Published Saturday, November 3, 2012 AT 9:31 PM / Updated at 12:10 AM
Tom’s Takes: Nebraska 28, Michigan State 24
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Flags on both sides: Lots of talk here afterwards about officiating. I thought it was pretty even, and that is, calls that could have gone either way on both teams. The Spartans were especially upset about the pass interference call on Darqueze Dennard covering Kenny Bell near the end. From the replay I saw, Dennard had his right arm in front of Bell but it didn’t look like a penalty. Afterwards, Bell said Dennard was holding him with that arm. It might have been a break, but NU has had those calls go against it, too. As for the personal foul that brought back Dennard’s touchdown pick, it looked like someone hit Kenny Bell from behind away from the play. This was a chippy game, and the refs tried to keep it clean. It happened to Daimion Stafford on the out-of-bounds late hit as he was holding up his hands to avoid Le’Veon Bell. He collided and it was a penalty. It was a tough game to call.

Abdullah all day: You never know where rumors come from, but the pregame buzz was that Ameer Abdullah wasn’t going to play. Good thing that was bogus, because Abdullah got 22 carries, the only carries by a Nebraska running back all day. Why Braylon Heard and Imari Cross weren’t in a game this physical, just for added pounding and depth, is beyond me.

Just keep winning: Ran into a scribe after the game who said he was going to rank Nebraska in the top 15. That’s great. But what matters now is the Legends Division title. Penn State, Minnesota and at Iowa. Michigan looked terrific without Denard Robinson, but I still think Ohio State will take down the Wolverines in Urban Meyer’s first Michigan game — especially if an undefeated season is on the line. That said, NU might as well win them all.

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