Published Sunday, September 9, 2012 AT 12:34 AM / Updated at 12:34 AM
Tom’s Takes: UCLA 36, Nebraska 30
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Here are World-Herald sports columnist Tom Shatel’s takes on Nebraska’s 36-30 loss to UCLA on Saturday.

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Carried by Abdullah: Ameer Abdullah was a shining star in this lost night off Sunset Boulevard. You don’t replace Rex Burkhead, but Abdullah came close. He carried himself like a starting running back and carried the offense at times. He’s got great vision and feet, and he makes you miss with a wiggle. And he’s an able blocker in pass protection, too, which is a big reason he’s playing. Yes, there was that fumble. But this kid’s on his way.

What Blackshirts?: Whatever happened to the Blackshirts? Things are to the point where nobody’s even asking about handing out the Blackshirts anymore. Say what you want about personnel and no Ndamukong Suh. But the lack of fundamentals — basic tackling — is puzzling. Put it on John Papuchis if you want, but Bo Pelini is ultimately in charge of the defense. If things were great, he would get the credit. They aren’t. And worse, Bo doesn’t offer up any answers. Is it time to play the freshmen up front?

Maher back at it: Brett Maher is present and accounted for. That was a big boost to an otherwise bad night. He had a couple of brutal punts early. He looked like he had the shanks. But Maher has a short memory, which is a handy thing for a kicker. He bounced back when his team needed him with that 54-yard field goal at the end of the first half. UCLA called two timeouts to ice him, and you wondered what Jim Mora was doing. Maybe that settled Maher. Whatever happened, he’s back. Good to see him back.

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  1. joey says:

    Great article Tom. BUT! It doesn’t matter what BO puts in ( Fresh, Soph,JR or SR’s). The players ONLY play as good as thy are coached. Bo could have easily hired Stoops as a DC. But no Bo chose John P. A man with NOTHING to show for experience, and a total FLOP in his last position. Barney, a guy who can’t coach, recruit, or improve our OL at all. Then a DL coach that is proving to be as useless as the rest of our coaching staff. Beck I now really question as well. Our coaching staff is based off of “The Good Ol Boys” I think it’s time to evaluate BO and his staff he hired. I think it’s time for our AD to tell BO. “Lose this staff by seasons end, or lose your job.” Because it’s obvious, BO WILL NOT FIRE THEM. Ones to go? 1st BARNEY COTTON 2nd Bo’s lil love fest buddy JOHN P 3rd Our new DL coach 4th BECK 5th Would really HELP NU FOOTBALL GREATLY…NU’s chancellor Pearlman. It’s time to take the POLITICS out of NU…INDEFINATELY. It’s killing our country, and it’s doing the same to HUSKER FOOTBALL.

    1. Timothy says:

      shut up.

      1. joey says:

        Truth hurt Timothy?

      2. NEBhardCherryPopper says:

        Depressing loss. Not looking forward to at least 4 more losses this season.

        On the positive side of the coin, the offense showed some elasticity at times and a few girls from Lincoln did too as we partied all night at our hotel in Pas and drowned our sorrows, pounding some out till sun up.

        I’m sore just thinking about all of this.

        1. NebraskaWill^Rise says:

          Do you have to rub it in just like you must have rubbed it in on them?
          What a dick!

    2. premier says:

      I agree with all of your comments. His loyalty to his assistants will prove to be not only their downfall but his as well! Time and time again, he has had the opportunity to reachout and hire new assistants with a different mind set but refuses to do so. This is going to be another long year with more to come until the AD forces some changes to be made.

    3. RIVS says:

      Cowboy up Timmy. He speaks the truth. That was a horrible exhibition of football. Wow, we run three pitch plays in a row, that obviously they couldn’t stop, and what do we do, go back to the same stuff that hasn’t been working. Totally political.

  2. Jason in Iowa says:

    Everyone needs to shut up, get a night’s sleep and think about this in the morning. You want Bo and the staff to go? Do you remember what life was like before Bo????? You idiots posting negative are probably the same ones that wanted Frank’s head on a spike. Give it a rest. It’s one non conference game! Did anyone think we’d win every game this year. Seriously? The BIG is still wide open for the taking, but please let’s act like all is lost and the sun will not come up tomorrow. You wanna run Bo out? Let’s see what life is like without him and the coaching staff. Minimum 3 years playing catch up again. Do we remember how long it took Dr. Tom to turn it in to something after Bob retired? Seriously stop your negative posting and whining because if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, geniuses!

    1. BleedingRed says:

      JasoninIOWA, i agree with most of what you said. Basically, the sky is not falling so lets not act as if it is. However, these forums do offer a chance for Real Husker fans who invest a lot into our school’s athletic successes to vent legitimate frustrations. Everybody adding there opinions both positive and negative help an invested fan understand and come to terms with a difficult, and to some, inexplicable loss. None of us really have an opportunity to be a part of the solution or problem concerning our teams ineffectiveness in areas. However, a lot of people help each other heal, by sharing insights and opinions, thus becoming a part of one solution to one problem, which is about the most we can affect anything. People are frustrated and perplexed and they have been starved for more traditional success as they watch 20 teams each year look routinely better coached and more mentally prepared for their games than our football teams. Let them grieve a little, the game was a head-scratcher in about a thousand ways and people have a right to explore that…bashing players is always unacceptable to me however, and I agree that calling for the staff to be fired seems a little hasty to me…

      1. Wayne Stater says:

        Yes, exactly, people invest in it. They invest lots of time and money unlike any other state and they have a right to express their concerns. I have been a Pelini backer from day 1 but this is too much. The defense was worrysome from last year and this one looks even worse. He was outcoached again and this is sad. When Nebraska fans invest their time to watch this we all know mediocrity isn’t acceptable. It won’t be long and that consecutive sellout streak will be gone because people are not going to waste money in a bad economy for a loser, that is reality. Papuchis has to go first or whoever is calling the shots there, its pathetic. I think Beck has done a good job with the offense but the lines on both sides are flat out pathetic. Cotton needs to take his whole family of cowboys and move to Wyoming or something. Someone needs to slap these guys in the face and get players that want to play and quit looking like little girls out there. Its football, not hand holding.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Let’s see, life before Bo? like he is the end all wonder genius coach? I’m thinking these guys thot the same thing.
          Biff Jones
          Glenn Presnell
          Adolph J. Lewandowski
          George Clark
          Bernard Masterson
          Bill Glassford
          Pete Elliott
          Bill Jennings
          Frank Solich
          Bill Callahan
          There are many coaches on this list who had less time than Pelini, I just don’t think you really grasp the expectations of Husker fans.

      2. Jeff_Georgia says:

        No, given the past three years, I’d say the sky is falling in. I suppose in your head, when they tackle/block better against Ark. St. next week, you’ll be saying, “see, looked great.” And then of course,when we go back to big boy football again, the missed tackles, pathetic blocking will continue. You seem to be forgetting Wisc. and Michigan last year – looked pretty pathetic then too. We look great against sub-par teams (and not always then – remember NW, Iowa St, BR?), but suck against good teams – even with Suh we couldn’t beat TX.

        For the first time ever, I’m joining the “Bo has to go” crowd. Solich was 58-19 (with 12-1, 10-2, 11-2 years), but got the boot. Bo has had his shot; not quite the genius everyone thought…

    2. Waskel Wabbit says:

      Come on. Where are you D bags who thought we’d win by 30? Its time for Bo to hit the road! They aren’t the Blackshirts, they’re the Blackskirts!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. joey says:

      Actually? Tom had NU playing in a Major Bowl in a few years Jason in Iowa. IGNORING the problem and wishing it goes away, won’t cut it. NU got the results I thought they would have I already have them picked to LOSE to Wisc, Mich, OSU, Northwestern, and a possible Iowa. “The sky isn’t falling” comment? I take as utter amusement. Why is it? When others see the facts, and point them out? They are analized as a troll, anti-Husker, or Lord knows what? Then when people like you Jason in Iowa makes a statement like that, when forced to see the most obvious truth. They want to IGNORE the problem like it’s NOT there. IGNORING IT?? Will NOT make it go away. 5 seasons of BO and his more than below par choices in coaching staff IS the problem, and is NOT going to go away, by getting a good nights sleep.

    4. HuskersAlways says:

      Agree…keep in mind…Huskers could be right back in Pasadena in January playing this same team again…..

      1. David says:

        And getting their tails whipped … again. Looking forward to it!

  3. TedNUfan says:

    This loss was depressing. I’m out here in my hotel room near Pasadena and I don’t know how I’m gonna make it back home to Omaha. I think we might be done for the season.

  4. The Big Red One says:

    As long as we are “playing it again”…This is a copy of one of my posts from the thumping Michigan gave NU (the final score was 45-17) and was just one of many embarassing performances in recent Cornhusker memory..

    “I been saying it since they hired him…Bolini is not a head coach…. 2.1 mil a year (it’s now over $3 million) for on the job training…Kinda the same way he’s attempting to coach that loser Martinez…They were outcoached, out played, out “hearted”, out prepared & out smarted… Martinez is not a QB, I don’t care what anyone says… If this team spent as much energy actually playing as they do chest bumping and butt slapping & congradulating each other maybe they could cut down on some of the stupid penalties, dropped balls, blown blocking assignments, blown pass coverage, and missed tackles…Osborne woulda benched everyone of them for that kinda garbage…Solich would of too.. Devaney woulda thrown them off the team…With a few exceptions, this team has no heart, no leadership, no class & no clue…”

    Bolini is once again “embarrassed”…Bolini didn’t have any answers then annd still has no answers…This is Mark Pelini’s 5th season with the Huskers and not withstanding the embarrassing and very quiet departure of his brother Carl..(who by rumor has it, has still not figured out what marrige vows are for)…Nothing much has changed…

    Jason in Iowa…You just keep sipping that magic koolaide and whispering to your compadre’s that it’s really not so bad finishing out of the top 25…The rest of us (including Tom Shatel & crew) will tell it like it is…Say what needs to be said…Speak truth…Hope behond hope that Harvey Pearlman will be replaced and will take his collection of football boobs with him…

    Guess what Bo? We (the fans) are embarrassed too….

  5. rodney c says:

    The program is stagnant. It’s clear by now that Pelini is not the one to get us back to the top. Good – yes, at times very good. But never great. We fired Solich to get the same results.

    1. curt313 says:

      Dead on correct. If you paid a contractor, plumber, electrician…any professional— good or great money to do a job….then get told by the guy you hired that “I wired it wrong, the toilet empties into the shower, or I put the floor in slanted— but my system is correct, the house is just wrong”….well you wouldn’t take that as an excuse would you. Same theory here. If you have a defensive “genius” as your head coach, you’d expect the play to get progressively better by the 5th year right? Should this team now be displaying Alabama stature if that were the case? I’d say yes without a shred of hatred.~~~ Nebraska deserves better than what its putting on the field, period. We are all paying for it, if not directly.

  6. Shane says:

    Explain this to me – Why would any scholarship caliber offensive linemen ever come to Lincoln again? They won’t play because Bo and Barney have this infatuation with walk-ons. If they weren’t good enough physically to get a scholarship then, did the magical vitamins or corn-fed beef suddenly make them physically capable now? And if so, why not give the same to the physically capable players and see if we can block someone? I don’t blame Martinez as much for this. He had no time to get settled. When your right guard and center are getting totally blown-up every play, you are going to get happy feet.

  7. Jerid T says:

    I have a hard time blaming the offense or Beck here – they did put up 440 yards and 30 points. Some questionable calls – fullback dive on 3rd and 1, shotgun in the endzone, etc. This game was lost by the defense. The line has no push, the linebackers are too slow to cover RB’s and missed more tackles than they made. I think it’s time to stick the freshman in and see what they got – really, can they do any worse? It can only prepare us better for later this year and in the future.

    1. Butch says:

      I agree this is mostly on the defense, but Beck made two moronic calls – each that you mentioned, that cost us dearly. Not to mention we needed a field goal to take the lead after the safety…..and after driving down the field on the toss sweep on the previous drives, he ends with two straight series of nothing but passing. He lost it, lost his nerve, lost his wit, and ultimately we lost the game. Our players deserve better than this, their ability to be successful is all too often defeated by dumb decisions made by their coaches.

    2. 2ndbasegreg says:

      Line had no push. I was streaming that all game!

  8. Waskel Wabbit says:

    Come on. Where are you D bags who thought we’d win by 30? Its time for Bo to hit the road! They aren’t the Blackshirts, they’re the Blackskirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lee says:

      It puzzles me that defensive players hotdog and throw the bones after a tackle or do the high five body bump after a routine play when they are surrendering 648 yards! The 2nd most in school history!. That is what you are supposed to do. Like Mickey Mantle said “act like you’ve done it before.”There is a long way to go with the mental approach taken.

      1. Real Husker says:

        It’s all coaching. I think we need to start a BO MUST GO campaign. Anything less than 2nd place in the division should be a failure season. Especially when those losers from Michigan and Iowa are struggling

  9. Chuck H says:

    The sky might not being falling in if you want The Huskers to go 7-5 or 8-4 and be a average team in the Big 10. I have been a strong supporter of Bo and his staff but now I am not. Bo was brought in to strengthen the defense. The fact is since Callahans recruits have left the defense has gotten worse each year. The coaching staff can’t figure out how to stop the run and if the opponent has a duel threat QB it gets worse. This has been the case for the last two seasons and the start of this season as well. This is the cold hard truth. The defensive front 7 is just plain awful especially the defensive line. I just can’t fathom why a defensive minded coach can’t get it figured out. We have talent on the offensive side of the ball with exception of the offensive side of the ball. It’ all starts in the trenches and it’s obvious we have serious issues with both lines. I am tired of the comparisons to Tom Osborne as well. Trying to run a coach out of town because he had trouble beating OU is just dumb, but seeing a program, coach and his staff struggle to achieve mediocre results in weak Big 10 conference is a different story. I think it’s time to seriously evaluate Bo and his staff.

  10. wilson blatert says:

    Simply out coached and out played. The offense execution in the 2nd 1/2 was miserable, looking too similar to 2011. No opponent is expressing any fear of playing the Huskers anymore.

    1. bleedred says:

      Wilson is exactly Right, bottom line we were out coached flat out……

  11. UsedtobeaBoliever says:

    Four years ago, I felt that Bo was the right person to lead this program, three years ago I was happy with the progress, two years ago I stopped caring as much, and last year I felt that a change in leadership needed to happen. If any of us made as many excuses as he does without improving results we would be out jobs. It is his job to ensure that players execute!

    1. curt313 says:

      And he got a pay raise each year as well. Now how sick should we be?

  12. Down on big red says:

    Really Bo? Are you really the man to carry us (BIG RED NATION) through?
    Looks like the defensive guru is more like defensive poo poo!

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      okay, I’ll bite. Let’s compare defensive resumes. His is solid, with a past that speaks for itself. And now,YOURS?????

  13. Scott Liggett says:

    People generally “think” they way they “talk”–can Bo connect two sentences without stopping ?

    The only time he did “great” was when he inherited rock solid recruits from a different program (LSU & Callahan)

    We still do not have a good recruiter

    1. Butch says:

      Bo is not able to speak a complete sentence, let alone connect two of them together. The man is just not very bright, and it shows in the way he acts and coaches.

      1. HuskerPowerMitt says:

        Hey bud, just watch what you say there. Bo is my cousin’s uncle. There ain’t a need to be insulting.

        1. Real Husker says:

          Then maybe you can tell him around the holidays that he can leave. No one likes him here. We want Championships, nebraska isn’t a place for losers

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        You nailed it Butch, his eyes are just too close together.

  14. Highly confused says:

    Three years ago NU had a GREAT Defense & their offense sucked. Now the Offense is fairly good & the Defense sucks. Will they ever be good on both sides of the ball at the same time ?

  15. redark says:

    What defensive adjustments were made at halftime after giving up 365 yds? Had the Bruin qb stayed healthy, UCLA would have won by 20 points. Either the gap 2 defense must go or the players attempting to play it must sit on the sideline—they are totally not getting it done;slow feet, unable to shed blocks by freshmen offensive linemen—same old guys doing the same old ineffective things. Where is the coaching and where are the adjustments ? GO BIG RED!

  16. Defensive Genius? says:

    So Pelini was a defensive genius when he had Glenn Dorsey at LSU, and Suh at Nebraska – I’m pretty sure any coach with those guys would look pretty smart. How has he done WITH HIS OWN RECRUITS?

  17. TM says:

    Bo hasn’t forgotten how to scheme the D, he simply cannot recruit. His top rated Ds had much more talent and thus executed. Now NU is made up of starters who wouldn’t even letter on relevant teams and you’d only hear their names during mop up duty or senior day. The reason Bo keeps offering the same excuses after every meltdown loss to the good teams NU plays is that he can’t say what is obvious to everyone – recruiting is very weak. DLine has been a focus and is actually getting worse. LBs slow and weak against run and pass. While David was a great recruit, he was a rare exception. If NU doesn’t start getting a few 5 star linemen each year, then NU will perpetually beat the weak teams and lose to all average-and-above teams with meltdowns against the really good ones because so outmatched (Wis, Mich, SCar last year).

  18. Jeff_Georgia says:

    If I was Pelini, I’d ban the word Blackshirt from the program, and I’d pull any player who finishes a play with the cross bones – for the rest of that game. The defense was an embarrassment – not just to the NU program, but to football – teams and fans everywhere. D-III teams tackle better.

    1. Wayne Stater says:

      Exactly. Great post, there are no excuses for what is going on with the defense. If I was Papuchis I would shave my eyebrows and put a tattoo on my forehead with the words “my fault” so i could look at it every day and take the blame for that and know that I am a total clown and embarrassment each time someone looks at me, or i would resign immediately. Eric Martin is the only pressure they had and he didn’t come in til late.

      1. 2ndbasegreg says:

        Ha ha…that was pissing me off when they were rocking the cross bones. I remember one player doing it one play after we had given up a long run.

  19. Real Husker says:

    I hope he gets fired. I bet we go 6-6 this season. The only problem is we will have to find another coach and no one wants to come here.So its almost like were stuck. Maybe pelini knows it as well. All I know is that Bo will never win a championship anywhere, let alone NU.

    1. Butch says:

      No one wants to come here for $3 million a year and all the support you could possibly imagine? I doubt that to be true.

      1. Real Husker says:

        Yeah right. Look at the last time. We ended up getting stupid ole billy c. I mean that aint exactly quality. Even T.O. couldn’t get a great coach to come here.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Noel Mazzone for NU HC

    2. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

      Bobby Petrino . . . Give the guy a second chance.

  20. Jeff_Georgia says:

    Anyone see Bo interviewed by BTN on Friday nite? Just about the worse interview I’ve ever seen. Bo looked extremely uncomfortable, and frankly I thought he’d rather be back at his hotel room sticking a screwdriver in his eye than talking to the interviewer. Hell of a “face of the program.”

  21. PHusker says:

    Great turnout by the Husker faithful, GBR! We deserve better! The effort is there however on defense we looked confused and out of position the whole game. Absolutely no push from the interior D-Line. Steinkuhler would have been AA at O-Line, D-Tackle he is not. I love Compton’s effort however ,he is always a step or two behind. It is the little mistakes that get you beat and the Huskers just made to many of them. We got spoiled by perfection and it just kills you when we do stupid football things that high school teams do! There were numerous opportunities for the Huskers to take control of this game, one in particlar wher we ran Braylon Heard on the sweep multiple times , they couldnt stop it, so we give it to Marrow up the gut on 3rd and 3, and then miss the field goal. So then we gave up on the run. Martinez has lost his feel on the zone read, he never should have held the ball on the safety. It is all coaching and execution, no push at DL, no speed at LB! All in all the UCLA fans were great except for the drunk shirtless blonde headed surfer frat boy who got in our face yelling “Take off that Red Shirt!”"Take off that Red Shirt!”"Take off that Red Shirt!”"Take off that Red Shirt!” by the end of the game I felt that he was right! Husker toughness and winning attitude took a beating at the Rose Bowl!

    1. Todd says:

      WE DESERVE BETTER???????? REALLY??? WE don’t DESERVE anything. We OWE pur appreciation to those who put on the uniform and play the game while WE sit on our tuckus and complain about things we know next to nothing about.


      1. Matt B says:

        Meh, those poor little players get a full-ride that most students would die for. And lets not forget the 2.5 million reasons we can expect more out of Bo! You can go appreciate mediocrity if you want, I for one, expect better.

  22. Seattle Husker says:

    We are simply outcoatch, the thing that bother me is Bo is stubborn to play some good underclass men in place of the slow and not affective LB, DE senior players. Enough talk of how they are being together as a unit and bring it a A game. As they says Talk is Cheap!

  23. KitinIowa says:

    Nebraska is a good team with lousy fans. They lost an away game to a reasonably good team by 6 points, what is the big frigging deal. The fans turn off the rest of the nation with their attitude of “we should be undefeated all the time anyhow anywhere drivel.”

    Get a grip.

    1. Butch says:

      No one from Iowa has any credibility to comment on anything related to Nebraska football, our fans, or our expectations. You know absolutely nothing about success as you’ve never experienced it. Being fine with losing is why Iowa – State or U – are perpetual losers.

    2. Smalls says:

      Only someone from Iowa would think getting over 600 offensive yards put on you makez you a good team. We don’t care what the rest of the nation thinks, we want to be a competitive team not some middle of the road program like Iowa.

      1. 2ndbasegreg says:

        Your expectations have never been anywhere near nebraskas so you have no idea how.we feel. have lost 2 years in a row to Minnesota. York expectation better be to beat them this year.

  24. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    Well…….My hats off to Tim Beck, I have seen drastic improvement in our offense. The play calling is still a little suspect, but what do you expect from someone learning on the job?
    I would like to see how well Beck could do with a real Div1 QB behind center, someone should be pitching the ball to Martinez, not snapping it to him.
    You all know i expected this, i just expected the margin of loss to be greater, so a big congrats to Beck for keeping it close.
    Does Noel Mazzone go to the top of the list in the Pelini replacement discussion?

  25. Todf says:

    Calm down, calm down already. It’s one stinkin game. Somebody remind me how long it took T.O. to even sniff a NC game, let alone win one? Does anyone remember the ’88 debacle in LA? Get some perspective and get over it. This isn’t Dynasty mode on your PS3, this is real-life with real people. You don’t dump a coach who wins 9-10 games a year just because the D doesn’t live up to a NC standard.

    I was distressed-to say the least-watching that non-performance by the D. But the bottom line for me is that it’s a GAME. It’s one stinking game. Get over it or find something else to pour your passion into–like maybe loving your family, taking care of your job, etc…

    1. Real Husker says:

      Yes, but it depends on WHO YOU LOSE TOO…
      If we lost to Mich State this close. we’d know we’d been beat. This is stupid UCLA from the Weak PAC 10. Not USC or Oregon or even Stanford. This is crap

    2. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

      It’s NOT one game . . . It’s a consistent pattern by Pelini.

      1. 2ndbasegreg says:

        It’s every big game we have played under pelini!

    3. joey says:

      It took TO less than 3 years to be in a Major Bowl Todf. Bo can’t even beat really good ranked teams. Gee? Should we give BO another 5 years and another 3 million to see if NU gets there?? Please tell me you were just joking …seriously.

      1. Paul says:

        Actually, TO was in a major bowl both his first and second years: Cotton (which was considred a major bowl in those days) after the 1973 season (Beat Texas) and Sugar after the 1974 season (beat Florida). The 1975 team was better than his first two, and it looked as if a one-loss NU team would play Alabama in the Orange Bowl, but a scared Bear Bryant convinced the Orange Bowl people to invite three-loss Penn State instead. We ended up losing to unbeaten Arizona State in the Fiesta Bowl (on ASU’s home field), which wasn’t considered a major bowl at the time.

  26. Sick and Tired says:

    New season same story. Bo got out coached again. The players got out classed and worst of all they quit on us. I’ve followed this team for 30 years and never been embarrassed to be a fan because win or lose they always fought and gave it their best to the end. Sitting in the stands last night watching them quit in the second half makes me sick. The whole program needs an attitude adjustment from the top to the bottom or they don’t deserve to wear the “N”

    1. DBlHUSKERED says:

      Living in Iowa I became a “HUSKER” fan because of the great Devaney, Osborn era and tradition of mouth smashing football. We seem to have lost the mouth smashing.Working in a school for eighteen years now, I have seen where kids are getting”SOFT” they don’t want to work, they don’t care about tradition.I wonder if the coaching is changing also where they don’t want to kick ass and get in there face.I wonder if when they recruit if they emphasis the great tradition.Lets not forget you get the same money weather you win or lose the same goes for a scholarship.I did hear during the game that some players on the UCLA team where recruited by NU.
      Lets not throw in the towel just yet maybe UCLA will go undefeated and I’m sure Bo and com. have got to be pretty embarASSed.

  27. Coach Mo says:

    Their motion philosophy was simple and perhaps we did not adjust. Bo has it if YOU the media would let him be Bo!! We must be mean, nasty and determined. On edge!! Oh-no shatel and company want us to show up with formal wear on to compete!! Come on Bo–let it loose and ignore the minority who want you to be a nice little coach!!! Please do it your way!! Coach Mo Broadwater

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      i agree. play guys with a nasty streak. that’s what ucla did last night, and it works.

  28. Frank Castle says:

    Speaking of slow defensive players, you have to ask the question how did we get here? Why did we recruit big lumbering D-Ends? Obviously a recruiting issue or maybe to play the scheme of read and contain. Maybe Bo and staff need to go to TO’s recipe from the 90′s. Use coverted LB’s as D-Ends and converted DB’s as LB’s. Sorry, I’m old school and I believe a D-End should not weigh more than 250 lbs. You need to account for the fact that a high school player will gain 20-30lbs at least in his college career so maybe they should recruit lighter. We need speed off the edge and Eric Martin is our one and only quick DEnd. Grant Wistrom, Jared Tomich, Dwayne Harris, Donta Jones . . . . .all those guys were at or under 250 lbs when they played on the field. They were around 215 when they were recruited out of high school. Go ahead, look at the old recruiting rosters. I find it troublesome that our new DE recruits in high school ARE ALREADY around 250lbs. By the time they play they will be at least 260 plus. Wait a minute . . . isn’t that how much Cam Meredith weighs?

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      everyone is bigger. get over it.

    2. MikeG says:

      Agreed, plus if you noticed UCLA’s D Ends were tall, and very quick. A DE main job against these mobile QB’s is containment and forcing everything inside. To do that they have to get in the backfield. For someone who studies film as much as Bo supposedly does. why doesnt he ever see what other teams defenses are doing to stop a common opponent. It was shown by several teams how to stop Dennard Robinson. Get alot of pressure and make him beat you with his arm which isnt his strong suit. Heck thats what all teams strategy is against us. Make Taylor throw. It works against us. But Bo is so set on his defense of stopping the deep ball that we get picked apart for short plays all game and then we still give up a big pass play. Remember the good ole days when we would wear defenses down by picking them apart with our power ground game. Now we know how it feels.

  29. txhusk says:

    I will agree the defense was really porous and they got beat by speed neumerous times. UCLA’s backs were definitely goood – as pointed out last night, UCLA has a cupcake schedule and could win a long streak of games. I think they will have a definite shot to beat Southern Cal, adn they coudl be top ten before long Still, the call at the goal line which led to a safety was a definite mistake. We had absolutely no defensive pressure most of the night and the guy had all day to throw. I believe their offensive line had a lot of freshman and they manhandled us and UCLA gained 7-8 yards on first down all night long. My take after was looks like another possible mediocre season, such as 9-4 etc. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Mark S. says:

      9-4 would be great. What Ive seen so far we may not be bowl elgible this year

  30. x-fan says:

    Why are they putting more seats in memorial staduium when we need to be concerned if they will be filled next year? Consecutie sellouts, fans are tierd of the non performing execution efforts. It is time for change, Nebraska will never win beat a top 10 team under Pelini’s leadership.

    1. JEREMY J says:


  31. David says:

    Embarrassing to see our 5th year staff be so thoroughly out-coached by a 1st year coaching staff. Pelini doesn’t have the chip on his shoulder or pure emotion to coach on anymore, the Us vs. Them that he used so effectively, something he had taking over for Solich way back when and the first few years of his full-time gig at NU. So now what does he have? Doesn’t seem like much. At least he acted contrite after the game rather than mad. That might be a step in the right direction. But now what? We’ll see how he responds. Hopefully well. Otherwise I’m afraid we’re stuck with him for 3 more years at least.

  32. Johnny Reno says:

    What’s the over/under for when TO rolls over Bo’s contract and gives him a raise?

  33. Clint Thute says:

    If any of you would have read my post Thursday, you would have seen that I told you:
    1. Hundley is the real deal. he was a stud coming out of Chandler high and everyone wanted him.
    2. Nebraska has never contained mobile quarterbacks.
    3. Compton and Fisher would be out of breath.
    4. No containment of Hundley and Franklin means a long night.

    The Bruins were tough and physical. The offensive line of nebraska looked like the fat slow out of shape farm boys they are. On defense, Meredith and Steinkuhler showed would have difficulty against UNO. Compton couldn’t out run a fat man.

    It is clear Bo’s poor recruiting has cost this team and his asst coaches Cotton and Beck on offense would be better served in the Big Sky. Martinez reverted back to his old throwing motion. Johnny Stanton will never take a snap in Lincoln…he’s a Pac 10 boy. Time to give Armstrong a chance. This team will lose to Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan and Wisconsin with a possibility either next week or versus Northwestern. How are you going to like 7-5 or 6-6 folks???? Someone, wake up Tom from his 3rd nap of the day and have him take a long hard look at the mediocrity that has become Nebraska football.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Solid post, but i do feel if the heavens collided, and the galactic secret of cosmic X’s and O’s struck like a lightning bolt into the NU Athletic office, and Noel Mazzone became the next NU HC at seasons end, Johnny Stanton would keep his commitment to NU, as well as, most of the other recruits.

      1. Clint Thute says:

        Johnny Stanton has as much chance of playing at Nebraska as Tom Osborne does showing some spine and dumping Pelini. Stanton’s situation is the same as Blaine and Tyler Gabbert. Once one sees how the offensive coaching staff misuses players and how no Nebraska QB ever makes it in the NFL, he will wise up and stay in the Pac 12.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          LOL! Sad but true, if a Stud PRO OC/QB coach took over HC duties he might.
          One thing is for sure, if the current moonies remain on staff, Stanton will surely be heading to Washington State or Arizona.

      2. WakeUpHuskerFans says:


        Not Noel Mazzone!

        NOT ANOTHER assistant coach being promoted as head coach.

        We need a PROVEN head coach who has already PROVEN that he can:

        1) Manage a college program from the top
        2) Manage depth and scholarships
        3) Evaluate and close on good recruits
        4) Hire and delegate to competent assistants
        5) Represent the program well

        We need a HEAD COACH with HEAD COACHING experience!!!

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Sorry man, The blue hairs in the front office don’t want to shell out that kind of dough.

        2. 2ndbasegreg says:

          Solid post

  34. Baltar says:

    As usual, the fringe fans are overreacting to this loss just as they overreacted to last week’s win. I expected about an 8-4 regular season record before the season started, and I still do.
    As for Pelini, I have said before and will say again that that he’s a coach who will consistently produce records around 9-4. If you don’t expect more, you won’t be disappointed. If you do expect more, you’re a fool.

    1. Mel says:

      Yeh, those “fringe fans” have been over-reacting for quite some time now. I wonder if it’s because a bunch of freshman from UCLA kicked the Huskers on national TV yet again? Maybe those so called “fringe fans” have been expressing the truth all this time. The Huskers are slow on D, you can’t fix that unless you play faster players. Oh and the offensive line? Bad again this year. Oh well, maybe next year. Yah next year will be different, right? Give us all a break. The so called “fringe fans” have been right all along. Bo MUST go and ASAP!!!!

  35. MikeG says:

    I have said it once and I will say it again….I love our team talent, but think that our coaching is pitiful. We have too much talent sitting on the bench in favor of seniors who arent as good. Did we see Mo Seisay, David Santos, Courtney Osborne, or any of our young talent when we were struggling defensively? Hardly at all. We have starting DB’s who were run past all night and our backups Jean-Baptiste, Ciante Evans, Josh Mitchell, all out played them. We need speed at LB and more agressiveness on the line. Stopthe 2-gap crap and let people like Ankrah and Martin (who is a beast but doesnt get the chance to show it much) go nuts.

    Heres my opinion…
    1)Move Stafford to LB, Bring in Zaire Anderson with him that will give us the speed at LB for coverage and run protection to maybe help contain these mobile QB’s.

    2) With our stable of very talented backs, ditch Taylor for a passing threat, Kellogg or Brion. Taylors main talent is the zone read and we did it very little and once stupidly 3 yards back in the end zone. Plus, add a screen every now and then to get our speed to the outside for cryin out loud.

    3) Jean Baptiste, Josh Mitchell and Mo Seisay at starting corners. PJ Smith and Courtney Osbourne at Safety.

    4) Either start Martin on the end or even move him inside. He is tough enough to play inside. He has Suh-esque quality to him.

    5) Stop the 2-Gap and shoot a gap and get some frickin penetration. Any QB can look good against us if he has all day to throw. Throiw in more blitzes. Our secondary with these changes can hang with a reciever allowing our line and LB to get some pressure.

    These moves add the speed to our very slow looking defense and add a legit passing threat to our offense. One more time…I LOVE OUR PLAYERS but we dont use them very well!!!

    1. Pheasant Huntin Fudd says:

      I admire your constructive post, and agree with many of your suggestions. Were I Carnes, I would be requesting a transfer and hope they don’t play me and burn this year of eligibility. There are schools out there that could have much success with him.

      Am not sure that the talent you describe really exists on this team. Cocky, celebratory defensive behaviors in another game with horribly bad (non-existent?) tackling make me wonder if players or coaches even understand the game at a high school level of sophistication. NU coaches are rarely held accountable, no wonder the same cocky starters keep playing despite such embarrassments – for years.

      An old school coach might bench defensive players who don’t tackle, QBs who don’t perform, receivers who don’t catch and ball carriers with fumblitus. [Note I don't blame TMart or Abdullah for a couple mistakes yesterday, they are among few who showed courage in the storm.] As another poster mentioned, freshmen couldn’t have played worse than most of the Blackskirts.

      1. MikeG says:

        I agree, thats one thing that has puzzled me. If a backup makes one mistake, he is usually yanked very quickly. If a starter makes multiple mistakes, he is left in the game. I dont get it. We have seen teams time and time again that will put in a backup QB or RB or whoever if the starter, no matter how good, is having a rough time because if nothing else, it either lights a fire under the team or lights one under the starter who got benched. Either way it usually does some good. I still like our talent, but our utilization of it is what bugs me. Stafford is a great example. I think he has similar skills to Lavonte and his name is called alot on tackles. Moving him to a struggling LB corp makes sense. I like Compton alot but like Fisher he struggles with speed. It also drives me crazy when our defense is still looking at the sidelines when the ball is snapped and our guys are starting out 2 steps behind.

  36. Mark S. says:

    Time may be right for Chris Petersen. He has turned down some attractive positions but this could be the right team at the right time for him. I said it before and I do appreciate Bo taking us this far but if we are ever going to take the next step it is time to move on now. Bo simply is not the answer.

  37. Billy Joe McCallister says:

    The problem with Husker fans is Nebraska Football is all they’ve got to look forward to. So, if the football team doesn’t produce it pretty much ruins everyone’s year until the following season.

    The other problem I see is the lack of vocal support and excitement during the course of a game. I was at the Southern Miss game and the lack of excitement was palpable. It was hot but it’s hot in SEC country and they always have an excited, rabid fan base. We Huskers sit on our hands and cheer only when we score, Doh de doh.

    Last night was another example of that. It appeared that we had more fans in the Rose Bowl than UCLA and the players were waving towels trying to get our crowd into it. Being a fan is more than just showing up for the game and expecting a win and then griping about the results if it doesn’t go our way.

  38. Ken says:

    I thought the calls on offense at times were questionable. The safety should have never had happened. We had trouble blocking, but still that play action off the zone read takes too much time. And that close to our own endzone, slow developing plays aren’t the answer. I also thought we got too happy with the same calls. If it works once, we ran it the next 4 times in a row. Then, we abandoned it all together. I thought we were picking up steady yards on our outside sweeps. Then, we got away from trying to run outside. They were bottling us up the inside. I thought we should have tried to go outside more often.

    Defensively, it was very disheartening. No pressure or penetration. Or over-penetration while blowing their containment. UCLA picked up most of their 2nd/3rd and short. our LB’s looked slow. Either reacting too slow, or couldn’t catch up to their RB’s. Dropped INT’s for us could have turned the tide. I thought the secondary did okay. Our LB’s aren’t doing too hot right now.

    Despite all of our mistakes, the fumble, the missed tackles, the opportunities to get turnovers, we were still in it. I think we can still turn it around, but the defense was a little disappointing overall. Offensively, I wished we focused on the run more, but with simple sweeps, off tackle or counters.

    I wonder if we should have run the Peso since our LB’s can’t keep up with their skills players. They made our LB’s look like DT’s. At least with more DB’s, they’d have the speed to keep up with someone.

    Well, it’s time for Bo to get more heavily involved with the Defense to right the ship. And if he already is…well…

  39. MikeG says:

    I tell you who has impressed me most? I think Abdullah is great and a real threat but the best running I have seen has been Braylon Heard. I havent seen him take a loss yet. That toss sweep he ran a few times was some very impressive power running and pounded away at the UCLA defense multiple times. Thats who shold have had the ball on that 3rd and 3. But like Beck usually does, he stopped doing it and Heard played little afterward even though he pounded away for 6-9 yards every touch I saw.

  40. KT Husker says:

    Seriously…. Yesterday’s game was horrible, but it’s the second game in the series. Do you really think any one with any football pedigree will come coach at Nebraska if we again fire a coach who has four consecutive seasons of 9 and 10 game winning seasons? Really? You’re crazy if you do. Even if we only win 7 or 8 games this season, no current winning coach will come to NU for fear of having one bad season and getting fired. We are spoiled rotten here. I am a Husker fan for over 40 years, but I’ve learned to keep things in perspective. These are 18-22 year old young men out there. We definitely have work to do, but none of this negative, “fire Pelini” talk is going to help recruiting or make us better this year or in the future.

    1. KT Husker says:

      Second game in the season… sorry.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        If im not mistaken, Pelini didn’t seem to mention anything about how poorly we treated Calliham.
        Nor did he go on record saying we needed to hire frank Solich back, and deny the HC position at NU.
        Pelini never had or developed ‘pedigree.’

  41. Bill says:

    HOLY COW! Man, Women and Child! Question? Why would the QB not be under center at the 2 yard line? How about a QB sneak on 3rd and 1. The play gets you a first 95 percent of the time. My point is this. Don’t go in the gun in your end zone! On the play where they stuffed our fullback, wasn’t there a new lineman in there on that play? Terrible blocking and a terrible call. Give to Ameer on a pitch again. They couldn’t stop it. Just saying! Check this action out! It’s over and lets move on. I was there spending my hard earned peso’s also. T.O. won’t put up with type of D very long. Bet you a Rum & Coke, Bo will be up in the office Monday a.m. Got a gut feeling this thing will turn around. Just a hunch. Call me crazy, but have faith it will.

    Positive Husker

  42. Wilson Blattert says:

    This weekend Wisconsin fired their O-Line (his first year) coach. PLEASE call NU and ask to interview Barney Cotton – he would be a great fit for Wisconsin !!!!!

  43. Ross says:

    Cotton Candy O-Line, Pathetic Preparation Papuchis, Bolieve you were out-coached, out-motivated, out-skilled, out-intelligenced, out-recruited AGAIN! Hey NU Coaches – Thanks for giving another struggling program the ability to out-recruit us because of our in-ept National TV performance!! OH YEAH – Isn’t it all about “the process” — NO DAMN-IT! – LET’S SEE THE RESULTS!!!

  44. Mel says:

    Move on, nothing to see here, yet another year of excuses from the dismal coaching staff made up of overpaid nobodies. Truly a down period in the history of Husker FB. Just think of it this way, the next time the Huskers take the field in prime-time TV, they will get beat, no wait, smashed to bits, yet again. Then we will hear more about the great head coach’s excuses like, “I point the thumb” “embarrassment”, “disappointment”, and “poor execution” from kids who really aren’t fast enough to make plays in top level D1 football. It’s not their fault, they just aren’t fast enough to do it. Our coaches just can’t get top level athletes the way T.O. could. That’s all there is. More losses to come folks. Unless we get another head coach, the losses will continue to mount. However, I’m sure the university will fork over another big pay raise to Bo for such a job well done again this year. At least he didn’t act like a 5-year-old spoiled brat while his team was being destroyed by a bunch of freshmen on TV this time.

  45. Husker R says:

    Huskers were flat outcoached….AGAIN!! How long are we going to have to put up with the no-class gum chomping Pellini??? Enough of him already!!

  46. Mark S. says:

    Taylor spent his summer working hard to improve his play by going to a Q.B. camp. Does Bill Snyder have a camp that Bo could attend this off season?

  47. Paul says:

    Thank God for the mediocrity of the B1G. We can still have a good year. Probably 9-3 which will include losses to Michigan and Ohio State (we can’t stop mobile quarterbacks) and an upset at Michigan State (we can stop drop back passers). Just like last year, we’ll probably make a New Years Day bowl and get blown out by an SEC team.