Published Monday, September 24, 2012 AT 10:39 AM / Updated at 7:27 PM
Recruiting: RB Terrell Newby gives visit high marks, CB commit sees Alabama
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska hosted only one top 2013 prospect for the Idaho State game: Los Angeles Chaminade running back Terrell Newby. But given 5-foot-10, 190-pound playmaking skills and potential value to the Huskers — think Oregon’s Kenjon Barner — NU needed to impress the kid, and did.

With Ameer Abdullah serving as his host, Newby was wowed by the Memorial Stadium scene.

Huskers Illustrated: “I don’t know why but I think I doubted that it’d be a sell out,” he said. “Once we came out and everything was filled up. It was definitely a sell out. You know you just don’t get that where I’m from. Even at USC. Here the seats are always sold out and that’s great.”

Husker Online: “My return visit here would definitely be a 10. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like that sold out stadium with all of their fans. My family and I have never seen fans like this at all. I was a celebrity like all of the players out here, so it was cool.

Newby, who’s already run for 690 yards and nine touchdowns in four games, has Cal high on his list and plans a visit to Oregon, too. Like Abdullah, he’s a little underrated – some sites have him as a three-star — but worth the pursuit. Newby told HI he’s Nebraska’s No. 1 running back target, and I don’t doubt it. There aren’t a lot of guys like him in the Big Ten.

On a more ominous note, NU cornerback commit Jonathan Cook – that kid from down in Mobile, Ala. — took an unofficial visit to Alabama last weekend. He still has a greyshirt offer from the Crimson Tide, but the better he plays in his senior season — and he’s played pretty well so far — the more likely it is that Bama (or some other SEC school) comes in and offers the 6-foot-1, 185-pounder.

It could be a repeat of the Deion Jones decommit in 2011. LSU dawdled around in offering the kid for who-knows-what reason, so Nebraska landed the kid. For a few months. A few days before LSU’s first game with Alabama, Les Miles swooped in, made the offer, and secured the commit.

Now Jones is playing as a true freshman at LSU with tackles for loss already.

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  1. hskrpwr13 says:

    Would’ve been nice to have gotten a visit from Torri Hunter before he decided to commit to ND on the spot.

  2. mac says:

    Winning on a big stage against an actual contender will open doots. Until then, it’ll be hit and miss. When we become truly relevant recruits will take us seriously. Perhaps we are inching closet. The next 4 weeks will speak loudly.

    1. joey says:

      When Bo takes recruiting seriously.

  3. Waskel Wabbit says:

    mac. I totally agree. We may have to wait a while before we open any DOOTS. As far as inchig CLOSET. I think I’ll let that speak for itself.

    1. Mike Caramba says:

      I would advise against it.

    2. mac says:

      Ha! The “t” and the “r” dyslexic syndro”n”e.

  4. Hskrbll says:

    LOL!! Send him some Tunzas!!!

  5. Objectivity says:

    The Huskers are no longer among the nation’s elite in college football… and, they will not be able to recruit top prospects until they prove, on the field, that they belong in the upper echelon. That has not been the case, since Osborne retired. Solich had a good record, but couldn’t win the big ones… Callahan was a disaster… Pelini is still talking about a “work in progress”… after five years.

    The Devaney-Osborne dynasties were great… but, let’s face it… the Huskers are no longer the dominating powerhouse they once were.

    1. Reality says:

      Objectivity….you are high. The huskers NEVER were able to recruit the nations elite college football players. We could get a top running QB now and then, but never the best QB….once in a while got a good RB….but we rarely brought in the blue chip players. We were built on the line…and we were built with depth…guys that were willing to redshirt, then practice for 3 years waiting their turn there junior and senior year….

      You make it sound like all we had to do was send TO out to a recruits house and it was done, we could get whoever we wanted. That was never true…..When it wasnt Barry Switzer, it was Lou Holz, when it wasnt him, it was Bobby Bowden, when it wasnt him, it was Jimmy Johnson…..all these guys had bigger names than TO…. Only looking back on it is it obvious who the best coach was….and where the dynasty was.

      The dynasty can be rebuilt on walkons…just like it was….but its a matter of convincing kids that its worth it to pay to go to NU vs get a scholarship to ISU, or UNI, or UNK, or USD or Ohio. With the 85 scholarship limit….depth is the key contributor to filling in recruiting misses……which is where all teams fall apart….see Wisconsin

      1. joey says:

        Very true..BUT??? NU had some of the Nation’s BEST OL/DL coaches. That IS why NU moved the ball so well. Now? All NU has is a washed up John P, and a BUM..Barney Cotton picking up his $240,000+. For that kind of greens NU fans EXPECT to see ALOT better than an idiot clapping his hands together, and telling the OL to get the job done. Hire me Bo, I can do that too.

    2. Objectively, who, besides Alabama, is the dominating powerhouse they once were? USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Miami, Florida State, Washington, Florida, Clemson, Auburn, Georgia, & Boise St. even? Please! We are now in parity. When Nebraska got its 3rd National Championship, the NCAA and Big XII colluded to bring Husker recruiting down. Add to that that EVERY team copied Nebraska’s weight lifting program, EVERY team gets on TV, and that we can no longer carry 150 scholarship players on the team and you begin to understand why Tom Osborne predicted this outcome in the mid 90′s.

      1. Craig says:

        Colorado, that was a lucid, coherent, and well thought out post. There is no room for that on the internet….

  6. mac says:

    Start by building enough depth to win the B10…get to the top 5 two-three yrs in a row. Win a bs bowl. The recruits will take notice. It only takes a few more, especially on the lines, and we’ll be back.

  7. Paul says:

    Reality and Colorado Springer you are dead on with your comments. Couldn’t have said it better. I would add also that Alabama went through some rough periods by their standards before returning to this recent run of excellance.

  8. Huskerdude says:

    Colorado Springer Right on! In this age of instant gratification some seem to forget the trials that TO went through in his day. We are where we should be now STFU and give it some time. OMG we have not won a NC in 4 years… really?

    Chill out if it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

  9. Parity says:

    Parity? The past ten years, NU is something like 2-18 against top ten opponents, ranked near the bottom of the top 20 by years end, and not even in the discussion of the top teams. I will always cheer for the Huskers, as I have done since long before Devaney hit town, but, their glory days are over. Enjoy the 9 or 10 win seasons… and chalk it up to parity.

  10. socalhusker says:

    When the D-line players became huge and fast like the SEC, the option I days were gone. 4 dominant d-line players blow up the running game. Now teams try to spread the field or, like AL and LSU last year, go toe to toe in power football and wait for the other team to get impatient or make a mistake. Really, Bo’s 4-2-5 scheme is the right scheme for today’s college game if you have the 4 studs up front. But that would help any scheme.

  11. notch4 says:

    love the 500 mile angle on recruiting but need to get the best in our own state just because husker pride runs deep number two need the speed to cover spread teams and maybe we might get one of the sec big boys in a bcs game born a husker live as ahusker and will die ahusker

  12. Steve says:

    For those of you with short memories , remember it took T.O. years to accomplish his Dynasty and people were calling for his head early on in his career as head coach. Then it was he couldn’t win the big ones. I don’t think anyone in there right might would think that after the Callghan regime’s total dismantling of culture ,recruiting and philosophy could be recovered in such a very short time. Not to mention all the change in college football since the 90′s. That being said I do believe we are on the right track. Pelini and company seem to be trying to reestablish the famous Pipeline of years past . But regrettably I do think Cotton may be the man for the job.I really don’t know why Nebraska hired him back, especially being freshly fired for lack of production as Offensive Co-ordinatior and line coach at a lower tear Big 12 team. (Iowa State) Lack of depth has been his excuse for years now and to me it now falls on him. This is NEBRASKA we coach and make lineman , we don’t rely on stars to evaluate the future of a player. We are used to being in the business of taking walk on’s and making them into Sunday N.F.L. starters right out of our own backyard. With the whole damn Cotton family on the team we will never get him out. Just for thought I wonder how many cotton boys would Nebraska had recruited if Barney was not on the coaching staff ? It is not that I don’t like the guy , its just that like any other job your performance and your results or achievements determine your job status. The O line is where it starts at Nebraska, it is our culture to dominate up front. Do we not deserve an o line coach at least as good as anywhere else ? We set the bar before , We need someone to revitalize that standard. We don’t need someone with excuses or points his finger at his players talent or lack of depth or whatever. I don’t think our prestige or future dominance will return until it is realized that this all most important change is made. It all starts up front on the line for the offense. Honestly can anyone say that our offensive line resembles anything even close to what it by all rights she be ?