Published Monday, September 17, 2012 AT 6:49 PM / Updated at 7:15 PM
Practice Report Sept. 17: Rex is back and Beck talks offense
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Quick practice update from Nebraska’s Monday workout, in which the Huskers began prep for Idaho State:

>> Running back Rex Burkhead returned to practice with a brace on left knee. He said he suffered a grade two MCL sprain. Burkhead went through the same workout the rest of NU’s running backs did. Burkhead said he felt a bit of “hesitation” at the beginning of practice but felt normal by the end of it. Burkhead biked, swam and used an anti-gravity treadmill — puts the cost of this thing at $24,500 — to quicken his recovery, impressing a NFL scout last week who visited practice.

Of sitting out, Burkhead said: “It’s been tough but at the same time, you’ve just got to stay positive. Encourage your teammates when they’re out there. Just staying positive about the whole situation.”

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck said he wasn’t sure yet how he’d split carries Saturday between Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah and Braylon Heard.

“Just because Rex is back doesn’t mean we’re going to push those guys to the wayside,” Beck said. “They’re a big part of our offense. Always has been … but they’re excited for him, too. He means a lot to our team. He’s not just another tailback.

>> Beck said Nebraska’s offense performed efficiently with five or six plays “where we had some missed assignments or miscues, and they cost us.” This would include the turnovers and sacks of quarterback Taylor Martinez.

>> Beck said the Huskers’ offensive line “played really well,” adjusting well to the “five or six defensive fronts” that Arkansas State threw at NU in the first quarter alone. Beck expects Idaho State to throw a lot at Nebraska as well.

“It’s becoming more and more the norm to try to confuse the tempo offenses,” Beck said. “Sometimes they get free and hit your quarterback in the back for a sack and a fumble, and the next time they give up a long touchdown pass. That’s kinda what happens.”

>> Martinez has developed good chemistry with wide receiver Kenny Bell and Quincy Enunwa over the last two years, Beck said.

“You’re starting to see that battery, so to speak, develop,” Beck said.

A good example: Bell’s 42-yard touchdown catch, in which he adjusted to an underthrown ball from Martinez.

“You gotta have those plays,” Beck said. “We didn’t have those plays at UCLA. We didn’t have them. You gotta make plays. And he did.”

>> Redshirt freshman defensive lineman Todd Peat, Jr. — who got his first career snaps Saturday despite not making the 105-man roster — said he’s finally getting healthy after recovering from back surgery. Peat hurt his back in January, got surgery in March, couldn’t lift until June, couldn’t run until July, and “wasn’t in the shape I needed to be in” to be ready for fall camp in August.

After being left off the 105-man roster, Peat said he didn’t consider transferring. Rather, he took the coaches’ decision as a “wake-up call” and a “moment of clarity.”

“I really had to get some stuff together personally,” Peat said. “I spent a lot of time just trying to lose weight and get back in shape.”

>> Defensive backs coach Terry Joseph said he’d give his secondary a grade of “C+ or B-” for its play vs. Arkansas State.

“I thought we left some plays out on the field,” Joseph said. “We ran to the ball better. I thought we played with some passion and some fire.

Corner Andrew Green gave his unit a B+ grade.

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  1. Waskel Wabbit says:

    Andrew Green grading the defense/secondary? That’s laughable!!!

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      And your credentials as a critic? How about this quote from Theodore Roosevelt -”It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        You get a job working for the federal government writing excuses.

    2. Chuck Norris Husker says:

      Folks, at the present moment there are 39 posts about Sam’s blog report. I wholeheartedly appreciate Sam’s effort and read everything he writes.

      Of the mentioned 39 posts, 15 are made by one commenter.

      If you are new to reading the blog, this person is constantly negative towards the Husker football nation.



  2. bigredinkc says:

    I’d give A-Green a B+ for his PI call…He sucks.

    1. Colorado Springer says:

      See above.

      1. oldbullhere says:

        good one Colorado!

      2. bigredinkc says:

        Slow clap…slow clap…

  3. joey says:

    I’d give the DC of NU a F-, no, I would just give him the pink slip. As well as Barney, Rick K, Beck. Then look for a REAL staff with crediblity to their names. Maybe Mike Stoops as DC let him choose his DL, DB, LB coaches, UL Monroe’s HC as our NEW HC, and let him choose his offensive staff. Then we can see MUCH better results.

    1. oldbullhere says:

      Joey is that because you are a little man and can’t be called Joe or not mature enough to be called Joesph?

    2. Jamie says:

      So you want a DC who then chooses assistant coaches, then a new HC who chooses asst offensive coaches. That could be the dumbest thing i have ever heard… Do you think there is a HC in the world that would ok with that. A HC wants to hand pick his guys even Saban would not go for that.. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have anything intelligent to say then Shut the F*** UP

      1. joey says:

        OU Bob Stoops HAND PICKED his coaching Staff. As you were saying?

      2. joey says:

        As I said before? valid victorian? Move On. I refuse to exchange insults like a child. If that’s your thing? More power to you. I choose to debate in a meaningful way. Debates can be conducted in a rational way. But your attitude towards me has become quite childish, and very annoying. So as I said before, when you see I made a comment? Just ignore it, and move on. That is an ADULT way of thinking. I have endlessly tried to move on, but you keep using other screen names to start your trash talk insult game. Even though I have ignored your comments. You still keep stalking me. I find this very disturbing. Please, seek help. This has gotten way out of hand.

  4. Tripduz says:

    What’s wrong big red crybabies? Did your pitiful team not give you enough ammo vs Ark St to come share your precious tears on the blog? All you got to whine about is a PI call on Green, that’s it?!? Y’all little babies can do better than that! C’mon muffins, let’s fire the coach an bring back Callahan!!!

    1. joey says:

      Who are you talking to? It can’t be me. Because I’m laughing about it. I predict each season, and Bo proves me right each But, why are you posting such childish rants?

      1. Stephen Bird says:

        The same reason you post your childish rhetoric Joey…because he can.

        1. joey says:

          Mine isn’t rants. Mine ARE facts. NONE of that has changed yet.

          1. Jamie says:

            “Mine isn’t rants ” a direct quote from your post.. I believe the grammar speaks for the value of your so called facts.. which in reality are like the person stated RANTS

  5. The honey badger says:

    Secondary did fine look at the tackle stats secondary leads with most and top5 team wise. Secondary is the teams strength it’s the front seven that had the issue and speed problem. This team is better suited for 3-4 3-3-5 mix bc the speed is the back. Against power teams 3-4 with a mix of hybrid lbs to watch TE leaking out.

    1. joey says:

      THB? See where they rank in sacks, INT’s, tackles for LOSS of yards, or creating turn overs. How about how much yards NU gives up a game in passing or rushing. How about how many missed blocks NU has every game, or sacks allowed, or penalties, or how many turnovers gives up on offense. Or how many yards they make per game in passing, rushing, or in total yards. That’s the stats that REALLY matter.

      1. Ravishing says:

        Joey I could care less how many yards are given up. Give up 900 yards and only let them score 13 points and we get a win and I am fine with that. At the end of the day it comes down to did you or did you not get a win? Would you rather see us play a good game and lose or play an ugly game and win? I’ll take the win. Easy for you to sit back with your “magic keyboard” and spit out trash. Don’t remember anyone calling you to come out and coach a real team. Playing Madden and winning isn’t being real coach.

        1. joey says:

          I look at facts. Ok, let’s look at it from your eyes. A win is just a win…right? Now, on a more OPEN MINDED point of view. If NU struggles to score points on a cup cake team like Ark St??? What kind of problems do you think they will have in the BIG Conference?? Just like what NU has Rex back and NU is saved…right? What happens when he is gone and in the pros as expected??? That is the THOUGHT PATTERN Tom and Bob had. They were ALWAYS prepared. Bo is NOT. You think this season is bad?? NO new OL coach, NO Rex, NO LIGIT DC or DL coach. Take a wild guess what next season will be like. I see NU having a FAILED OL coach they keep, to collect free $$ I guess. A DC with NOT 1 CREDIT to his name (EXCEPT him being a flop at his last job). I look at it from an HONEST perspective. Not drooling, jumping up and down, and yelling WE WON, WE WON, WE WON, WE WON!!!! Our performance DOES matter how we played last game, because the BIG will see the problems NU has on offense and use our weakness against us. As WE ALL SEEN LAST SEASON. With NU having NADA in blocking, and in running speed. They had a 6 to sometimes a 7 man blitz hitting us on a constant basis. Think that will change because TM took classes to be a better passer?? NO, because NU still hasn’t gotten a NEW OL coach, and Barney’s FAILURES at coaching his position WILL haunt NU, until NU finds a LIGIT OL COACH. Bo and his QUICK FIXES, just puts NU in a BIGGER FIX. That is being open minded, and seeing what is REALLY THERE. Not someone who goes around leaving a 2 word comment saying TROLL ALERT. My post has DEPTH to it, not making a post as if it was a Yahoo Chat Room.

          1. HuskerNationNick says:

            You obviously don’t see the depth we have. Rex goes, we have Ameer, Heard, Cross, and any other recruited talent we get.

            Fisher, Whaley and Compton step out, we have Anderson, Santos, Afalava, and next year Rose, Brown, Bandares and Newbie!

            Martin, Steinkhuler and Meredith go, we have Curry, Valentine, McMullen and others.

            DB’s we have so much depth, its not even funny, with kids that are only sophomores playing still, and we are still recruiting heavily on this position.

            Fullback, we have Cross, Zimmerman and a couple walk-ons, which aren’t even Juniors, let alone Sophomores!

            OL is still young and have depth there with Whitaker who most likely is getting red shirted.

            You really need to do your homework before trying to say these coaches don’t know what they are doing. Next….

          2. Tripduz says:

            Sure was a lot of depth to your post there lil Joey! Only one thing left to do huh? Yup, take off your thong and go out there with the big boys! If they are so bad, go show em how good you are and help this team get better buddy! If they are so slow, go run your 40yd dash and help this team get better speed! If tey can’t coach, then send in your resume and take their jobs with your keen sense if intellect! Clearly you are brilliant! Time to get off the blog and put in some real work lil Joey! Make sure mom sends you off to bed super early, you’re gonna need a good nights rest!! Go get em lil Joey!!!!

      2. A Fan says:

        Over 3 games… Nebraska is allowing 226 yards rushing and 174 passing. 400 yards on average. The bulk of that came against the only good team we’ve faced so far (UCLA).

  6. MDG says:

    Troll Alert!

  7. HuskerNationNick says:

    I love it when I see comments about getting rid of coaching staff. Are you guys blind or just completely dumb when it comes to sports? Lets start off with head coach, get rid of Bo? He has produced a winning season each year, and has taken us to 3/4 conference championships and a bowl game each of his years. He is still above a .700 season, and appopriate actions have been taken care of where we have been lacking. I will take consistancy over a flip flop schedule, because eventually, you will click and win BCS bowls and championship games. Now, Tim Beck? Have you NOT seen what our offense has been doing this year? Yeah, our offensive line was the issue in the UCLA game, and they fixed that if you watched the Arkasas St game for the most part. Your absolutely crazy on wanting to get rid of this man. Coach K, the guy is just a lineman genious, and his resume proves that. These kinds of jobs take time, with the recruiting and training. Our D-line we have now, lacks size and speed. Give it time for better kids to be recruited. Vincent Valentine will make a BOOM next year. Aaron Curry is also someone we will have to keep an eye out for. Terry Joseph, he isn’t utilizing every tool we have, either do to a kid being elligable, or due to an injury. Mohammed Seisay for example, or Charles Jackson. Both saw playing time this past weekend and looked great! We gave up less than 300 yards! What else can you ask for? Yeah few plays got by, its only the 3rd game of the year. Give time for adjustments and to see where kids fit.

    You can’t expect any person to come in a program and win a championship in 4-5 years, especially with how messed up everything was from Hurricane Callahan. Quit being spoiled and learn to support your team, win or lose.

    @The Honey Badger, I completely agree with the 3-4 defense. We have the players to do it too. Compton, Afalava, Santos, Anderson, Fisher, Whaley, and for next year, Bandares and Newbie coming in, it would be a nice thing to try out.

    Anyway, GO BIG RED!

    1. joey says:

      Yea, I have seen what our offense has done this year, They had the toughest time scoring on a cup cake SUN BELT team. That if any BIG team played (except Penn St, Iowa, or Minn), the game would have been over after the 1st quarter, and their 2nd string would STILL be running up the score. Not NU, they were STRUGGLING to score the ENTIRE 2nd half, to a cup cake

    2. joey says:

      2nd most? ” You can’t expect any person to come in a program and win a championship in 4-5 years, especially with how messed up everything was from Hurricane Callahan. Quit being spoiled and learn to support your team, win or lose. ” Is a COP OUT. OU, Oregon, LSU, Ala, USC, etc etc seem to have NO problems. Once again you ARE basing my FACTS, as to be a person NOT supporting their team. Did I miss something here??? Because I never heard of anyone having to live by YOUR ideas to be a LIGIT FAN OF NU. I post my feelings towards NU football, NOT coming on this post and calling other people TROLLS, or heaven knows what like a ignorant child. My post are ONLY about Husker football. Now as far as Rick K goes? When is Rick going to teach the DL…SPEED!!! It clearly shows as a PROBLEM. When is Rick going to teach the DL about proper ways to TACKLE, which we see NU NOT DOING…TRUE? When is Rick going to have the DL NOT looking so confused?? Which showed GREATLY against UCLA!!! So tell me? What has Rick taught the DL, beings they look as bad as when John P was coaching them?? Try to look at the FACTS, NOT at just what you want to see HuskerNationNick . Nu has NO speed in RBs, DL, LB, DT, and it shows every game. Because where NU doesn’t have speed, it costs NU dearly in games against LIGIT FBS teams. (like Mich, UCLA, OSU, Mich St, Wisc, Northwestern. Which will show badly this season) The coaching staff of BO, does NOT know how to coach at all here. (Barney, John P, Rick K)

      1. HuskerNationNick says:

        “Nu has NO speed in RBs, DL, LB, DT, and it shows every game. Because where NU doesn’t have speed, it costs NU dearly in games against LIGIT FBS teams”

        When was the last time OU won a Championship to begin with? You CAN NOT expect someone to come in and make a championship program in the window you are complaining about. For Coach K, YOU CAN NOT teach a guy to be faster, he is either fast or he is not. RB’s not fast? Ameer and Heard are fast, and as for LB’s, Afalava, Fisher, Anderson and Santos are one of your fastest LB’s out there, so don’t give me your crap, because your acknowledgement you think you have, is completely wrong and misguided. You come and try to state facts, but your “facts” actually show the lack of intelligence you have. NU doesn’t have speed? Your crazy. Just outright crazy. I never came here belittling anyone and I never pointed your name out, as my comment was an over all statement to these sour fans that doesn’t know the definition is of “building”. The coaching staff we have, is one of the best in the nation, and it takes TIME to achieve greatness.

        1. joey says:

          1 of the best eh? Name one thing Barney has done since he’s been here? Besides recruit his kids! Did he coach our OL into better techniques in their blocking? Did Barney correct the OL woes (penalties, missed blocks, etc)? Did Barney improve our OL recruiting status? Even the players that were 4 star recruits transferred, some before they even played 1 Yup, sounds like Barney did his job…lol. John P? Was a total flop as a DL coach, yet promoted to a DC, where he could have hired Mike Stoops. A much better DC with the ability to recruit BLUE CHIP DL, and has great coaching skills as a DC, and a GREAT team motivator, and DOES have experience, unlike John P. So there’s another flaw in your theory. Then there is Rick K? He even said our DL need more speed way before the season started. But has NOT did any drills to enhance their speed issues. Not to mention, our DL looked clueless in the UCLA game, and looked a little bit the same way against Ark St. Think that will be corrected in 1 or 2 games? Not a chance.
          NOW, let’s talk about speed shall we?? Think rex, AA, Heard has the speed of J Rodgers, Rozier, Craig, L Phillips, etc?? The last one they had of RB’s that DID have good speed was Helu. NONE of our backs has even shown close to his speed yet. So “BOOM” I proved my point. I said NU is in HUGE trouble if they do NOT find a RB with speed. I was right. Our DL?? There is NOT 1 player a 300+ pound SUH couldn’t outrun DT or DE on this staff. Our LB’s do NOT have that speed David had. Not even close. When I say speed, I mean SPEED!!! NOT mediocre speed, I’m saying GREASE LIGHTNING SPEED. Just like when I read about 3 or 4 months ago. There was 3 RB’s I even posted their names, ran a 40 in a 4,30, 4.31, and a 4.33 time. NU was NOT even listed as a prospect, in fact? They never issued them a scholarship, or anything 2 of them? Was recruited by OU. It’s NOT the fact NU didn’t recruit them, it’s the fact NU coaching staff DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO!!! Bo has had MORE quick fix jobs on coaching staff, then acctually recruiting LIGIT COACHING STAFF. As proven? When Carl left Bo had REAL LIGIT offers from DC that DOES have good experience, excellent recruiting skills, and outstanding at coaching a defense. Instead he chooses John P, who has FAILED as a DL coach, and isn’t looking to impressive as a DC. Bo can do a heck of alot better than the staff he has, and he knows it. The fact is, 5 years, and NU looks about the same when Bo took over. They canned Frankie in less time, and Frankie had a better record in his stay at NU than Bo does. So let’s talk facts Nick. You know what I speak is the truth. I don’t make this stuff up. NU and their in capability to move to the next level, is because of a poor coaching staff, NOT poor players.

          1. HuskerNationNick says:

            Oh wow, more useless facts, and I am not even going to waste my beautiful Wednesday morning to read all that jumble, because you had me laughing within the first few sentences. B Cotton has produced great lineman, and the only reason Moor left, was because he was being outdone and knew he wasn’t going to start. You don’t want to work for your position, there’s the door. Just like you, you don’t want to see reality, go be a Longhorns fan, because that is really what you sound like. That or a “Fair Weather Fan”. Someone who gripes and moans if things aren’t perfect, so they have to talk down on their program. Besides, I think our o-line is progressing. You don’t see that, that is your own ignorance making you blind. I don’t know if you read or research much, but Santos, Bandares, Anderson and Rose are right there with the speed of David. Afalava isn’t too far either, so your comments again, are very misguided.

            I am not sure who urinated in your cherios when you were younger, but let it go. You don’t like how things are running, go somewhere else because most of the Husker Nation sees the progress.

          2. A Fan says:

            Anderson is out for the year, BTW.

            See too many loose ends with this team in year 5. It’s not my issue that you can’t see them. We have major talent issues at DL, OL and LB. Yes, we have some young guys coming up. But that, in of itself, does not mean we’re going to get better. The proof is in the pudding.

          3. HuskerNationNick says:

            Yes I am aware of Anderson being out, and he will be ready next year, but that still leaves Santos, Brown and Rose to stand up and do what they need to do. We were going to redshirt Rose, Afalava and Brown, but due to injuries, I don’t see that happening. Rose has the ability to start, same with Afalava. I believe we will be redshirting Brown, which I think is a good idea. From what I understand, is we will be going to a 3-4 defense, giving Martin more ability to do what he does best. Let alone, we (as in the fans) are still waiting on word, if Fisher will be putting in a medical appeal, to see if he can play another year. If that happens, we will be even better off next year. This year, we have the depth, speed and just need the experience to succeed. That WILL happen, because Santos has already shown he can find the ball on defense.

        2. Ravishing says:

          Preach it!!! Coach K has been on the job how long here at NU? How much time has he had to work with the new folks that just came in? Great comment

          1. joey says:

            OK.. How many BLUE CHIPPERS do I see NU aiming for? He had ALL summer long to do so. Think Ala, LSU, or any other DL coach just waits around for them to come to their college? NO, they AGGRESSIVELY persue them. Name 1 of our coaching staff that does that? Yea I agree, it was a nice post.

      2. john says:

        Joey here are some facts for you. tom osborne’s (who by most is considered nebraskas best coach ever) record as head coach 1973 9-2-1, 1974 9-3, 1975 10-2, 1976 9-3-1, 1977 9-3, 1978 9-3 Bo’s record 2008 9-4, 2009 10-4, 2010 10-4, 2011 9-4 Huh? looks pretty similar. Would you have fired osborne also?

        1. A Fan says:

          The old Osborne and Pelini canard argument. It’s lazy, and stupid.

          Osborne was one of the best college football head coaches in history. Pelini’s good, but he’s not going to match that. And, so far, as measured by records… he hasn’t matched what Osborne did from 1973 – 1977.

          Newsflash for those who still delude themselves into comparing the two. Osborne is not Pelini. And Pelini will never be Osborne.

          1. HuskerNationNick says:

            “he hasn’t matched what Osborne did from 1973 – 1977. ”

            Looks like 12 losses to me. Same as Pelini, and why can’t you compare two coaches? Style of coaching change? Doubtful. The size of players, speed and abilities are the only things that have changed besides rules since the Osborne days. People are only comparing for the fact, that if Osborne was coach, they would be saying can his butt to, instead of being patient people, who know you can’t have things at the snap of a finger.

    3. Jamie says:

      Well said.. I wish more people viewed sports the same way you and I do.. It boggles my mind when people talk of getting rid of bo.. Do these people really think you can bring in a guy and boom NC contender.. Some people need to just wake up..

      1. joey says:

        Maybe if our chancellor pays the OL/DL coaches, OC/DC better. NU could land a better coaching staff..yea? Can’t expect to be a tight wad and think coaches will be begging to coach at NU neither…yea?

      2. joey says:

        Spelling check, bad grammar, has NADA to with the TRUTH Jamie. Judging 1 by bad grammar, rather than understanding what point the person is making. That shows your CLOSED MINDED side. Because if that’s ALL you see? Why read the post? You already made your decision, BEFORE you read 1 post. So that reflects on YOUR bad judgment, NOT mine.

        1. joey says:

          to DO with the truth. Sorry, my mic didn’t type “do”

      3. HuskerNationNick says:

        They obviously do. A recent NU football player, which I will leave his name out, stated he loves NU football, but only 93% of the fan base is loyal, while the other 7% make the rest look bad. That 7% is a LARGE number of people, considering NU football fans are global. I completely agree with him as well. We are coming onto week 4, you can’t expect perfection. You especially can’t expect perfection when your team is young, and somewhat inexperienced.

        1. joey says:

          I expect NU to make it to the TOP 10 in 5 seasons. That, is the fault of the coahing staff, NOT the fans.

        2. A Fan says:

          I don’t expect Nebraska to lose to a team we were picked to beat… and the team we lose to runs 94 plays and 650+ yards on us. In year 5.

          I guess if we keep winning 9 games per season, and get a lolly pop for showing up… there will always be a segment of the fan base happy with that.

          It’s called lowering your expectations for the football program.

          1. HuskerNationNick says:

            Its not called lowering your expectations, it just takes TIME to win Championships. I mean if you can get the job done, then apply for the job and show us how its done.

      4. A Fan says:

        I don’t support a changing of the guard… yet. Pelini should get the time… like Solich did. But f we are not close to competing against Michigan or Ohio State, we are not in the Big 10 title game (let alone winning it), continue to have blow out losses against peer competition… and it’s now 2014… then what?

        I saw a stat on the last 4 Nebraska head coaches… and their respective winning percentages against top 25 teams over their careers. Osborne won about 68% of the time (over 25 years and his first 5 years as head coach). Solich… he won about 35% of the time. Callahan… he was 1 – 10 against top 25 teams. Pelini… he’s winning about 33% of time. Those numbers for Solich, Callahan and Pelini were/are not good enough. We are not going to get to top shelf status if we only beat peer competition one third of the time. Now may be Pelini begins to recruit better and we get more talent on the football team at every position. Well, we’re not going to do that with a team that’s ranked between 20th and 30th in the recruiting class rankings every year.

        The next couple years will show us how good a coach Pelini is.

    4. A Fan says:

      Can’t expect anyone to come in and win a NC in 3 or 4 years? BS. There are coaches who have done… just not at Nebraska. One other thing. Nebraska, since 2008, has been to 2 conference championships (2009 and 2010). Not 3/4 or 3.

      When the offensive line performs against Wisconsin or Michigan or Michigan State like they did against Southern Miss or Arkansas State… then they have it fixed. Until then… they looked good for 1/2 a game (against UCLA)… and looked poor for 1/2 a game (against UCLA). That will ensure at least 2 or 3 more losses this season.

      A suggestion. Quit supporting mediocrity.

      1. HuskerNationNick says:

        If there are coaches who have done it, then who? I would love to know.

        1. john says:

          ya ”A FAN” who were those coaches?

      2. Tripduz says:

        The OL whipped up on Michigan State last year lil Joey!! I thought you were all about FACTS?

        Point is, quit complaining and just enjoy the ride. There is a lot if parity in college football and with scholarship limits there’s a lot of good teams. In the past four years only 8 teams have won at least 9 games, and Nebrasja is one of them. If that’s not good enough for you then go root for some other team. Nebraska will be fine without you, trust me! I guarantee you that you wouldn’t say half the things you type behind your computer screen to the players or coaches face! So keep it to yourself lil Joey!!! Spare us your misery!!!

  8. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    As fans we shouldn’t have to grading our football team against inferior talent.

    1. joey says:

      Why not? It’s not like our coaching staff does.