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Badger DE Rips Taylor Martinez
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Hello, bulletin board.Wisconsin defensive end David Gilbert, who did not play in the Badgers’ 48-17 win over Nebraska last year, is not a fan of Husker quarterback Taylor Martinez.

A sampling:

“It still looks like he’s skipping rocks out there to me. But that’s not my concern. That’s probably more a concern of the defensive backs. My concern is hitting him. I don’t care what he throws like. I’m not trying to let him throw at all. He still can’t throw. I’m just going to say it. He still can’t throw. He’s not going to beat us with his arm.”


“Hitting him is going to be the key. Hitting him hard and hitting him often. Any chance I get. If you see the game (film) he tries to pitch or option away and he tries to throw a little fake, ‘I’m going to cut (block) you or I’m going to get in your way.’ I’m going to run through that. I’m going to make him feel it as much as you can. That leads to turnovers, that mentality of getting hit over and over.”

Gilbert talked about NU’s turnovers in the Idaho State game, but the quote is essentially nonsense, so I didn’t include it here.

Now, is there some background to those quotes? Just maybe. Seems that Martinez, according to Wisconsin players, had some trash talk of his own during the game last year. From the story:

UW’s players remembered that Martinez got in the face of linebacker Chris Borland after scoring on a 1-yard run in the first quarter.

After scoring, Martinez got to his feet and briefly barked at Borland, who was on his back in the end zone after making the tackle.

“Martinez had a few words for Borland,” analyst Kirk Herbstreit said during the telecast.

Taylor remembers the play.

“Wrong move,” Taylor said with a smirk. “Wrong move.”

Did the UW players take note of Martinez’s actions?

“Definitely,” Taylor said. “That is what makes it so much fun.”

Add some trash talk to an already-heaping pile of storylines heading into Saturday’s game.

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  1. J says:

    Thank you David Gilbert.

  2. Seymore says:

    Boy, do I hope NU runs it up on the Badgers and their no class team on Saturday night. Maybe we can hire some replacement refs to pile on the Badgers since the Packers got stuck so there is symmetry. I hear those refs will be out of a job this week and will need the work ha ha.

  3. Bryan says:

    Good news Gilbert, we wont need Taylor to “skip rocks” on you in order to win. We have guys named Burkhead, Abdullah, and Heard to handle business. As if the Huskers needed more motivation for this game. Use it well Bo this is a gift. Somebody thinks very highly of themselves if they think that even though they almost lost to UNI and Utah State, and did lose to Oregon State, that they will come in and knock us off.

  4. Big red husker says:

    Says the,guy who did lose to utah state. Yes wisconsin that was a loss. here’s to martinez setting single game passing record against the badgers. Oh and may I add worst fans in the country. Didnt think that was possible after many visits to boulder

    1. Plattcop2 says:

      I definitely agree with the observation “Wisconsin has the worst fans in the country”. At the 2011 Rose Bowl, I remember WU fans taunting TCU fans and shouting obscentities at us as we passed by some of their tailgating parties decked in our purple Horned Frog colors. Most WU fans boasted we didn’t even belong in a BCS bowl and “Wisky” was going blow us off the field 70 – 0. Well – the Frogs got the last laugh and finished the year 13 – 0 and #2 in the national polls. I believe we could have given either Auburn or Oregon a run for their money.

  5. RobL says:

    I wish we had defensive linemen with that mentality. Hit the quarterback.

  6. Incorrigible1 says:

    Hoping Mr. Martinez is able to return the favor to the Badgers for the blowout loss last season. I’ll not make any predictions ’bout that, though. I think the next several games are going to be tough going.

  7. Geno says:

    Wow!, Wisconsins defense must look Realy good, on paper,for this guy to talk like that, what’s their record again? Who did they lose to? And how many sacks did that guy have in those games,, not surprising to hear stuff like this from Wisconsin players, classless to the end, just like their joke of a coach,,,,,,,

  8. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    We can only hope Blowmea chokes and abandons the ground game, a lot of passing will only play right into Pelini’s ‘genius’ defense, a la Michigan State.
    The game is going to be won in the trenches, it will be interesting to see how well Papuchis’s Div2 D-Line holds up against Wisconsin’s O-Line.
    Isn’t it just perplexing that a man who never played tackle football is the University of Nebraska assistant HC?
    If you all remember in the spring i said Oz would retire in the middle of the season, to allow another AD to come in and fire Pelini, we all knew Oz would never fire him, right?
    Now that one domino has fallen i think it’s time we start a short list of Pelini replacements, my first 3 complete coaching staffs are:
    Gary Patterson – TCU
    Paul Rhodes – Iowa State
    Chris Peterson – Boise State (Long Shot)
    Peterson is prolly a no, so i will default to Jeff Tedford as my third option.
    My choices if the NU Athletic Dept wants to continue with the cheaper assistants turned HC:
    Tom Rathman
    Noel Mazzone
    Josh McDaniels

    There you have it, dissect and criticize all you blind, gluesniffer, husker trolls :)

    1. Richard says:

      You know corndevil, for a while weve been debating things and it’s been fun so I thought I’d add to your assesment. Overall our D-line needs 1 or 2 more DT’s and DE’s but much of how good they get will be determined in the weight room. We have the facilities to turn a 270 lb kid into a 325 rock at DT and for some unknown reason we stopped that persuit with Suh. You think someone would look at the fact that having a guy in the middle with good arm length and can’t be moved out IS A GOOD THING! That kind of guy can also push the center of the pocket. I would also add that we need a center that can move ok at 290-300 lbs. Without that we don’t get enought initial push when we go into the 1 and 2 holes. For some reason we keep recruiting kids that weight 250 and put just 25 lbs on them. Mystifies me… I can’t name 1 single school in modern times that has had a center that weighs 275. Also on offense would it KILL Beck to run a full house “I” now and then so we can use a reverse counter play out of the options that we already run. We keep running the deep reverse and it’s too dang slow. Fast defenses are going to get us for 7 yard losses. I feel if we just make a couple of changes that the fans want to see, this offense would be fantastic but instead we keep getting this garbarge that were not coaches and don’t know anything. That’s honestly not true a some cases. I’m starting to worry that you might be right about Bo and that really bothers me. Are we going to have enough gas in the tank to start over again. It’s tough to think about it when were so close and yet so far.

      1. Richard says:

        correction.. I can’t name 1 single school in modern times that has had a center that weighs 275 and has won a national titile.

      2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I was really expecting Pelini to attract a lot of DT’s coming off a National Title season, and claiming responsibility for Glenn Dorsey’s Lombardi.
        Then with the rise of Suh, one would expect DT’s from all over the country would be banging on the south stadium doors, but no, that is the mystery.
        I sat next to Ty Steinkuhler during the UCLA game, he’s down to 215lbs, i weigh 215 @ 5’10, he’s all of 6’3″.
        NU should be deep with DT talent, there are two reasons we are not:
        1. John Papuchis
        2. Taylor Martinez

        1. HuskerNationNick says:

          Size is something we do lack, but we do have a highly recruited Vincent Valentine who is injured, and Jr and Williams who are not 100%. Rick Kaczenski will help our recruiting, as his resume speaks for itself. He has put a lot of DE/DT’s into the NFL, and he brought Aaron Curry with him, who commited to Iowa over Nebraska till he transferred. I also think we are slowly moving to a 3-4, and that is why we are not heavily recruiting in that position. Big speedy LB’s are something we are going hard at, like Newbie and Bandares.

          Either way, there is room for these guys to bulk up, and something that needs and I am sure will be done.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            The sad part is, its year five, and the excuses continue. This is the worst collection of LB and DT talent in my lifetime as a Husker fan.
            Not only talent wise, but complete ineffectiveness.

          2. VanCleef says:

            Nice conversation with the sock puppets Nucornnut!

      1. Richard says:

        Can’t argue with that.

    2. Mike Caramba says:

      Here’s what doesn’t make sense about your analysis, NUCD. You say:

      –Nebraska can’t recruit
      –Nebraska has a div. 2 line
      –Pelini is a Neanderthal who couldn’t hack it at the high school level
      –The coaching staff is uniformly awful
      –The coordinators are clueless
      –We have the worst passing QB in FBS

      If all of that is true, why aren’t we 0-12 every year? Well, we might get by Idaho State.

      1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

        I would give Pelini the credit he might deserve, at being a D2 HC, possibly a Div1 HC, at like Houston, or Colorado………Pelini is not an NU caliber HC.

        1. Mike Caramba says:

          The formula you’ve laid out — clueless coordinators, awful coaches, untalented recruits, Div. 2-caliber d-line, useless QB — should equal 0-12. It’d be astonishing if any coach — let alone Colorado-level Pelini — could win 3 games with that heap.

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:


          2. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            NU has 7 gimmie games a year, practice games, what happens when we play equal talent?

          3. Mike Caramba says:

            How do you not see the flaw in your logic? Teams with clueless coordinators, awful coaches, weak HCs, untalented recruits, Div. 2-caliber d-lines, and useless QBs CANNOT have gimme games. A team having gimmes can only mean they have some combination of talent amongst the coaches and players. Based on your statements about our team, recruits, and coaches, NU should be an FBS bottom-feeder.

          4. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            Mike, I beginning to think you are Bo Pelini himself.
            Fred Petito could walk onto the NU sideline next year and win 10 games at NU.
            Actually Fred has far more experience in developing players, might actually make it to the BIG Championship game.
            Bo Pelini is running out of supporters in high places, that UCLA game on National TV upset more than just your average white trash, mouthbreather Husker fan. The writing is on the wall, Pelini’s ‘Flying by the seat of his pants process’ is coming to an end.
            I still have a bitter taste from the South Carolina Bowl game, i know, i know, newer simplified offense, new coordinator, blah, blah, blah, tell that to Noel Mazzone………..

        2. Mike Caramba says:

          It wasn’t a defense of Pelini. It had nothing to do with Pelini.

          If you were to say, “9-10 wins a year isn’t success, in my book, and I don’t think we have the personnel to take us to the next level,” that’s fine. It lines up with reality. Don’t you see that that isn’t (at all) what you’re saying, though?

          1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            i would like to respond, but i couldn’t comprehend what you just posted.
            I think im pretty clear on all my view points.

          2. Mike Caramba says:


            If a hypothetical program — any program — were to have the combination of: totally untalented players, bad coaches, a high-school-level head coach, and no recruiting ability, they would, undoubtedly, struggle to compete with even the worst FBS programs.

            You so want to believe I’m staunchly defending Pelini and/or the Nebraska program. I am not. My gripe has nothing to do with either. I am defending sound logic.

            P.S. If your response to this comment has anything to do with Nebraska football (or Pelini), you are again missing the point.

          3. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            “Here’s what doesn’t make sense about your analysis, NUCD. You say:
            –Nebraska can’t recruit
            –Nebraska has a div. 2 line
            –Pelini is a Neanderthal who couldn’t hack it at the high school level
            –The coaching staff is uniformly awful
            –The coordinators are clueless
            –We have the worst passing QB in FBS
            If all of that is true, why aren’t we 0-12 every year? Well, we might get by Idaho State.”

            {‘m out……….

          4. Mike Caramba says:

            Right, I’m saying your statements about Nebraska, at face value, describe an 0-12 team. Can you explain to me how your characterization does not equal a winless team? It’s not an argument about Nebraska football; it’s a logical argument.

          5. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            no…….end it while you can.
            You are experiencing the transition period from Pelini ‘Worshiper’ to Pelini ‘doubter’, its going around.

          6. Mike Caramba says:

            So, just to get this straight: rather than engaging, you’re just going to choose to misinterperet the question. Got it.

          7. NUCORNDEVIL says:

            What question?
            You are talking theory, and hypothetical crap, its kind of Sipple like.

      2. HuskerNationNick says:

        I remember the day when Nebraska was known for not going out and getting kids that were “high caliber” and turning them into athletes. I think its quite pathetic these kids are given “stars” and are rated in the first place. Pelini doesn’t recruit off of stars as he does personal taste of talent. He has done a fine job so far, and next years recruiting class will show it. No need for a “5*” kid because who knows if he can even play at a collegiate level. Go for kids who respect and WANT to play for NU, that can play and are coach-able. That was Osborne’s approach and its the same with Pelini. I personally love it.

        1. NUCORNDEVIL says:

          spare me the sermon, 5 years later we have Fisher, and a kid who says he is having trouble with tackling, and shouldn’t be on the field………but wait, they have GREAT character.
          3.1 million dollars folks!

    3. VanCleef says:

      Dream on cornclown!

  9. Jamie says:

    I am sorry but the conference is trying to stuff this IOWA rivalry down our throats when i think a much bigger one is slowly building naturally and that is the Badgers. I am sorry if your a Nebraska fan as i am you should hate the badgers. Just look at what they have become over the years with Alvarez they are trying to be the exact clone of BIG RED football. Now i must say thats a great team to emulate, but i think thats where the rivalry seed was planted years ago and with the move to the big 10 i think it is now sprouting. GO HUSKERS.

    1. Richard says:

      Your right Jamie, keep pointing out the obvious and eventually maybe ONE of these reporters will catch on!!! We can only hope!

      1. VanCleef says:


  10. Jamie says:

    Also its amazing a kid would come out smack talking TMagic considering Martinez is leading almost every single passing category in the big 10. I think there are alot of factors playing into martinez’s new found ability to complete passes. While i agree his throwing motion was terrible the last few years and yes he made some bad decisions but if you look back i would say that the receivers have made just as big of a jump then he did. I think he threw more catchable balls then bad throws over the years big diff is we now have guys who consistently catch the ball. Its never about one player. The sum is always greater then the individual pieces.

    1. HuskerNationNick says:

      Jamie, his throwing motion, its still not good, but I agree, its better. He gets the job done, and its all we need. Our WR’s no longer have to back peddle to catch his pass, which is perfect, and he seems to be putting the ball where he knows its either going to be incomplete or be caught by us. He has improved 100%, but I don’t want him to move away from his feet, because that is where he is most dangerous. I think we will break that open more when we need it. He also understands the offense, which helps with completed passes. Same for the WR’s. Bad decisions for the last two years, came to the lack of experience, and the lack of knowledge on how to read defenses. He sees something now, he calls it out and will either audible, or tell someone to block an incoming DB, S or LB. He is not scared to be vocal, and with him giving comments like this is just going to make him better. Makes him play with a chip on his shoulder! Something I am sure Ganz is telling him while he is on the sideline. Get in their mind and let them know your here to finish unfinished business.

  11. Richard says:

    Sounds like Wisconcin is trying to get us to throw more than we should. Fact is we can run on these guys and we need in this game to start out doing that and try to run our offense smart and balanced and work in miss-direction in our rushing game. The passing game can be effective because Taylor can throw well and we have some reliable guys to toss to. But the running game needs to start being our main stay if were going to get BETTER on offense. A big part of that improvement has been on the O-lines shoulders. Weve improved and now need to take another step forward. I could care less (and do) what a player from another team thinks. Weve got our game plan and if we run it right, we win. Nuf said!

    1. HuskerNationNick says:

      Completely agree with you here. We have the BEST depth in college football at the RB/FB level in my opinion. Between Rex, Ammer, Braylon, Imani, Cross and Janovich there is no way we will wear down. Same with the WR position. Yeah, we lost Wullenwaber for the season and Marlowe out for a short time with the broken clavicle, but we still have Turner, Enunwa, Bell, Reed, Cotton, Long, Ameer, Burkhead, Heard, (yes I am throwing RB’s in for WR because we utilize it to our advantage), Allen, Osborne, and Evans has started to emerge as well as Carnes switching to WR.

      The D-line would be better this year if we weren’t suffering some injuries. Honestly, for size, they aren’t playing too bad, and this week will show we can and will stop Monte Ball, and anyone else they put in the backfield. Good luck on airing out the ball too WI, because comments like this, will only make us even more hungry for the loss last year.

      Last year, we were our own worst enemy. Not only were we new, but we were changing our whole offensive scheme with a rookie OC, which now knows what to do. RUN the ball down their throats. If they score more than 17 on us, I would be shocked, and if we don’t score more than 30, I would also be shocked.

      As for the Tom Osborne comment, I highly doubt they are going to hire someone to come in and clean house. TO I am sure is helping for a hire, and it will be a Nebraska native, possibly Trev Alberts from UNO. I have heard his name is flying around. Doubtful he would pass the opportunity if it came to him.

      Huskers, lets pull one more BCS game for Osborne! Have him leave with a smile on his face! GO BIG RED!

      1. Husker madness says:

        Not Trev Alberts! He shut down the University of Omahas football program. Obviously that would never happen in this situation, but im not too fond of him. Otherwise i totally agree with you about everything else, i think Wisc has it coming.

  12. NUCORNDEVIL says:

    ANYONE ON THE PLANET TO REPLACE OSBORNE EXCEPT JEFF JAMROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. VanCleef says:

      Yes. Jamie Williams.

  13. Seymore says:

    Something stinks in Badgerland besides the cheese, when you have a team that barely got by the scrubs they played talking trash. Assistants leaving in droves for better jobs presumably, QB mercenaries, “unprovoked” attacks on players, OL coaches being fired after two weeks. On Wisconsin….yeah right whatever…

  14. VanCleef says:

    Hey “Gilbert” grape ape, the only thing that looks like rocks skipping that people will see, is your meat-head bouncing off of the turf! That is, if you get to play.