Published Tuesday, October 2, 2012 AT 6:27 PM / Updated at 3:02 PM
Video: Big Red Today Show, Oct. 2
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In this week’s edition of “The Big Red Today Show,” World-Herald staff writers Sam McKewon and Jon Nyatawa discuss some of the latest Husker headlines. Among the topics discussed:

>> The challenges Buckeyes QB Braxton Miller poses to the NU defense
>> Is 5-0 Ohio State overrated?
>> Will Nebraska’s offense overpower the Ohio State defense?
>> The Huskers’ overall defensive strategy
>> Players to watch and score predictions

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  1. Joey says:

    1st of all? Sam you are TOTALLY WRONG on the speed comment. OSU is so much faster than OSU, in almost any position. OSU defense is very quick. NU has a good speed on defense. BUT, nowhere close to the speed of OSU. B. Miller has the body of a RB, and he’s a very accurate QB. Unless NU send 6 or more men just after him? Forget it, blowout city. Mich St did exactly what I said would work. That OSU is a 1 man team. Shut down Miller? You shut down OSU. No different than Mich. If NU goes by their die hard, only 4 or 5 man blitzes. OSU will have Miller packing close to 250 yards rushing EASILY. As far as NU and their offense Sam? Mich St, and Cali did great against OSU. This is true. BUT????? Unlike TM?? Those QB’s did NOT LOB THE BALL ONCE. It was quick sharp passing. TM lobs the ball almost every pass. That’s why talented defenders pick off his pass so easily Sam. TM has improved greatly, but not on lobbing passes. His passes are hardly ever snap passes. I have seen lots of times NU could have made a bundle of yards by screen passes. But, by the time the ball got there. The RB, or WR is lucky they aren’t tackled for a loss. I think that IS a major issue I hope Ganz can correct on TM. Because on quick screen passes, you can NOT lob the ball. They have to be accurate snap passes (of course with great blocking too). I have a feeling NU will see just what Wisc threw at them. 6 to 7 man blitz at almost every down. To force TM to pass. Because he lobs the ball, and that’s what they are hoping for. So NU and their running game will be shut down the entire 1st half. If NU does try to run? Use the classic NU bread and butter play “I formation Triple Option and giving it to the FB.” When OSU rushes from the outside? NU give it to the FB, and vice versa. Or some DRAWS to settle down OSU and their annoying blitzes. I hope to see TM throwing some slant patterns, or tunnel passes. Using Rex to his full ability. Rex has the power to get extra yards. I hope NU does alot of short passes, and keeps OSU defense on the field for a long time in the 1st half.

    1. Joey says:

      I meant OSU is so much more faster than NU…stupid mic.

    2. VanCleef says:

      You actually think anybody is dumb enough to read one of your pathetic, miserable, long winded babblings? I sure have better things to do, like watching my fresh coat of paint dry in the garage!