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Big, fat recruiting update, Sept. 6
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Here’s another big, fat recruiting update.

From this point forward, you’ll see prospects with a variety of recruiting service rankings. Here’s the key:

Name, Ht/Wt, Pos, Town/School: Top schools involved

  • 247: 247Sports
  • 247C: 247Sports Composite ranking
  • R: Rivals
  • S: Scout
  • E: ESPN

After each designation, you’ll see numbers. Here’s the key for those:

Star ranking/National ranking/Position Ranking

An “NR” means they’re not ranked at this time. A bolded ranking denotes the prospect’s highest evaluation. An italicized ranking denotes the prospect’s lowest evaluation.


Corey Clement, 5-11/205, RB, Glassboro, N.J: Pitt commit, Wis, NU official visit (Sept. 1)

247: 4/NR/19
247C: 4/253/16
R: 3/NR/27
S: 4/NR/27
E: 4/194/17

Nebraska made an impression on Clement, who spent much of his official visit for the Southern Mississippi game taking pictures and smiling at the scene. But Clement told Huskers Illustrated that he was impressed with NU’s total presentation of the program, especially the academic arm.

“I asked myself ‘If I can’t play football, where do I want to go?’” Clement said. “Nebraska is just a locked in place. I really spent time around great players, the football and the Sea of Red. Never pictured this out of Nebraska. I honestly really enjoyed my stay out here.”

Terrell Newby, 5-10/185, RB, Los Angeles Chaminade: Cal, NU, Wash, Ore

247: 3/NR/35
247C: 3/411/26
R: 4/231/30
S: 3/NR/40
E: 4/NR/33

Newby will see Nebraska twice in the next three weeks. He’ll be in attendance at the Husker-UCLA game and then take his official visit Sept. 22 for the Idaho State game.

Joe Mathis, 6-4/255, LB/DE, Upland (Calif.): Wash, Cal, NU, A&M, Utah, ASU, Bama

247: 4/247/18
247C: 4/183/14
R: 4/151/10
S: 4/124/13
E: 4/249/20

Remember this guy? He took a long unofficial visit to NU back in the spring, loved it, then turned in a few subpar performances on the camp circuit. Do camp circuits mean much? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. But Mathis is still in play for Nebraska, and he’ll be watching Saturday’s NU-UCLA game in the Rose Bowl.

Mathis told Husker Online he’s concentrating more on school than he is recruiting right now.

“It was taking up too much of my time and keeping me away from my team and my studies, and that’s how I used to communicate with the coaches,” Mathis said.

There were a lot of whispers about Mathis’ academic status over the summer. The kid and his coach can speak to it all they like; my experience tells me a lot of these situations come down to the end, and even then, there’s no certainty on what the NCAA will decide. Nebraska’s had some bad luck with rulings – like the delayed careers of Braylon Heard and Charles Jackson – but the Huskers also got a full class this year qualified when it looked pretty bleak.

Scott Quessenberry, 6-4/265, C/OG, Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon: Cal, NU, Wash

247: 4/169/4
247C: 4/302/5
R: 3/NR/5
S: 3/NR/7
E: 4/189/2

NU’s top center target told Husker Online he “lives for college football” and thus watched a lot of Nebraska’s 49-20 win over Southern Mississippi. He was impressed, too. So far, Quessenberry has visits scheduled to Arkansas and Nebraska (Oct. 27).

What’s the standout lineman looking for in a program?

“You know, just how well a team is doing, how well they’ve done in the past, are they capable of winning, and how faithful the crowd is,” Quessenberry said. “I mean, Nebraska is coming up on 320 sellouts which is unreal. It’s basically all of that and academics.”

Kyle Peko, 6-3/295, DT, Cerritos (Calif.) JC: MSU, NU, Boise State Utah
247: NR
247C: NR
R: 3/NR/NR
S: 3/NR/NR

Nebraska’s knocking on the door of another junior college defensive tackle – if this doesn’t tell you NU thinks it needs an upgrade at the position, I’m not sure what else would – and this California target has Michigan State at the top. The Huskers and Utes appear to be getting official visits, though.

According to Husker Online, looks like one of Peko’s relatives is rooting for NU.

Casey Sayles, 6-4/260, TE, Omaha North: NU, Bowling Green, Ohio

247: NR
247C: 2/NR/NR
R: 2/NR/NR
S: 2/NR/NR

A member of the World-Herald’s Super Six, Sayles took an official visit to NU last weekend and will take officials to Bowling Green and Ohio – where he has offers – soon.

Will he get an offer from Nebraska? It depends on how he plays his senior season.

“Most of the coaches I’ve talked to told me I’m going to be a film guy after the season,” Sayles told Huskers Illustrated. “That’s kind of what’s going on right now.”

You wonder if Sayles put on his extra weight too late. Or if the Huskers taking two pretty good walk-on tight ends last year changes their thinking on Sayles.

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