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Mad Chatter, Sept. 12
Dirk Chatelain Omaha World-Herald

Lost in the debate over the Blackshirts this week is more T-Magic. I’m talking about Taylor Martinez’s incredible good fortune in avoiding turnovers.

I’ve noted it before — the Huskers, for example, recovered 23 of Martinez’s 30 fumbles in 2010-11. But the UCLA game may have been the most remarkable example yet.

Before intercepting Martinez in the fourth quarter, the Bruins nearly picked him off at least five times.

– In the first quarter, Martinez overthrew Kenny Bell down the middle and a UCLA safety dropped it.

– In the second, an interception was called back because Taylor’s knee was down before he flung it desperately into a Bruin’s arms.

– Early in the third quarter, he rolled out and tried to hit Ben Cotton over the middle. The ball was late and a UCLA safety nearly picked it off.

– Late in the third, a slant to Kenny Bell got tipped by two UCLA DBs.

– In the fourth, he threw high to Kyler Reed and a Bruin DB flat-out dropped it.

I keep thinking, one of these days, probability is going to catch up with Martinez and he’s going to have a four- or five-turnover game. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet. What did No. 3 do to gain favor with the football gods?

>> We had a discussion in the press box Monday about how many games UCLA will win this year. A few media guys said eight or nine. But one colleague thought the Bruins could be 10-0 entering their last two games against USC and Stanford. It’s not crazy. UCLA doesn’t play Oregon or Washington. Its toughest game before Nov. 17 is probably at Arizona State. This could be a Nebraska loss — like Arizona State 1996 — that looks a lot better at the end of the season.

>> When the Big East added Central Florida, SMU and Houston, it relinquished any hope of keeping Notre Dame. The Irish were not going to send basketball teams, soccer teams, volleyball teams, etc., to those places for conference games. So it came down to this: Big 12 or ACC?

Both were offering a similar deal: a soft landing spot for Notre Dame’s minor sports, in addition to five football games per year. Notre Dame preferred to go east. It’s the right move. Frequent football contests with Pittsburgh, Boston College, Syracuse, Miami and Florida State will feel natural for the Irish.

(For the Big East, it’s yet another step toward total irrelevance. At what point do Georgetown, St. John’s and the other non-football schools say “the heck with it” and form their own league?)

The big winner here is the ACC, which will benefit from Notre Dame’s football brand, even if it’s only five games a year. John Swofford’s league was struggling to keep up with the SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten and Big 12 in terms of TV revenue. This should help.

If you’re wondering, here’s a sample Notre Dame schedule for, say, 2018:

(Five ACC matchups)
Boston College
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
North Carolina State

(Four treasured rivals)

(One national power)

(Two cupcakes)

I imagine Michigan State and Purdue — and perhaps even Michigan — will be seeing the Irish a lot less frequently.

>> There’s a very clear line between the top four teams in the country and everyone else. But who’s No. 5? Andy Staples says it’s Michigan State. I would lean toward Georgia.

>> Bruce Feldman’s 10 surprising stats through two weeks of college football. Wisconsin’s run game is No. 1 on my list.

>> Bryan Fischer examines the Big Ten’s chief deficiency: speed

>> Remember the Fabulous Sports Babe? She has a pretty amazing story.

>> Why would I suggest listening to a 1-hour podcast? Because Jason Whitlock interviews John Feinstein about his landmark book, “Season on the Brink.” Fascinating to hear Feinstein talk about Bob Knight.

>> SI’s Jon Wertheim with 50 thoughts on the US Open.

>> The Oakland A’s. The best story in baseball.

>> This Billy Gillispie situation gets weirder by the day. Now he’s going to the Mayo Clinic to receive treatment for high blood pressure. Meanwhile, his players at Texas Tech want nothing to do with him.

>> Finally, I’ve received a lot of great emails lately. Here’s one — from R.J. — worth discussing:

“I don’t know if it’s still lingering depression from the UCLA game or seeing what the rest of  Big 10 looks like this year, but I’m starting to finally lament the fact Nebraska left the Big 12 as it stands today. What if just Mizzou, Colorado, and A&M left and we stayed. Then throw in TCU. Now you have ten teams in the Big 12 like this season but the Huskers are in there. How much do you think fans would kill to see this slate of games annually?

“I know we all hate Texas, but man if we had stayed, the OU rivalry would be back on an annual basis, and we would get that shot at Texas every year, along with our old Big 8 friends KSU & Okie-State. Heck, look at what it would be if just Colorado and A&M bailed. Throw out TCU & put Mizzou back in the mix. I know it was a good move for the university financially and academically, but you can’t honestly say as a fan you are psyched week in and week out  for the fixed schedule we have in the Big 10 (yawn) vs. would could have been now if Nebraska stayed in the Big 12. …

“There’s no one to hate in the Big 10. That is a problem. There are plenty of characters(villains) to hate back in the Big 12, and that just fueled the passion of the fan base. I’m starting to see more and more of an apathetic outlook from Nebraska fans. I think a lot has to do with not having any teams in our current conference to focus the hate towards. … I loved that Mizzou, KSU and even KU hated Nebraska. I loved the back and forth with their fan bases. That passion and spirited debate seems to be dissipating every week and every season, and that is sad to see. Now we just debate among ourselves about how bad or good we really are more so than at any time I can remember the last 30 years.

“Hindsight is always 20/20, but as I run through this in my head the more frustrated I get. For a man as reserved and patient as Dr. Tom appears to be, I’m surprised he didn’t step back and play out what I presented above in more of a long range outlook. Maybe he did. But if he did and this is what we are left with, then wow. That would be a huge fail.  Leaving because of the Texas threat or perceived threat is kind of weak looking back. Our best revenge on Texas for me would have been staying the course in Big 12 (the TV money was eventually coming) and start earning respect on the football field and start beating them at a more consistent pace than 1 out every 9 tries.

“If you can get buyer’s remorse from switching conferences I think Nebraska will start to finally feel that this season.  To reference Eugene Levi (car salesman) speaking with Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) at the car dealership in the beginning of “Vacation”- he thought he was getting the blue sports wagon, but ended up with the Wagon Queen Family Truckster. “You may hate it now, but wait ‘til you drive it”. In the case of the Big 10 it’s the opposite- “You may love it now, but wait ‘til you drive it.”

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  1. tayllor1234 says:

    I love the fact that Nebraska joined the Big Ten, the Big 12 adding yet another Texas school as well as West Virginia in no way gives me the warm fuzzies and the academic benefits of the Big 10 will soon follow.

    Now,… go out and win some recruiting battles & Big 10 football titles and the rest of the league will hate NU soon enough.

    1. Andy says:

      Sho nuff!

    2. curt313 says:

      That’s true. Those teams in the Big12 hated us because we beat them like a drum– go check the series records vs those teams. NU was not far behind OU or TX. Texas is NOT done clucking– and we know it. Four teams left, OU & OSU wanted to, but came back. That’s loyalty?~~~If we start beating these Big 10 teams regularly, we’ll get all the passion we can handle.~~~Personally, I like the away game sites now. Who is sorry that we’ve traded the venues of dirty, dumpy Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri? I’d say the scenery in Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Michigan beats that hands down!!

      1. Jabby says:

        Scencery…yeah, you better like snow LOL

      2. Raider Red says:

        Well maybe some of the BIG 12 schools you did beat like a drum…in the 90′s. Hard to find many wins with the Texas schools. “Beat them like a drum…Oh you mean Texas Tech’s thumping of the Huskers to a tune of 70-10?

        Remember only what you want to recall huh?

        I will say this. I DO miss Nebraska. You belong in the true heartland. Ya’ll are great people, and great fans, and yes, it is hard living with UT, but we have done it for 87 years here at Tech and there are some benefits in doing so.

    3. Butch says:

      That whole line of commentary is stupid. If NU was worth a lick, we’d be all smiles and saying what a great deal it was. Only because we suck does this perception of missing the Big1 come about.

    4. Matt says:

      That’s funny. Nebraska had dropped to the point of knock-down drag ‘em out battles with Iowa Freaking State when it left the Big 12. This isn’t 1996, it’s 2012, and Nebraska football just ain’t what it used to be.

    5. Sam Kiani says:

      ACADEMIC BENEFITS? Are you kidding me? you think NU left the BigXII to gain an academic benefit? If you think that, then you are truly naive.

    6. MikeG says:

      Good Lord, could you imagine if we were still in the Big 12 and had to play Texas, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, TCU, Kansas Sate, in the same year? We would have a losing record I bet. I dont see us being able to beat any of the above mentioned.

  2. Go Big Red Jan says:

    Ha Ha………very funny if NU was still in the Big 12. We would be getting clobbered by Iowa St and Kansas St. and Oklahoma St. etc etc. We would be fighting Kansas for the CELLAR.

  3. Brian says:

    The big 12 was on the absolute brink of dissolving, yes you can look back now and second guess but for months it looked like it was a goner. That email must have been from someone outside of Omaha cause if you don’t Iowa and their fans you must not have to hear about them all the time (not so much this year for some reason………………………)

    1. Brian says:

      *hate Iowa

      1. Andy says:

        Sorry I cannot even hate them. They are insignificant and haven’t won anything of consequence since the printing press was invented ha ha.

        1. Bill in Lincoln says:

          I couldn’t agree more with this letter. The Big10 stinks on so many levels. Any Husker fan that tells you different is lying to themselves. The easy drives to MU, Ku, ISU, & KSU are gone. The rivalries built up over a century gone. The easier access to Texas recruiting gone. We actually has teams and people to hate in the BIG12. Now nothing. I’m sorry I can’t get up to beat Iowa. I wish CU& A&M left and we stayed at 10. That would be the perfect conference for me. And yes I know academics are important but that is an individual schools decision on how great they want to be. Nobody was holding Texas back from being a top rated school an being in the Big12. We could have been a top school too. I hated the idea of the Big10 from the start and hate it now more.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            You are not alone :)

          2. Robt says:

            I know I’m risking evisceration by coming on here as a longhorn fan, but I’m sorry NU left as well, and not in a snarky way, but for all the reasons outlined above. Actually, I would have loved to see NU and Missouri stay and TCU and WVU still come in. Then it actually would be the B12 and NU would have had someone in the north worth contending with. Oh well. I think things will sort themselves out for you guys over time.

          3. Rachel says:

            I completely agree with you!!! (Bill) My husband is a K-state grad and I’m so disappointed we don’t have our rivalry anymore. I would sit with him in the student section at K-state in college when they played Nebraska. (I was one of about five Nebraska fans!) I might be dead before Nebraska builds up the rivalries that they had in the Big 8/Big 12. It is ridiculous to think they think you can just make teams rivals – like they are trying to do with Iowa. Trust me, I live in Iowa City, it is NOT the same as our old rivalries!!!

    2. baylor fan says:

      the big 12 was only on the verge of dissolving bc nebraska wanted to leave. i wish yall wouldve stayed.

  4. Jamie says:

    I think when you look at the move to the big 10 you need to look at the larger picture. Nebraska clearly has more in common with the big 10. Academically its a better fit. Then look at other sports besides football, the big ten is clearly more in line with NU. Ad much as a visionary as TO is there is nobody that could have seen the Big 12 playing out the way it did. If i had to pick a Commissioner for a conference i would take Jim Delany any day. GBR

    1. marv says:

      I absolutely hate the argument “Academically its a better fit.” Never in my life have I discussed conference academics at the water cooler. I care about recruiting, style of play, coaches, stadiums, fans, and visibility, NOT enrollment, research, faculty, grant money and the size of libraries at each school. – WHO CARES ABOUT ACADEMICS. Its a freaking ATHLETIC CONFERENCE.

      1. hannah says:

        Who cares about academics? That’s the entire point of having an f’ing university, sir. Good academics are supposed to mean our workforce isn’t full of ignoramuses like yourself.

        1. Daddy says:

          I think its oh so cute that Nebraska, a non-AAU school, considers themselves academically aligned with the BIG. Really, just adorable. \m/

          1. Dan says:

            and don’t get me started on Notre Dame, they aren’t even an AAU school and they consider themselves elite, adorable.

        2. marv says:

          We are talking about an athletic conference. UNL’s academic experience isn’t going to be better or worse basedon the conference they are in. Does a UNL graduate from during Big 12 days have the same education as a Big 10 UNL graduate?

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:


  5. HuskerPhil says:

    I miss the Big 8, not the Big 12. It hasn’t been the same since the Texass schools shanghaied things back in 1996. Bottom line – NU would have to adapt to changes in the college football world whether they stayed put or not. Eventually our division foes will fill the roles of KU, KSU, etc. It’s way to early to judge the B1G move, plus I don’t miss pay-per-view games.

    1. Andy says:

      Amen, HuskerPhil!

    2. atx1985 says:

      Shanghaied? No. The teams were invited to the Big 8. Nice try at spinning that little lie.

    3. Michael says:

      I agree… The Big Eight was the best. As an OU Alum, Texas has always been a pain in the ass. I truly miss the Big Red of the North and your wonderful fans. OU and Nebraska had the best and most relevant rivalry in College Football. Winner to the Orange Bowl. I hope we can resume our rivalry sometime oin the future. I don’t miss Colorado, Missouri, and I especially don’t miss the “overrated” A&M bunch.

      Best of luck to all of the Huskers, and maybe there will be another round of realignment in the future for NU and OU.

  6. Andy says:


    I usually appreciate your columns and always look forward to them, even if they are polarizing or I disagree with them, but it appears you have forgotten the events that precipitated Nebraska leaving the Big XII. Texas held the entire league hostage by threatening to take the entire South Division outside of Baylor to what is now the PAC 12. Where would that have left NU then? Back then, teams were fighting to be considered for expansion to the Big Ten and the other BCS conferences. Remember Iowa St and KU panicking? Baylor’s frivolous lawsuit against Texas A&M? Texas ultimately decided they wanted to stay in the Big XII, and why not? Their own network and they get to call all the shots they way they want it. The SEC was beneath them academically, ie; they were scared, and the PAC-12 wasn’t going to take the Okie skools without UT. My main point is, it is way too soon to be lamenting the move. College football is fluid and this change was made for reasons besides just football as well. Eventually Nebraska will win and win big again so there is no point in wondering what might have been now. Rivalries and good old fashioned hate will develop naturally you’ll see that when NU knocks off Michigan and the Suckeyes in the CCG annually and cost them a chance at being sacrificed in a BCS bowl against an SEC time and the first time the ‘Skers will be undefeated at upset by the Hogeyes.

    1. marv says:

      AmI missing something? My version of Mad Chatter didn’t include Dirk’s take on Nebraska leaving the Big XII.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        It’s the BIG elephant in the Room nobody wants to talk about………HUGE mistake, knee jerk reaction.

        1. Tim says:

          How is it a knee jerk reaction? UT, A&M, Tech, and the Oklahoma schools were halfway out the door to the PAC-whatever. We were supposed to wait them out then be left looking around with KSU, KU and ISU begging MAC schools to join us in the land of misfit toys league.

          1. Finkle says:

            With all due respect, that is major revisionist history. When UT was looking at the PAC -10, it was already after NU and Colorado had announced their leaving, not before.

            Up to that point, the only school that had made any attempt to get out of the Big 12 was Mizzou’s constant flirtation with the Big 10, which escalated when Missouri’s governor got involved. The South part of the conference only started looking once Colorado and NU announced they were out the door.

            Wish NU had stayed, and never blame anyone or any organization for doing what they think is best for them, but the facts are the facts. If you don’t believe me, then explain exactly why UT would have wanted to leave the Big 12 BEFORE NU and Colorado left? They were getting the bigger part of the conference payout, they were getting their own channel, no other conference was interested in them keeping that channel if they moved, and travel was far easier in the Big 12 than any other conference

    2. atx1985 says:

      Texas isn’t scared of anything. Keep dreaming. I wish Nebraska was still in the Big 12.

  7. Matt in MN says:

    I miss the Big 12, but I don’t question the move. Nebraska had to do it, especially considering the circumstances. Remember that all things go in cycles…I can remember several years during the 80′s in the old Big 8 when the rest of the country ripped on the conference and talked about how weak it was other than NU and Oklahoma. People said that the Big 8 was archaic, and was no match for the speed of the Florida and California teams. And guess what…the Big 8 eventually produced the best team in the history of college football (the ’95 Huskers). The Big 10 is too strong of a conference with too much tradition to stay down, and so is Nebraska as a program. We Husker fans just need…what’s that word again? Patience!!

  8. Kate upton says:

    NU is dumpster fire. No talent. Not willing to spend money on quality coaches. AD locked in past glory. Fans foolish enough to believe that every year will be the year they come back. Now a bluehair conference that will be Urbans whipping boy. Go ahead keep adding on to the stadium, sellout streak, its days are numbered. Interview the Ark St coach to replace Bo. NU 31 Ark St 30. Good lord, its come to this.

    1. Butch says:

      NU pays its head football coach more than he has earned, nearly $3 million a year with bonuses. Considering the limited success under Pelini, I would argue each coach is overpaid as they’ve done nothing of substance other than win 9 of 13 games every year…..big deal.

  9. BigFRed says:

    Kate, find another team to follow. You obviously are all hot and bothered by this one. You’ll find all that pent up stress just melt away once you enjoy the shenanigans of another school like, oh let’s say Penn State, Miami (FL), or Texas.

    1. ExpatFromOK says:

      …and Lawrence Phillips.

  10. Dallas Stutzman says:

    This guys comments are what I’ve been saying all along. Too many of the younger huskers fans don’t know the excitement of what happened in the past Big 8/12 and don’t understand the blandness of the Big Ten history. I live in the heart of Big 12 country in KS and have now lost all interest and fun of Husker and college football. I could go to to SIX different venues to watch the huskers within 200-300 miles with some great rivalries, but it’s all gone now. I think Osborne and Perlman got boxed in a corner and couldn’t get out and now we will be suffering for it. Don’t tell me that it’s about “Research”. It’s all about football and we lost in the move to the big ten.Tell me why as a lowest of the low season ticket holder why I could get two tickets to Mich. St before this season started? I’ll tell you why…nobody but wealthy husker fans can afford to spend the time and money to go to East Lansing in this case or anywhere else in the Big Ten on any kind of reg. basis. We will lament the day we joined the big ten, I guarantee it and my fellow K St Wildcat adversaries remind me of it each and every day. Too bad for them they can’t play us this year and watch Klein chew up the blackshirts like UCLA did. And by the way, it’s time to demote Martinez and finally move on. He proved again vs. ucla that he NEVER will be a big time quarterback no matter how many qb camps he went to. I’m ready to suffer a little with TommyA and get with it for the future.

    1. Kurtis Keating says:

      I wish NU would have stayed in the Big 12, I always enjoyed watching the KSU/NU football games, even if I didn’t always enjoy the final outcome of the game.

      Hope everything is going well down at HC!

  11. Mel says:

    Mr. Rome is too slow to play D-1 football.

  12. Brad Childress says:

    Chase Rome was a programmatic non-fit. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  13. cd in austin says:

    i’m a texas fan and i miss nebraska. it was a damn good rivalry and you had a damn good rivalry with oklahoma also. so there was some hate between the administrations….so what…hate is good for rivalries. i wish you guys had stayed.

    1. rs in Houston says:

      As an OU fan I hated to see NU go! If I remember the events right Mizzou was the one who put everyone in a panic. I know you NU fans all blame Texas for looking as the PAC10 back then, but just like you they had to look at their options after Mizzou pulled it’s love affair off with the BIG10. I can’t get to excited about getting to play TCU now instead of Neb! I think it sucks for OU fans and for NU fans if we are all honest about it. Plus I miss having someone that hates Texas as much as we do!

      Sometimes I was we would have left for the PAC10 or SEC also, but thinking of going to the SEC with no teams as a true rival would probably make me indifferent to games as some of you have. Going to the PAC10 would have sucked with late night games. So I guess OU is where it should be. I just wish the Huskers were still there with us.

  14. Ray says:

    For a team that went into Notre Dame and WON, I could hardly call Tulsa a cupcake team.

  15. gulfcoastpoke says:

    Of all the b12 defections, Nebraska leaving was the only one which upset me…there is no other program which can be added as a comparable replacement. Looking back on the situation there were things both sides could have done differently, but that summer was a crazy one hyped up to enormous proportions by the media.

    I think the most tragic thing of it all is that the B12, at it inception, did not set up permanent “cross divisional opponents” like the SEC did. They did this to allow certain rivalries to remain intact with divisional format (Auburn v Georgia and Bama v Tenn) and created new ones (LSU v Florida) by allowing teams to meet each year. That would have allowed the storied OU/NU rivalry to continue and done a lot (I’m sure) for both sides.

  16. MidwesternPolack says:

    As an ISU fan, I always felt that Nebraska (also Mizzou) bailing was a bad idea in the long run. Yeah, Nebraska kicked the heads in of a lot of the old B8 schools and many of those schools despised them for it, but that is the essence of the fun of college football.

    If the conference could have stayed as Nebraska, Mizzou, KU, KState, ISU, OK, OKSt, Texas, Baylor and Tech with the round robin in place, the hatred would have been pure, glorious and fun as hell.

    1. Baylor-Fan says:

      I miss Nebraska too. Rivalries from college to HS are often based on geography and history. I felt like leaving was cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.

      It was a short term view when a longer view was required. Baylor and ISU felt that turmoil as much as anyone but part of that was Nebraska and Mizzou threatening. Not giving the Longhorns a break. They were just as culpable.

  17. NU left too soon says:

    We (Big 12) miss you NU. It just kinda sucked that everything got so out of hand so quickly — starting with Mizzou opening its mouth about wanting to be in the Big 10. Don’t really miss Colorado or Mizzou — kinda miss TAMU — really miss NU.

    I understand that no elite school wanted to be embarrassed by having to ask a conference to let them in, so in essence it was every school for themselves. But man o man, I wish NU would have had a little more patience, maybe cozzied up with the Oklahoma schools a bit more and tried to figure something out to hedge Texas.

    As an OU fan, I can think of nothing better than getting to play NU once again every year.

    As far as academics go, you guys are no longer AAU, so you are the lone non-AAU in the B1G, which has got to be a little akward. Granted, the B1G is a much better conference than the Big 12 academically; however, that has not hurt such schools like UT, TAMU, Mizzou, and KU which also have a pretty stellar academic/research reputation.

    My opinion, it would be better to be one of the elite academic institutions in a decent academic conference than to be the lower (lowest) rung of a stellar academic conference (lowest in that you are the lone non-AAU school).

    So from a Sooner Fan, I will forever miss the long trips to Lincoln. I will forever miss the special bond between a Sooner and a Husker. We were rivals, but it was like competing with your best friend or your brother. Sure you hated it when they won, but you still loved and respected them. I would say the NU-OU rivalry was one of the most unique in all of College Football; such a heated rivalry but w/o the animosity of say a Bama-Auburn or OU-UT rivalry.

    If I could turn back time, I would definitely hope OU-OSU-NU would have a been a block deal. I think NU left too soon.

    Best of Luck Huskers!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Erik in Lubbock says:

    I’m a Baylor grad in Tech country: I wish everyone would have slowed down a bit when realignment was taking hold a few years ago. Sure, WVa is good, but we don’t have history with them. Don’t even get me started on A&M’s departure (loved hating them). I feel for Nebraska’s and A&M’s students having to find ways to make conference games that are FAR away.
    Of course, I’m just happy my Bears stayed in a Big Boy conference.

  19. Chris says:

    I agree with cd… I’m a K-State fan, and was happy to see Nebraska go, or so I thought. Hate to admit that I miss the trash talk and the games. Now we (I) don’t have much to root against.

  20. jay says:

    Andy, don’t blame what happened on Texas. Texas was looking elsewhere, because the year prior Nebraska and Missouri were begging the Big 10 for membership. Nebraska and Missouri started it all. Of course Texas started looking too, because they were being proactive knowing Missouri and Nebraska were looking to get out. Point the finger back at yourself. TO wanted to leave because Nebraska couldn’t win the Big 12 and he was still throwing a fit about Texas getting the conference not to accept partial qualifiers, which is what made Nebraska become irrelevant.

  21. jay says:

    Not to mention the fact that Nebraska using the unequal revenue sharing in the Big 12 as a reason for leaving when in fact Texas voted against it when the Big 12 was formed, but OU, NEBRASKA, and aTm wanted it, because at the time those were the three big teams. Now that AtM and Nebraska are irrelevant you don’t like it so much. You can blame yourself for that one too.

  22. Michael Waugh says:

    Lifelong ISU fan here. I Loved going to the Nebraska games at Cyclone Stadium/Jack Trice Field. Always a true David v. Goliath game. Quick trivia question…who is the only only Big 8 team to beat Tommy frazier as a starting quarterback? ISU. One of my all time greatest sports memories. It just doesn’t feel right seeing NU playing Nortwestern or Indiana or one of the many other boring B1G schools.

  23. Phil whitlow says:

    I wish Nebraska had stayed but understand the need for stability. It seemed like Texass cried and they got what they wanted. I miss the OU-Nebraska games at thanksgiving, OSU is not a rivalry but they have improved. Hope that Nebraska arises again as the Sooners had to endure long time of mediocrity but are back. Still root for Nebraska against all the other Big 10 schools, rebuilding that walk on program at Nebraska will pay off again. As in all things change is inevitable and people resisit change!

  24. kstatecory says:

    Huge KState fan here. As much as I have always disliked Nebraska I dislike not playing them even more. It actually meant something even though 90% of the time you guys beat us. Realignment forced your hand unfortunatley but TO should have waited to see what was going to happen. I can’t imagine that playing those BIG schools are any fun for you guys, nothing to it, plus we all know the BIG isn’t a very good athletic conference. At least you could make the 2 hr drive to manhattan to watch your team, or lawrence, or even the Oklahoma schools are closer than most BIG schools. Count me in as a bummed football fan when you guys left.

  25. Ksuwildkat says:

    As a K-Stater I miss NU. I was a Big Red fan all but one day a year and I miss the classy fans and power football. I would be perfectly happy if CU and Mizzu had left and NU and A&M stayed. I think both NU and A&M let emotion get in the way of reason. For NU, I think the last Big 12 CG was the final straw. Fact is the Refs gifted that game to UT, just like they did in the game against KU that got Mangino in trouble with the Conference. But had NU held firm they could have maintained all the good of the Big 12 (rivals, closeness) and gotten the payout of the new TV contract. If the current version of the Big 12 is worth $20 million a year per school one that has NU and A&M is worth $25.

    Much has been made of the Longhorn Network but the beauty of the current Big 12 contract is that every school can do the same thing with their third tier rights. KU is making $6 million a year on theirs. If KU can get that much, you KNOW NU could get more. K-State.TV is the number one network on CSTV. Seriously, Im a die hard Wildcat but if KSU can do that NU could lap us.

    I will thank NU though because your move made the rest of us wake up and lead by OU, we have wrestled control of the conference from UT. We have TRUE equal revenue for tier 1 and 2 and the Commissioners office no longer has a special phone for Texas only. If anything the power in the conference rests in OU and OSU, not in the Texas schools.

    Good riddance to CU and Mizzu but if I were king I would gladly take NU and A&M back.

  26. The Don says:

    NU screwed the pooch when leaving but they did so based on circumstances that were right at the time. They have lost their foothold on Texas recruiting (those kids want to play in state and NU no longer offers that) and will be the whipping boy of the BIG for a long time.

  27. Brad says:

    I concur with the longhorn. Of all the defections Nebraska is the one I miss. As a Baylor fan there wasn’t a rivalry, but the Huskers added great depth and history; a marquee program you circle on your calendar and want to beat. A&M is the one I am excited about having lost. Good riddance. The NU admin was a bit too whiney, but the program brought value so you just shrugged it off for the most part. Missouri was a do-nothing program like A&M, but they brought some markets. That’s about it. Didn’t care if they stayed or left. Colorado is probably the least noticed departure of any conference. No one cared about them leaving and no one cared that they arrived in the Pac. You don’t even notice their absence.

    But Nebraska? That one stung.

    Oh well. Nothing can be done now. The Huskers will adapt to their new home, and the Big 12 will adapt to their new membership and everyone will just move along.

    1. PsychoExGF says:

      If A&M only beat a team twice in the last twenty five years I’m sure we would be glad when they left too.

  28. Craig says:

    I can tell you, from a Sooner fan, I wish you guys were still on the Big XII. The OU vs. NU game was one of the best games each year. We Sooners had a great respect for the Husker program. I know these two teams had much respect for each other. They are a great example of two programs that really did improve each other. Without the matchup college football has lost something special….

  29. Gavin Finlay says:

    As a longhorns fan, And contrary to popular belief, I actually still like Nebraska. I really wish there had been less misinformation and mud slinging and arrogant pride from all sides. Things escalated very quickly, and of all of the defectors from the Big 12, Nebraska was the program I wish had stayed. There was a pretty good rivalry forming between Texas and Nebraska, and I’m sure it would have only gotten better. I am excited about the New Big 12, but it would be perfect if NU was still here. Good luck in the Big 10.

  30. John says:

    I also miss playing Nebraska. The rivalry was intense and even in a down year, we could always count on a victory over Nebraska. Come on back fellas.

  31. NC Jim says:

    I certainly miss Nebraska in the Big XII. We all miss Dr Tom vs. Barry.. Respectful, but intense rivalries like that are hard to create. Losing the natural access to Texas kids could be a real problem for Nebraska over time. Nebraska no longer has a natural access to the big recruiting grounds of Texas, Florida or California. The Big 10 is a snooze fest.

  32. Mammon says:

    Wipe your eyes with your skirts girls and move on. Fisheye TO is comfy in the Great Lakes conf. It fits him. It now fits NU too. Faded and fading away. NU is the next Minnesota. They used to win too. Its a 7 on 7 world and you miss the sweep left. At least the Big 12 had nat’l attention. Outside of any team coached by Urban do you really think that league of bedpans will get a team to the NC game? You went from almost there to off the radar. Actually it might be good to flounder in the shadows and not on the big stage. Call us when you win a road night game against aranked opponent. – ESPN

  33. Terry says:

    Live in Texas and root for all B12 schools but especially TCU now (couple semesters). I always like Neb and really wish TO would ask for a mulligan. Huskers fans were always top shelf until the media started a flash fire on UT. Neb and Tex on an annual basis would’ve turned into on of the best rivalries in the country. Though things seemed to go against the Huskers vs Texas, most Texas fans would tell you that you usually brought out their their best game of the year. Just as Tex brings out ou and KSts best game. I don’t believe in B12 conspiracies but rather that these things go in cycles and I’m sure Neb would have turned it around. The conference could’ve been even better and on par with sec athletically and financially . Wish y’all nothing but the best but and I’m hoping some event (PennSt) could lead to a reversal of our fortunes..

  34. WJ says:

    There is some serious revisionist history going on here. The circumstances were right? The league was going to dissolve? Lets replay the facts:

    Mizzou said they were going thinking of leaving for the Big10. (Most everyones reaction was, “why the eff would they take them. Oh well, who cares”)
    UNL decides it should go too.
    Media declares conference dead.
    THEN the south schools start flirting with everyone.

    If UNL hadn’t ever said anything, I doubt anyone but MU and CU would have ever left. We all knew the conference would survive after Beebe was fired anyways.

  35. Matt says:

    Funny that the Longhorn Network is getting most of the blame for NU leaving the Big 12. That Texas channel will only get Tier 3 rights … do we really care about a channel showing volleyball, softball and such? Sure, the Longhorns tried to get high school football games on there but the conference nixed that.

    Seems like a common comment here has been that Big 12 fans can’t be too upset about a school doing what they feel best for them. Usually they’re talking about Nebraska leaving for the Big 10 … but it could certainly apply for Texas and the Longhorn Network.

    Overall, I don’t like the new configuration of the Big 12. As an Oklahoma State grad I miss having good, friendly fans of Nebraska to enjoy games with. Just as when the Big 8 grew to the Big 12 by adding the Texas schools, the new configuration will become normal … just as Nebraska fans will eventually find new rivals and comfort in the Big 12.

    Still … this conference re-alignment is silly. Nebraska not in the same conference as Oklahoma? Texas isn’t in the same conference as Texas A&M? Missouri is in the SEC? None of those things seem right … but they are all part of the new dollar-driven world of college football.

    So far, I’m not sure how all those moves have worked out for the schools that left the Big 12. Colorado has been abysmal in the Pac-12. While A&M seems to be able to compete in the SEC, does anyone really think Missouri can? And, sadly for Nebraska fans, if (well, when) the Cornhuskers win a conference title … the Big 10 just isn’t nearly as relevant as often as the Big 12 champ. The SEC has clearly been the top football conference followed closely by the Big 12. After that … it’s probably a fight between the Big 10 and the Pac-12 … although the ACC looks to be getting stronger.

  36. Sooner says:

    I’m only 22 and a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, but I sure do miss having Nebraska in the conference. The thing I loved the most about the Nebraska rivalry was that it was a respectful rivalry. If we lost, it was ok because Nebraska was a respectful rival and I’m sure Nebraska fans feel the same. We don’t have that anymore. I absolutely hate Texas, I love beating them into the dirt at the Cotton Bowl but absolutely loathe losing to them.

    Bring the Cornhuskers and Sooners back together!

  37. Olive Husker says:

    Oh if “ifs and buts” were candy and nuts we’d all be happy at Christmas. Some of us dyed-in-the-wool Husker fans have hated Penn State since 1982 and we always will. Hate Michigan too, for their whining cry-baby “split” national championship in 1997. So there’s plenty of hate to go around, at least for this Husker fan. Don’t miss those trashy middle-of-the-road Big 12 schools AT ALL. What’s even better, due to the lovely “going away party” Dan Beebe decided to throw for Nebraska in 2010, I can watch any Big 12 game any weekend and root for someone OTHER than the Big 12. At least until conference play starts.

  38. Cowboy says:

    I too loved when NU was apart of the Big 12. I miss the trips to Lincoln and going pheasant hunting the day after the game. How many hunter’s are there at Northwestern? My point is you guys don’t have a common culture with the BIG 10 schools like you did with the Big12 schools. Sure there’s a commonality with Iowa, Minnesota, and Indiana but they get beat by MAC schools. I think we all should have stepped back a bit and took a breath. Granted, maybe OSU doesn’t win a Big 12 Championship with Nebraska in it the conference but I wished you guys wouldn’t have left. Now I am glad the stinky hippies for Colorado are gone and I guess they are playing two hand touch out there now. And I dont care much for Mizzou because they started the mess in the first place – have fun in the SEC getting steam rolled for 8.5 a carry. I guess I also miss the weirdos down at A&M as much as it pains me to admit.

    Nebraska come back soon.

    Missing you in Tulsa.