Published Thursday, November 29, 2012 AT 6:28 PM / Updated at 6:34 PM
Tom’s Thursday Tailgate
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

Well,  it’s been a swell ride. Kind of like when I got light-headed on the tea cups at Adventureland last summer. But all good things must end, and thank goodness this is the last week.

Hope you had half as much as fun as I did, which means I had twice as much fun as you. And if you used any of this slapstick for non-entertainment purposes, I sincerely hope you always went the other way.

1. Nebraska 38, Wisconsin 21: I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say that Nebraska will have just one turnover, will catch every punt (or let it drop) and will start fast for once. All of that is probably a reach. But I think they end the drought Saturday night and end it in a big way. Yes, I’m tired of writing about the conference championship thing. But it’s time.

2. Taylor Martinez will have his best game as a Husker. That doesn’t mean 80-yard runs. That means accurate passing and near-perfect ball-handling.

3. Georgia 24, Alabama 21: Every Dog has his day. LSU and Texas A&M took off the cape of invincibility from Bama.

4. Stanford 35, UCLA 31: Bruins won’t be accused of mailing this one in. Still won’t win, though. Cardinal-Huskers in Pasadena. It’s 1941 all over again.

5. Kansas State 49, Texas 24: Probably too late for Collin Klein to win a Heisman, but not too late for KSU to win a second Big 12 title. Watch close. You might see Bill Snyder smile.

6. Florida State 38, Georgia Tech 21: Quick, before Louisville gets in the league.

7. West Virginia 52, Kansas 17: This will be fun to watch — in basketball season.

8. Creighton 70, St. Joe’s 68: Boise State needs to be a wake-up call for Creighton. But none necessary after what Phil Martelli’s group did to CU last year in Philly.

9. Creighton futbol 3, UConn 2: I picked against the Jays last week at Akron and look what happened. Not this week. December is Coach Elmar time. Order up another College Cup.

10. Nebraska volleyball advances out of the regional this time. See you in Omaha next week.

11. I’d love to pick Creighton to do the same in Minneapolis, but I think the home-town Gophers advance.

12. Nebraska 64, USC 61: You can’t stop Ray Gallegos, you can only hope to contain him.

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