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Q&A with Husker recruit Nathan Gerry
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Big Red Today lined up a question-and-answer session with Sioux Falls Washington athlete Nathan Gerry on Wednesday, asking him whatever questions were on the mind of Husker fans across the country. Check out the edited chat transcript below (and see Gerry’s player card here):

* * * Welcome Nathan! Thanks for joining us.

Nathan Gerry: Thank you for letting me be a part of this great opportunity!

How close do you think all of the recruits are this year? Who are you closer to and who are you looking forward to getting to know more?

I feel like the class is really close to each other because of the the communication with the coaches and recruits where they got us to know each other and help recruit for them as well. The closest person I know is Josh Banderas and us two are going to be roommates this summer and all through out freshmen year but I am looking forward to meeting all the new Blackshirts.

Congrats on signing with Nebraska. What was the biggest factor for you when choosing the Huskers?

The communication I had with the coaches was outstanding and I really like the whole Family part of Nebraska and the fan base is No. 1 in the COUNTRY!!

Paul asks: Do you feel that you were under recruited since you were from South Dakota and not necessarily in an area where a ton of top-tier Div. I kids come from?

I never thought I was. I was just happy coaches around the country gave me the opportunity, but it was harder to get recruited since I was from SD but I never used that as an excuse, I knew what I had to do and that was to outwork others and show it off at their camps.

Michigan Husker asks: What position do you see yourself playing at Nebraska?

I will be learning both safety positions.

Skerz asks: Do you think your family will come down to see a lot of games?

It’s going to be hard for my parents to for the next couple years considering my brother is a starting wide deceiver at a Div. II college here in town called Augustana where as my dad is the head athletic trainer, but they will find a way.

What do you hope to work on before getting to Lincoln this summer?

I want to be able to help my track team win our third straight title and hopefully be able to declare myself as the fastest sprinter to ever go in S.D. but I will need to cut down times a couple hairs.

How has signing day gone for you? Do you have any special plans to celebrate?

It was awesome, I signed early this morning with 7 other of my teammates and I will just be going out to eat with my family later tonight.

Mike asks: What do you think you bring to NU from your experience in high school that others might not?

My work ethic just because coming from SD we don’t get the big opportunities that other states get so we realize we have to work a little extra to do what we want to do in life in order to be successful.

Wallace asks: How big was location when you chose Nebraska?

Location wasn’t a factor to me. I wanted to pick a place that fit my family and my needs in order to reach the goals I want to reach.

Michigan Husker asks: What’s your goal for the team/program during your time at NU? Do you see your class as one that can help make that a reality?

My goal starts right when summer workouts do and that is for me to come ready to play and do what I am told in order to make the team better in any way possible. I believe our class is the class that is and will turn heads.

From Brickashaw: Is there any college/professional football player you look up to as a role model?

No college or professional athlete but I do look up to my high school coach Brian Hermanson. Without him and the things he has done for me I know for a fact I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Mell asks: Have you decided what you want to major in at NU?

I want to do something along the math field. Narrowing things down still but considering accounting and business administration.

Whitsun asks: What strengths do you see yourself bringing to the program? When do you see yourself in a starting role?

I will bring a great work ethic and attitude towards the team to help become a better teammate on and off the field. I don’t know when I would see myself in the starting role but I will for sure wake up every morning fighting till I get that role.

HuskerWire asks: Is there any particular teammate you are looking forward to playing with?

Josh Banderas just because he has similar qualities to me and the connection I have made with him.

Carl asks: What do you look forward to in college life?

I am looking forward to first getting my college degree and winning B1G championships for the Nebraska program.

From Jared: What do you think about the Nebraska fan base?


Don S. asks: Who was your favorite team growing up?

Miami Hurricanes.

Steve from Dell Rapids asks: Are you glad the recruiting process is over and what will you do with all your time now that coaches are not calling every day?

I am glad that it is over and I am going to do what I have been doing since O have committed to be a Husker, and that is to lift weights and do track workouts till track season and learn my playbook so I am ready to play once I get down there June 1.

From Michigan Husker: What are your PR for 100- and 200-meter times? How about your best 40 time?

I ran 10.39 and 21.31 and I have only ran a 40 my sophomore year which was 4.42 at the Iowa State camp.

What is your favorite memory from your high school football career?

Watching the clock tick away my senior year in the state championship game and hugging all my close teammates and friends. Being a part of three state championships was a blast.

Truman asks: Will you be at the Nebraska spring game? Its one of the biggest in the country!

Of course I will be there! Averaging 60,000 a spring game and I’ll be one of them.

Which game are you most looking forward to your first season at NU?

The first one. One of the lessons I learned in high school is to take each game one at a time and walk off the field with a ‘W’ every week.

And our last question for Nathan. Don S. asks: Which coaches recruited you from Nebraska?

Terry Joseph secondary coach and Barney Cotton, the O-Line coach.

Thanks for joining us Nathan! In addition to all of those questions, there were plenty of well wishes from Husker Nation. They are happy to have you as a Husker.

Thank you all for everything. My family is truly blessed to be a part of a great tradition! GO BIG RED. Nothing like it.

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