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Q&A with Husker offensive lineman Zach Hannon
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Big Red Today interviewed Kansas City offensive lineman Zach Hannon on Wednesday, asking him the questions that were on the mind of Husker fans across the country. Check out the edited chat transcript below (and see Hannon’s player card here):

* * * Welcome Zach, thanks for joining us. We’ve got some questions lined up from Husker fans for you. How has signing day gone for you? Do you have any special plans to celebrate?

Zach Hannon: Signing day was everything I wanted it to be. It was great to be able to sign with my teammates and have my family there to support me. All I can say now is GBR!

Mike asks: What was the one thing that stuck out most when you committed to Nebraska?

I can’t really narrow it down to one thing. I love everything about Nebraska from the facilities to the coaches to the fan base of course.

I graduated from a Kansas City-area high school a few years ago (Liberty) and I know the dominance that Rockhurst displays in the area. What has been your biggest takeaway from playing at a winning program like Rockhurst and what similarities do you see between Rockhurst and Nebraska?

It’s been an honor to play for Rockhurst. I actually live right near Liberty so I’m really familiar with the great program they have as well. Rockhurst has been a blessing in the style of similarities between Rock and Nebraska. Other than the fact that Nebraska runs a no-huddle offense, I would say the play scheme is the exact same. I also believe Rockhurst has done a great job in preparing me for the next level.

DCJ asks: Having been recruited from some big-time schools, what different recruiting styles did you see from the different programs? What was NU’s style?

Nebraska’s recruiting style is what-you-see-is-what-you-get. They don’t make promises about playing time like a lot of the other schools tried to sell me with. However, Nebraska wants you to come in prepared as if you’re going to start right off the bat. This style of recruiting really attracted me to Nebraska.

Who are some of your favorite football players?

Will Shields is with out doubt my idol and my favorite player.

What have the coaches told you to work on before you get to campus and start practicing?

Just to simply come in ready and in shape.

What’s an aspect of your game that will most surprise Husker fans?

I would say I can move really well for a big man. My forty time at 305 lbs. is a 4.99.

From Jared: Are you a Chiefs fan?

Of course, even though it’s been tough lately, haha.

From Mel: Are you a pregame ritual guy? Listen to a specific song or anything?

During this past season I always would listen to and watch the Nebraska game day video before every game.

Jess asks: Are you buddies with any of the guys already on the team or in the 2013 class?

Yes, I’m friends with Maliek Collins, Gabe Miller, Josh Banderas, Johnny Stanton and big Dave (David Knevel), just to name a few.

Darren asks: How stoked are you to get to work out in an amazing facility, and play in front of the most loyal fans in college football?

Words really cannot describe how excited I am to play for the Big Red. #GBR

What was your favorite memory from your high school football career?

I would say my favorite memory was either wining a state title my sophomore year, or playing in the Semper Fidelis All-American game.

What are your expectations for your freshman year?

I want to come in right off the bat and play. Plain and simple, I’m not expecting to be redshirted.

What part of the Husker offense do you like the most and why?

I like how the guards pull a lot. Its a simple style of play in some aspects, but pulling around the edge to hit somebody from the other team is one of my favorite things to do as a lineman.

Skywalker asks: What are your goals in life?

My goal is to graduate with a great degree from Nebraska. I also strive to become an All-American and hopefully take my talents to the league (NFL). Some other goals of mine outside of football is to love what I do no matter what and settle down and have a family as well.

And our last question for Zach: What is one thing you most hope to improve about your game before getting to Nebraska?

I hope to improve my conditioning as well as my hand striking force before I come in. Thanks for having me!

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