Published Wednesday, January 9, 2013 AT 9:34 PM / Updated at 9:50 PM
Mid-week musings
Tom Shatel Omaha World-Herald

1. I only have two problems with today’s Baseball Hall of Fame non-announcement. One, Dale Murphy didn’t get in. That’s silly. Second, a lot of the same writers who either looked the other way in the steroid era, or didn’t look hard enough, shouldn’t get to pass judgement now on the alleged culprits. I don’t think those that cheated should get in. I’d just like to see more balance in the voting process, include some baseball people, and players. Sure, players have agendas and old grudges. So do writers.

2. Great effort. Valiant game. Moral victory. Those cliches get tired with Husker Hoops. But NU should feel good about its game at Michigan. That’s where the program is now. Key to survival this season: take every bit of good you can.

3. Terrell Newby commits to Nebraska. Give Bo Pelini’s staff credit. They’re landing a good class, and they can score with skill position guys and do it in California.

4. Sand volleyball sounds like fun. Better yet, it looks like something that is relatively expense-free (didn’t have to hire a coach or add scholarships) and might enhance recruiting for the women’s volleyball team. It’s a hip sport that I predict will have a nice cult following on campus. Maybe they’ll train at Boondockers.

5. Brent Musberger said something stupid during the BCS title game telecast. But let’s be real: the culture of a TV broadcast encourages that mentality. How many times have you watched a Cubs game or any football or basketball game where the camera cuts to the “Honey” shot in the stands? Too many to count. Don’t think the producer in the truck isn’t making comments about the camera shots you don’t see on your TV at home, comments that go into the ear of the broadcasters in the booth. It doesn’t excuse it. But Musberger is hardly alone here. Why are they showing the girlfriend in the first place?

6. Chances to leave Allen Fieldhouse with a win are rare. Iowa State blew a good chance tonight. Should have fouled KU before it had a chance to shoot the three.

7. Why would Brian Kelly interview with the Eagles so soon after getting clobbered in the BCS game? Sounds like the perfect opportunity for the coach to remind his school how much they need him. Wonder how much his raise will be?

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