Published Wednesday, September 12, 2012 AT 6:38 PM / Updated at 11:31 PM
Practice Report: DT Rome off team for now, says Pelini; Peat in the mix
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska’s defensive line rotation got a little thinner Wednesday when coach Bo Pelini confirmed sophomore tackle Chase Rome is off the team “for the foreseeable future.”

Pelini said Rome is “dealing with some personal issues.”

“His personal perception of where he should be on this team doesn’t match the team goals,” Pelini said of Rome.

The 6-foot-3, 285-pounder from Columbia, Mo., finished last year with 13 tackles and started the Huskers’ first two games this season, notching four tackles – including one for loss. But Rome didn’t play as much at UCLA, getting replaced by redshirt freshman Kevin Williams and true freshman Aaron Curry.

In Rome’s absence, redshirt freshman Todd Peat, Jr. may get more of a playing opportunity. He’s spent much of his early career injured. He did not make the 105-man roster in August.

“He’s been doing a lot of rehab, a lot of extra work on the side,” defensive line coach Rick Kaczenski said. “He’s just getting back into football shape and learning how to play the game with tempo…you definitely see those flashes. Unfortunately, he’s been out of the game so long that his placement and footwork (needs work). But when he steps correctly and gets his eyes where they’re supposed to be, he’s a pretty powerful football player.”

Also: Wide receiver Tyler Wullenwaber tore his ACL in practice during a special teams drill; there’s now a chance that true freshman Jordan Westerkamp could play, Pelini said.

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  1. KansaHusker says:

    Something is wrong in HuskerVille. Once again a top player is apparently off the team forNOW?

    1. Twauto22 says:

      I think its great that they are giving younger kids the opportunity to go and play if the older guys aren’t getting it done.. With young guys you take the chance that the screw ups they will have ( and all will have some) are worth the elevated level of play and the future.. GO BIG RED!! Cheer on the kids that are here, wish those that want to leave good luck.. Be Classy NU fans .. GO BIG RED !!

      1. UDontKnowFootball says:

        I would like to see Vincent

  2. Thank you says:

    Let the ridiculous comments fly. C’mon Corndevil tell us all how you were so right, tell us what we should do. You are so ridiculous that even your hindsight is blurry. Bo Pelini is not the reason we will never be good, it is the fickle fans that are football coaches on blogs but short sleeve dress shirt wearing counter jockeys in real life. We will never let allow another coach to build a legite program.

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Really?!!! Prior to the season i told everyone there is no linebacker or D-Lineman on the starting line up that would start for any other big slow school. In March i told everyone on here our D-Line is D-2, including Baker.
      My hindsight?!!!!
      I may not be a paid coach, which by the way only requires a certificate from your local community college, but i can recognize crappy football when i see it, i don’t need Sam or Sipple to spell it out for me.
      The game is not as complicated as these knuckledragger prima-donna coaches want you to believe.
      There is no player, or groups of players on this team that can save this season, it’s a recruiting issue, this is what happens when inexperienced people hired by an inexperienced coach try to recruit in the cut throat world of NCAA Football(Papuchis)
      What we need to do, is run down to TCU and offer Patterson a deal he cannot refuse, He will bring all the sweet Texas recruiting, and year, and years, and years, of player development, he has forgotten more than Pelini will ever know.
      It’s time we started hearing some pads cracking on Tom Osborne field once again!

      1. HuskerRed says:

        Speaking of Tom Osborne, didn’t he hire Pelini? And Osborne clearly knows nothing about football. Lavonte David wouldn’t have started on too many teams either…how did he end up doing? There is a reason why no one ever agrees with your comments.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Didn’t Osborne hire Solich?
          Don’t even put Lavonte in a Bo Pelini recruit category, Lavonte was an already developed Jr. College transfer, he just needed to figure out Pelini’s complicated ‘scheme’.
          Compton and Fisher are your Pelini recruited developed players.

          1. maizehusker says:

            if corndevil is right we’ll all be miserable – himself included I think – and maybe that is what he wants in some twisted way.
            He does have some good points about player development though and unfortunately it seems like that left Lincoln on D with Ekelar and Sanders. Bo is responsible for his staff though and it seems something has been missing these last two seasons with all the turnover.
            On offense Fisher seems to be showing some ability though as we finally have receivers improving – catching tough balls consistently, appearing to run crisper routes, all while keeping up the blocking! Ron Brown has developed a good group of RBs too – although he couldn’t keep AGreen in town.
            One glaring mistake is thinking Patterson would leave TCU for Lincoln though. As much as we hate to think it the NU job is not what it used to be. Our best hope right now is that Bo figures out first and foremost how to get a more consistent coaching staff – that, along with getting Nebraska walk-ons to flush out the talent with their passion everyday in practice – were the true keys to all of TO’s success.

          2. doug hemke says:

            do you think that david oku has a point to prove on saturday? funny how one guy can walk away from our program while another can be so motivated to prove that he belonged.

      2. husker007 says:

        TO never had a full class of 4 & 5 star kids and he won big… OU, Texas & USC have all had full classes of 4 & 5 star kids and they are not winning national championships every year. It’s more about matching the style of play with the athletes you can get on a regular basis. TO recruited hard nosed kids to match his style of play and it worked out well. Look what Ok-state did last year with thier talent, a couple 4 star kids but most 3 star and less.

        1. hotrodhusker says:

          No 5 star kids, that is such a load of BS. The ranking services were no where near as big of a deal then as they are now, but TO had plenty of top notch talent. A.Green, L.Phillips, Tommy were all big time recruits. Bigger recruits than anything BO and his staff have landed. I am sick of hearing that kind of argument. You look at the kids TO brought in, they were not a bunch of no name losers that he magically turned into top flight players. If you get a turd, it will always be a turd.

          Did he develop a few guys, you bet, because he had an army of a walk on program that found the few guys that got overlooked each year. But he hardly made his career of a bunch of scrubs.

          As for Ok State, they have been recruiting better offensive players than Nebraska for years. Dez and blackmon and the rest were big name recruits. Weeden (However you spell it) was a find a qb, but thats because their head coach has experience in coaching and knows how to adapt to what he has.

        2. A Fan says:

          The SEC teams, who have won the NC the past 7 years straight, all of them are full of 4 and 5 star recruits. You keep going with the idea that Nebraska doesn’t need these guys to win a title. The last ten years of Nebraska football have been lackluster as far as recruiting. How has Nebraska football been the past 10 years?

      3. Reuben says:

        Dude, exactly! Isn’t it mind blowing how any Pelini supporter at this point has selective memory? I wish l could accomplish that, but the football purist AND Husker fan in me won’t allow it. The problem with these folks(big red fans and national media, pundits, prognosticators, etc.) is that they don’t consider the body of work. They may look at the overall record, which loses it’s luster after each season with no national championship, a bowl loss, or an inexcusable loss. Yeah, we might be averaging 3.5 losses a season under Pelini but consider against whom a significant portion of these losses have occured. I’m far from one to mention Callahan, let alone in a complimentary fashion, or the AD(Athletic Demagogue) Pederson who tag-teamed our storied and beloved program straight off a cliff. However…Callahan never lost our practice games. Callahan excelled at losing, but when he coached against a perennial weakhouse or mediocre program, he usually won. He got our butts handed to us routinely by large margins in conference play, but he wouldn’t lose to cakewalk programs and if we we’re in a game through 3 quarters, he usually came away with a W. Sure, Pelini probably will never have the loss % that he-who-must-not-be-named racked at NU but consider the losses he has. Beatable opponents like in B2B Big12 championship games in one of which we vomited a 17 point lead and one of which we allowed a massive special teams error and defensive field position gaff in the same 20 seconds? Laughable, barely functional programs, some of which we pay to even schedule. Teams like Iowa St, UW in the Holiday Bowl, Northwestern, and almost the S. Dakota. St. debacle. The UCLA farce is just the latest, and mark my words, it won’t be the last. In a word, inexcusable. While l don’t know how much of the problem is recruiting, l do know the solution DOES NOT lie with Pelini. It is painfully apparent, both in sideline demeanor and media interviews, the guy is clueless when it comes to offense. When has Nebraska ever succeeded when the head coach couldn’t create offensive power position players or draw up an offensive
        plays? Pelini is a good character role model and leader for these kids but he is not an inspiring, result invoking head coach. These players aren’t playing for him. Consider the sideline of the ’10 Holiday Bowl. This guy was brought in to fix our defense. What happened last Saturday in Pasadena? I may not be Chancellor Pearlman or Coach Osborne, but that doesn’t stop my eyes from functioning. We’re Nebraska and we’re mediocre. We’re the Husker faithful and once again, we have a problem.

        1. UDontKnowFootball says:

          Actually in 07 we should have lost to Ball State. The Wide out dropped a open pass, that would have resulted in a TD. In 06 we beat Pitt by 1 point, so Billy C did not always beat teams by lots of points.

        2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Nice take Reuben

      4. hotrodhusker says:

        No one ever wants to hear the truth corndevil. It amazes me that people would rather make excuses than face any fact. BO is an inexperienced head coach and our staff does look a lot like a lower tier schools staff. That is a fact. In the business world when dealing with top flight companies, they want to hire people who have been there and done the jobs that they are hiring for. Nebraska has hired guys that probably would not be able to land a job the same position in any other B10 School. Sorry, but that is pretty much the truth for most of our coaching positions. We are seeing the lack of long term planning and experience in the product on the field. Patterson would be a good hire. But we are going to have to go thru 2 or 3 more years of making excuses before anything happens. These days if you are critical of our staff, you are viewed as negative. Because no one else could possibily know bad football when we see it. Only our coaches are smart enuff right?

      5. tc says:

        Corndevil is a very perceptive Husker fan. He happens to view things similar to the way I do. I do be lieve that hiring coaches with minimal Div 1 experience is most of the problem. This program is not the type of program to groom future coaches. We need high quality coaches (proven winners) at all positions like other top 25 teams. Pelini is not skilled enough to be a head coach with inexperienced cordinators and win like a top 10 team. Think about it. Cotton struggles (sucks)as a O Line coach so we hire him a assistant. Beck is cutting teeth (sucks 50% of the time) and has a GA as a QB coach. Papuchus’s line hasn’t shown anything and now he is our DC. We lose Sanders (our ONLY D1 top 10 assistant) Recuiting is not even top 30. I could go on and on but why. The proof is on the field. Guys like Corndevil are not evil Trolls, they are passionate fans that want the BEST for our team!!!! I keep hoping that I am wrong and logic doesnt matter in college football BUT IT DOES! I will continue to have hope and blind faith but at some point the school needs to follow the example of other top 10 schools and hire proven quality coaches instead of developing mediocre div II coaches

    2. Jeff_Georgia says:

      “Bo Pelini is not the reason we will never be good, it is the fickle fans that are football coaches on blogs…”

      Are you kidding, TY? I mean, really? You think fans are the reason? You are stupider than you “look.” Fans don’t recruit; fans don’t run practices; fans don’t design the offense or defense; fans don’t pick the lineups; fans don’t call the plays; fans don’t make in game adjustments.

      The only thing the fans do is pay the bills. I have some trouble with the CDs on this blog, but you, TY, are a complete idiot.

      1. HuskerMark says:

        I thought you were running off to jump on the Georgia Bulldog bandwagon, Jeff. Need help packing your bags?

  3. Clint Thute says:

    It all comes down to the players you recruit. We know Bo can’t get the good ones so he takes the leftovers. They get in trouble and he boots them. This program is going in the toilet fast.

  4. Kevin says:

    Settle down Clint . Tell us what’s the reason Rome left? Hell from what I seen I say let the younger kids play. Williams, curry, Peete, moss…. Can’t get much worse. And D did play better in the second half. Did that have anything to do with Williams and Curry playing ?

    1. I EAT BADGER says:

      Right on Kevin. I am guessing Rome left because a younger player was whipping his ass and getting more playing time. That is called competition. I hope Chase gets some balls and comes back to win back his position. Now that is what a team player should do. It is not all about “me” and Pelini makes that clear. Stars are not the sole indicator of how a recruit will do. We have had some HELLISH walkons over the years that outplayed the “star” players. It is about desire too. UCLA wanted that game more than we did. We thought it should be handed to us. Instead, the win wasn’t handed to us, the loss was.

      1. A Fan says:

        Good enough for 4 losses… every year. That’s what Nebraska football is now.

  5. Ken says:

    Winning cures all ails.

    1. Dominic says:

      That’s true. Unfortunately, it seems we can’t count on more than 7 or 8 treatments this season.

      1. John says:

        7-8? That’s optimistic

  6. Shane says:

    As they say; No news is Good news. Wih this program there’s news everyday!!!! (sarcasm)

  7. JAMESFRANCO says:

    Its another player that had playing time reduced and could not handle it……..its interesting that the two players that picked up the ball and went home this yr were kids who grew up with $. (like Moore) Those that grow up in tougher situations handle adversity better….those that are given stuff all the time when they are young….not so much able to handle adversity. Young white kids grow up weak

    1. Thank you says:

      So true.

    2. I EAT BADGER says:

      It may have something to do with money but that is certainly not a given. And color doesn’t matter anymore. It is about character. How you are raised and how you handle a difficult situation. let’s see what kind of character this team has now.

  8. Kirk says:

    Some of the comments are way off the mark. “Something is wrong in HuskerVille. Once again a top player is apparently off the team forNOW?” & “It all comes down to the players you recruit. We know Bo can’t get the good ones so he takes the leftovers. They get in trouble and he boots them. This program is going in the toilet fast.”

    Its real simple Chase is 4 star recruit so its not the we recruited bad. He had some very good D-1 schools after him. The problem is not something is wrong in Huskerville either It’s that something is wrong with Chase Rome. He lost playing time to some underclassmen and is not handling it well. He is putting himself above the team and Bo called him out on it. He got mad again like last year when he attacked an airport bathroom after the Wisconsin game. D0nt be mad at the coach because your n0t making plays and getting 0ff blocks.

    1. Jim Monzu says:

      Nicely put

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Chase was going to be a DE, at 6’3″ 245/250lbs that may have been the fire we needed.
      Since Pelini cannot land a TRUE 4-5 ‘Star’ DT, he has to beef up LB’s and DE’s.

      1. Brian says:

        I am pretty sure if you look at his family and dad in particular, you would know that Rome was never going to be a DE. Big parents have big kids.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          Do you all know right now Ty Steinkuhler weighs 215lbs, i sat with him at the UCLA game.
          They claim his playing weight was 280lbs at 6’3″

        2. Jeff_Georgia says:

          Interesting. I’m 6’2″. My wife is 5’7″. Our first child is 5’6″ (he’s 30, so he isn’t getting any taller).

    3. Jeff_Georgia says:

      And the other players that left? Something wrong with them too?

  9. Incorrigible1 says:

    Crumbling and imploding at North Stadium. How many more talented recruits will Bo and Co chase away?

    1. BallField78 says:

      Hopefully all the non-team players.

      1. I EAT BADGER says:

        how true, Ballfield!

      2. NEBREDMAN says:

        amen time to weed out all those so call 4 and 5 star recruits who think because someone gave them the stars that they don’t have to work to keep their jobs stars Don’t mean crap get over it .

        1. Jeff_Georgia says:

          Do we know that is the problem? I, for one, don’t know that…

          1. HuskerMark says:

            Why not make that assumption? You jumped to the conclusion that it was the coaches…

    2. A Fan says:

      Look out… the 55 mph fans are driving the speed limit. No wonder the program has taken a big step back.

      1. Bob D says:

        Hmmm…whats the name of that K-state coach? Bill….Snyder? Yes! Bill Snyder. Yes he’s old, but he knows how to turn a program around and get the most out of mediocre talent. Besides…we would only need him for 2 years. Now thats a coach.

  10. David says:

    Odd to hear, bad timing regarding Rome it seems. He always came across as a smart, well-spoken guy. Oh well. Thanks for the report Sam!

    1. MM says:

      Except for the time he battled a paper towel dispenser in an airport.

  11. redark says:

    Let’s all try to be cool and not jump to any crazy assumptions but I am convinced that something is brewing within the bowells of this team. Too many players leaving, too many players continuing to get the majority of snaps without producing acceptable results. I hope that what I suspect is wrong but we will only find out as the season plays out. GO BIG RED!

  12. john says:

    Sad to say this but as a collective group, Husker fans might be the worst fans in college football. I love Nebraska football but I would never say half of the comments I see people make after a loss, it’s pathetic. We almost pushed out one of the greatest college coaches ever because of our insatiable appetite for winning…9 wins a season weren’t good enough WE MUST NEVER LOSE….EVER. Tom stayed and look what he did. Now here’s Bo at his FIRST head coaching job and already winning 9 games a season and we’re chastising him for some inconsistencies on offense and defense throughout his tenure, for his erratic sideline behavior, and for a couple kids leaving the team. Bo will coach a national champion team for us, give it time. He won’t be perfect all the time and will make mistakes, but he’ll get it done.

    1. Incorrigible1 says:

      Nine wins = four losses.

    2. I EAT BADGER says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. You are totally right. I hate seeing all of the negative comments on here. If we are true fans, you support your team win or lose. For some reason NU fans have now come to expect that we should be winning the NC every year. Give Bo the time to learn how to be the best coach he can be. The guy is driven and has fire in his belly. He is making mistakes as he goes but if he learns from them, so much the better. I am sorry that we now have the internet to express our frustrations. Hell, most people, including me, don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. We speculate. Let’s try having a full season of getting behind the TEAM players and let them know we are here win or lose!!!!!

      1. njw73 says:

        You’re high spirited guy. So bubbly and what a great attitude.

    3. husker007 says:

      I couldn’t agree more John! Seeing a few players decide to leave is NOT a bad thing! Step up and play hard as a team or go home! It would be great to see these players come back with a vengeance, earn thier spot back and play thier ass off. Regardless of the wins and losses Bo’s record is solid, period. It takes years and years to build and rebuild to win a national champion team, all you can hope for along the way is 9 & 10 win seasons along the way. THE TITLES WILL COME! Unless you are on the team your only job is to be a true FAN and SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT our team and coaches through the wins and losses!

    4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      Pelini will win a National Championship the day after the National debt is paid off.

      1. John says:

        While I was never sipping koolaid like the masses, I thought you were always a bit harsh. Not anymore. I’ll buy, corndevil, even if you are frequently more clever than smart. The Pelini era likely died on Saturday

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    5. HuskerRed says:

      Exactly! How long before T.O. won his first championship? And how long was the spread between the next one!? All this social media is garbage! These pansies like corndork wouldn’t be saying $hit in person!! Support the team or shut the f up!! Having an opinion is great, but when its constantly negative its pointless!

      1. Totally Agree says:

        Well said!

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        We all need to, how do i say it, um, we all need to get off this “give Pelini 20 years mind set.”
        Tom Osborne was rarely ranked outside the top 10, and rarely lost more than two games a season, Nebraska was always in the National Title discussion year in and year out.
        Pelini cant get an also ran in the big slow, and appears to be fading fast.

        1. MikeG says:

          Lets also not forget that TO only lost by more than 28 points 3 times in 25 years. When TO lost a game, it was always a hard fought slugfest, not a total team collapse like we see now. Plus I always felt sorry for the team we played AFTER a loss under TO because we usually beat up on them quite badly

      3. joey says:

        But it didn’t take TO NO 5 YEARS TO PLAY IN A MAJOR BOWL NEITHER…yea?, nor Frankie, nor Bob. Just Bill & Bo. Funny you can’t remember those facts. Or the facts that TO, and Bob, BOTH had LIGIT STAFF ON OL, OC, DL, DC. I don’t remember hear Bob or TO giving up 653 yards in 1 game neither, you HuskerRed???

        1. john says:

          Awesome spelling and grammar.

    6. NEBREDMAN says:

      well said

    7. njw73 says:

      You’re high spirited guy. So bubbly and positive.

  13. NEBRASKA WINS says:

    Have we hit rock bottom yet. I was at the UCLA game exciting game, bad ending. What next Stanton decomitts(please no). Sometimes teams rise to the top in the face of adversity. We still are and will always be Nebraska football just another rough spot. When I was a young kid growing up in Omaha in the 70s and 80s I never had this fan decension it really hurts that when you lose the whole Husker program is garbage, every college goes through ups and down. Notre Dame has been bad for 25 years, there fans still are there. We will figure this out if not we will hire people who will. Never lose faith…
    P.S. My idea last year was to make Martinez a Wide Reciever and bring up the next star(Martinez will never make the pros as a QB. Just a thought.GO CORN!!!!!!!

    1. huskerfanbb says:

      Who cares whether or not Martinez will make the pros as a QB???? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

      Do you know what other Nebraska quarterbacks never made the pros as a QB?

      How about Tommie Frazier, Gerry Gdowski, Scott Frost, Eric Crouch, Steve Taylor, Joe Ganz??

      Just because they didn’t make the pros as a QB they should have been made wide receivers?

    2. I EAT BADGER says:

      Good thoughts!

    3. Spencer says:

      I agree with you for the most part. But your quote “Martinez will never make the pros as a qb” bugs me. Frazier, crouch, frost all husker greats at qb. Not one went to the pros as a qb. Let’s not hate on Martinez so much.

    4. husker007 says:

      I have loved watching Martinez at QB over the years cause you never know whats going to happen next…he just may run 92 yards for a TD. With any luck he is going to end up with the most yards of any QB at NU so it appears he is in the right postion, the numbers don’t lie. When he gets the time he is deadly. With his work ethic and athleticism he could play a few positions at the next level including QB.

    5. Jeff_Georgia says:

      If I was Stanton, I’d be very concerned with developments over the last few weeks. If I had any more visits to other schools left, I’d be taking them….

  14. DAVID PAYNE says:

    I get sick of tired of people wanting the coach just head after a loss Bo is the man for this job.

    1. I EAT BADGER says:

      right on!

    2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

      switch to Scotch

      1. HuskerRed says:

        Switch to a typewriter

      2. huskerswillreturn says:

        Bo and company are trying to fix the problems that happened last week. An offensive line that forgot to come out after half time and a defense that seemed tired and unwilling to try in the second half. If Tyler would have had time to set up and throw like we know he can the game would hvae been ours. The staff can’t wait until the last game of the year to make changes. We have two games you would think we could win before league play. So I say let’s get the kids that want to play in the line up in hopes of bringing in the wins.

    3. joey says:

      653 yards? Now completely out of the AP ranks? Worst offens? Now NU defense resembling Bill C’s defense? Oooooh yea! NU fans have alot to crow about..Lmao.

  15. Evie says:

    Jamesfranco..There is some truth to your observations however it is a very broad generalization. Look at Andrew Luck (Stanford), Tim Tebow ( Florida), Manning brothers, etc…
    Regardless of economics, creed or color you should not judge a man’s heart.

  16. redark says:

    I find Kaczenski’s comments about Todd Peat Jr as baffling. Todd disappeared from the team with no explanation as to why. Now we hear he has been rehabbing but has lost his footwork. It seems to me that the entire defensive front four lost their footwork two years ago but remain entrenched as starters. Look for Peat to hit the exit next.

    1. jerseyhuskers says:

      I kind of agree, we see the same old kids up front. They havent put it together yet so play the freshmen and redshirt freshmen. Cant get much worse on the D line. NU has boasted about all these great recruits they landed. Well where the heck are they??

      1. I EAT BADGER says:

        Switzer used to play his freshman and beat our ass most of the time. Go for it Bo. Play the team players that earn the spot.

        1. Jeff_Georgia says:

          UCLA played frosh and redfrosh and whipped our ass last week. You don’t have to go back to the ’80s.

    2. Ben says:

      I think the injury part at the end was about Peat. Thus the Rehabbing.

  17. Frank Castle says:

    What?? Westerkamp may play now because Wullenwaber tore his ACL? Sorry to be an “armchair coach” but is Wullenwabers absence vital enough to warrant burning Westerkamps redshirt? I’ve seen this before where this staff unnecessarily burned redshirts just for a few snaps or not properly utilizing the freshmen. Am I wrong? Now Defensive Tackle, that is a different story . . . . burn away!
    Slowly losing confidence in this staff.

    1. Rick Burnsalot says:

      I agree with the “Slowly losing confidence” remark. Its as if they already feel as if there on the hot seat. I dont know, I was a huge Bo supporter and stil am. Love the guy, but I really think its his recruiting. Say what you will, John Blake and co. brought us some talent but no coaching. If we can get the combination right I think Bo will flourish.

    2. joey says:

      and who is going to block for Westerkamp?? Get the stars out of your eyes and see the truth. Think he can find an open WR in 2.5 seconds. Because against UCLA? That’s about the time span NU and their OL allowed.

  18. Spencer says:

    Good riddance chase Rome. Players have to work for playing time. They have to earn it!! BEST PLAYERS SHOULD PLAY!!!!

    (unless your names are Alonzo Whaley and Sean Fischer)

    1. joey says:

      Or Taylor Martinez.

  19. huskerfanbb says:

    I don’t know where the blame lies here. It’s probably more likely than not that Rome is a crybaby who didn’t take well to competition from his starting spot from younger players.

    However, the point still remains that the guy was a 4 star recruit and he’s only in his (redshirt) sophomore year.

    Are Bo and his staff completely whiffing on these recruits? Are we not developing them once they hit campus?

    If it were only ONE player, I’d certainly put it on the shoulders of that player and say “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”–but the fact is that Nebraska has had a LOT of these “whiffs” lately. Players who were highly recruited–but who are either no longer with the team, or have never panned out.

  20. Bill says:

    I’m feeling a great defensive output Saturday! Just a gut feeling. Why do I say this. Simple it an’t get no worse than last Saturday. The team will be more focused. They are playing at home! New players. Blackshirts will be back!

    1. joey says:

      Against a cup cake team?? I would certainly hope so.

  21. Mac says:

    Negativity and criticism won’t help. Try supporting the coaches and players. I’m pretty sure they are giving their all. Were I a recruit reading the crud from our fan base I’d have second thought about coming here. Let’s try class instead of crass. results don’t improve with criticism.

    1. joey says:

      I don’t know what you are reading? But all a recruit has to do is LOOK AT NU’s RESULTS YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT. 5 years of EXCUSES, a coach that blames the fans for his FAILURES, 1 of the WEAKEST coaching staff in the NCAA. Why would he care what the fans say? The facts are enough to make ANY RECRUIT look elsewhere…yea?

  22. Donno says:

    Fortunately, I’ve been a Cornhusker fan since 1952, when we really had some bad teams. You armchair quarterbacks and so called experts need to find another team to follow or maybe just grow up. With your culture of “having everything” and expecting everything to go your way doesn’t reflect what real life is all about. If all you can do is complain and find scapegoats for things not going your way, TOO BAD

    1. Totally Agree says:

      Totally agree! What a bunch of whiner fans.

  23. Trash MaN DaN says:

    Not the Victory but the Action
    Not the Goal but the Game
    In the Deed, the Glory

    Day by Day, We get Better and Better

    Live by this and Life is Good

  24. scott says:

    c’mon man wat happened to UNITY in Nebraska football

  25. SigFreudAnayzeHuskers says:

    I agree with Huskerfanbb. This is not an isolated incident. Rome showed promise and did not get a chance to develop. He only played a handful of games and was a Sophomore. Another 4 star recruit named Suh didn’t shine until his junior year. This was a case of a big ego player colliding with a big ego coach. It’s probable that a more level-headed coach would not have kicked him off for what seems like normal football player behavior. Pelini’s vagueness makes me suspicious that it was more his decision than Rome’s.

    This reminds me of the Quentin Castille dismissal, where a much needed offensive weapon for what was a dismal 2009 offense was kicked off for smoking weed. Who cares about egos or “team rules?” Has anyone read Jason Peter’s book, or remember his brother’s antics?

    Talent is already thin on the defensive front, and now we’re replacing Rome with an injured, unproven player. DO NOT burn Westerkamp’s redshirt. We have plenty of good receivers, and Brion Carnes will be moving to receiver anyway. It is going to be a long and painful 7-5 season.

  26. stevesdenver says:

    Jeez, two guys/kids leave out of 150 and the sky is falling. Give me a break. It is apparent we have slow, not fast nor quick lineman and some at linebacker. I like the supposed switch to a 3-4, and getting younger quicker guys on the field. I assume they have worked on the 3-4 so it shouldn’t take long for adaptation. If not, well, uh-oh. Soup to nuts we were bad last week. I have asked and asked and have not gotten a response to this: Why are d-linemen lined up a yard off the ball? Forget the 2 gap scheme, line up and clog the holes and allow the linebackers clean up. Does anyone have an answer?

    1. SigFreudAnayzeHuskers says:

      I have personal experience trying to play a 3-4 defense in my younger days and it is not an easy transition, and it is definitely not something that should be instituted in the middle of season. A 9-3 or 8-4 season is a more accurate prediction, but sorry if I sound disappointed after Pelini predicted a National Championship just before the start of the season.

    2. Incorrigible1 says:

      Chase Rome – 4*
      Tyler Moore – 4*
      Ryan Klachko – 4*
      Aaron Green – 4*
      Cody Green – 4*

      1. njw73 says:


    3. njw73 says:

      2 kids leave? I can come up with at least 5 4star recruits who have left.

  27. Trojan says:

    I see problems in cornville… You finally get a four star and he is a quitter. That is why we only take high quality four and five star players. Look at the bright side you don’t play us this year.

  28. cbil says:

    Read reports Rome was upset that he was moved from the #1 unit to #2 and was upset with his playing time. If that is the case I’m glad he’s gone. Peat has been dealing with a back issue and an ankle injury. Is there more to the situation who knows but he’s getting a shot so I hope he makes the most of it because he could be a good one.

    The reason the DL line up that far off the ball (at least my understanding) is so they (DL) can play the OL straight up and is supposed to make it more difficult for the OL to get the proper blocking angles. They are trying to essentially create a stalemate which serves 2 purposes: one is the DLineman can now play either gap (2 gap) on a running play and two it is meant to eat up blocks to leave the LB’s unblocked. That’s my understanding of it and someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. honest john says:

      don’t know if you are right or wrong. i just know that what ever we are doing, it ain’t working. and that falls squarely in the coaches lap. bo just needs to get the job done, and soon.

  29. Matt Foley says:

    Chase Rome leaving the program is not a huge loss. Our starting tackles combined for five total tackles against UCLA. Watch the game you will see Baker getting double teamed most of the time. That leaves your other d-tackle one on one to make a play. From what I saw he was playing patty cake with the o-lineman and not doing anything. I don’t care how many stars a guy is given he was not producing and got called on it, that and surrendering playing time with a freshman. You shouldn’t have any personal problems when you are the starting defensive tackle at Nebraska. The only thing you need to worry about is which guard or center you stack. My advice to Chase is take some time off, hit the weights, like the rest of the d-line you are a little weak and slow. My question is which mama’s boy is going to p$#% out next?

    1. NEBREDMAN says:

      I agree 100 percent

  30. Paul says:

    You have to have the right kind of guys to run a 3-4 successfully and size is a part of it. You can’t use 3 guys who couldn’t stand their ground or get any penetration in a 4 man line backed by 210 lb line backers or teams will run on you all night. Haloti Ngata is not lining up at our nose

    1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


    2. SoCal says:

      I know Bo knows defense. Why didn’t he stick with the scheme from ’09 and ’10? I think a scheme designed to stop the spread would be better than what we have now. I remember hearing we have to re-tool for BIG offenses but the teams that handed it to us were running spread or had a running QB. Obviously, the push up front from a Suh was a big deal but I like the match up zone with LB’s around 210 to 220 that attack the run. I really feel this scheme would work in the BIG also.

    3. Jeff_Georgia says:

      Georgia runs a 3-4.
      DE – 93 Abry Jones | 6-3, 309, SR (Garrison Smith | 6-3, 294, JR)
      NT – 6 John Jenkins | 6-3, 351, SR (99 Kwame Geathers | 6-6, 350, JR)
      DE – 83 C. Washington | 6-4, 280, SR (47 Ray Drew | 6-5, 284, SO)

      In their last telecast one announcer quipped that Geathers looked like a biscuit short of 380!

      Their defensive ends are as big or bigger than our interior DL. Their NTs are far and away bigger than anyone on our roster….

  31. huskerfan says:

    Corndevil, I don’t ever like any of you thoughts, however if we did happen to get rid of Bo, I agree Patterson from Tcu would be an obvious choice. I’m a huge supporter of bo and co., but if the time ever came I believe that you may actually be right for once. Sometime I wonder if your a player trying to screw up our team. I base that thought off your comments.

  32. Redblaze11 says:

    When you jump ship in the middle of the ocean of red, you have to ask yourself ” did I step up to compete or step down”. Rome will regret this for a long time?

  33. Redblaze11 says:

    I may not agree always with corn devil, but nobody has the answers now, we are still paying for Callahans joke and ALOT of Pelinis’s misses in recruiting. Corn devil wants us to win too, or else we woulnt be here blogging. We could just play Rome, Compton,fisher, blatchford,cooper, Meredith, Whaley, and win 5 games this year. We would be like Iowa.

  34. Dean says:

    I don’t care what they do down there anymore. I’m tired of following this thing too closely, because it’s an inconsistent mess. I’ll check back when they win something. Call me whatever kind of fan you want, but I can’t deny the apathy that is setting in for me. Fool me once okay, fool me twice…we know how that goes, but fool me 5 times??? Well, I’m not going to allow myself to be fooled again. Nebraska will be here forever, Pelini won’t. I’ve moved on.

    Side note: Pelini is a classic intimidator. Intimidators might have the respect of a few, but never the respect of the masses. He tries to intimidate his players, intimidate the media, intimidate the opposition and intimidate the fans. Of those four, only the players are intimidated, at least they play that way at times.

  35. Mel says:

    Chase, face it, you and I are just too slow for this level of FB.

    1. A Fan says:

      That’s why the coaching staff had him start last year and through spring/summer ball this year. And wow… he started against Southern Miss and UCLA. Wonder how the coaching staff missed that he was too slow to start. We all know Rome single-handedly let UCLA run for 600+ yards on us.

  36. DBINOREGON says:

    As much as I hate to say it there does seem to be dysfunction on the Huskers w/Pelini at the helm. Seems to always be something including 9 win seasons (yeah, 9 is good for most university’s but NOT Neb). When you look at recruiting, coaching, drama and ultimately the results it’s sure is starting to feel like Pelinin is a top notch coordinator but NOT a HC. If yet anthoer 9 (or less) win season is in the offering I hope Osborne has the guts to cut ties and move on. WHy can most SEC teams do better, Stanford, Oregon, USC, etc.? You need the whole package and Pelini so far has not shown he is that guy.

  37. KansaHusker says:

    Everybody is entitled to there opinion and everybody has one.Of all the opinions i’ve read on these threads for at least the last couple of years NU CORN Devil has been more right than wrong. I believe the reason most of you die hard heads in the sand Husker fans hate on him is for one he is usually correct and he does not mince words and gets in your face.If we do fire or lose Pelini the Coach i would love see come to NU is Chris Peterson of Boise State mainly because his coaching is great and he has proven he can play gainst and win any conference team out there. Gary Patterson of TCU would also be great but i feel Peterson is still the better Coach. By the way i agree we have a better chance of paying of the National debt than winning a NC with BO.

    1. Banshee says:

      Corndevil, is that you?

    2. KCorn says:

      When you throw out as much garbage as the devil, you’re bound to be right occasionally. Most people are good at complaining about what is wrong but not so much when it comes to solutions.

      Bottom line here is another highly touted recruit didn’t get what he wanted and walked away from his team putting himself first. Coach makes the decisions, not the players whether they like it or not.

      Unfortunately we will probably see more players like this leave in the future as the “participation ribbon” generation comes of age.

  38. milo says:

    go big red

  39. Wabbit Whestler says:

    Jared Affalava would be a good fix at backer.. Let your best players play. Bo is not good at playing his best 11. It shows in his over all record. It is time to get busy with this young talent. Bo, I think your time is short if there is not a change in the way things are done here. And yes Patterson wanted to know how much do you want for your house?

    1. Jeff_Georgia says:

      Question WW: how in the hell would you know that “Jared Affalava would be a good fix at backer”? How many practices have you seen? How do you know how well he knows his playbook? Are you just throwing names out there? Who are you, his dad?

  40. L. Brown says:

    That was last week to late to change results. GO HUSKERS from Texas

  41. Wabbit Whestler says:

    No Jeff Georgia I am not his dad. But from what ” others” have said ” coaches” he may be the best tackler on he team. Are you Mr. Whaley or are you Mr. Fisher? Who ever you are what we have is not working. Get your best talent on the field.

  42. Tom Ellenberger says:

    Perhaps mediocrity prevails in Bo ball?