Published Sunday, September 30, 2012 AT 12:03 AM / Updated at 1:20 AM
Tom’s Takes: Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

BAKER’S DOZEN: Baker Steinkuhler, the quiet giant, had his best game. He had five tackles, three solo and two for losses. Nebraska coaches have said be patient with Baker, he’s the kind of run-plugger who will fit right into the Big Ten. That he did. If he keeps that up, and Eric Martin is flying in from the corner, the defensive line will get better in a hurry.

TAYLOR UP AND DOWN: Taylor Martinez had a solid night. Making plays with his arm and making some ill-timed, awkward throws. Showing his mastery with the zone read and out-running the pack. But also dropping the first snap of the game and losing the ball (not entirely his fault, as he was hit from behind). That’s just going to be Martinez this season; he’s a better passer, but there will still be those moments of relapse. The zone read game was intriguing, though. If that’s available in this league of plodders, watch out.

ONE-MAN SHOW?: I’ve seen Ohio State twice on TV, including Saturday. Braxton Miller still looks like the Braxton Miller who tore up Memorial Stadium last year. But he looks like he can get worn down, too. Ohio State fans have to be holding their breath every time he gets hit. The Buckeyes will be tough customers in the Horseshoe next week. But if Nebraska plays a clean game, they’ve got more than a puncher’s chance.

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