Published Wednesday, October 3, 2012 AT 5:33 PM / Updated at 6:12 PM
Jays’ post men sporting a new look — for now
Steven Pivovar Omaha World-Herald

Things are getting kind of hairy in the paint for Creighton’s basketball team.

Centers Gregory Echenique and Will Artino and forward Ethan Wragge are sporting beards. Echenique and Wragge have a little best-beard competition going.

“I think he’s beating me,” Wragge said.

Clean-shaven forward Doug McDermott disagrees.

“Ethan can grow some crazy facial hair,” McDermott said. ”It’s going to be difficult to tell who wins that one.”

Wragge said the competition with Echenique started like a lot of guy things do.

“We were sitting around talking in the room one night,” Wragge said. “I said, ‘I bet I can grow one better than you can.’ That’s how we got to where we are today.”

Echenique said he grew a beard during the summer when he was playing for the Venezuelan national team, then shaved it off when he returned to Omaha. He quit shaving around the start of school in late August, as did Wragge.

“I’m not going to cut mine,” Echenique said. ”I hope Ethan keeps his, but I’m going to win anyway.”

Wragge, whose beard gives him an almost professorial look, said he’s uncertain if he will maintain the look once the season start. Actually, he’s facing a big test this weekend in regard to whether the beard stays or goes.

“My mom hasn’t seen it yet, and I’m going back home this weekend,” he said, chuckling. “Depending on what she says, I might not have it when I come back.”

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