Published Saturday, November 10, 2012 AT 9:03 PM / Updated at 10:38 PM
Tom’s Takes: Nebraska 32, Penn State 23
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Tough Taylor: The thing that stood out to me about Taylor Martinez on Saturday was his toughness. He tiptoed and danced through some holes, but time and again, he took several hard shots and even lowered his shoulder in Eric Crouch fashion to take on a tackler. Martinez’s passing guru, Steve Calhoun, was at the game Saturday. I was supposed to catch up with him, but we missed each other. I would love to know what Calhoun thinks of Martinez’s game — and his penchant for taking big hits. West Coast Taylor doesn’t slide anymore. It’s living dangerously with this quarterback depth. But he’s holding up.

Cross-ing the goal line: Nebraska’s offense wore down Penn State in the end, but there’s no way I would have guessed that after watching Penn State’s defensive line own the line in the first half. Freshman Imani Cross is a welcome addition to the goal-line offense. The young bull crashed into the end zone twice.

Beware of Iowa: The train to Indy is still on track and the path looks pretty clear, with Minnesota and an Iowa team that has to sweep Michigan and Nebraska to make a bowl game (I still say the Iowa game is dangerous). The heavy lifting isn’t done, however. Wisconsin found its running game mojo at Indiana, with a quarterback who runs, and if that O-line is cranked up, Nebraska-Wisconsin will be a brawl. Is the city of Indianapolis ready for a weekend of Husker fans and Badger fans taking over the downtown?

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