Published Saturday, September 1, 2012 AT 12:40 AM / Updated at 12:41 AM
Front page draws inspiration from different game
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College football game day is a time when newspaper designers aim to brainstorm creative ideas, show off artistic execution and combine in-depth articles with various photos and illustrations to create a useful-but-fun package of sports coverage.

But our first Husker game day front page drew its inspiration from another game: the popular artillery-style game “Angry Birds.”

“We had to figure out a creative way to illustrate how tough of an opponent Southern Miss could be for the Huskers. Instead of drawing a tough looking eagle, like the one Southern Miss uses as its mascot, we wanted to come up with a more unique approach to the topic,” said World-Herald designer Jay St. Pierre. “After a 10- or 15-minute discussion with my editors, we decided the best way to illustrate this would be to create an ‘Angry Birds’ themed cover.”

In honor of the fusion of Husker football and the video game world, World-Herald online editor Micah Mertes whipped up a web animation. It’s not playable, but doesn’t it get you yearning for an “Angry Birds: Huskers Edition” of the game?

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