Published Friday, September 28, 2012 AT 1:24 PM / Updated at 7:15 PM
Adidas hits up Huskers with new spotlight shoes
Sam McKewon Omaha World-Herald

Here’s a pretty good closeup of what happens when you take a picture of Nebraska’s Spotlight cleats: A black surface suddenly turns silver, revealing an adidas logo.

All in all, I think it’s pretty hard to argue with the work that adidas has done here, whether you’re a fan of the alternate uniform or not. The company has tried to make NU-Wisconsin game as interesting and special as possible, and however many grumps air their displeasure on Twitter tomorrow night — expect plenty of media folks — the intended target will sit up and notice. Which is the point.

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  1. Seth says:

    Why is silver ok in Husker apparel? They sell sideline apparel in a silver option now. Buckeye silver has as much place in Husker apparel as Texas burnt orange does.

  2. Wyohusker says:

    What ? They were serious about them new uniforms? I hope that Harvey fires that Osborne kid immediately for putting up with that. Well on second thought, maybe let him finsh out the year so as his family don’t go hungry over the holidays.

    Why in my day the only thing that changed was the seasons and our socks and such on Sunday morning. Boy, I can’t wait to see what Lyle has to say about this on the radio Saturday.

    1. Lance Nelson says:

      Change with the times or get passed by old timer.

    2. Billy says:

      It’s one game, get over it. Times have changed, people arent complaining about all of these additions to the stadium and its changed look over time…………

      1. Wyohusker says:

        Man, humor is wasted on some people. Here, let me put a :) on this, ok and another one :)

        1. A Fan says:

          I hear you. The way some fans fall over themselves because Nebraska is going to dress up in an “Avoid The Noid” clown suit… trying to justify it… well it’s funny.

        2. Old Corps says:


          Your humor may be wasted on the young, but don’t think it wasn’t appreciated by those that grew up listening to “Man, woman and child, did that put them in the aisles!”

          1. Bald Husker says:

            Don’t worry Wyohusker. Sometimes sarcasm is lost on some people.

            Go Big Red!!!

    3. Melvin says:

      I guess they really thought Lyle Bremser was going to call the game Saturday, or have no clue who you were talking about I’ll take choice #2.

      Nice one “old timer”

    4. Richard says:

      Gentlemen, Wyohusker is joking. However I don’t know if he was joking about the socks. Brings back the tube socks!!!!!

    5. true fan says:

      That Osborne kid already announced his retirement. why to keep up!

      1. Wyohusker says:

        I’ll try harder, dadgummit.

    6. Erc says:

      That was the funniest thing I have read today. Thanks for making me laugh.

  3. JTHF says:

    Lance, Billy: can’t you tell when someone is joking around? Like Wyohusker ??? I think it will be fun for one game but sure wouldn’t want to change for more games. Nebraska’s uniforms are well known and mostly liked by all fans.

    1. Wyohusker says:

      Thinking a nice ultra-light stretch fit bib overalls with addidas workboots that looked like ears of corn when you took their picture would have been better, but hey, as long as they win! I will proudly be waving my green and silver N flag no matter what. Enjoy the game!

      1. A Husker says:

        that sounds smokin, smokin like a barbecue. Wyo have u ever thought of auditioning for Project Runway?

        1. Wyohusker says:

          Been there, done that….never give up tho.

  4. BoBomb says:

    Fancy, frilly shoes and silly shiny getups on MY Bugeaters football squad… I’ve half a mind to write a strongly worded letter to Mr. Devaney about this! I don’t like change… It scares me. It scares me more than young people, driving at night, leaving my home and loud noises while I’m trying to watch a game at Memorial Stadium. Sit down already! I’m trying to watch the game with my binoculars and simultaneously listen to it with my giant headphones. All that yelling, clapping and standing up nonsense is distracting, and disrespectful! Not to mention, all the players just move too fast! Slow down so I can see what you’re doing… Always in such a hurry.
    What has this world come to? Just get back into your red and white suits and put away those sissy non-traditional getups… and darnitt, get off my lawn!!

    70% of Husker fans in the stands during NU games

    1. Wyohusker says:

      Sarcasm has no place on this list :) :) :)

    2. HuskerMark says:

      Yes! Please tell the other fans to sit down! They are called “seats” for a reason. And all this screaming when the defense is on the field makes my hearing aid squeal. It’s okay after a BIG play, but non-stop when the defense is on the field? How do you expect Coach Frothingham to communicate with the players? It is hard enough to hear through those leather helmets without all the noise…

  5. Waskel Wabbit says:

    I guess I’ one of the grumps. What’s the big deal and what’s the point? They get to wear the uniforms and shoes for ONE game. That’ll help recruiting. This STUNT is nothing more than hype and free advertisig for Adaidas. FOCUS on the game. Nobody would care what you’re wearing if you take care of business!

  6. Jeff says:

    I think they should put the Husker N on the helmet. The N is not a century old tradition, It was changed in the early 60′s. Change is not always a bad thing.

  7. RJ says:

    I’ll be the one to say it….these alternate unis don’t go far enough. I want silver wings on the shoulder pads. And get some god-d**n neon in there somewhere.

  8. NCAAFBFan says:

    Love the stretch fit bibs and boots that look like ears of corn! In fact – make them neon corn shoes!

    I’m as ‘traditional’ as you can get but I like the idea of one game a year mixing it up like this. Look at all the hype and conversation that’s kept everyone busy since they announced this. What else would we talk about?

  9. huskerfanaz says:

    Get use to it Huskers every year going fowarded we will have alternate uniforms. And with new AD coming no doubt it will go fowarded, i just hope we get some all black uni’s would be sick! Tradtion does not win in college football anymore. We play in Nebraska anything to get the recuirts we need to win im all for it. All the old timers b*tching i hear all the time guess what its not the 80′s or 90′s we cant just show up to kids house and say we are Nebraska. Next years class 2013 the kids were 3 or younger last time we won anything they dont know crap about Nebraska and thier tradition all they know is we been getting our asses kick for last 10 years.

    1. A Fan says:

      And we’re going to get our asses kicked for another 10 years. But hey… as long as we look cool… it’s all good.

    2. Husker Lover says:

      huskerfanaz says tradition doesn’t win games…he is right, but where he misses the point is if you don’t have tradition, how do you build on it. there are a hand full of teams out there that have tons of national trophies, and they will build back up there more easily, than say, Oregon, who has a way to go to be in the mix with NU, Michigan, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc. There is still something to be said for tradition and history. If not, how did Osborne make such an impact locally and nationally?

  10. Mr Football says:

    Too bad the entire uniforms and helmets didn’t produce the traditional look when photographed

    1. A Husker says:

      Now that is a cool idea. Seriously.

  11. Texas Husker says:

    I go back far enough that my first husker game was when Bobby Reynolds was playing. I’ve got an OLD husker cap that is red corduroy with Nebraska Cornhuskers spelled out in script. Who says we haven’t changed over the years. There was a lot of crying and hand wringing when black first appeared. Now it’s just part of the uniform.

    So, Go for it, Huskers.

  12. Dick says:

    By “intended target” I assume you meant the wallets of those fools who rush out and buy replicas of the alternate jerseys, helmets and – for all I know – shoes. That’s what this is really about, right?

    (Okay, okay, so I bought an alternate jersey. That was different.)

  13. Jeff_Georgia says:

    This only thing I don’t like about the new unis is the mono color. I hate one color unis. Hate. Pants should be one color (I like white) and the jerseys another color. Other than that, do what you like (well, please stop before Oregon)….

  14. JeffR says:

    Along with Lyle, I still very much miss thanksgiving weekend vs Oklahoma watching the option play after play, sometime in the third quarter, the ball is left in the fullbacks belly and it takes a while for the camera to find him dragging a safety 30 yards down the middle of the field. And the “old timers” record was a bit better than “new timers”
    And I like the bibs idea – compromise…. Neon bibs????

    1. NO BIBS says:

      No bibs, we don’t want to look like Aggie now do we?

  15. Justin says:

    These new uniforms are terrible! They should have done it right and made the jersey and pants black also.

  16. OKHusker says:

    Why is that we are now competing with the west coast teams as far as “rediculous uniforms”. What is wrong with the colors that have taken us to numerous conference and national championships. Do we have to lower our standards to meet the requirements of “athletic apparel companies”. As a born in the wool, LIFETIME Husker fan I say it is time we re-establish the credentials that have established us as “WE ARE NEBRASKA”

  17. Scott Weber says:

    It’s ‘Lyell’ Bremser. I’m an engineer, not a grammarian, but geez.

    1. Wyohusker says:

      Sorry, my apologies to L.B. The spell check on my eight track drive changed it on me. Dadgummed technology. Frustrated that all of these young whippersnappers thought I was just kidding around about the new dudds. Still getting over them putting those extra two stars on the flag.

  18. Kendall Retzlaff says:

    Love your Wyoming Husker fans! There are alot of us over here. Good, good fans but not as many WHINERS!. Bottom line is GBR! I love the unies…hope to see more of it…

  19. I did’nt care for them at first glance, now the more that I have seen them, I actually like them. Can’t wait to see ‘em on the field. The Oregon Ducks have had quite a bit of success recruiting based on the coolness of their uniforms. Before they started doing all the changes to their uniform, Oregon was pretty irrelevant, as far as the National seen goes.That’s a fact! I don’t see any problem with them changing it up for a high profile game once a year. It’s like T-Rex said, change now and then is good, it gets the players pumped up, and recruits see it also. They way I see it, unless your your consistently recruiting in the top 5 every year, you better get with game and attract recruits with any means necessary. The uniforms are intimidating looking, we just are not used to them. But after tomorrow night, lots of naysayers cut them some slack.
    Huskers 38 Badgers 17.

    1. Waskel Wabbit says:

      Good points Houston, but how will it help recruiting wearing the uniforms ONCE? And besides, they look like they belong at Texas Tech!

  20. Football N Fashion says:

    Last night’s Project Runway had the clan designing toddler wear for Heidi’s new line. These kids were 1-3 ys.old. Michael Kors says of one of the designs that it’s dangerously close to being a “costume”- a nono in fashion design. His 3 female judge compadres said to Michael, “Yes, Michael they love that! They’re dreaming…their age.. that they’re superheroes! First thing I thought of was the Oregon unis. It’s not so much the military as it is Superheroes. Maybe next year Adidas will have a hoodie that zips down into a cape! btw, that little hoodie outfit was Nebraska red with black trim and a big black car on the chest. Sound familiar???

    1. Wyohusker says:

      Can we all agree to never mention “Project Runway” again – ever – never on a Husker comment board?

  21. Gemini says:

    Outside of the shoes I LOVE the uniforms. So much attitude in em. Love our tradition but maynnne they are sweet!

  22. A Husker says:

    Maybe Project Runway can design the next Oregon Unis!

  23. matt says:

    You can obviously tell there are a ton of old people on here that don’t like any kind of change. you know the type, the kind that do the same thing every day of the week wake up go get coffee and eggs at the same diner day after day type of people. Heaven forbid we try to add a little style every now and again. I love the uniforms. Two things I would like a little different is a little bit bigger N on the front and knee high socks, other then that they look great.

  24. Wabbit, they don’t necessarily have to wear them once a year, just yet. It seems like a stroke of luck that they are getting to sport their new duds at all. But in my opinion they could’nt have picked a better game to break them out. I think they should also come up with something new for the Iowa game. I kind of compare it to running a business, somewhat, if you don’t update or try to be creative, you fall behind.

  25. TXHusker says:

    I don’t want to go to the ER tomorrow night so I’m gonna get a really good seat before the big reveal of the Huskers with that new uni on! Should be exciting and fun though. The players probably love it!

  26. Rob says:

    So….on TV, the shoes will look black. When you see pics after the game, it will look like they had white shoes on.

    Woooooooooooooooooooooow. So awesome.

    Good lord, people….really? THIS is somehow more important than actually playing well and winning to some people. “Oh, the kids will love it. We’ll look cool. We’ll get recruits.” What a load of crap. Years from now, we’ll show pics. Someone will say, “yeah…white shoes.” And we’ll say, “no, man…they were black to everyone watching in the stadium.” And the other people will go, “really? That is sooooo cool and awesome. Wish I had those. Then I could have someone follow me with a camera so people could see that I didn’t JUST have black shoes on.”

    So asinine…

    And no, I’m not a blue hair or old. But I AM old enough to remember when people focused on things that mattered.

    1. Langdon Frothingham says:

      Me and the boys don’t care what we wear or where we play. We’ll matriculate the ball down the field of play and you’ll see the Old Gold Knights score a victory over the boys from the Badger state.

  27. Tony Jack says:

    A Win, and they’re great… A loss, and it just compounds frustration…. If it gets our young men to battle that little extra, Im all for it… Otherwise, time to look for the next gimmick… West Coast offense guided by a former NFL coach anyone? ;)