective scores, you are theoretically getting a sort-of-objective output. By that logic, you can easily rank any recruit that has been evaluated by all services. I think?

  4. Skytown J says:

    I’ve thought about this recruiting thing a lot over the last decade. It appears the trend is that NU will need to accept the fact that most of the kids they get will be and 3/4 star type players. TO won with those kinds of players, but his offense was problematic to defend against for teams that don’t see it very much. He could get athletic/running QB’s who could complete a few passes and overachieving 3 star receivers who block like hell downfield. Top RB’s loved it. He could turn big strong kids into good, and sometimes great, run-blocking O-linemen. I think the Huskers will need to return to that recipe. The top skill players aren’t ending up in Lincoln, so they need to force the opponents to play their game. They should be able to recruit defensive players. Not sure why they have struggled there the last couple years.

    1. Jimbob says:

      Skers are settling for 3 star recruits because they aren’t trying / selling the program the way others sell their programs. Our coaching staff makes lame excuses about how hard it is to get to Nebraska via airplanes or it’s too cold or its too far away. People claim TO did it with walkons, but the recruiting services weren’t there like they are today. Callahan had top recruiting classes but keeping the team cohesive was an issue. saying we have to settle means you really don’t care if they win a championship again and frankly a cop-out.

  5. redark says:

    Sooners are hot on Cochran’s tail wanting to replace the Belldozer at the qb spot.
    The big question, can he throw?

  6. Bob D says:

    I agree with Skytown J. Plus…the Big 10 is more of a running conference anyway. A balanced offense does not throw off defenses. An off balanced offense makes for an unbalanced defense…especially if the passing game is efficient when you do throw. Option football is the best way to go for a team like Nebraska

  7. Reed says:

    Sam, I thought the SEC had new rules against over signing, how do they get to give out 33-34 scholarships when the annual limit is supposed to be 25?

    1. Mosier says:

      It’s the SEC, you think they’re really going to create a rule with teeth to curb their biggest advantage ie oversigning.

      1. Richard says:

        Trouble is they can’t keep them all. It’s tough for a kid to accept an offer and then find out they don’t have anything. That’s the way I understand it anyway. I would love to see someone spell the SEC recruiting thing out. It seems like the NCAA should be passing a rule against that sort of thing if kids are offered and then don’t get a schollarship. Maybe I don’t understand this particular issue, but it sounds pretty bad.

        1. Homer Sampson says:

          Simple, they just run 10 or so guys off every year who they have determined are not turning into the player they hoped, so they push them out of the nest. Plus kids who thought that they’d start, aren’t, so they quit. Its a sleazy system, but that’s how they make the numbers work.

  8. Mikenwyo says:

    What’s the word on Priest Willis?

    1. Mosier says:

      Don’t know but after JC’s Sandland and Johnson he’s the recruit I want the most.

  9. Richard says:

    At RB, what about David Williams? I read thay he was going to visit.

  10. joey says:

    a 4.79-second 40-yard dash ???????? For Dionte Taylor??? A WR??? Wow Bo? That really points out my comment in LACK OF SPEED!!! Bo WR’s run 40 time 4.45 or less!!!! That’s GREAT speed for D. Taylor. If he was a 275 pound DE!!!!! Plus you are NOT learning BO!! 5’10 170 RB??? No, No, No. Bo they need to be at least 6’0 tall & close to 200+ pounds. 170??? Is great!!! For a WR!!! But a RB??? The guy will get clobbered. The BIG conference DL, is pushing close to 300 pounds. A 2 man tackle (which is close to 600 Ibs), and this guy will be in a stretcher before halftime. This recruiting is seriously LAGGING!!!! This is another reason NU can’t take it to the next level.

    1. Davey says:

      All you do is complain Joey…take your poor attitude and go follow another team. You have no idea what your talking about. You just run your mouth.