Published Tuesday, September 4, 2012 AT 7:01 PM / Updated at 7:08 PM
Practice report: Seisay back; Burkhead still out
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Reserve cornerback Mo Seisay, who didn’t dress for the opener, was back in practice Tuesday and performed well, according to defensive coordinator John Papuchis. Rex Burkhead stayed on the sideline.

Not too much of a surprise in regard to Burkhead, who’s questionable for Saturday’s game at UCLA with an MCL sprain. NU may not give a concrete status update on the senior I-back until just before kickoff.

Seisay, however, was healthy enough to participate Tuesday. “Looked good,” said Papuchis. The junior college transfer, who joined the program last spring, suffered an ankle sprain during preseason camp and it’s been bugging him ever since. It’s still unclear if he’ll be able to go Saturday.

More updates from Tuesday’s session are below…

>> Papuchis complimented the skill guys within the UCLA offense, saying they have enough athleticism to make some explosive plays against the Huskers. Properly defending the zone read option remains a focus. As does maintain discipline on the back-end — because Papuchis expects UCLA to test the NU safeties downfield.

>> There are some recruiting targets in California (uncommitted and committed prospects) that Papuchis hopes will take notice of Nebraska this weekend. Said Papuchis: “Getting out there and getting some exposure and hopefully playing really well will be good for us.”

>> The Huskers missed a few tackles in their opener. Is that concerning? “It’ll be more concerning this week if we see the same things,” Papuchis said. “I’ll reserve judgment on some of the missed tackle stuff until we evaluate us in this coming week.”

>> Sophomore Corey Cooper played well in his first significant game action as Nebraska’s No. 1 dime back Saturday, according to Papuchis.

>> Tight end Ben Cotton (ribs) was in full pads, but he wore a green no-contact jersey Tuesday. Bo Pelini said Monday that Cotton is expected to play.

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  1. joey says:

    On a highlighted and televised game, like against UCLA? We get to see Ben choke like his daddy Barney. If you’re a TEXAS fan, this is the kind of comedy you’ve been waiting for.If you’re a Husker fan, and you get to see Ben, a less than 1 star prospect, going to make his return to the field, to see the fans quiet as a mouse thinking???????????….oh goody….Wow, that will motivate those fans Barney! Your son getting a FREE RIDE!!! When NU could have gotten 4 star or BLUE CHIP TE’s. I know this comment will anger alot of folks, that CLAIM TO BE HUSKER FANS. But before you JUDGE ME. Think about it for a sec…ok? In the 70s 80s and 90s. Did we see coaches RELATIVES playing on the field? OR??? Did we see the BEST OF THE BEST, on the field? When you think that out clearly, you’ll know BARNEY could have done alot better than his son. This is the POLITICS that is holding NU back. Barney gives his sons a FREE RIDE, BO, and his LOVEFEST with John P, then a DL coach that was a flop in IOWA?? BO keeps choosing the same paths over , and over, and over again. I don’t care about his side line screaming routines. Hey Bob Stoops has his to. But look where Bob is, and look where Bo is. Do you HONESTLY see Bob Stoops hiring ANY of our coordinators?…no. Our OL and DL coaches? Do you see Urban Meyers tearing the walls down to get our coaching staff that BO chose?….lol..not a chance in hell. How about Hoke?, Or Chip? Or Gundy? Or Saban? Or Les? Or Lane? Or…. I think you get my point. Until NU picks QUALITY coaches, instead of who they think will be good on the coaching staff. NU will never be playing in Major Bowls, nor winning a division title, let alone a national title. Think about it… NU vs OSU next season in a divisional title. It will be like NU vs OU…35-0, just in the 1st quarter. Because NU is OUT CLASSED from the very start. But, there will be those calling me a troll, or whatever, for telling it like it is. After this season, it’ll be going on BO’s 6th season. Wow, they fired Frankie before that many seasons. Think about it? 6 seasons of NOT even being in the top 10. NO Major Bowls, NO National Titles, and NO divisional titles. How long are you going to stick up for BO and his mediocre bowl games?.. And I’m the troll? At least I can be HONEST about the situation. NOT having my head in the clouds, and stars in my eyes, because it’s HUSKER FOOTBALL. But I look at what is really there, and that’s too much POLITICS, and not enough hard nosed coaching staff, like other BIG name colleges go after…Nope, not Bo.

    1. Bob OU says:

      Ummmm, it’s Urban Meyer, not “Meyers”. Also, Mr. Expert, Bo worked for Les as his defensive coordinator during LSU’s 2007 BCS Championship season. And Nebraska hired him away from Les Miles. Do a little Google’n up some facts next time.

    2. Husker Power says:

      Ben Cotton:

      Honors & Awards

      Honorable-Mention All-Big Ten (Coaches, Media, 2011)
      CoSIDA Academic All-District VII (2011)
      Academic All-Big Ten (2011)
      First-Team Academic All-Big 12 (2009, 2010)
      All-Big 12 Freshman Team (, Sporting News)
      Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll (Fall, 2011; Spring, 2012)
      Two-Time Big 12 Commissioner’s Fall Academic Honor Roll (2008, 2009)
      Two-Time Big 12 Commissioner’s Spring Academic Honor Roll (2009, 2010, 2011)
      Brook Berringer Citizenship Team (2010, 2011, 2012)
      Nebraska Student-Athlete HERO Leadership Award (2011)

      1. joey says:

        That doesn’t prove my point What was BEN…BEFORE NU??? Please fill me in on those facts to ok? ;)

      2. Husker Power says:

        Dienhart: My Top 10 Big Ten Tight Ends Senior Writer

        4. Ben Cotton, 6-6, 255, Nebraska, Sr. He is a big, steady target who caught 14 passes for 189 yards in 2011. Cotton, an honorable mention All-Big Ten choice last season, is effective as an in-line blocker but also can move the chains as a massive option on third downs. No doubt, Taylor Martinez will look for him on third downs.

        5. Kyler Reed, 6-3, 230, Nebraska, Sr. He has been one of the Huskers’ steadiest pass-catching options in recent years, making 15 catches 257 yards and a touchdown in 2011. Reed is a speedy athlete who excels getting down the field and out running linebackers and over powering safeties. He and Ben Cotton will be the top tight end tandem in the Big Ten.

  2. Homer Sampson says:

    Think I’d have Rex in green every week. He knows the job pretty good by now.

  3. Phil York says:

    I say let Burkhead rest. Let him rest till Wisconsin comes to town as far as I care. Our ability to have a shot at the B1G rests on his health.

  4. MojoHusker says:

    I agree Phil. Rest him up, get him healthy. But I’m sure that if he gets his way, he will be out there well before Bucky comes to town.


  5. Ben Bengerschanckey says:

    Hey Joey Troll
    Actually Stoops has hired more than one of NU’s assistant coaches , in fact Bo was one of them after Solich was canned. As for your tired TIrade , no one cares about your opinions but you …
    Have a nice day
    E Ben Bengerschanckey …

    1. joey says:

      Once again you can’t read valid victorian…er..Ben Bengerschanckey. Once again I said…”Do you HONESTLY see Bob Stoops hiring ANY of our coordinators?” So you’re saying BO hired himself?? I clearly was NOT talking about BO, I said his STAFF!!!Please take comprehensive reading classes, you need it.

      1. Bob OU says:

        Apparently the use of “once again” to begin consecutive sentences and LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS and multiple punctuation marks are taught in comprehensive reading classes!!!?? Relax, take a step back and thoughtfully form an opinion based on facts, not conjecture. I think I see what you are getting at. Bo isn’ t the second coming of Osborne. Nobody probably will be for quite some time. But he’s obviously well thought of by Tom himself or he would not have hired him. Frank Solich, Bob Stoops and Les Miles obviously thought highly enough of him as well to hire him as a D coordinator. And his defenses as a coordinator have looked good on the field and in stats by most people’s reckoning. Maybe he is a better D coordinator than head coach. Time will tell. If you ask older folks, there was a lot of grumbling about Osborne early on as well, as he didn’t beat OU in his first several years. And then had the rep ” can’t win the big one ” Take it down a notch, Joey. We just soundly beat a decent team to start he year. Let’s see what they do against UCLA.

      2. CK says:

        I see one of our coordinators from last year heading up a football team as a head coach. Seems to be that someone thinks highly of him. Is it a great team? Nope. If he has some success there, Carl will no doubt be coaching a bigger name team in no time. Point is that someone trusted our coordinator enough to hire him to run a program. I remember Carl being courted by Tennessee. I remember Watson being courted by Alabama. I find it comical that you would wonder why a first year coordinator isn’t being courted by another team and a second year OC isn’t in the running for a position elsewhere. I remember people like you bitching about Osborne, Tenopir and McBride for years. McBride couldn’t keep up with Miami’s Offense. Osborne was too vanilla. Tenopir’s O-Lines were too slow to keep up with Miami’s D. Tom couldn’t win the big one. I remember morons wanting Tom to be fired after the 1991 season. They wanted us to go after Bill McCartney. I remember morons throwing a fit because we were considering Pelini in 2004 rather than BC.

        The point is, I trust Tom Osborne’s judgement over a snot nosed internet jockey any day of the week. You know how we’ll know that Bo isn’t the best man for the job? When Tom replaces him.

        1. joey says:

          LOL I love your stereotyping 1st off I have ALWAYS cheered on Osbourne. I have NEVER BOOED him once. I was to young to know what Bob D. was like. So where do you get this..”I remember people like you bitching about Osborne, ” Wow, now I mentioned facts, I did NOT stereotype anyone like you just did. Barney has did NOTHING, John P was the DC for the SC game and called a 3 man blitz, before halftime. When NU is giving up close to 400 yards a game passing. Then we get how well the “D” looked against an UNRANKED S Miss. Just to watch a QB go crazy on our defense. 1/2 the time NU was lined up for a pass defense. When S Miss QB made NU look silly. This Saturday, UCLA is a MUCH MORE talented team with a duel threat QB. Let’s see how your boy wonder as a DC really does. I know, if they lose it’s my fault right? Last but not least. Watson? As I remembered, yea Alabama tried for Watson. After they seen his RESULTS, they were NOT so impressed. That explains why he is ONLY a QB coach at a struggling team with NO credit to its prestige…yea? As far as Carl goes? Funny you do NOT remember our really great “D” staff members. Quit working with Bo, but joins his brother instead. Wow, that’s not telling you something? But Bo still keeps John P. Oh, and let’s talk about Bo, shll we. He was the DC for LSU when LSU won a National Title. Hmm, as I remember it. LSU played a UNRANKED SEC conference opp. When they won, they jumped over a 1 loss USC (which played a far more brutal schedule than LSU), and even jumped over an UNDEFEATED Boise State, when LSU had 2 losses. Funny thing is, did you see how much yards up the middle BO gave up, while being a DC at LSU?? Obviously not. Bo had that problem in OU, and NU as a DC as well. So BO didn’t do a Superman job neither …did he? Nice to see you have such short memory, when it comes to the TOTAL FACTS.

          1. CK says:

            Did I say YOU? I said people LIKE you. Aside from that, being such a fan of Osborne, you should learn how to spell his name. :))

            As to the rest of your “Facts”, Bo has coached at the championship level in both Pro and College football. I’m not willing to throw him under the bus because I have the ability to use logic and reason. There are over 100 college teams and ONE can win a National Championship. You can bitch about the way LSU won it with Bo coaching the D but you cannot dispute the fact that they won the NC game and Bo was no small factor in that game. Go back to 2009. We had the top rated D in the land after having the worst D in Husker history 2 years earlier. I think you’re forgetting something. KIDS. These college players are KIDS and they don’t play perfect games. I saw a lot of people in the right places that could have made some tackles last Sat but at the end of the day, Bo can’t go make those tackles. You can preach all day about schemes and coaching but the kids have to execute. Take a look at the best team under Osborne. They are considered to be one of if not THE best college football team of all time. They gave up 282 yards to Oklahoma State in the first game of the year, 144 of that coming on the ground. Lowly Pacific ran up 197 yards that year. Arizona State gouged us for 461 yards. Now don’t get me wrong, this team is no 1995 version and Bo has a long way to go to catch Osborne but he is hardly the corrupt poor coach that you’re trying to paint him as.

            Aside from that, your history needs some work. LSU won the title in 2007 with Bo as the DC. Boise State finished unranked that year. LSU jumped over Georgia, Missouri and West Virginia after the final week of the season. The only 1 loss team that year was Kansas who finished with a 12-1 record at #7. There were NO undefeated teams that year. LSU played #15 Tennessee for the SEC Championship that year. They BEAT #1 Ohio State in the NC game to give OSU their second loss. As far as your idiotic assessment of schedules, LSU played 8 ranked teams in 2007. The two games they lost were both in OT. USC on the other hand played 5 ranked teams and beat #13 Illinois in the Rose bowl.

            What was that you were saying about “TOTAL FACTS”? LMAO


  6. CK says:

    Damn Joey, stressed much? Bo’s a good coach. Aside from the first season in Lincoln where Bo lost to OU, he went 1-1 against them. 10-3 in 2009 and 20-23 in 2010 during the B12C game. During the 2009 season, he lost the B12C game by a field goal with 1 second to go. That’s hardly a poor coach. Where was OU in 2009? Your hero was busy going 8-5. What did that great coach do in 2011? Oh yes, dropped games to Oklahoma State by a score of 44-10, Lost to TTU & BAYLOR of all teams. Sure, they went 10-3 but since Stoops won a NC in his second year with another coaches players, what has he done? 2-5 in BCS games in the past 11 seasons. Two 8 win seasons. Two 3rd place finishes in his conference in the past 3 years. Keep in mind that I believe that Stoops is a good coach. The competition isn’t quite the same as it used to be.

    The Huskers had a bit of trouble last year in the Big 10 but I would submit that OU would have the same issues while they learn each team on the roster. There’s a hell of a big difference between preparing for 12 teams you have never played and preparing for 4 teams you’ve never played. Rare were the days when Osborne or Switzer would lose to a team other than each other. We used to be able to line up and run over the other 6 teams in the league. That’s no longer the case. The competition is much better these days. The sky isn’t falling and Pelini isn’t a coach that needs to be run to the curb. I think getting beat by OU by 3 and Texas by 1 in back to back Championship games shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can compete with some of the better coaches out there. I think a 7 pt win and a 3 pt loss to Stoops after Bo’s first season shows that he is on par with your boy.

    What else ya got genius?

    1. joey says:

      Not really. When Bo was losing to OU. 35-0 in the 1st quarter. That showed how far NU is behind. We had 2 divisional title shots in the BIG 12. We lost because lack of offense. Poor blocking, missed blocks, on games NU needed to win. Which clearly showed, NU needs a better OL coach. We still have Barney. We had a very poor DL coach John P, now Bo puts him in as a DC. Then instead of looking at a better and more dominant?aggressive DL coach to pick up the slack for hardly and sacking ability for it’s 1st time in the BIG. Bo chooses a has been DL coach. Why didn’t Bo look into the SEC for a aggressive DL coach? He chose 1 from IOWA. Which really don’t have squat. They get great players, but bad coordinators. SEC seems to be loaded with coaching talent. But Bo keeps the coaching staff members, that ARE holding NU down. Barney, John P. If Beck leaves? NO different than the John P situation. Barney would be the next OC. Like I said, the players are great. The politics stink.

      1. Husker Power says:

        Terry Joseph (SEC to NU)
        2012-Nebraska, Secondary Coach
        2010-11-Tennessee, Defensive Backs/Recruiting Coordinator

        Corey Raymond (NU to SEC):
        2011-2012 – Nebraska (DB)
        2012-present – LSU (DB/Assistant Head Coach)

      2. Husker Power says:

        Bo Pelini (SEC to NU)

        2008-Present – Nebraska HC (with DC responsibilities)
        2005-2007 – LSU DC (BCS National Championship)
        (SEC Championship)

      3. Husker Power says:

        Kaczenski (SEC experience):
        On the staff at South Carolina from 1999 to 2001 under Head Coach Lou Holtz. Kaczenski was a graduate assistant with the Gamecocks, working in recruiting while assisting with the offensive line and wide receivers

        Kaczenski (B1G experience):
        Overall, nine of Kaczenski’s defensive linemen have been drafted or signed NFL free agent contracts over the past four seasons, including four draftees in the past two years.

        In 2010, Iowa ranked sixth nationally in rushing defense (101.5 ypg) and seventh in scoring defense (17.0 ppg). A year earlier, the Hawkeye defense ranked in the top 10 nationally in four defensive statistical categories, including pass efficiency defense, total defense, scoring defense and passing yards allowed.

        The 2008 Iowa defense also ranked high across the board. Kaczenski’s defensive front keyed a group that limited opponents to just 94.0 rushing yards per game to rank ninth in the country. Iowa also ranked fifth in scoring defense, fifth in pass efficiency defense and 12th in scoring defense en route to a 9-4 record and Outback Bowl berth in 2008. In his first season as a full-time assistant in 2007, Iowa ranked third in the Big Ten and 13th nationally in scoring defense, while also leading the conference in turnover margin

      4. Husker Power says:

        Barney’s 2012 (OL heavy) stats:

        Walk-ons coached up to start 3
        Points scored 49
        FIRST DOWNS 33
        1st down Rushing 15
        1st down Passing 17
        Net yards rushing 278
        PUNTS 1
        Third-Down Conversions 12 of 15
        Sacks By: Number-Yards 1-8
        OL Penalties: 0

      5. CK says:

        Here we go again. Let’s talk perspective. OU had some good plays, some bad NU turnovers and a bit of luck in the first quarter and the game got away from us. Yes, it was a mess. Here’s what you’re missing. The rest of the game, Nebraska outscored OU 28-27. All total, we had 418 yards to 508 yards. The Huskers had two picks and a fumble in the first quarter and to OU’s credit, they capitalized on those turn overs. The first three Husker possessions ended like this: Ganz pick for an Oklahoma TD. Those three drives totaled 5 plays. That was a terrible run of luck and by 9:27 to go in the first quarter, the score was 28-0. While that’s terrible, it’s hardly due to poor coaching. It’s football. Sometimes kids make mistakes. Can you really put a pick 6, a fumble after a reception and another pick that was returned to the 9 on coaching? How about two blown coverages in the first 5 minutes that led to two 40+ yard passes? What’s interesting, is that even after the Huskers were down 35-0, they didn’t give up and outscored OU the rest of the game. That shows that the team didn’t give up, they kept fighting. THAT is a sign of good coaching. I don’t take the first 5 minutes of a game that includes 5 blown plays as a sign of a bad coach. Especially considering how the rest of the season went. After getting blown out by OU, the Huskers finished the season 4-0 including a tough game against Clemson in the bowl game. Keep in mind, Pelini had been in town for less than a year at the time of this game that you want to torch him for. Keep in mind, that a year previous, we had the worst D in the history of the Husker program. Keep in mind, the following year, we had the #1 D in the NATION. We went from giving up 37.9 PPG in 2007, to 28.5 in 2008, to 10.4 in 2009. Do the Huskers need some Defensive work this year? Yeah, they didn’t impress me against the run in the first game. Will they have another top 25 D this year? I believe they will. We had some issues last year but again, with all new teams on the schedule, that’s almost like being a new head coach again. We also had some bad luck in that Martinez threw 3 INT’s in a 6 minute span against Wisconsin to turn a 14-7 lead into a 14-28 deficit late in the 2nd quarter. 3 Fumbles against Michigan didn’t help last year. Mark my words, if this team can keep from beating themselves this year with penalties and turn overs, they will be in every single game in the 4th quarter. I think they have a great chance to win the Big 10 and go to a BCS bowl. I’ll take our coaches over most of the other ones in the NCAA.

    2. joey says:

      When NU beat OU…OU was NOT ranked. So we did NOT beat OU at it’s best. Which just makes it just a win, not a big win. Like last season, we beat OSU, but they were NOT at their best. In fact NU lost to Northwestern. Then we get smeared by Mich. A 1 man ball club. Which Alabama clearly showed. That shows how weak NU really is.

      1. CK says:

        Once again, you want to cherry pick the bad in hopes that it proves your point. Would I like a better OL coach than Cotton? Sure.

        As far as OU not being ranked, again you’re long on mouth and short on facts. Want the FACTS? The Huskers were UNRANKED at the time of that game and OU was ranked #20. OU finished ranked just out of the top 25 in 2009 while the Huskers at #21 took Texas to the wire, losing by a point on a last second FG. Then they wiped the floor with #22 Arizona. In 2010, Oklahoma again came in ranked higher than the Huskers (OU #10, NU #13) and kicked two FG’s in the second half to come away with a 23-20 win.

        Did I want a better record last year? Sure. Would I like us to do better against mobile QB’s? Of course. Should we kick Bo to the curb to make way for one of those great SEC coaches? Wouldn’t trade him for anyone but Saban but I doubt he would come coach in Lincoln. Again, you sound like some of the people on the fire Osborne bus in 1990 season after we dropped 3 out of the last 4 games, 12-27 vs CU, 10-45 vs UNRANKED OU, & 21-45 vs Georgia Tech. It’s actually quite comical actually how history repeats itself. After some were ready to throw Osborne out and claimed the game had passed him by, he started a streak from 1993 to 1997 where he went 60-3 and won 3 NC’s. It takes a hell of a special team to win a NC. So far, Bo’s worst record is 9-4. I’m willing to see how he can do over the next 4 years or so to see if he can put it all together. I thought keeping Osborne around was a smart thing to do even though he had the reputation for being unable to win the big game. He had the reputation of slow Defenses that couldn’t compete with the southern teams. He lost 7 bowl games in a row. The point is that I would rather have a coach that wins 9 games every year and is clean, than a coach that wins a few national titles and gets the program thrown on probation because he broke the rules. (PC from USC or JT from OSU anyone?)

      2. Husker Power says:

        Mark my words, only in Nebraska would you have fans patient enough to deal with the daily diatribes.

        Here’s hoping to see a little respect for the posters that are tormented daily and then exhibit the patience of saints when they are clearly exasperated in return.