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Q&A with Husker defensive tackle Kevin Maurice
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Big Red Today interviewed Orlando defensive tackle Kevin Maurice on Wednesday, asking him the questions that were on the mind of Husker fans across the country. Check out the edited chat transcript below (and see Maurice’s player card here):

* * * Have you had a good signing day so far? Any special plans to celebrate?

Kevin Maurice: Signing day has been great today. Just really blessed and honored to be in this position.

Derrick asks: What are you most looking forward to as a Husker?

Just being in an all-football atmosphere with a coaching staff that obviously knows how to win.

Johnny asks: Are you prepared for winter in Nebraska?

Yeah, when I was up on my official visit it was like 18 degrees out. I have a couple of heavy coats down in my closet right now that haven’t been used in this Florida weather so I should be fine.

Baracus asks: Have you been to a game in Lincoln yet? If so which one?

No I haven’t. However I have seen a lot of Nebraska games on TV so I know how it can get.

Travis wants to know what you plan on studying/majoring in at Nebraska.

I’m still deciding. It will either be sociology, communications, or human resources.

Jay asks: Do any of the current Huskers stick out to you as someone you’d like to get to know?

I think Ameer Abdullah just because a couple years back he was in the position I was in.

What’s something you want to improve on before arriving in Lincoln?

Just becoming stronger and being in the best shape I can be.

Hans asks: Were any of your family members Husker fans prior to your recruitment?

No sir!

What was the biggest selling point for you on Nebraska?

In the past five years only Nebraska, Alabama, and Oregon have won 10 games per year.

Are there any college or pro football players that you look up to?

I would have to say Jason Pierre-Paul. I just like the motor that he plays with.

Jared asks: What do you think about the Nebraska fan base?

Best of the best! Nebraska loves their football.

Whitsun asks: What strengths do you see yourself bringing to the program? When do you see yourself in a starting role?

Definitely athleticism. Nebraska has guys that plug holes and what-not but don’t really get after the quarterback. One thing that the coaching staff has told me is to not come into the program with the mindset of redshirting. They want me to make an impact early. With that being said that is on my shoulders.

Don S. asks: Who was your favorite team growing up?

The Miami Hurricanes.

What game are you looking forward to most next season?

When we head up to Penn State.

What is your favorite memory from your high school football career?

Beating our archrival Boone High School for the first time in school history to get our first playoff birth in seven years.

Mike asks: What do you think you bring to NU from your experience in high school that others might not?

Our coaching staff implemented that discipline is the only way to get things right and I think that message will carry me far.

Michigan Husker asks: What’s your goal for the team/program during your time at NU? Do you see your class as one that can help make that a reality?

Win the Big Ten Championship as well as the National Championship and with the guys that are already there and the guys that are coming in, it can be done!

Truman asks: Will you be at the Nebraska spring game?

I will try my hardest.

What are some of your non-football hobbies?

I eat, drink and sleep football. That’s really all I do.

What part of the Husker defense do you like the most and why?

The tradition of being a Blackshirt. Great way to keep guys motivated.

What recruit are you most interested in meeting and working with?

Josh Banderas. I have already talked and met him and I think heading into the future we will be close.

How do you think Nebraska’s facilities stack up against the other schools that recruited you?

Not even close. Nebraska facilities absolutely blew me away.

And our last question for Kevin: What’s an aspect of your game that will most surprise Husker fans?

How quick I can get off the ball for a guy my size.

Thanks for joining us Kevin! We were happy to have you on. In addition to all the questions, we had lots of well wishes from Husker Nation, which is happy to have you on board with Nebraska.

Yessir! Cant wait to get after it for the next four years.

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