Published Sunday, December 2, 2012 AT 12:42 AM / Updated at 1:10 AM
Nebraska-Wisconsin: Five things we learned, still don’t know
Jon Nyatawa Omaha World-Herald

World-Herald staff writer Jon Nyatawa identifies five things we learned, and five things we still don’t know coming out of Nebraska’s 70-31 loss to Wisconsin.

* * *


1. Just when you thought Nebraska had lost a conference championship game in every possible way …

2. You know how kids react on Christmas Day? That was the UW offensive coordinator with his playbook Saturday.

3. Taylor Martinez has a Heisman chance next year. He just needs to properly carry the football.

4. Nebraska-Wisconsin should be an annual game. It’s too bad they’re not scheduled to meet next year.

5. The Big Ten title game could use some support from the Indy locals, instead of solely relying on the teams’ fans to buy tickets.

* * *


1. Why wasn’t the Nebraska defense ready? Wisconsin had new wrinkles, but that should have been expected, right?

2. Could a slower-paced offense have kept the wheels from falling off defensively in the second quarter?

3. Will Nebraska ever have a better chance at a conference title?

4. Officials can’t call high hits and unnecessary roughness penalties in the moment. Plays move too fast. Should they be reviewable?

5. The Huskers wanted a Big Ten title. That’s why they worked. Nothing else. How will they react now that they’ve fallen short of their goal?

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