Published Thursday, August 23, 2012 AT 10:53 AM / Updated at 5:34 PM
Turner finds mentor in Marlowe
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Sophomore Jamal Turner lost his job as the Huskers’ top slot receiver midway through last year to veteran Tim Marlowe. You’ll never guess who Turner went to this offseason for help.

Natural human instinct would seem to indicate that Turner should be holding a bit of resentment toward Marlowe (you know, the guy who doesn’t seem to have Turner’s potential game-changing skills but beat him out anyway).

Quite the opposite, actually. Turner looks up to Marlowe, hoping to emulate the senior receiver the way a younger brother might try to mimic his older sibling.

“We kind of came up with an agreement. Like, ‘Hey, I need you. You might not need me, but I need you to teach me this offense,’” Turner said. “There are no hard feelings. We’re still friends.”

Marlowe talked about their bond in an interview at the start of preseason camp. During the offseason, he and Turner lifted together, studied together, spent extra time together on the field after workouts. Marlowe was more than willing to try to guide Turner as best he could.

“I’m trying to help Jamal along,” Marlowe said earlier this month. “A guy like Jamal, that’s so much talent.”

So far, so good. Turner’s made a strong impression in preseason camp. He’s not ahead of Marlowe on the depth chart, but it seems that he’s earned a spot in the regular rotation.

Being an understudy in 2012 is fine by Turner, it seems.

Just no repeat of last year, Turner says. No late-season disappearance (after a strong start to his true freshman season, Turner saw just one snap against Michigan State and two against Penn State).

Turner wants to keep improving.

“When (Marlowe) leaves, somebody’s going to have to fill his shoes,” Turner said.

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  1. David says:

    As everyone can see, Turner is way more physically talented than Marlowe. Marlowe is obviously a super nice guy, but how can you keep Turner off the field if he knows the “O” just as much as Marlowe does? Here’s hoping they get Jamal on the field as much as possible. The kid is a playmaker! Something Marlowe never proved to be last year.

  2. David says:

    And yes, I’m not dissing Marlowe. Having selfless guys like him on the team are indispensable!

    1. Husker Fan in Indiana says:

      Too late. You did dis Marlowe. If you went back and looked at the limited times he was used last year, Marlowe was dependable and competent. Now, if Turner can take advantage of his opportunities this year and deliver when the ball comes his way, then he will definitely see a lot more playing time than last year and probably more than Marlowe. But athleticism and talent are of no value if not properly applied.

  3. Aaron Britton says:

    Unless JT is just way over-rated. . .he needs to be on the field. This is a weakness of Bo’s era (I’m a huge Bo fan by the way) that younger guys who are really talented can’t get on the field and go by instinct like they are at Alabama, Michigan, etc. . . TMagic would be a notable exception to that. . .But, unless JT is just a complete mess with the playbook he needs to be out there because of the home run threat and the unpredictability of our offense when he’s there. Here’s hoping I. Cross, Santos, Janovich, etc. . . can get some better treatment if they’re the better athlete. And, if these new guys can’t grasp the scheme, perhaps it needs to be simplified.

    Again, I’m leaving room for the possibility that JT might not yet be the player we think he is. But, his film seems to show differently. . . . .

  4. Matt Teer says:

    Marlowe can fly. He just doesn’t juke as much as Turner. No doubt he deserves to be on the field. You wanna talk big play ability, why isn’t Turner running back kickoffs instead of Marlowe. I trust what they do in practice so there is obviously a reason Timmy is starting. Turner could be used in some good gadget plays or simply utilize when he will be in the game.

  5. dycn says:

    Why does everyone assume that if Turner is such a threat then he should be on the filed? Now there are other important things then just catching the ball and running. There is that thing of lining up in the correct spot for the play, how about running the correct play, or that little important item called blocking on those pesky running plays. Shoot…just take Turner out on run plays (insert Marlowe) and then inset Turner (take out Marlowe) on passing plays. There is not a single defensive coordinator in division I that would figure that out and figure out what type of play it would be (run vs. pass). Now…I am not at practice but from articles and coaches comments it would seem that Turner did not have some of the finer items down for the game. If he improves on those things then the he could warrant more time on the field. Why take down Marlowe though? Seems like last year he was the more complete player.

  6. Roger says:

    Marlowe has plenty of speed and is considered one of the best athletes on the team.

  7. blackshirtslive! says:

    JT has potential galore. From what I have read about him, he seems like a good kid. I want to see him suceed as much as the next person. The bottom line is he is young but learning. He said himself effort and attitude landed him on the sideline. As long as he understands why he isnt playing, thats enough for me.

  8. The honey badger says:

    This staff isn’t the best with developing young talent on offense plain and simple. I see freshman start I’m the SEC and yet here We get excuses. Yea he prolly didn’t know the playbook as well but guess what this staff told him to play Wr
    When’s he’s been qb all his life. You could have eased him win with sweeps screens end arounds wildcat be creative

  9. A Husker says:

    Me thinks it’s a little bita both-coaches need to trust and players need to earn it. Tim is a leader, smart, driven, fast–love that kid. JT is a natural, prolly needs to learn how to work in the areas he’s not as natural. Seems like they’re on the right track.

  10. tc says:

    J T is a natural Dual threat QB andshould be starting QB by now. The coaching staff never has given him the proper time at that position and instead wanted to utilize his raw talent (in any capacity) and get him on the field. So why wasn’t he on the field? Because he did not know the position at all. So they burn a redshirt and have him develop in a position that he may eventually start at by his junior year. If he would have stayed at QB he would be a solid #2 and ready to make the jump. I still like him at reciever but I see his real talent at QB. He seemed like a RG3 in the making.

  11. Brok4nu says:

    Good for both of them! Regardless of who starts both should be good weapons. Turner does have better upside but marlowe is seasoned. Never know turner might explode this season. I like both of them and we will need both!