Published Monday, September 24, 2012 AT 6:25 PM / Updated at 12:13 AM
Practice report, Sept. 24: One year later, Beck says offense much improved
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

Offensive coordinator Tim Beck said he had a vision for what kind of system Nebraska would run last season. And it took some time to meet his expectations.

When the Huskers played Wisconsin to open the Big Ten slate last year, they weren’t there yet, Beck said.

“It’s funny watching (the Wisconsin) game last year and kind of looking where we’re at (now),” Beck told reporters after practice Monday. “We’re light years ahead of where we were at a year ago, in a lot of areas.

Beck indicated that it was an expected “growth process.” The players are “responding” now, Beck said.

More notes from Beck are below…

>> Senior running back Rex Burkhead will not be limited Saturday, according to Beck.

>> Asked about Wisconsin’s defense, Beck used words like “tough” and “physical” to describe what he’s seen on film. Said the Badgers tackle well and they’re disciplined. The D-line use their hands well to get off block, the linebackers are “as good as I’ve seen” and the secondary is well-coached, Beck said.

>> There were some coverages Wisconsin’s secondary utilized last year that Nebraska didn’t expect, according to Beck. He expects to be better prepared this season.

>> What did Beck learn about himself as a play-caller or as an offensive coordinator in last year’s game? He smiled as he responded to that question: “Uhh… I’ll tell you about it one day.”

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  1. The honey badger says:

    Beck trust the run game….. If you make neb O one dimensional we will lose. And let the fast guys eat turner and bell

    1. joey says:

      It already is 1 dimensional!!! I think UCLA proved that quite clearly. It’s simple? Rex Rex Rex, TM TM TM, with occasional passes here and there. Actually, NU is almost as predictable as Watson’s offense was. Face it NU and their offensive staff..STINKS. Here’s the best strategy for Wisc to use. 6 man RUN BLITZ at ALL times, and use a man to man defensive coverage. That kills NU and their running game, as well as their passing game. To destroy NU and their NOT SO big “D” running plays = right up the gut. NU can’t stop it. The DL is waaaaaaay to slow, AND they line up 1 yard away from the ball. PASS = HB screen passes or, HB tunnel passes. NU will be done by the end of halftime. UCLA proved that.

      1. Chicago John says:

        They scored 30 points against UCLA and they admittedly left a bunch of plays out on the field. I’m failing to see how bad our offensive staff is… trust me when I say Wisconsin fans would kill to have Nebraska’s production.

        1. joey says:

          Production??? Let me remind you…ok? Ark St, Id St, Southern Miss. Are NOT exactly what you call TOP 10 material, that would make Mich St or UCLA look like National Title contenders. NU played 1 LIGIT team this season, and got a taste of how far behind they really are to TOP 10 teams. When they couldn’t even beat an UNRANKED UCLA team. Progress??? That will be shown when NU is NOT struggling to stay in the AP polls.

          1. VanCleef says:

            Yawwwwwnnnnnn!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….

      2. Pat Keslar says:

        Don’t you feel silly today? Boys and coaches did a great job! Showed heart!

  2. Windell Mills says:

    Ahhh, much improved??? We’ll see about that. We have the same QB, I mean WR playing QB, who Tim Watson Jr. thinks is Peyton Manning. Recipe for Wisconsin to win is simple: blitz against our offense almost every play and we’ll screw up with penalties , turnovers, or not execute. When on offense rush at the heart of our D-line and then mix in a play action pass now and then. One last thing. Wisconsin needs to make sure they have as many 3rd and longs as possible. If they can accomplish that, they are guaranteed first downs galore and a win. Get ready for real competition to start, even if Wisconsin and the Big 10 are down…UCLA beat us with freshman.

  3. kk says:

    Got to love internet tough guy coaches. What schools do you two coach at?

  4. Redfin says:

    Oh and we will be finished by half time. What a dolt

  5. Steven K says:

    I think the offense, especially the OL is MUCH more improved. Wisconsin is running in to a Buzzzz Saw. Martinez is an exceptional QB as he matures. He has a full slate of receivers. The running game is now 4 dimensional with those vastly different I-backs. NU will contend for BiG and National honors. 10-2 this year means a trip to a BCS Bowl.
    NU 34 Wisc. 14

    Steven K
    Class of 1983

    1. joey says:

      Nice dream!!! Was it in color too??

  6. Newt says:

    Please bring back DR.TOM. Whats wrong with playing power football. Im tired of the spread and the fancy crap. Steve Pederson should should be banned from the state of Nebraska! Holy Cow Im MAD!

  7. wrangler9 says:

    Wisky has been stinking up the place with their offense! Almost at the bottom of the NCAA stats yet we have Husker fans saying we’ll be finished by half time? Right… good thinking! lol lol.. Make me laugh! Even as badly as we played at UCLA had Beck not panicked the last 6 mins we could have won it! The key to beating Wisky is staying focused, no stupid play calling and FORCE them to pass. They have a not so mobile QB made to order for a Pelini defense to knock around!

    This Wisky team is nothing even close to the team we played last season. Lets not forget they had one of the BEST QB’s in the country last season and he was a difference maker! By any measurement Wisky isn’t very good right now…

    Yea we could do another Bo Meltdown Game but I have a good feeling about this one…. Huskers 41 Wisky 24

    1. joey says:

      I LOVE how Husker fans get a BLOW OUT over a cup cake team, and they jump to the band wagon of “This season conference, Next season National Title.” Their stars in their eyes, completely BLOCKS their vision in REALITY. The LACK OF COMMON SENSE IS PRICELESS…lol. They continue to see their Huskers as if it was the 90s again, as if they aren’t missing a beat..lmao. When the truth is? Hmmm, a fumble on the 11 yard line?? Against a CUP CAKE TEAM??? NU dismantles a team that would lose to an 8 man High School team, and now you see NU in a differnt perspective..lmao. This is waaaaay to priceless. Kind of reminds me of Mizzou fans. We beat NU at their worst, we’re ready, and hungry for a National Title. Just to LOSE to Iowa State and Texas Tech (cellar dwellers) UCLA was utterly OUTMATCHED against a NON ranked Oregon State, on their OWN home field. 27-20. Seems close right? Oregon State got the lead and NEVER looked back. That IS how bad NU is. 44-17 42-17 lol. All Wisc suffers is, NOT having a dual threat QB. Their back up qb doesn’t have that running speed. BUT??? If you fans paid ANY attention? You would have seen, that 2nd stringer was more effective as a passer than TM has ever been. NU will try to blitz like crazy against Wisc, BUT??? They will leave MB all…alone. With an NU defense that loves to ARM TACKLE. An NU DL, that is the slowest unit I have ever seen NU ever have. MB? At least 200+ yards rushing. How quickly NU fans FORGET that oh so annoying TRUTH. A DC, that was a FLOP at his last position in NU. A OL coach that really hasn’t done squat since he’s been here. But even though those 2 set backs never change. You fans expect NU and their results to change?..LMAO. Going on 5 seasons and NOTHING has really changed. NU is STILL struggling to stay in the AP polls. Mich? A 1 man team, that will once again humiliate NU. This time on their OWN home field, then there’s OSU, Mich St. I am even betting Minn to give NU a run for their money. (they are 4-0). Penn St looks to be getting some confidence back to. So??? NU in Conference Title??? LMAO..Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. VanCleef says:

        Lil Joey, still at home with nothing to do while mommy brings home the bacon, and fries it up for him too.

        1. wrangler9 says:

          The dude Joey is totally clueless! lol lol… If he thinks Stave is a better passer at this time then T-Mart he’s in for a nasty surprise on Sat! His completion % is 60.1 versus T-Mart at 70.7. Stave is so slow running he looks like a tree… -1 yd in 2 games…. lol lol… It’s pretty obvious Joey knows absolutely ZERO about WI in particular and football in general…. lol…..

      2. Husker3260 says:


        Couple of things to point out to you because you are really out of your league on this arugement….
        1. While Minnesota is 4-0 they have played UNLV, New Hampshire, Western Michigan and Syracuse…Not exactly “top 10 talent” there either dude.
        2. Wisconsin has so many problem on their team right now I’ll be surprised if they score more than 10 points. All you have to do is look at there offensive line and their QB play and that should end the argument there.
        3. UCLA is a quality football team. Oregon State had two weeks to prepare for UCLA’s offense before making the trip to UCLA. UCLA did not have that luxury.
        4.I’m tired of you and cornidiot making TM out to be the worst QB in NEB history, you have no vaild case other than your opinion. Last time I checked he is in the top five of all purpose yards in NEB history. He is light years ahead of where he was last year. And before you throw out the UCLA comment, that was more on beck making terrible play call and less on Martinez. Had you ever played a down of football in your pathetic life you would understand this.
        5.Monty ball is unlikely to play which you would know if you ever did anything other than sit in the basement and troll around huskers sites just to be negative.

        The only person that seems to be ignoring the “Truth” around here is you. The BIG whether you will admit it or no is a wide open race we can win. When you actually have some facts to support your arguments other than opinion, post them instead of your close minded rants.

    2. Jeff_Georgia says:

      I don’t see Wisconsin scoring 24. Don’t think we score 41 either. I think we win, but I believe our offense is slowed compared to what we’ve seen in the first 4 games. Wisconsin ain’t scoring, but I don’t think we can overlook their defense.

    3. A Fan says:

      You sound like the fans who thought we were going to run away from UCLA after we beat up Southern Miss. The deal is… if Martinez doesn’t handle pressure (and he’s going to get pressure)… we are not going to be very dynamic offensively. The only game that had pressure was UCLA. We moved the ball well in the 1st half… and didn’t move it well in the second half. The stats for the game prove that. Nebraska has beat up several outmanned teams and been beat by a team with equal (or close to it) talent. Wisconsin is going to have some talent on the team.

  8. Train says:

    You learn to stand. You learn to walk. Then you run. It’s the progression of this game and always has been. I, like many others expect a lot more this time. Last year they had the experienced line and quarterback. This year it’s our turn. We see the staff growing game by game. Still some mistakes but that’s part of the process. Pelini and Beck both are new to this play calling. Not decades of seasoning. I expect a lot of progress this time. Time to run.

    1. A Fan says:

      Pelini has been head coach for 5 years. That’s not new to play calling.

  9. joey says:

    Grow up valid victorian!!! I am getting a little (yawn) bored with your insults.

  10. socalhusker says:

    There is no doubt that the offense is better this year. The problem at UCLA in my opinion, and I am not a coach, was that we didn’t make adjustments on defense after the first 2 series of play. By the time it got to the 4th quarter it looked like Coach Beck was told to slow the tempo way down to help the defense. That really killed the offensive flow. I now see that the hurry up no huddle is a big advantage for this NU offense. I wasn’t a fan before but I now see that it can work and we need to run it as fast as possible at all times except when it’s a blow out.That’s what we are built for and that’s how we practice everyday. Let it rip as fast as possible.

  11. Richard says:

    Huskers need to use about 7% more inside running with a full back. They also need to incorporate a quick hitting option counter to keep the Linebackers from jetting outside the instant the ball is snapped and we show a pitch or option. Against UCLA I saw one FB run up the middle and the FB ran into the center instead of the hole. Again the center needs to be bigger so he can move a DT off the line of scrimmage.(earlier I trusted the coach on this smaller center, but not anymore) A center need not weigh 310 but 290 – 295 would help. I do think if we just add those small tweaks it would increase our offensive production a great deal. We need to stop using deep reverses as a counter to overpersuit by the line backers and we need to focus more on counters from the “I”, not counters out of the zone read. We use TOOOOO much zone read and were getting a bit more predictable than I would like to see. We need to make these changes soon so that were not put into a simular situation as the one we saw against UCLA. The inside rushing game and counter game are ESSENTIAL not additional or optional if we want to have a productive offense. I wish I knew why were dragging our feet on using this as a bigger part of our offense? All I have heard over the last 2 years is how were going to run at people and all I see is about 99% of the time we run a toss sweep or zone read. That’s not going to cut it against a good defense. Deep reverses will get us into trouble against fast defenses and it’s not NESSASARY! Those fans here know that I’m usually MR sunshine for NU, but the time has come for me to state the facts. We need to hit the 1 and 2 hole effectively and if that means you need a bigger center than get one!!! Run counters out of the “I” not the zone read shotgun so much of the time and we will be fine. Otherwise at some point our offense will get shut down again and I’m getting tired of waiting for these obvious additions to get plugged in! Sorry for the rant, but I’m right about this and I’m tired of people saying that were doing something that were REALLY NOT DOING AT ALL. If we lose another contest where our offense is’nt moving well because were not running counters out of the “I” or enough fullback gives, I’m going to come back and buy a full page add and state “WE TOLD YOU SO”. Come on Husker coaches, let’s get this fixed BEFORE it’s broken!

  12. nu5times says:

    Richard, you have some very valid points. Thank you. Joey, sell your home and move to Alabama. They have a lot of critics just like you even though they are winning national championships. This is not 1970-1971. This is not 1994, 1995, 1997. This is not Bob Devaney, and this is not Tom Osborne. This is a new era of college football. Coaches have more crap to deal with because of rat tongued fans like Joey and Corndevil who would rather poison things than talk some actual football talk. Negativity? I remember it with Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne. Almost sent Tom to Colorado. HMMM, lets see, ’71 to ’94. If my math is right that was 21 years. And football is whole lot different. Hmm, ’97 to ’12 is only 15 yrs. You can come up with reasons, speculations, and excuses all you want. I saw with my own eyes what those lower string defensive guys pride was doing Saturday when an almost empty stadium gave them a standing ovation. THAT IS THE WAY IT USED TO BE!! Fans cheered for the team. Now all we can do is bash everything. We are not even the loud, racous, crowd we used to be. Come on Husker fans. Support what is going on and PRAY! Give the coaches, the team, something to stand for. Not reading the remarks put out like these comments. Grow up. If you really are that unhappy, move. Like I said, there is a world of prople out therre who refuse to see anything but big black hole in the center of the universe.

    1. VanCleef says:

      Spot on!!!!!

    2. joey says:

      If I remember right? When BO took over, I constantly stuck up for Bo. I kept saying , just give the guy a chance. So once again someone like nu5times is STEREOTYPING ME!!! I turned on BO, when he turned on the fans. And as far as “Coaches have more crap to deal with because of rat tongued fans like Joey and Corndevil who would rather poison things than talk some actual football talk. ” Is a TOTAL COP OUT!!! LMAO Now we are to blame? Still diggin for excuses aren’t ya?? BO chose John P instead of a LIGIT DC, BO still keeps BARNEY, instead of getting a LIGIT OL COACH. BO could have gotten Scott Frost or ANYONE with better credits to their name than a coach that’s NOT been coaching for how long?? BO recruits, the same way he looked for a new offensive coaching staff. After a certain amount of time? This will do. Wow nu5times ? Is that the best EXCUSE you can think of?? Wow, I guess me and CD better watch out, we might get fired…lol. nu5times ? When you blame the fans?? Then you ARE lieing to yourself. A player or players. ARE, as good as they ARE COACHED TO BE!! If they are NOT? That is the fault of the COACHING STAFF, NOT THE FANS..lmao. Or do you believe BO is right? Gee if it wasn’t for us fans that look at the situation the way it really is? Then heck, NU would be National Champs. That has to be the MOST funny thing I have ever heard. But blaming the fans? Really?? At the begining of the season I picked NU to have 4 losses GARANTEED. Now NU won’t beat Mich, OSU or Mich St, and I think you know that to. Has NADA to do with FANS. Bo still keeps a coaching staff that can NOT hold their own, mainly BARNEY, and JOHN P. Bo could have tried to snag a heck of alot better than Rick as a DL coach, but he didn’t It was just a quick fix job. BO has become known to pull this as a HC at NU. So is that my fault to nu5times ?? Be realistic. Read the Bleacher Report, and they said pretty much the same thing I just said earlier “Wisconsin rushed 40 times against UTEP, while Stave only got 17 pass attempts. That strategy gives Wisconsin a better chance to upset Nebraska. The Badgers must pound the ball up the middle and use a conservative approach with Stave.” This is what I said earlier “To destroy NU and their NOT SO big “D” running plays = right up the gut. NU can’t stop it.” Well well well nu5times , what do you know? I said that BEFORE that report was released. It’s not me or CD, it’s the coaching staff. ONLY 1 thing has been consistent? NU struggling to stay in the AP top 25 polls. LEARN nu5times

      1. Husker3260 says:

        Bleacher Report?! wow great source of football knowledge there joey hahaha. Seriously joey keep beating the same dead horse over and over and over. OSU, MSU, and MICH are not the world beaters you claim. It seem with all the posts you have, our coaches are the worst in the country and the only way to fix it is fire all the coaches and start all over. I can agree with you on is that barney cotton needs to go. I liked the hire of kaz. He has coached some pretty good d-lines at iowa. plus its kaz first year and you want him gone?! give me a break… I agree that bo should have hired someone like stoops when he had the chance in the off season but who else would have bo hired? scott frost?! a wr coach to coach the oline… genius joey, pure genius. So once again you are on here making comments that have no factual or intelligent basis and claim everyone else is a moron for not thinking the way you do. please do the husker nation and yourself a big favor and become a colorado fan. At least your nonsensical rants wont fall on deaf ears.

  13. Dale spencer says:

    Joey, enjoy your rants! I still haven’t figured out what makes you the expert on anything regarding big red football. I actually have enjoyed watching papuchis on the sideline! Darned sure know im not qualified to judge and guessing by your hourly and daily comments you are extremely underpaid in your present position! Think I’ve sat by many of your brethren at memorial stadium! Opinions on everything, experts at nothing. I’ve stood by your kind at high school games too! Get a life. Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy young people trying their best at a game that I and most of these obnoxious bloggers were never good enough at to take the next level.

  14. mobb49 says:

    Your whining has been pretty consistent too

  15. tim says:

    I understand what Joey is saying, however he lacks faith. I understand that last week was a scrimmage, A st was a challenge in focus that NU passed with flying colors. Head coach leaving by ambulance at halftime. that cou;d mess anybody up. Now In watching all the big ten play this year we will lose to Ohio St unless we pull off a miracle. NW will give us a hell of a run we win by 2 to three points Minnesota cannot handle the NU fans and we demolish them. Michigan st has NEVER beat us…doesnt start this year. Michigan and NU always seem to to 1-1 in every battle but Dennard will be to much, we lose by 4 penn state we stomp and Iowa….HAHAHAHAHA. so yes we go 9-3 again. I hope I am wrong but thats how I see it.

    1. tim says:

      Oh we beat wisconsin 21 10

  16. nu5times says:

    hey joey. I enjoy your youthful exuberience for expertise. Ya, I have been around for awhile. I remember listening to Missouri beat the Huskers when Bob Devaney was at the helm. I have seen this team, but more importantly, this Husker nation, go on a roller coaster journey with “fans” of your verbal lack of integrity spew out all this arm chair quarterback and athletic director junk that you think/feel that everyone in the state of nebraska should agree with you. However, you never did answer my remark about moving to Alabama? They have many who sound just like you with hmmm, who is that coach at Alabama? You can slice and dice, just like corndevil, and again, your assessments are funny. Just wondering though. What will you say if we do not loose 4 games? What will your excuse be then? Also thought it was interesting you stayed away from my statement “PRAY”.

  17. nu5times says:

    BTW, how can anyone not stereotype you? I have been around very few of your type and all of you are alike! Negative comments with no light at the end of the tunnel unless we get rid of all the coaches and all the players, hire you as everything, and you will lead us to national prominance!