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Q&A: Kansas City defensive lineman Maliek Collins
Big Red Today Omaha World-Herald lined up a question-and-answer session with Kansas City Center lineman Maliek Collins on Wednesday morning, asking him the questions on the mind of Husker fans across the country. Check out the chat transcript below (with a little bit of cleanup to some of the formatting):

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Maliek Collins: so excited and proud to join Husker Nation!!!! #blackshirts Welcome Maliek, thanks for joining us today! Our first question comes from Dave: Does wrestling has helped you become a better football player?

Most definitely. I feel wrestling and football are closely related, leverage, footwork, power, and toughness, they go hand in hand.

Super fan asks what was the selling point the coaches made for Nebraska? Was it personal passion for the program or something else?

I felt a connection with the coaches right away. Coach Garrison was the first one I met and was great, I then spent some time with Coach Kaczinski, I love his passion and intensity, he will help me get better! On my visit Coach Pelini spent a lot of time with me and made me realize that Nebraska was the place for me.

Craig wants to know if you think you will push for playing time right away with the depth issues at defensive tackle?

My goal is to compete right away. I realize it will be a big step up in competition but I am excited for the challenge.

Dave asks if you know what you want to study / major in at Nebraska

Undecided. I know a degree from a good school can take me along way.

Mark asks: Have you gotten to know some of the other recruits for Nebraska?

I know a few like Mixon, Suttles, and of course Hannon at Rockhurst is a few miles from Center.

From Craig: How do you think Nebraska’s facilities stack up against the other schools that recruited you?

They were the best, but my real deciding factor was the coaches.

What is one thing you most hope to improve about your game before getting to Nebraska?

Footwork and upper body strength.

BA asks: What was the most important item to persuade you to come to NU over Mizzou?

Position coach Rick Kaczenski was by far the realest.

Molly asks: What’s your favorite part of Husker tradition?

BLACKSHIRTS!!! And I got to meet Tom Osborne.

Have you made it to Memorial Stadium for a game? Craig wants to know your thoughts about Memorial Stadium on game days.

The game atmosphere at Memorial Stadium is incredible. I was at the Michigan game.

Christopher asks: In talking with other players at camps, college visits, etc., what is the outside perspective of Nebraska football?

That we have a great tradition and were close to competing for more national championships.

From Guest: Did being able to stay close to home factor in?

No I wanted to go to the best school where I could call home.

How has signing day gone so far Maliek? Have you done anything special to celebrate?

I will have a ceremony in the gym at 11:45 and then I have wrestling practice lol.

TinKC asks: What can Husker coaches do to get players from KC, like yourself?

Get on them early and come back to Center.

Maliek, will you be up for the Spring Game? Any idea of when you will report to campus?

Maybe and I want to come after graduation but I think June 9th.

DCJ asks: Having been recruited from some big time schools, what different recruiting styles did you see from the different programs? What was NU’s style?

Other schools weren’t as straightforward, just told me what I wanted to hear instead of what I needed to hear. Nebraska was very honest.

Who are some of your favorite football players?

Von Miller, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Trent Richardson.

What’s an aspect of your game that will most surprise Husker fans?

My quickness off the ball.

Skip asks: What aspect of your game would like to improve upon here at Nebraska?

Every aspect of my game.

What was your favorite memory from your high school football career?

Playing on metro sports as a team for the District Championship.

Thanks for joining us Maliek! In addition to the all the questions, we had lots of well wishes from Husker Nation, they are happy to have you on board with Nebraska.

Yeah and follow me on Twitter @mcollins72.

Yes, please follow Maliek on Twitter as well. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Maliek, enjoy the rest of Signing Day!

Thanks!!! Can’t wait to get up there and help continue the great tradition of Husker football!

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