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Q&A: Husker QB Johnny Stanton talks commitment
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Big Red Today lined up a question-and-answer session with Santa Margarita Catholic quarterback Johnny Stanton on Wednesday, asking him the questions that were on the mind of Husker fans across the country. Check out the edited chat transcript below (also see the Stanton highlight video we shot earlier this season on his player card):

* * * Welcome Johnny, thanks for joining us today! How is signing day going for you? Have you had a chance to celebrate?

Johnny Stanton: Well I’m able to spend the next few days with my teammates at a retreat so once the weekend hits I’m sure we’ll get a celebratory dinner.

From SuperFan: How is your knee doing?

My knee is doing really well. I’m now 4 months out of surgery and a regular ACL rehab takes 6 months to get to 100%. I’m working hard in physical therapy and as long as I do that for the next couple months ill be at full speed well before June.

What sold you on coming to Nebraska?

Mostly the feeling at the school. I obviously loved the facilities, the coaches, and Lincoln, but the feeling around the school felt very comfortable to me.

Mark asks: What was the best part of the Elite QB experience for you?

I thought the relationships that I made with the other QBs around the country and the great coaching that I got from Coach Dilfer, Coach Whitfield, and others. It was also very satisfying to know that I can throw with some of the best incoming freshmen in the country.

From J.T.: Some experts have compared you to Collin Klein but with a better arm and delivery mechanics. Do you think that is an accurate description?

I think a Collin Klein comparison is very flattering. I think he’s a great quarterback and can be a great QB on the next level. I’ve also heard Jake Locker, Russell Wilson, and the one everyone has heard about, Tim Tebow. I feel very blessed to be compared to players of that caliber and while I think it’s a good thing to try to take what I can from their playing styles, my mindset has always been to become the best Johnny Stanton I can.

Don asks: What part of the Husker offense do you like the most and why?

I like the freedom to run in Coach Beck’s offense but I also like the balance of the play calling too.

From Murdoch: What do you plan on studying at Nebraska?

I haven’t chosen a major yet but I plan on taking a premed career choice.

Craig asks: What are your expectations for your freshman year?

Just to improve and try to adjust to the college speed as fast as possible. I really plan on letting the summer dictate what the freshman year plans are and ll agree with whatever choice the coaches will make.

Skerz4life72 asks: What kind of advice would you give to a 13-year-old that wants to play quarterback at the college level?

To try to get as much work as possible while no one else is. Stay after practice and work on a route with a favorite receiver. And try to throw to as many different speeds as you can. Make sure to know te speed of a receiver and to work on the different speeds of the throws.

From Guest: What recruit are you most interested in meeting and working with?

I think mostly with The receivers and tight ends, like Kevin, Cethan, and Greg. It takes so long to get to know the subtleties of every receiver. It takes a long to time to know what a receiver is thinking and I’m excited to start working with them.

A few readers want to know if you have played against or know Terrell Newby and Drake Martinez.

I know both of them but I have never played against either of them. We play in different divisions and neither of our schools have scheduled each other.

From Isaac: What are you most excited about coming to Lincoln and joining the Huskers?

I’m very excited about the fan base and just being in a Midwest town. Ill miss being inCalidornia but I’m excited about seeing the seasons. And I’m going to love the tradition of the school and becoming a part of that tradition.

Husker Dave asks: What was your favorite ‘go-to’ play in your high school years?

We have a play called Z Burst where the Z receiver goes across the middle and a receiver on the other side runs deep. I read the backside safety and decide who to throw to from who the safety decides to cover.

Ryan asks: How closely have you watched Taylor Martinez’s play and NU’s offensive schemes in the past year? I’d appreciate any thoughts or observations you can share about how your skills are similar or different to what we see now.

You know I’m excited to run the read option that Nebraska has been running recently. I’ve never been able to play that offense before and I’m excited to run it. Taylor is obviously much faster than I am but I run in a different style than he does. I like running through people more than around them.

From Guest: Are you prepared for Nebraska’s crazy weather and winters?

Absolutely! I’m excited to actually get the seasons and feel what it’s like to have a real football fall.

From Mike: What game are you looking forward to in your first season here?

I’m really looking forward to just being in the football style atmosphere and putting on the Husker Scarlet and Cream for the first time.

Guest asks: How excited are you for the receiving group Nebraska is putting together?

I’m very excited. I think we have one of the best recruiting classes in the country and I thin we can do some real damage in the Big 10.

Thanks for joining us Johnny and sticking around for longer than planned!

In addition to all of the questions, Husker Nation had plenty of well wishes for you Johnny. They are happy to have you as a Husker.

Thank you so much I really appreciate all of the support!

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