Published Monday, September 10, 2012 AT 7:26 PM / Updated at 8:25 AM
Practice Report, Sept. 10: Defensive changes
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

For Nebraska fans clamoring for some shakeup on the Huskers’ defense, it appears the NU coaching staff is one step ahead. Check out the full story here.

“We want to get a little bit faster,” defensive coordinator John Papuchis said. “Team speed is something that’s been lacking over the first couple games so we’re going to try to get some of our faster guys on the field and see how that works this week. Everybody’s in the equation right now. If we have to work 24 hours a day for the next seven days and really for the next three months to figure it out, we’re going to figure it out.”

After playing virtually no snaps in the first two games, linebackers Zaire Anderson and David Santos moved up to the No. 1 unit Monday at the Will spot, working alongside middle linebacker Will Compton. Expect both to play, linebackers coach Ross Els said.

“These guys are much more progressed in understanding how we play the game and what we need to do,” Els said. “They’ll see playing time.”

Anderson, a junior college star who talked to reporters for the first time Monday night, said he’s been working one-on-one with head coach Bo Pelini to get up to speed on NU’s complex, check-heavy defense. Anderson got the practice promotion — it’ll only last if he handles the reps well, Els said — because the “defense wasn’t going good the last two weeks.”

“I was expecting to play,” Anderson said. “I’m just trying to get better myself. I’m not really down or upset that I wasn’t playing. I just want to get the mental part down. I think I got speed. And I always want to find the ball.”

Els was frank after practice about the play of his position group.

“We’re not very dynamic,” he said. “We didn’t make plays in the open field like we needed to, but we needed to have that eraser mentality at linebacker … we’re a little cautious right now. And maybe lacking a little confidence. You’re not going to gain a lot of confidence until you make plays in a game. And we haven’t.”

In the secondary, look for junior college corner Mo Seisay to play Saturday, as well. Defensive backs coach Terry Joseph said he made a personal decision not to play Seisay vs. UCLA — though he was healthy and ready to go — because “we were in a dogfight.”

On the defensive line, Rick Kaczenski wants his ends to stop thinking quite as much and more push overall. Look for Kevin Williams and Aaron Curry to get more playing time.

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  1. WakeUpHuskerFans says:

    Play Avery Moss.

    Maybe he’ll be out of position sometimes, but does really matter if your end is in position to make plays if he’s too slow to actually make the plays even when he is in position?

    1. Butch says:

      Every D lineman is out of position in our current scheme, why in the name of the Lord are they a yard off the ball? Ridiculous. These coaches are VERY questionable at best. For crying out loud, just plain out inexplicably poor coaching. End of story.

      1. Lee says:

        I agree right along with you!!

  2. GAHusker1985 says:

    Can’t wait any longer to get the athletes on the field. NU needs speed and and athleticism on the field ASAP. The need to keep Eric Martin on the field also!

    1. LSUHusker says:

      Secind the motion on E Martin. He’s aggressive and under utilized.

      1. Max says:

        Martin tends to run past his assignment. He gets upfield better than anyone on the field but has no control.

  3. huskerfanbb says:

    Lavonte David was out of position all the time in 2010–but guess what–speed and athleticism make up for mistakes.

    It’s either the X’s and O’s or the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. Pelini’s schemes have worked in the past, so I’m guessing it’s the latter.

    1. VAHuskerFN says:

      True. But the bigger concern then becomes “how/why have we been recruiting so poorly for our own system?”, doesn’t it?

      1. huskerfanbb says:

        Oh absolutely. If the athletes to run Pelini’s complicated defenses are on the roster–then why aren’t they playing? If they aren’t on the roster, then that’s a different kettle of fish.

    2. redark says:

      There is no substitute for speed. If you can’t get to the ball carrier, seldom will you make the tackle. I hope there are no linebackers slower than Compton and Whaley. Just give speed a chance, no way results can be worse than Saturday in the Rose Bowl. The Husker d-line played like freshmen and the UCLA freshmen line played like veterans.

      1. huskerfanbb says:

        They’ll have to live with Compton. He’s the only one actually making tackles.

        They could get Santos and Anderson on in place of Whaley, though.

        As far as the D-line goes–Martin needs to stay on the field. He may make mistakes, but he’ll make up for them with plays. They have got to have SOMEONE on that roster who can rush the passer from the end or tackle position. They aren’t getting it done.

        1. huskincorn says:

          I agree, they needed to have Martin on the field more the past couple of years, whenever he is on the field something big happens.

          1. HuskerJosh says:

            martin needs to stay on the bench. he is undisciplined, and that is exactly what gets you beat. ankrah is playing just fine for me.

          2. Nick says:

            Martin and Ankrah should be starting. Turn em loose.

  4. honestjohn says:

    well here we go yet again. pelini and company talk the talk i.e. ” competition is wide open, we’re gonna put the best talent on the field.” only to revert back to seniority, or so it seems. but what do i know. (didn’t ucla start 8 freshmen?) coaching, coaching, coaching.

  5. redark says:

    We have been hearing this “more push” for several years but it never materializes with the same personnel that get most of the snaps. The only push comes fron Eric Martin who remains on the sideline way too much. Give em hell Eric, you are the only athlete on the D-line.

  6. Terry D. says:

    We are seeing players who can make plays standing on the sideline. Coaches are more worried about whether they know every detail of there sacred defense schemes. They are so complex that nobody knows what they are doing. Simplify, Simplify, then let the athletes run. David didn’t know anything, and led the team in tackles for two years. Eric Martin’s talent is being wasted! Martin a player whose motor doesn’t quit and he stands on the sidelines, because Meredith and Ankrah know the system better, yet they can’t make any plays. No sacks, nothing! I think if Pelini doesn’t open up the defense, so they can get aggressive, we could have losing season, which then we cost him his job.

  7. Chavo says:

    Players need to stop focusing on big hits an start focusing on the FUNDAMENTALS! CHEESE AN CRACKERS HOW MANY MISSED TACKLES DID WE SEE!? oh an I pretty much agree with what everyone is saying on this board, I didn’t read all of the comments but I did notice Shatel or someone bagging on Taylor, Martinez played a good game compared to last year I think he played better, the defense sure could have helped him out early of they would have played better, I mean it’s not like the game was blowout, STEP UP AN BE HEARD BLACKSHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. burbach22 says:

      Played better? That was the same statistics that we saw last year. Just a hair over 50% passing, indecisive in the pocket. When the game gets tight, he buckles. Also blame needs to go to Beck. Gave UCLA the ball way to much. The game was tied, should have lined it up and punched them in the mouth. Give Cross, or the Power I a chance. Ground and Pound. Give a STRUGGLING defense a break.

  8. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    I just listened to a Pelini press conference where a man is grasping at straws, and waving MASSIVE red flags that read: “Please put me out of my misery, and fire my inexperienced moonie butt.”
    It was nice to hear Pelini blame the players for an hour, so tired of hearing everyone blame the coaching staff all the time, so glad Pelini is concerned, O’ boy did you hear he has a pretty good idea on how to fix it? Phew, thank goodness.

  9. Big Bob Bowzer says:

    Well…guess we can stop worrying about Coach Pelini landing at a big time program in the near future…

    1. Murph says:

      BBB, que paso!!! You make a good point. Drove from AZ for the game, and it was a long ride home! Yes it’s Murph!

  10. CMac says:

    Isn’t there anyone we can put in there for Compton? I know he knows the defense and he’s made a lot of tackles, but jeez he’s slow, and he really doesn’t do a very good job filling obvious holes that the offense lines are opening.

    1. huskerfanbb says:

      Unfortunately, he’s pretty much the only one making tackles. Yes, he’s too slow to cover the backs and tight ends. They need to protect him schematically from having to do that. Heck blitz him on passing downs.

      One play last game illustrates it. Osborne blitzed, and Compton was covering the back who got a 20 yard gain. Why not switch that around?

      They have to realize they don’t have David in there who could cover sideline to sideline. Compton can be effective–but they have to let him do what he’s good at.

    2. Butch says:

      Come on dude, do we really need to single out players who are giving their best. Compton busts his tail and leaves it on the field, it is tough to ask for more than that. He is doing the best he can, rather than loafing it like a piece of junk LB we used to have who shares the same last name as a fragmented-sentence writing local columnist.

      1. Nolan Bay says:

        THANK YOU BUTCH! Compton goes all out every play to the best of his abilities.

        1. Robby Thayer says:

          Yeah, we’ll that ability is simply not good enough. I like Compton and enjoy his leadership, drive, and enthusiasm on the field; however, his and Whaley’s lack of speed have been a major issue for the defense and as a result their playing time needs to be reevaluated. I’m just glad its being done sooner rather than later.

          1. HuskerJosh says:

            i completely disagree. whaley consistently reads the play and gets to the point of attack. but then, he is totally incapable of making the tackle. he is a very poor tackler, and he plays LB??????not good

          2. Skytown J says:

            This bashing of Compton is total nonsense. If you actually watch what is happening rather than reading this baloney you would see that. Compton makes all the plays that a MLB should make. He’s not the problem. The fact that the front four gets handled on every snap is the problem. That is where everything starts, good or bad.

          3. burbach22 says:

            He does try hard, but the fat kid in dodge ball doesn’t get picked last cause he doesn’t try hard. It’s cause he ‘s to damn slow

  11. ucanthandlethetruthhuskerfans says:

    everyone on this site needs to give props to nucorndevil, joey and others who saw this coming. Until tom Osborne is no longer the AD, don’t expect a change anytime soon.

    1. Paul says:

      Your comment makes no sense at all. Dr. Tom has nothing to do with what happened on Saturday. If you want to blame Pelini, that is fine because he is the coach and it is ultimately his responsibility how the team performs. The coaches did not make proper adjustments and the players didn’t tackle. Pretty sure Tom has nothing at all to do with that…

  12. Kurt R. says:

    I think Compton is a good middle linebacker I don’t understand why people are killing him. Whaley is just to slow for him to do what he is being asked to do. He just can’t cover those fast tight ends and backs. I like Eric Martin but I watched him several times try so hard to get to the QB he lost containment and off to the races as the QB streaks down field. Our defense just looked so slow in both games not just against UCLA. The defense has no identity, not fast, not powerful and not mean. I am no football coach but if the players that know the system are not effective, make it simple and put those play makers on the field.

    1. True Big Red Fan says:

      Maybe if they weren’t still making adjustment during the snap, they could be in place to make a tackle.

  13. JR says:

    Think about it…..Lavonte would not have sniffed the field if not for an injury. That means our head coach passed on his athleticism because he was not there “mentally”. I am willing to bet this happens quite often…. Blatchford! How does a kid like Osborne catch a td and look pretty solid game 1 but gets beat out by some knob at wr that gets pummeled after a 2yd catch. I’m sure that has to do with him not being there mentally also.

    1. True Big Red Fan says:

      I think the same thing about a lot of the players. they burn cross’s red shirt just to sit him.

  14. Mac says:

    The game wasn’t a blow out, NU was on it till the end…even with all the mistakes. One could feel from the beginning that UCLA was on and NU a bit off. It happens. We are neither as good as we thought nor as bad as we looked, and we can improve. I’m inclined to appreciate effort and acknowledge shortcomings without going cynical and critical. Attacks against the team and coaches are unbecoming of NU fans. I want to go there to, but it’s more harmful than productive. It’s like parents trying to motivate their kids with criticism, guilt and shame. We all want a return to dominance, but reality says the torch now resides in the SEC and Pac12. Rebuilding to previous glory is lmore challenging now because our star has fallen…others have risen…and recruits flock to the hot programs. Thus we have an uphill battle that only success will cure.

    1. Rusty says:

      Well put Mac! Enough said!

  15. KansaHusker says:

    Well every since the Holiday Bowl when we beat Arizona all i’ve heard from pelini is how much better we will be next year. Well next year comes and each year it’s the same O same O. Lets be Honest it was Suh who made Pelini not Pelini who made SUH. It’s time Osborne shakes things up with Pelini..

    1. JOSH BRATHWAITE says:

      I agree. I think BO is in over his head. I really don’t think that he’s cut out to be HC. I like him as a DC, but not as HC. It’s the same old story after each lost, “we’ll fix what’s wrong”, yet it’s the same old mess.

    2. Jeff_Georgia says:

      Much the the fabled Communist “Five Year Plan” that goes on for 25 years with no change….

  16. HuskerDan says:

    Compton is a Big Ten middle linebacker – you know the big, slow cog type of linebacker that is helpful against big offensive line, ground and pound offenses. The Pac12, Big XII, and SEC have offenses built on speed (which explains the B1G record vs. these conferences). Shatel has been right, unfortunately we are building defenses to win a B1G title which does us little to no good on the national scene. I agree with the above – play the speed and athleticism. Steinkuhler, Whaley, Fischer and crew should have limited roles against spread offenses with speedy quarterbacks! Martin, Santos, Anderson and company should be on the field. TO made the necessary changes to recruit the type of athlete in the early 90′s to build teams with speed able to beat the Florida schools on the national stage. It is like we have reverted backwards and are willing to sacrifice national prominence for a conference title……sad!

    1. Michigan Husker says:

      Or I’d say against a motion/spread offense like UCLA where you’ve got a back often motioning out of the backfield, train up some of our overflowing supply of DB’s to step in and play LB. A smaller faster player can be taught to tackle (low) a larger back as needed. However, a larger slower player can not be “coached” to keep up with a smaller faster back out of the backfield.

      As a former larger slower LB myself, I can attest to this. My college coach use to say — not entirely tongue-in-cheek — that if I ever found myself in man coverage on a faster TE or RB, to just tackle him on his way by me b/c the 15 yard penalty would be better than the homerun play we stood to give up if I let him go. ;-) Sad but true!

  17. True Big Red Fan says:

    It’s weird that it takes a loss for them to realize we need more speed on the field. How about playing with a little passion?

    1. barney says:

      Speed beats passion 100 percent of the time

      1. HuskerJosh says:

        talent beats hard work everytime

        1. Paul says:

          100% percent wrong. Listen to our players from the 90′s. They admit that Miami and Florida had more speed and talent, but the Nebraska players and coaches wanted it more and worked harder for it. They all played together as a group and they played nasty on D. Talent is important but it isn’t an end all be all. Look at the great recruiting classes that Illinois and Virginia always very, yet they are not very good teams. Hard work and great coaching can win you a lot games. I’m not saying our current team fits this mold, but talent alone isn’t enough to make a good team.

          1. Michigan Husker says:

            That makes me think: How did we beat Miami in 1995 with the home state GI kid, Phil Ellis, as our MLB. He wasn’t that fast, was he? While great against the run, I don’t recall him having to cover backs out of the backfield.

            Where are the Terrell Farley’s and the Lavonte David’s of the world when you need them?!

  18. barney says:

    They are going to constantly put Compton one on one he will lose every time as he is slow…recruiting is terrible thus no speed. 5 losses

  19. Gnomemaster says:

    Maybe our OC will fall out of love with the passing game. He seems to have to throw it whenever he gets nervous. It didn’t work for him at Wisconsin, Michigan or against South Carolina and it sure didn’t work Saturday. The only time I’ve seen him play smash mouth football was one series last Saturday and it worked real well so of course he Quit. Seems we used to live by smash mouth and it let us do option and pass at will. Maybe he should go up to TO’s office and find out how to call a game before he loses his own office. Be tough to have to go back to high school football.

  20. Husker6 in Texas says:

    Truly frustrating defensive performance!
    Offense needs the defense to get the opponents out aver 3 downs or less!
    Address these issues and you wil see a defense get their identify back.
    1. Get the athletes ( more than one) on the field that can be aggressive yet know the system. They need not be perfect with the system but they need to command confidence on the field. Compton is too slow. Yes he makes tackles but they are all 4 to 5 yards deep. Cannot fill the holes.
    2. Need a Field General on the field that commands the respect from his fellow defensive players and the opposing offensive players alike. Have you ever played in a game and told have your team to ” keep that guy off my back” That was LaVonte David. We do not have him but Compton is NOT the Field General. Nobody is nervous of his play on the other side of the ball.
    3. Fix the flippin poor tackling! Seriously, they look like high school freshmen.
    4. Need speed on the ends that can get pressure on the backfield.
    5. Blitz more or get a D lineman that knows how to Bull Rush.
    6. Give Stafford the Field General title and watch what happens. Not perfect play but at least he is aggressive and he gets on others when not playing properly. Not sure I have seen Compton chew into someone yet.
    7. Lastly, get a better turnover ratio

  21. wes says:

    i agree 100 percent with huskerdan it seems like NU has gone back to size over speed i thought that last year. Nebraska can win in the Big 10 with speed look at what tcu did to wisconsin in the rose bowl a few years ago, a small undersized defense in TCU beat wisconsin with speed, like Miami use to do to NU. Nebraska needs speed off the edges and speed a LB. Damion Stafford looks more like a linebacker then anyone. move your linebackers up to Defensive ends get some hybrid linebackers that can fly or move your hard hitting safties down to linebackers, you can teach players how to tackle but you cant teach speed. Nebraska has the speed i believe, just go with a smaller undersized defense that can SWARM to the ball

    1. MikeG says:

      Absolutely agree. I have been sayiing that about Stafford on here since last year. I am encouraged that Papuchis is making some changes. I like to see Mo Seisay, Jean Baptiste, Zaire Anderson, David Santos. I think that is a great change. But HEY BO! If they make one mistake dont yank them out of the game, let them develop. Your previous starters made several mistakes too, give these guys a chance to show what theyve got!!!!!!!

  22. ron says:

    Team is soft need to get tuff

  23. Jose says:

    Bo’s D scheme works when we got a bunch of 5 star and 4 star athletes. Example when we had calahans players. Too bad that sob couldn’t coach cause that sob could recruit. But if we don’t have the talent to run his shceme anymore and Bo isn’t a good enough recruiter to get the players he needs then lets simplify the d and just allow players like Martin to run wild. Lets play a simple kill the qb d and just play our athletes.

  24. Nolan Bay says:

    Wow! This board is so lucky to have so many collegiate level coaches posting on here. Everyone else must appreciate how so many of you share your experienced insight and deep understanding of the game. Thanks guys. I’ll definitely be back. Go Big Red!

  25. miroj1 says:

    When N. Suh went to the Lions, I remembered something Coach Martz said in the press. He mentioned that they had to recoach Suh because his play was too reactionary and not aggressive enough. If you take a look at our DLine today, I see a lot of plays where the D linemen stand up and see where the play is going to go. In other words, there is no push into the backfield.

    I can still remember Wistrom, the Peter brothers and Tomich causing havoc in the backfield on every other play. Did anyone mention Steinkuhler’s name at all during the last game? Where have the D-Line Blackshirts gone?

    1. Husker Dave says:

      That’s because the d-line is one to two yards away from the line of scrimmage before they snap the ball. It’s also hard to disguise or run a safety blitz when your safeties line up half way down the field.

  26. miroj1 says:

    Like Coach K said: Less thinky thinky and more pushy pushy!!!

  27. dash riprock says:

    Not much different from last year, still trying to “figure it out”. When will that end?

    1. HuskerJosh says:

      when they “figure it out” geeze, it wasn’t the riddle of the sphinx or anything dash

  28. MikeG says:

    How many times were our defenders looking to the sideline and standing straight up, not even ready when the ball was snapped?? Nearly every play. We were 2 steps behind most plays. Sure we had some missed tackles, but this is a coaching failure, not a player one.


    I think Bo needs to concentrate on the D, because that is is strength, and stop delegating it to his buddies to run. It seems to me, that Bo is using our Program to hire and train his buddies. He should try hire more experienced coaches instead of using the our program as a training ground.Ever since he became HC, our defense has gone South. He need to get more involved in call the D.

  30. DBINOREGON says:

    All I know if that there are always “reasons” the “D” doesn’t do well but Pelini’s team and coaches need to put up or shut up, and get replaced. Been a Husker fan for over 50 yrs. and while patient up to now with the new head coach another 9-4 season isn’t going to cut it. Pelini may be one of those guys you see in the pro’s and college that just doesn’t get it done as a HC and needs to stay as a D-Coord. If a school like Stanford, with much tougher admissions, can win double digits for a handful of yrs. then UofN needs to be able to and the buck stops with Pelini. Sorry Tom but we need to move on if he can’t get it done this yr.

  31. Spencer says:

    Pelini is so set on playing his veterans. SCREW THAT!!! play the BEST PLAYERS!! and the JUCO transfers we have are by far the better players!!!! so they may not have the defense scheme down to a T but Lavonte David didn’t either when he first started playing! Quit being stubborn and PLAY THE BEST PLAYERS!!!

  32. Mark says:

    Too many individuals on defense. They need a “come to the brotherhood” moment like the 90′s Blackshirts. Remember Grant Wistrom shaving off his curly locks in a show of solidarity with his defensive brothers? Every member of the defense was bald…..they played together as a single unit from that point on.

  33. All other's look to 95 says:

    I agree totally wes. That’s why -All others look to 95 (1995)

  34. komo69 says:

    I love NU, but all the speed in the world will not help players who are out of position and who can’t tackle. It seems all the D players are taught to run through a tackle. Whatever happened to keeping your head up, putting a shoulder into the opponnet and locking up his legs? Guess that’s not the Nebraska way anymore. Or maybe the D players just need takling practice all week.

    I know these guys are trying, but I hope they learn soon.

  35. Jamie says:

    It amazes me to hear True Husker Fans talk like this.. I was upset about the loss as anyone else.. i was sitting in the front row saturday night.. People need to understand that these are young men 18-23 year olds. We lose one game by 6 points.. If you would have told me that NU would give up 653 yards and only lose by 6 i would have said thats crazy. Bo pelini is a good coach. His assistants are capable. I understand the frustration with the young talented players not seeing the field. But we don’t know the inside workings of the football team. Perhaps they are doing whats in the best interest of the kid rather then trying to please fans that turn so negative after one flipping game. Everyone needs to understand that the days of going undefeated year in and year out are over. Its simply because the landscape of college football has changed. Like really you negative people need to check yourself. If you want to call yourself a true Husker fan then stand by your team in victory and defeat..

    1. True Husker Fan says:

      Why amazed?

      Passionate fans need not be silent in a forum such as this. Nebraska is known for civility in the stadium and deep knowledge in its fanbase. Perhaps you are an exception with regard to the latter, so I’ll explain. It’s not the fact of a loss, it’s how the manner of play reflected on coaching choices, player dedication and talent. The anger and disgust in these comments relates to a demonstrated absence of fundamental execution on the part of our defense and O-line, and our coach’s continued reliance on the same personnel and tactics regardless of such results. This is unacceptable and is embarrassing a great program tradition and the entire state.

      Highly-paid coaches are paid for the quality of their decisions. A QB that can’t perform should be swapped for one that might. Missed tackles and ineffective line play should put players on the bench. Four losses per year at Nebraska should make a HC (or any coach) fear for his job.

  36. Husker Dave says:

    Over the years, Pelini has gone from an aggressive defense to a prevent defense. Watch the defensive set up the last two games. His two safeties line up fifteen yards beyond the line of scrimmage. The d-line plays a yard off the ball. It looks like the old Callahan “bend-but-don’t-break” defense. It’s designed to give up 20-30 points a game and no turnovers.

  37. jerry says:

    Attended the game and saw first hand the out of position players- speed was a factor, but not so much as NO adjustments being made by either players or coaches. The same 6 plays(over and over again) netted 75% of UCLA yardage. If adjustments had been made, even on three of the six plays, the Huskers win. It is that simple. Stop the slant pass out of motion, stop the down and out out of motion, and stop the read option/release pass to the tailback and we are all talking about a victory.

  38. raul says:

    I love to hear people who say you arent a fan because of the way you talk about the team or the players. To me that says you have passion about your team and even though it may be misguided you love your team and want to see them at their best every week. I do believe coach Pelini is a good coach, however I also think he is bull headed and like coach Beck gets stuck with his idea being the only idea. I can not imagine that through summer camp these problems we are seeing did not surface, we heard talk of these young talented defensive players and have yet to see them get any real game time. At the prominent programs those kind of kids are on the field and players like Compton are out their to guide them. If Compton is our field general then I think he should be able to help these young guys out from time to time. I would rather see a bunch of athletes making plays and some mistakes then a bunch of veteran players in the right spots making no plays. If the young kids get the experience they will eventually learn what to do.

  39. raul says:

    Sad to think that the best defensive player I have seen this year has been Enunwa. Maybe Bo should put him on defense at least he can hit people, like the big D lineman he put on his back.

  40. mark says:

    Why in the world is Graham Stoddard not being used at linebacker? He has been bulletproof on special teams, where he seems to make every tackle.