Published Tuesday, January 1, 2013 AT 6:54 PM / Updated at 8:29 PM
Tom’s Takes: Georgia 45, Nebraska 31
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

So long, Rex: He ran hard, plowing ahead, bucking defenders off him, churning for yards. He ran 24 times, he scored a touchdown and saluted the crowd. He caught a pass for another touchdown. Rex Burkhead left all the right images, gave us all the right ways to remember him Tuesday. The only thing missing was a win. It was hard to watch him leave the field.

Earning his money: Tim Beck showed he’s worth the money, whatever amount that is, on Tuesday. It was a good, imaginative, fun game plan with Beck using all of the toys. There were a couple of times you wished he would have stuck with Burkhead and the run game. But Nebraska played aggressively and with confidence on offense in a big game. If the Huskers get any defense at all next year, it’s going to be a big season.

Big Ten competes: There were some “S-E-C, S-E-C” chants afterward, but not many. There wasn’t a lot to crow about from the dominant league. For a time in the second half, the SEC was on the verge of getting swept by the Big Ten in one day. Georgia and South Carolina rallied to win. But for the Big Ten, there was a victory in making the big boys sweat. Just for a little bit.

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