Published Sunday, January 6, 2013 AT 10:55 PM / Updated at 11:44 PM
Plenty of topics to chat about
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

If it’s Sunday night, I finally have the computer at home. First, a reminder that my Monday Lunch with Tom chat is back tomorrow, at noon. As always, I’m buying. Feel free to bring up:

1. The Capital One Bowl: We’ve only rehashed it for a week. I’m sure there’s something we’ve missed. Warning: I’m optimistic about next season. Feel free to debate.

2. Bluejay Hoops: The Blue Bus rolls on. Will this team lose? It’s hard to see. But keep in mind, CU has had at least four Valley losses a season since 1989. But, still …

3. First-place Mavs: I know this isn’t the first time UNO has been in first place in their league, but is it the latest they’ve been in first during a season? I’ll check on that tomorrow.

4. Husker Hoops. I know the roster limitations. But that’s an average-looking Wisconsin bunch. Nebraska has to win that game at home. Drive to the hoop, go to the line. And what’s up with wearing red at home?

5. Chip Kelly: Word is, he’s returning to Oregon. Word is, the NCAA is coming to Eugene, too. What an interesting saga. If he didn’t leave for the NFL now, will he ever get another chance?

6. The NFL playoffs: Did Mike Shanahan leave Robert Griffin out there too long? It may be a while before we know how damaged his knee is. But Shanny, you used a fourth-round pick on Kirk Cousins. Put him in. And, yes Chiefs fans, we can talk Andy Reid. The Chargers didn’t want him. We’ll see how that works out.

7. Husker recruiting: You can ask. I’ll have no idea. I won’t fake it, either (not like with other topics). But you can still ask.

8. Maui Golf: I was really let down I didn’t get my primetime golf. I know that’s some crazy wind out there. But wouldn’t they play the British Open in those conditions?

9. Oh yeah, that football game Monday. Can they both lose?

See you Monday at noon.

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